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Best Puppy Foods for Small Breeds’ Healthy Growth and Development

Selecting the right puppy food is vital for fuelling healthy growth and development in small breeds. However, the choices seem endless between conventional, organic, fresh food and more. This article compares the top 10 best small breed puppy foods in the UK market right now. You’ll discover tailored recipes packed with premium proteins and nutrients important for your pup, whether you prioritise budget, quality ingredients or nutritional approach.
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Iams Complete Dry Dog Food For Puppy

Specially formulated for puppies, contains high-quality chicken, DHA for brain health, antioxidants for immune support, tailored calcium and phosphorus levels.

Chicken, DHA, vitamins E and C, calcium, phosphorus, prebiotic fibre.

Supports healthy muscle development, enhances brain health and cognition, strengthens immune system, promotes digestive health and dental benefits.


Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food For Puppy

Tailored for small breeds, optimal balance of fat, protein, carbs, DHA and vitamin E, prebiotics for digestion, DentaDefense for dental health.

Fresh chicken, fish oil, calcium, phosphorus, antioxidants, fruits, vegetables, grains.

Promotes healthy growth, cognitive development, good digestion, dental health, and uses eco-friendly manufacturing practices.


Billy + Margot Puppy Food

All-natural, grain-free, single animal protein source, includes superfoods, rich in natural vitamins and minerals.

Salmon, sweet potato, coconut oil, salmon oil, manuka honey, flaxseed, fruits, vegetables.

Focuses on holistic nutrition, supports muscle growth and energy, enhances skin, fur, and brain health, includes beneficial superfoods.


Pro Plan Small & Mini Puppy

Supports immune system, cognitive development, dental care, joint health, high-quality protein and taste.

Chicken, fish oil, antioxidants, probiotic fibre, chicken fat, sunflower oil.

Aids in developing a strong immune system, promotes healthy cognitive development, ensures dental hygiene, and supports joint health.


The Hunger Of The Wolf Dry Dog Food

Hypoallergenic formula, single protein source, gluten-free, natural ingredients, rich in DHA and nutrients.

Lamb meal, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fish oils, botanical extracts.

Suitable for puppies with food sensitivities, promotes brain development and vision, aids in nutrient absorption, supports muscle growth and sustained energy.

IAMS Complete Dry Dog Food for Puppy Small and Medium Breeds with Chicken 3 kg

Nutritional Composition and Benefits

Iams Complete Dry Dog Food is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing puppies. It contains high-quality chicken as the primary ingredient, providing complete protein to support healthy muscle development.

The kibble also includes DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid that plays a vital role in brain health and cognition. Studies show that optimal DHA levels in a puppy’s diet lead to better training performance, problem-solving skills, and overall intelligence later in life. Alongside protein and DHA, Iams Complete contains all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for a balanced diet.

Antioxidants are crucial because they neutralise free radicals that can damage cells. The blend of vitamins E and C act as antioxidants to strengthen the immune system against illness. Iams also tailors the level of calcium and phosphorus to suit a small breed puppy’s requirements for healthy bone growth.

Supporting Puppy Vitality and Immune System

The unique combination of animal protein, carbs, fat, vitamins and minerals in Iams Complete Dry Dog Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for vitality. The high-quality chicken protein promotes growth and supplies amino acids for building strong muscles.

Additionally, the precise vitamin and mineral blend enhances overall health and development. This includes zinc and iron to transport oxygen, bolster immunity and maintain a healthy coat. Selenium and vitamin E also boost antioxidant levels to support a strong immune system. As a result, your puppy will have plenty of energy for play and learning.

Digestive Health and Dental Benefits

Iams Complete Dry Dog Food contains prebiotic fibre to encourage digestive health in puppies. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibres that act as fuel for probiotics, the beneficial bacteria in a puppy’s gut. This helps probiotics thrive and crowd out harmful bacteria, preventing digestive issues like diarrhoea.

The kibble texture also gently scrapes plaque and tartar off teeth as the puppy chews, reducing the risk of painful dental disease later in life. Its crunchy bite and tasty chicken flavour make it highly palatable too.

In addition, Iams Complete is easily digestible, with precisely balanced minerals that avoid overloading the digestive system. Altogether, the tailored fibre content, tooth-cleaning texture, palatability and digestibility make it an excellent choice for your small breed puppy.

IAMS Complete Dry Dog Food for Puppy Small and Medium Breeds with Chicken 3 kg
  • IAMS for Vitality with fresh chicken for small and medium breed puppies is a 100% complete and balanced pet food that nourishes your puppy's healthy vitality & Supporting 7 signs of healthy vitality
  • Contains DHA to promote healthy brain development & With high quality animal protein and essential minerals to support healthy growth
  • Contains antioxidant blend with vitamin C & E to help the immune system & Enriched with essential minerals and vitamin D to support strong bones
  • Crunchy kibbles and tailored mineral levels for healthy teeth
  • Tailored fibre blend including prebiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion
  • Contains high-quality chicken as primary ingredient for protein
  • Includes DHA for brain health and development
  • Has antioxidants to strengthen immune system
  • Contains prebiotic fiber for digestive health
  • Precisely balanced nutrients tailored for small breeds
  • May contain fillers like corn and soybean meal
  • Uses artificial preservatives like BHA
  • Has added colorants
Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food for Puppy Small Breeds with Fresh Chicken 3 kg

Tailored Formulation for Small Breeds

Eukanuba puppy food has an improved recipe tailored to meet the unique needs of small breed puppies. It contains an optimal balance of fat, protein and carbs to promote healthy growth and an ideal body condition. Moderately high fat levels deliver concentrated energy to fuel an active lifestyle.

There are also guaranteed levels of DHA and vitamin E for cognitive development and antioxidant support. Eukanuba’s special hexagon kibble shape makes it easy to pick up in little mouths while still providing a satisfying crunch. As a result, fussy eaters are more likely to enjoy mealtimes.

Most importantly, the recipe includes prebiotics and natural fibre sources to encourage good digestion. Smaller dogs are prone to tummy upsets, but Eukanuba’s formulation keeps the digestive system functioning properly. Consequently, your puppy can better absorb nutrients from their food.

Dental Health and Environmental Consideration

Eukanuba Complete Dry Puppy Food uses an exclusive ingredient called DentaDefense to reduce plaque and tartar build-up by up to 80%. This promotes dental health to give your puppy fresh breath and help prevent costly vet bills in future.

In manufacturing the food, Eukanuba aims for long term sustainability through eco-friendly practices. For example, the brand uses energy generated from local wind turbines rather than fossil fuels. Production facilities also recycle water used in cooking, further reducing environmental impact.

Nutritional Profile and Ingredients

Fresh chicken is the number one ingredient in Eukanuba puppy food, providing high quality animal protein. Chicken delivers essential amino acids to build and repair muscle, ensuring healthy development.

The food also includes fish oil as a natural source omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are vital for brain, eye and immune system function. A calcium and phosphorus ratio ideal for small breeds also helps build strong teeth and bones.

A tailored blend of antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium neutralise cell-damaging free radicals that can weaken the immune response. These antioxidants contribute to your puppy’s overall wellbeing.

The assortment of fruits, vegetables and grains supply vital fibre, vitamins and carbs for energy. Overall, Eukanuba Complete provides complete, balanced daily nutrition recommended for small breed puppies up to 12 months old.

Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food for Puppy Small Breeds with Fresh Chicken 3 kg
  • Tailored puppy food with fresh chicken for small breed dogs in a resealable bag
  • Improved formula for the healthy digestion and optimal body condition of your dog
  • A distinct hexagon kibble shape which improves palatability
  • Contains DentaDefense to reduce tartar build-up and maintain strong clean teeth
  • Planet friendly pet food: At least 25 percent of Eukanuba factory’s energy is generated from Eukanuba own wind turbine
  • Improved recipe tailored specifically for small breeds
  • Guaranteed levels of DHA and vitamin E
  • Hexagon kibble shape easy to pick up for small mouths
  • DentaDefense ingredient reduces plaque and tartar
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices
  • High starch content may cause weight gain
  • Contains animal by-products
  • Some dogs dislike the taste
Billy + Margot Puppy Food, 1.8kg All Natural Chicken Grain Free Dry Dog Food with Superfoods for Puppies, Sensitive Dog Food and Hypoallergenic Dog Food Dry

All-Natural Ingredients and Grain-Free Formula

Billy + Margot use all-natural ingredients in their puppy food, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It has a grain-free formula ideal for small or medium breed puppies with sensitive digestions. Grains like wheat and corn can trigger allergic reactions or tummy upsets in some puppies.

Instead, Billy + Margot relies on a single animal protein source along with wholesome fruits and vegetables. This simplicity allows your puppy’s stomach to focus digestion on one high-quality ingredient rather than several. Consequently, nutrients are absorbed better while limiting stomach upsets.

The range also includes superfoods like coconut oil, salmon oil and manuka honey for whole body health. With farm-to-bowl traceability and thoughtful recipes, Billy + Margot offers a natural, holistic approach to puppy nutrition.

Rich in Natural Vitamins and Minerals

The Billy + Margot recipe contains only natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for development and vitality. Nutrient levels are tailored to fuel growth in small and medium breed puppies up to 12 months old.

Key ingredients like salmon and sweet potato deliver protein for building strong muscles alongside complex carbs for sustained energy. Salmon oil provides omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to nourish skin, fur and brain health.

Antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and herbs strengthen the immune system to fight illness. A balance of zinc, iron and B vitamins also keeps teeth, bones and nerves growing healthily. Ultimately, Billy + Margot puppy food supports your puppy holistically.

Benefits of Superfoods in Puppy Diet

Billy + Margot include superfoods that provide nutritional value beyond basic vitamins and minerals. For example, coconut oil has antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties to protect the immune system. Among other benefits, coconut also improves digestion and clears up skin conditions.

Another superfood is manuka honey from New Zealand, which has natural antibacterial effects when consumed. It contains unique compounds that further boost immunity against pathogens. Manuka honey also enhances the absorption and retention of calcium needed for bone health.

Finally, flaxseed supplies fibre for digestive regularity and essential fatty acids for lustrous fur and healthy skin. It also provides lignans that balance hormones and maintain urinary health. The combination of superfoods deliver whole-body benefits.

Billy + Margot Puppy Food, 1.8kg All Natural Chicken Grain Free Dry Dog Food with Superfoods for Puppies, Sensitive Dog Food and Hypoallergenic Dog Food Dry
  • NATURALLY DELICIOUS PUPPY FOOD TO KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHY - premium wheat free dog food and grain free dry dog food created by renowned canine nutritionist and proud dog parent, Marie Jones, using high quality fresh chicken and natural ingredients
  • ALL NATURAL AND SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR PUPPIES - balanced and nutritionally complete dog food dry with 60% protein, including a single protein (chicken) plus superfoods and holistic ingredients designed for a dog's dietary needs and early development
  • RICH IN NATURAL VITAMINS, MINERALS AND ANTI-OXIDANTS - this sensitive dog food contains nourishing superfoods including peas, flaxseed, coconut oil and manuka honey to promote overall well-being and salmon oil to support healthy growth and development
  • GRAIN FREE DRY DOG FOOD TO SUPPORT YOUR PUPPY'S TUMMY - young dogs have small, sensitive tummies, and their digestive system may find it hard to cope with grains and artificial additives and synthetic chemicals, which could lead to allergies and sensitive skin
  • YOUR PUPPY WILL LOVE IT - Billy + Margot is committed to crafting quality products to help your pet enjoy a long and happy life. If for any reason you or your dog are not satisfied, simply get in touch for a replacement
  • All-natural ingredients with no artificial additives
  • Grain-free formula good for sensitive digestion
  • Farm-to-bowl traceability and thoughtful recipes
  • Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Includes superfoods like coconut oil and manuka honey
  • Limited protein sources may cause issues for some
  • Expensive compared to conventional brands
  • Kibble size may be big for toy breed puppies
PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Puppy Healthy Start Dry Dog Food with Chicken 7kg , Packaging May Vary

Immune System and Long-Term Health Support

Pro Plan uses a blend of antioxidants including vitamin E and selenium to support your puppy’s developing immune system. Antioxidants neutralise damaging free radicals that can weaken immunity, ensuring your puppy stays healthy. Probiotic fibre also encourages good gut health to aid digestion and nutrient absorption.

With tailored DHA levels from fish oil, Pro Plan fuels healthy cognitive development to set up your puppy for success into adulthood. High quality protein provides the building blocks for strong muscles while calcium and phosphorus support growing bones and teeth. Altogether, Pro Plan lays the foundations for a long, active life.

Dental Care and Joint Health

Pro Plan includes unique kibble textures and sizes to clean puppy teeth while chewing, reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Maintaining good dental hygiene from a young age prevents painful gum disease later on. It also keeps breath fresh.

The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from chicken fat and sunflower oil in Pro Plan contribute to supple, flexible joints too. This is essential for highly active small breed puppies that put pressure on their joints when playing or running. Pro Plan protects joint cartilage to support mobility over a lifetime.

High-Quality Protein and Taste

Real chicken is the very first ingredient in Pro Plan Small & Mini dry food, providing a concentrated protein source to build and repair body tissues. Using actual chicken chunks rather than meal delivers natural taste to entice fussy eaters while still offering complete nutrition.

The smaller kibble size makes it easy to chew and digest for little breeds. An optimal balance of carbs and protein supplies steady energy to fuel an lively puppy’s exploits. With tailored protein content in a tasty recipe, Pro Plan fuels your small puppy’s growth and keeps them satisfied.

PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Puppy Healthy Start Dry Dog Food with Chicken 7kg , Packaging May Vary
  • Enables puppies' developing immune system to react efficiently
  • Specific ingredient to help support natural defences and long term health
  • Specially formulated for dental care
  • A combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for puppies’ active lifestyle
  • Made with high quality pieces of chicken
  • Supports immune system with antioxidants
  • Fuels healthy brain development with DHA
  • Builds strong teeth and bones with calcium and phosphorus
  • Cleans teeth while chewing with kibble texture/size
  • Real chicken first ingredient provides tasty protein
  • Contains corn, wheat and soybean meal
  • Uses artificial preservatives BHA and BHT
  • Some formulas have poultry by-product meal
The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For All Breeds, Delicate Formula with Lamb and Rice, Puppy and Junior Dogs - 14 kg

Hypoallergenic Formula and Protein Source

The Hunger of the Wolf uses a hypoallergenic formula ideal for puppies with food sensitivities or intolerances. It contains a single source of animal protein from lamb meal to reduce risk of triggering an allergic reaction. Lamb is highly digestible and less likely to cause issues than chicken or beef.

With no soy, wheat, corn or beef, this diet avoids common allergens. A high protein percentage primarily comes from lamb meal rather than plant-based sources like pea or potato protein. This supplies amino acids necessary for muscle growth and development in puppies.

Gluten-Free and Natural Ingredients

This grain-free food eliminates gluten sources like barley and rye which can irritate sensitive digestive systems. Instead, digestible carbs come from peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Several botanical extracts provide antioxidants to support whole body health.

Free from artificial preservatives, flavors and colors, The Hunger of the Wolf uses natural preservation methods only. As a result, it retains more nutrients than foods with chemical preservatives. With easily digested ingredients, this diet reduces stool volume and odour. Ultimately, it delivers premium nutrition focused purely on your puppy’s needs.

Benefits of DHA and Nutrient Absorption

The Hunger of the Wolf contains DHA from fish oils to nourish brain development and vision in growing puppies. Studies show optimal DHA intake leads to better trainability, problem solving skills and recall later in life. This sets up puppies for success.

Prebiotic fibres act as fuel for healthy gut flora, which aid digestion and improve nutrient absorption from food. Better absorption means more nutrients reach your puppy’s body for growth and energy.

With 37% crude protein and 20% crude fat, this diet offers complete, balanced nutrition for puppies at all life stages. As a result, The Hunger of the Wolf supports healthy muscle gain alongside sustained energy.

The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For All Breeds, Delicate Formula with Lamb and Rice, Puppy and Junior Dogs - 14 kg
  • Hypoallergenic formula with lamb for puppies suffering from gluten intolerance – this dog food is free from wheat so it is ideal for dogs which have sensitive digestion or suffer from gluten intolerance
  • Contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which is a major building block of the brain and is a critical element in the development of vision and the central nervous system – it helps to develop the full potential of the puppy.
  • The real label - 200 g of lamb in 1 kg of food corresponds to 800 g of raw meat. In The Hunger of The Wolf dog food we use meal so we do not claim very high content of raw meat only to make the labels look much better to the consumer than they really are. Raw meat may contain 70%-90% water. For example, lamb meal is simply fresh lamb that has already been cooked to remove moisture – this makes it a much more highly-concentrated source of protein.
  • No added gluten, free of soya and chemical dyes. No artificial preservatives. Only natural antioxidants.
  • A delicious taste your dog will love - by creating this dog food we remembered about ancestors of dogs - wolves, which are true carnivores, therefore, the main ingredient of our food is always meat.
  • Hypoallergenic limited ingredient formula
  • Digestible single animal protein source
  • Grain-free recipe eliminates gluten sources
  • Rich in DHA for brain development
  • Complete nutrition with 37% protein, 20% fat
  • Expensive compared to grocery brands
  • Some reports of manufacturing inconsistencies
  • May cause loose stools for sensitive puppies
Hill's Science Plan Puppy Small And Mini Dry Dog Food Chicken Flavour 1.5kg

Formulation for Stomach and Immune Support

Hill’s Science Plan uses precise nutrient levels tailored for a puppy’s needs. It includes prebiotic fibre to encourage digestive health, which is essential while a puppy’s gut microbiome develops. Prebiotics provide ‘food’ for good bacteria to outcompete bad bacteria that cause diarrhoea and poor nutrient absorption.

Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin support joint cartilage and mobility too. Both compounds maintain the elasticity of cartilage to handle vigorous puppy play. Antioxidants like vitamin E also strengthen the developing immune system against illness. Altogether, the formulation supports total body health.

Chicken Flavor and Palatability

The chicken flavor in Hill’s Science Plan makes this food highly palatable to fussy puppies. The taste comes from real chicken, which provides high quality protein for growth. Essential amino acids build and repair muscle tissue while the smaller kibble size is easy to chew for tiny mouths.

Since puppies may avoid eating enough of an unappealing but balanced food, flavor plays a key role in diet. Hill’s Chicken flavor profile ensures puppies get their full daily nutrient intake for stable energy, healthy development and an ideal body condition score.

High-Quality Ingredients for Overall Health

In addition to real chicken, Hill’s uses only high-quality ingredients tailored to fuel growth. Additional animal proteins like fish and egg provide a rich source of amino acids for strong muscles and organs.

Vegetable oils supply essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for lustrous skin and coat health. Both also support joint, immune and cognitive functioning for complete mind and body wellness.

With precise amounts of over 40 essential nutrients, Hill’s promotes optimal development while meeting energy demands. Consequently, your puppy grows steadily towards a prime adult weight on Hill’s Science Plan food.

Hill's Science Plan Puppy Small And Mini Dry Dog Food Chicken Flavour 1.5kg
  • Science Plan Puppy Small And Mini Dry Dog Food Chicken Flavour 1.5kg
  • Precise nutrient levels tailored for puppies
  • Prebiotic fiber encourages digestive health
  • Supports joint health with glucosamine/chondroitin
  • Highly palatable chicken flavor
  • Only uses high-quality ingredients
  • Contains brewers rice and corn which offer less nutrition
  • Uses chicken by-product meal
  • Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
Lakes Heritage 50% Premium Salmon & Asparagus, Grain-Free, Small Breed Dog Food, Omega 3 Supplement, Supports Digestive Health 2KG

Premium Protein Source and Vitamin Rich Asparagus

Lakes Heritage puppy food contains over 50% salmon, providing a rich source of quality protein for building strong muscles. Fish protein delivers essential amino acids for development and offers a tasty, novel flavor for fussy eaters.

Alongside salmon, Lakes Heritage includes fiber-rich asparagus packed with vitamins A, C and K. Vitamin K aids blood clotting to heal minor cuts and scratches that active puppies often get. Vitamins A and C support immune defense, vision, bone growth and red blood cell formation.

Consequently, the premium salmon and asparagus ingredients work synergistically to fuel comprehensive whole body health.

Digestive Health and Omega 3 Benefits

The grain-free formula of Lakes Heritage promotes easy digestion, assisted by dried chicory root as a prebiotic fibre. Chicory root nourishes good gut bacteria to support healthy stool quality and consistency in puppies.

Salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for lustrous skin, fur and sharp vision too. Omega-3 regulates skin oil production to prevent flaky, itchy skin. It also benefits brain development, trainability, immunity and heart function. Overall, the balanced recipe delivers complete daily nutrition.

Grain-Free and Natural Ingredient Focus

With no soy, corn or wheat, Lakes Heritage avoids common allergens unsuitable for sensitive digestions. Instead, it sources high quality fruits, vegetables, legumes and botanicals to provide carbohydrates, fibre, protein and phytonutrients.

This diet excludes artificial preservatives, flavors and colours too. Only natural antioxidants maintain freshness like tocopherols to preserve DHA levels. With thoughtful recipes catering to grain intolerances, Lakes Heritage offers a natural, holistic diet full of nutrients.

The smaller kibble texture is easy for small mouths to gently chew and swallow. With a tasty fish flavor, this nutritionally balanced recipe entices fussy eaters. Consequently, even picky puppies consume their full daily recommended intake to support stable growth.

Lakes Heritage 50% Premium Salmon & Asparagus, Grain-Free, Small Breed Dog Food, Omega 3 Supplement, Supports Digestive Health 2KG
  • 50% premium salmon, containing freshly prepared protein
  • Asparagus is rich in vitamins A, C, and K, plus iron, which helps support normal functions of the circulatory system
  • Supporting digestive health using prebiotics is beneficial for the growth of helpful gut bacteria and the absorption of nutrients
  • Premium fish oil containing Omega 3 is supplemented to provide optimal skin and coat conditions
  • Complete grain free dog food. No artificial additives
  • Over 50% salmon provides premium protein
  • Asparagus rich in vitamins A, C and K
  • Grain-free formula good for digestion
  • Delivers omega-3s for skin, coat and vision
  • Expensive
  • Limited availability
  • Higher calorie density may cause rapid growth
Benevo Vegan Puppy Food Dry (10kg) Hypoallergenic, Wheat Free & Non GM, With Essential Fatty Acids, Taurine, & L-carnitine, For Large & Small Breeds, Approved By PETA & Vegan Society UK

Complete Vegan Formulation and Nutrient Profile

Benevo uses only plant-based proteins like pea and potato with natural supplements to create a complete vegan diet balanced for puppies. Without animal ingredients, Benevo provides comparable protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals to meet growth requirements.

It supplies omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from rapeseed oil for healthy skin and coat instead of fish oils. Added taurine, L-carnitine and beta carotene replace nutrients normally obtained from meats. With all essential amino acids and nutrients, this vegan food fuels the same healthy development as conventional diets.

Hypoallergenic and Sensitive Puppy Food

The unique meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free formulation makes Benevo suitable for puppies with food allergies or intolerances. Multiple protein sources like peas and potato lower risk of reactions versus meat-based foods.

It also excludes common triggers like wheat, gluten, corn, soy and beef. Consequently, puppies with sensitivities can still obtain balanced nutrition tailored for growth.

With easily digested carbs and hydraulic pressed oils, Benevo may improve stool quality for puppies with digestive issues too. Overall, its hypoallergenic properties cater to puppies needing specialized diets.

Ethical Considerations and Brand Commitment

Benevo Pet Foods brings awareness about making ethical choices to benefit puppy health, animal welfare and sustainability. Their vegan range offers nutritionally complete puppy food without exploiting animals for meat production. It helps reduce environmental impact as well.

Operating since 1970, Benevo holds longstanding experience crafting premium vegan pet food with vets and expert nutritionists. They pioneered alternative protein recipes tailored to meet dogs’ biological needs at different life stages.

Today, the British family-owned company stays committed to cruelty-free, sustainable practices from sourcing to production. So for ethically minded owners, Benevo offers puppy food aligning with personal values.

Benevo Vegan Puppy Food Dry (10kg) Hypoallergenic, Wheat Free & Non GM, With Essential Fatty Acids, Taurine, & L-carnitine, For Large & Small Breeds, Approved By PETA & Vegan Society UK
  • [ NUTRITION YOU CAN TRUST ] With crucial fatty acids, prebiotics, and non-animal taurine, Benevo hypoallergenic puppy food is your one-stop solution for nurturing your furry friend's growth and well-being without the need for slaughterhouse meat.
  • [ FOR SENSITIVE TUMS ] Our wheat-free, meat-free, and dairy-free kibble dog food recipe is designed with your pup's sensitive tummy in mind. Free from meat proteins & wheat gluten, it's an ideal choice for puppies with dietary sensitivities.
  • [ 27% PLANT-BASED PROTEIN ] Each bowl of puppy biscuits is packed with plant-based protein to fuel your puppy’s active lifestyle. With 27% protein in every bowl and added calcium for bone growth, you can rely on Benevo vegan pet food to keep noses wet & tails wagging.
  • [ TRUSTED FOR OVER A DECADE ] Proudly made in the UK, Benevo Puppy food has helped thousands of pups to grow up big and strong. With over 15 years experience, you can trust our kibble to provide the best for your puppy's health and happiness.
  • [ PETA & VEGAN SOCIETY APPROVED ] As a vegan-owned company, we are proud to be approved by PETA, the Vegan Society UK, and Vegetarian Society UK. Plus, we have consistently maintained an ethical company score of 100/100 since 2016!
  • Complete balanced vegan formulation
  • Hypoallergenic and good for sensitivities
  • Ethical choice aligning with vegan values
  • Sustainably-focused, small business
  • Dogs thrive best on meat-based protein
  • Must properly balance with supplements
  • Limited evidence on long term effects
Lily's Kitchen Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken Salmon & Peas 1kg

Freshly Prepared Ingredients and Joint Health Support

Lily’s Kitchen puppy recipe contains freshly prepared chicken, turkey, salmon and nutritious offal cooked in the brand’s own kitchens. This preserves more nutrients than buying meal from mass manufacturers. Fresh meats provide high quality protein for building and repairing tissue.

Joint-nourishing supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin also support cartilage health for flexible joints. These compounds maintain the elasticity of cartilage to handle vigorous puppy play and exercise. Overall, thoughtfully selected ingredients cater to whole body wellness.

Gentle Digestion and Nutritious Botanical Herbs

With gently cooked rice and oats, Lily’s Kitchen puppy food promotes easy digestion for sensitive stomachs. Probiotic yoghurt contains live cultures to balance gut flora as well.

Botanical herbs like chamomile, marshmallow root, papaya and slippery elm bark also contribute fibres, antioxidants and compounds for digestion. Papaya even aids the absorption of proteins. Altogether, this natural recipe soothes and strengthens the digestive system.

Sustainable Practices and B Corp Certification

Lily’s Kitchen aims to create pet food sustainably from start to finish. As a B Corp certified company, it upholds strict standards balancing purpose, accountability and transparency. Lily’s Kitchen sources responsibly raised, free-range meats supporting high animal welfare standards.

Production facilities run entirely on renewable energy too, while a tree planting scheme offsets carbon emissions. The brand continually works on improving recyclable packaging to reduce plastic and food waste. So owners can feel good choosing Lily’s Kitchen for their pup.

With no artificial colors, flavors or undisclosed nasties, this natural diet provides complete daily nutrition. Prepared in small batches using human grade ingredients, Lily’s Kitchen offers quality tailored nutrition for puppies.

Lily's Kitchen Natural Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken Salmon & Peas 1kg
  • Give your pup the healthiest start in life with this dry bag of complete, natural food brimming with freshly prepared meat and offal, with wholesome ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin to help support healthy, growing joints
  • We’ve also used other freshly prepared ingredients including nutritious organs, vegetables and fruit in this puppy dry dog food, and an array of nutritious botanical herbs. This natural food provides gentle digestion, too
  • Our selection of treats, dry, wet and organic dog food is made with freshly prepared meat and offal, and naturally nutritious, wholesome ingredients. You can also find food for allergic dogs for those with meat intolerances
  • As a B Corp company, we are committed to our target to be fully recyclable by 2025. To find out more about our sustainable initiatives, and how we use our business as a force for good! Visit our brandstore
  • Here at Lily’s Kitchen, we make proper food using responsibly sourced ingredients and freshly prepared meat and offal, so we can provide your pet with wholesome, natural food. Only the best for your furry family
  • Uses freshly prepared meats and meat meals
  • Supports cartilage health with supplements
  • Promotes gentle digestion
  • Sustainably produced with renewable energy
  • No artificial additives
  • Expensive
  • Limited protein sources
  • Contains carrot, not ideal for puppies
Scrumbles Natural Gluten-Free Dog Dry Food With Fresh Chicken, For Puppies And Adult Toy Breeds, 2 Kg

Natural Ingredients and Cognitive Development Support

Scrumbles puppy recipe contains all-natural ingredients including responsibly sourced meats, wholesome grains, fruits and vegetables. It provides complete nutrition without artificial additives like flavors, colors and preservatives.

Added salmon oil delivers DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid vital for healthy brain development and mental sharpness. Studies show optimal dietary DHA improves trainability, problem solving skills and memory recall later in a puppy’s life.

With 38% protein, Scrumbles fuels lean muscle growth for an ideal weight too. Antioxidants from quality ingredients also support a robust immune system against illness. Overall, Scrumbles offers premium nutrition from natural whole foods.

Hypoallergenic Recipe and Digestive Health

Specially formulated for dogs with food sensitivities, Scrumbles is gluten-free with no soy or beef. With tailored protein and fat levels, this hypoallergenic recipe avoids ingredients that commonly trigger adverse reactions.

It contains prebiotics to nourish good gut flora for healthy digestion and stool quality. Added probiotics including live cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus also restore balance to the digestive tract. Consequently, nutrients are better absorbed.

The smaller kibble size makes it easy to chew and digest too. Altogether, Scrumbles delivers gentle but complete daily nutrition for sensitive puppies.

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients and Brand Ethics

Scrumbles believes in ethical sourcing, using only human-grade free-range chicken and turkey in their products. All meat comes from trusted British farms supporting animal welfare. There is also full ingredient traceability from source to shelf.

Launched in 2009 by pet nutrition expert, Tommy Mac, Scrumbles holds over a decade of experience crafting natural, hypoallergenic pet food. With their focus on quality ingredients tailored to alleviate intolerances, Scrumbles receives positive feedback for improving dog coat, skin, energy levels and digestion.

Scrumbles Natural Gluten-Free Dog Dry Food With Fresh Chicken, For Puppies And Adult Toy Breeds, 2 Kg
  • Scrumbles complete dry puppy food is packed with natural ingredients! With added salmon oil, which contains omega 3 and DHA to support cognitive development
  • Added probiotics makes this gut friendly recipe gentle on digestion, perfect for puppies and small dogs like chihuahuas
  • This all natural, hypoallergenic recipe is made without common allergens like gluten, wheat, potato, dairy and eggs. Suitable for sensitive stomachs
  • Scrumbles makes pet food that dogs love. We ONLY use responsibly sourced ingredients and human grade meat!
  • Our delicious dog foods and treats are made in the UK and Ireland by our independent, family company and packed in recyclable packaging. Because we love animals as much as you do!
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Supports brain development with salmon oil DHA
  • Hypoallergenic and good for sensitivities
  • Prebiotics and probiotics encourage digestion
  • Ethically sourced, traceable ingredients
  • Limited distribution and availability
  • Contains potato protein, legumes - possible allergens
  • Higher fat percentage than some brands

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