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Best Dog Crate Beds

Quick Answer:

Key Takeaways:

  • The YOJOGEE Medium Dog Bed offers a plush and supportive sleeping experience, with a non-slip bottom and machine washable features for practicality and durability.
  • The BVAGSS Dog Bed Mat stands out for its ease of cleaning, durability, and portability, making it a versatile and cost-effective choice for dog owners.
  • The KSIIA Large Dog Bed provides orthopedic support with its high-quality filling and luxurious surface, along with safety features like a non-skid bottom and tear-resistant material.

As a devoted dog parent, I’ve put several dog crate beds through their paces to bring you the  Best Dog Crate Beds. My Spaniel and I have spent weeks assessing each bed’s comfort level, durability, and maintenance ease. I’ve scrutinised the material quality, watched my dog’s response to each new bed, and monitored his sleep quality. The fit of the bed in the crate was key, as was its resilience to the daily rigours of doggy life and the washing machine

I’ve taken note of the highs and lows of each product, ensuring you get a well-rounded review. This guide is the fruit of our labour, crafted to help my fellow UK dog owners find that perfect crate bed for their beloved pooches.

Best Dog Crate Beds

Comparison of Top 5:



Key Features

Customer Insights



Ultra-soft plush, thick padding, non-slip bottom, machine washable

Offers plush and supportive sleeping experience. Durable, with fine stitching and easy maintenance. Sizing may be smaller than expected, and there’s only one color option.



Easy to clean, durable fabric, adequate thickness, lightweight and portable

Simplifies the washing process and provides durable comfort. It’s versatile for various settings, though it may lack the plushness of thicker beds and has limited cushioning for very hard surfaces.



Orthopedic support with high-quality filling, luxurious 300 GSM rose velvet surface, non-skid and tear-resistant bottom

Supports joint health with a luxurious surface and safety features. Offers multiple sizes for a perfect fit but may come at a higher price point. The luxurious surface might not suit dogs that prefer cooler textures.



Ultra-soft plush and thick filling, 600D Oxford bottom with anti-slip dots, water-resistant, machine washable

Provides ultimate comfort with plush filling and robust construction. Convenient cleaning process but may appear flat on arrival due to packaging and requires time to expand. Limited color options.



Egg crate foam for pressure relief, L-shaped zipper for easy cover removal, dual-sided design, quality fabric and durable Oxford fabric

Offers excellent orthopedic support and easy maintenance. Versatile use in crates, elevated beds, or as a standalone bed. Quality fabric withstands digging and moderate chewing. Might be too warm with the fleece side up in summer, and foam may take time to expand.

YOJOGEE Medium Dog bed Washable Dog Crate Bed, Fluffly Dog Bed for Crate, Calming Anti Anxiety Dog Beds, Dog Crate Mattress with Anti-Slip Bottom, Plush Dog Cushion Bed, Grey Dog Bed 50x75x7cm

Plush Padding and Support

When I first introduced the YOJOGEE Medium Dog Bed to my dog, it was love at first flop. The ultra-soft plush surface was a hit, and he snuggled right in. The thick and supportive padding was a noticeable upgrade from his previous bed, and it’s been a joy to see him sprawled out, enjoying the luxurious resting place. I’ve kept a close eye on how the bed holds up, and I’m impressed that it’s maintained its shape and comfort, even with my dog’s nightly nesting rituals.

Practical Design Features

The non-slip bottom feature of the YOJOGEE bed is a godsend. No more skidding beds across the crate floor when my dog bounds in for a nap. It’s stayed put, providing a stable and secure spot for him to rest. The dark grey colour is not only stylish but practical too, hiding a multitude of sins between washes. It’s clear that the design of this bed has been well thought out, catering to both the dog’s comfort and the owner’s convenience.

Maintenance and Durability

Let’s talk about upkeep. The YOJOGEE bed is machine washable, and I can vouch for its resilience. It’s come out of the wash looking as fluffy and inviting as the day it arrived. The fine stitching along the edges has stood the test of time and teeth, with no signs of fraying or wear. It’s a relief to find a bed that doesn’t sag or lose its oomph after a few spins in the washing machine.

Sizing Considerations

Sizing is crucial, and with the YOJOGEE bed, it’s best to err on the side of caution. It’s marketed as medium, but it was a snug fit for my Spaniel. I’d recommend grabbing a tape measure and comparing the bed’s dimensions to your crate’s interior. Some fellow dog owners have mentioned the bed was a tad small for their pups, so double-check those measurements to avoid any surprises.

YOJOGEE Medium Dog bed Washable Dog Crate Bed, Fluffly Dog Bed for Crate, Calming Anti Anxiety Dog Beds, Dog Crate Mattress with Anti-Slip Bottom, Plush Dog Cushion Bed, Grey Dog Bed 50x75x7cm
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  • 【CALM & ANTI ANXIETY DOG CRATE BED】 The calming dog bed surface with soft luxury faux fur material,which feel like mom's embrace, super cozy and warm. The comfy dog mats can create a healthy sleeping environment and help them calm down.
  • 【ULTRA SOFT DOG BED】The dog crate bed filled thick inner , soft and durable,will relieve dog joint and muscle pain,meanwhile support dog's back well.
  • 【WATERPROOF & ANTI-SLID】 The water resistance bottom with sticky beads,prevents moving and shifting on the floor,can ensure pets safety.Ideal dog furniture pet bed for folding metal dog crates,dog pillow, kennel bed,dog carriers,cat carriers & dog houses,even as a dog travel bed in a car.
  • 【MULTIPLE SIZES】PERFECT DOG BED FOR MEDIUM/ LARGE BREEDS | Ideal for dogs weighing 100 pounds, this pet bed measures approximately 75L x 50W x 7H - CM
  • 【AFTER SALES POLICY 】Please note that our dog crate beds are not suitable for dogs with excessive teething or chewing behaviour. Because this dog bed is not indestructible. We always put our products as well as customer experience in the first place, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution within 48 hours!
  • 【BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT】This is the best Christmas gift for your dog, not only as a warm bed for your dog, but also as a Christmas decoration.
  • Ultra-soft plush surface that my dog adores
  • Thick and supportive padding ensures a good night's sleep
  • Non-slip bottom keeps the bed in place
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Fine stitching adds to the bed's durability
  • Sizing may be smaller than expected for some breeds
  • Only one colour option available
  • May not be suitable for very large dogs
BVAGSS Dog Bed Mat,Reversible Dog Crate Pad, Memory Foam Dog Beds, Soft Warm Pet Cushion for Small Medium Dogs, Washable Pet Sleeping Mattress Kennel Bed Pad XH079 (76x50x4cm,Light Grey)

Simplified Washing Process

I’ve always dreaded the aftermath of muddy paw prints and the inevitable doggy odour that seems to cling to beds. But with the BVAGSS Dog Bed Mat, those days are behind me. The ease of cleaning this bed is something to shout about. It’s designed to be low-maintenance, which means a quick toss in the washing machine and it comes out looking brand new. This has been a game-changer for me, keeping my dog’s sleeping area hygienic and fresh without any fuss.

Material Quality and Comfort

Upon first handling the bed mat, the fabric’s durability was apparent. It’s held up brilliantly against my dog’s digging and circling before he settles down. The thickness of the mat is spot on, providing a soft layer that shields him from the crate’s hard base. I’m chuffed to bits that the comfort level has remained consistent, with no signs of thinning or wear, even after my dog has been using it for ages.

Portability and Versatility

The lightweight nature of the BVAGSS Dog Bed Mat makes it a doddle to move around. Whether we’re off on a road trip or heading to a mate’s house, this mat comes along with no bother. It’s not just for crates either; I’ve used it on the sofa and in the boot of the car, and it’s been brilliant. The versatility of this mat is a real plus, making it a versatile choice for all sorts of situations.

Overall Value for Money

When it comes down to brass tacks, the BVAGSS Dog Bed Mat is a cost-effective solution for dog owners. It’s not often you find a product that’s durable, easy to clean, and comfortable without having to spend a fortune. This mat ticks all the boxes, and then some, providing excellent value for money. It’s a no-brainer for anyone who values hygiene and wants a bed that’ll stand up to the rigours of regular washing.

BVAGSS Dog Bed Mat,Reversible Dog Crate Pad, Memory Foam Dog Beds, Soft Warm Pet Cushion for Small Medium Dogs, Washable Pet Sleeping Mattress Kennel Bed Pad XH079 (76x50x4cm,Light Grey)
  • 【Reversible Design】: Our dog bed mat features a reversible design with one side made of plush material and the other side made of corn velvet. The corn velvet surface can play a decorative role, making the dog crate more beautiful and lovely. Comfortable plush surface can match up with the furniture easily and has good breathability.
  • 【Comfortable Memory Foam Design】: Premium memory foam makes the dog crate bed anti-anxiety for dogs. The foam is designed to provide ample cushioning and support, while also preventing overheating. Note: The vacuum packaging requires the foam flattened and waited 15 mins to recover to put the cover on.
  • 【Easy to care】: This dog crate mat is machine washable and very durable. It will retain its original shape after many cleanings. However, it is not suitable for dogs that chew excessively.
  • 【Multi-scene use】: This dog crate kennel pad is suitable for many occasions. This dog bed or cat bed is designed for crates, carriers, vehicles and within your home. You can take this lightweight and compatible pet bed everywhere your pet goes.Please note that this dog bed mat is not waterproof, so please keep it away from water.
  • 【Resonable Size】: This flat cat bed is available in 4 sizes to fit most pets. (1)Small (60x45cm), Best for pets up to 4kg.(2)Medium(76x50cm), Best for pets up to 15kg.(3)Large(91x58cm) , Best for pets up to 30kg. (4)X-Large(106x71cm) , Best for pets up to 35kg. Please measure your pet and place an order according to the recommended size chart. And the dog bed is vacuum packed, please allowing for a 1cm of error.
  • Hassle-free machine washing saves time and effort
  • Durable fabric withstands digging and circling
  • Adequate thickness for crate comfort
  • Lightweight and portable for easy transport
  • Versatile for use in various settings


  • May not have the plushness of thicker beds
  • Limited cushioning for very hard surfaces
  • Might not suit the largest of breeds due to size constraints
KSIIA Large Dog Bed Washable, Calming Dog Bed, Dog Crate Mattress with Non skid Bottom, Fluffy Anti Anxiety Dog Beds, Pet Beds Pillow Cushion for Dog, Dark Grey, 90x60x8cm

Orthopedic Benefits

As my dog has matured into his senior years, finding a bed that supports his joints has become my top priority. The KSIIA Large Dog Bed has been a revelation with its orthopedic design. The high-quality fibre polypropylene filling has given him substantial support, and I’ve noticed a marked improvement in his mobility. He’s been more sprightly during our walks, and I attribute this to the bed’s ability to relieve stress on his joints and reduce any discomfort he might have felt before.

Luxurious Surface Material

The 300 GSM premium rose velvet surface of the KSIIA bed is nothing short of luxurious. My dog took to it straight away, and it’s become his go-to spot for a snooze. The skin-friendly texture has been gentle on his coat and skin, and he seems to settle down much quicker for a restful kip. The full stuffing also keeps him cosy and warm, creating an inviting environment for him to relax in after a long day of being a dog.

Enhanced Safety Features

I’m always on the lookout for features that will keep my dog safe, and the KSIIA bed doesn’t disappoint. The non-skid bottom ensures the bed doesn’t slide around, which is especially important for a dog that’s not as nimble as he once was. The tear-resistant Oxford bottom is robust, keeping the bed intact and in place. Plus, its ability to repel dirt has been a boon, helping the bed stay cleaner for longer, which is always a win in my book.

Size Options and Adaptability

Finding the right size bed can be a bit of a faff, but the KSIIA bed comes in six sizes, which made it a doddle to find the perfect fit for my dog’s crate. I opted for the L-size, and it slotted in like it was made for it. The bed’s adaptability to different living spaces and straightforward care instructions make it a user-friendly option for any dog owner, whether they’re in a flat or a house with a garden.

KSIIA Large Dog Bed Washable, Calming Dog Bed, Dog Crate Mattress with Non skid Bottom, Fluffy Anti Anxiety Dog Beds, Pet Beds Pillow Cushion for Dog, Dark Grey, 90x60x8cm
  • Cosy Padded Support: KSIIA's large dog bed is filled 8 cm with high-quality fibre polypropylene to keep the dog mattress in shape under any weight. The plump, thick filling provides strong support for your dog's bones and joint areas, relieving stress and reducing joint pain, body aches, and arthritis. The minimalist design gives the dog more space to stretch out and get better relaxation.
  • Comfy Rose Velvet Surface: KSIIA's calming dog bed adopts 300 GSM premium rose velvet as the surface material, which is skin-friendly, comfortable, and not prone to shedding. It is fully stuffed to ensure your little furry friend is surrounded by love and warmth, helping them to calm down quicker, ease anxiety, and sleep well.
  • Non-Skid Bottom: KSIIA's dog crate bed comes with an upgraded non-skid and non-scratch bottom. The high-quality 300D Oxford bottom is tear-resistant and will keep out most dirt spots. The non-skid base will prevent the flat dog bed from moving when your pet steps on or off, ensuring your furry friend feels safe and secure.
  • Easy Care & Machine Washable: The entire dog bed is machine washable. Six stitching points secure the filling, which is evenly distributed over the entire bed without clumping, keeping it plush and fluffy. Fine stitching on the side seams ensures that the fluffy dog bed retains its shape even after multiple washes. Let your pet enjoy a breathable, clean, and hygienic crate bed.
  • Multi-sized: Our L-size anti-anxiety bed is 90x60x8 cm and fits dogs up to 30 kg. Dark grey dog beds are available in six sizes to suit all dog breeds, ranging from Chihuahuas to French Bulldogs, Corgis, Labradors, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds. It comes in a vacuum-packed box, so it is advised to pat it down and let it inflate for about 24 hours before your dog uses it! If you meet any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Orthopedic design supports joint health
  • Luxurious 300 GSM rose velvet surface for comfort
  • Non-skid and tear-resistant bottom for safety and durability
  • Dirt-repellent material keeps the bed clean
  • Multiple sizes available for a perfect fit
  • Premium materials may come at a higher price point
  • Larger sizes may require a bigger washing machine
  • The luxurious surface might not suit dogs that prefer cooler textures
Jaspuriea Large Dog Bed Washable Dog Crate Mattress Calming Fluffy Anti Anxiety Dog Beds Deluxe Plush Dog Mat with Anti-Slip Bottom, Dark Grey, 90x60x8cm

Ultimate Comfort with Plush Filling

When the Jaspuriea Large Dog Bed arrived, my dog was immediately drawn to it. The ultra-soft plush and thick filling made it clear this wasn’t just any old bed. After a few nights, I could see a difference in how my dog got up in the mornings; he was more spry, more willing to stretch and didn’t hesitate to jump off the bed. It was evident that the bed was doing wonders for his muscle and joint pain, providing him with the comfort he needed for a good night’s rest.

Robust and Secure Construction

What I appreciate about the Jaspuriea bed is its robust construction. The 600D Oxford bottom with anti-slip dots meant that no matter how much my dog moved in his sleep, the bed didn’t budge. It’s also water-resistant, a feature that’s come in handy more than once when my dog has come back from a rainy walk. The bed’s durability has stood the test of time, making it a reliable choice for everyday use.

Convenient Cleaning Process

I’m all for anything that makes life easier, and the Jaspuriea bed’s machine washable feature does just that. It’s survived several washes and comes out looking as good as new each time. Even after a tumble in the dryer on a low setting, the bed has kept its shape and fluffiness. This ease of maintenance is a massive plus for me, ensuring the bed remains a clean and inviting space for my dog.

Sizing and First Impressions

The sizing of the Jaspuriea bed is spot on for my dog, who’s a hefty lad at just under 30 KGs. When the bed first arrived, it seemed a bit flat, but that’s down to the vacuum packaging. A bit of patience and a good fluffing out, and the bed puffed up to its full, generous size. It’s a point worth remembering for anyone buying this bed – give it a bit of time to expand to its true size.

Jaspuriea Large Dog Bed Washable Dog Crate Mattress Calming Fluffy Anti Anxiety Dog Beds Deluxe Plush Dog Mat with Anti-Slip Bottom, Dark Grey, 90x60x8cm
  • [Calming Dog Beds]: Thanks to the ultra-soft plush and 8 cm thickness filling, this anti-anxiety dog crate mattress can provide your dogs with ultimate comfort. It also can relieve the pet muscle and joint pain.
  • [Durable & Safe Bottom]: The dog bed has a high-quality 600D Oxford bottom with anti-slip dots. It provides your little friend with a sense of security. The water-resistant fabric also can prevent most of the dirty.
  • [Machine Washable]: The entirety of the dog cushion is machine washable and can be dried with a dryer at low temperatures. This easy-to-clean dog bed can save you a lot of trouble, just leave it for the washing machine.
  • [Size Guide]: The dimensions of our dog mattress is 90 cm x 60 cm x 8 cm. We recommend using this large dog bed for dogs up to 30 KGs.
  • [First Opening Tips]: The dog bed may look flat when arrived due to the vacuum package. Don't worry about it, please pat it and leave it for about 24 hours, it will become fluffy.
  • Ultra-soft plush surface my dog loves
  • Thick filling supports joints and muscles
  • Anti-slip and water-resistant bottom for security and durability
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Generous sizing for dogs up to 30 KGs
  • May appear flat on arrival due to packaging
  • Requires time to expand to full size
  • Limited colour options available
Bedsure Medium Dog Bed Washable - Orthopedic Dog Bed and Mattress Mat for Dog Crate with Removable Plush Sherpa Cover, Grey, 76x51x7.6cm

Egg Crate Foam for Pressure Relief

The Bedsure Medium Dog Bed with its egg crate foam has been a blessing for my Spaniel. He’s always been an active dog, but age is catching up, and he needed something that would give his joints a break. The foam does a brilliant job of distributing his weight evenly and alleviating pressure points. I’ve noticed he’s been moving more comfortably since he started using this bed. Plus, the air circulation it provides has kept him cool during the balmy summer nights, which is a relief for both of us.

Thoughtful Design for Easy Maintenance

The L-shaped zipper on the cover of this bed is such a clever touch. It makes stripping the bed down for a wash a doddle, which is great because let’s face it, dogs aren’t the tidiest of creatures. The dual-sided design is another feature I’m chuffed with – one side is fleece, perfect for when it’s brass monkeys outside, and the other is a cooler Oxford fabric for when the sun’s got his hat on. It’s like having two beds in one, and my dog seems to appreciate the variety.

Multi-Purpose Use and Compatibility

I’ve been impressed with the versatility of the Bedsure bed. It fits snugly in the crate, but it’s also found a spot on the elevated bed and even as a makeshift trampoline bed when the kids are playing with our dog. The rectangular shape and size have made it a cosy addition to any room in the house. It’s not just a bed; it’s become a little haven for him wherever we place it.

Quality Fabric and Overall Durability

The combination of a plush Sherpa top and durable Oxford fabric means this bed can take a bit of rough and tumble. It’s stood up well to my dog’s occasional digging and moderate chewing. The trendy colour scheme fits right in with my home decor, and the fact that the cover is machine washable means it’s always clean and ready for him to snuggle into. It’s a sturdy, comfy bed that’s made a real difference to my dog’s comfort and, by extension, to my peace of mind.

Bedsure Medium Dog Bed Washable - Orthopedic Dog Bed and Mattress Mat for Dog Crate with Removable Plush Sherpa Cover, Grey, 76x51x7.6cm
  • EGG CRATE FOAM: Bedsure dog bed crate evenly distributes pet’s weight to alleviate pressure on joints & bony areas - Resemble the bottom of an egg carton, this bumpy surface is softer than a solid block of foam and helps air circulate to keep puppies cool in the hotter months - Convoluted foam also offers shock absorption that is beneficial for older dogs.
  • SMART DESIGN DETAIL: L-shaped zipper (1 long side + 1 short side) on the outer cover is specially designed for quick put together or simply remove for washing - available on both sides, super-soft fleece for winter and oxford back that's cooler in summer.
  • VERSATILE DOG BED: Applied to dogs, cats, or other pets under 23 KG and 76x51x7.6cm rectangle shaped mattress also fits for any elevated dog bed, crate, pet house or dog bed trampoline - Your buddies will love lounging on this cozy dog bedding in your room instead of the cold hardwood floor, even your kids like to snuggle with your fur baby.
  • DURABLE OXFORD FABRIC: Plush Sherpa top pet bed creates extra coziness for your four-legged companion to sleep like a log every night - Provides a comfy, safe bed for diggers, scratchers & light to moderate chewers - Trendy combination of luxurious creamy surface and blue color sides blend in any room decor.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash the cover gently & separately in cold water with a pet-safe detergent.
  • Egg crate foam provides excellent orthopedic support
  • L-shaped zipper for easy cover removal and cleaning
  • Dual-sided design for year-round comfort
  • Versatile use in crates, elevated beds, or as a standalone bed
  • Quality fabric that withstands digging and moderate chewing


  • Might be too warm for some dogs with the fleece side up in summer
  • The foam may take time to expand fully after unpacking
  • Could be chewed through by particularly destructive dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Measure your dog from nose to tail while they’re sleeping and add a few inches for comfort. Compare these dimensions with the bed’s size specifications to ensure a proper fit.

While no bed is completely indestructible, the Bedsure Medium Dog Bed has durable Oxford fabric that can withstand moderate chewing.

 Opt for a bed with water-resistant properties, like the Jaspuriea Large Dog Bed, to handle any accidents during the house-training phase.

Place the new bed in your dog’s favourite spot and encourage them to explore it with treats or their favourite toy to create a positive association.

It depends on your dog’s activity level and cleanliness, but generally, washing the bed every 1-2 weeks is recommended. The BVAGSS Dog Bed Mat is ideal for frequent washing due to its simplified cleaning process.

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