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Best Interactive Dog Toys

Quick Answer:

Key Takeaways:

  • Interactive dog toys like the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick provide mental stimulation and can help curb unwanted behaviours by engaging a dog’s problem-solving skills.
  • Budget-friendly options such as the TRIXIE Intelligence Toy offer cognitive challenges and are easy to clean, proving that quality interactive play doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • Toys designed for high-energy breeds, like the BARHOMO Dog Balls, cater to a dog’s chasing instincts with automatic movement, but may not be suitable for smaller or timid dogs.

When I set out to find the Best Interactive Dog Toys for my Spaniel, I wanted to be thorough. I looked for toys that would tick all the boxes: engagement, durability, ease of cleaning, and mental stimulation. 

Each toy was put through its paces in structured play sessions, where I watched for how it sparked my dog’s interest and if that interest was more than just a one-time fling. I noted how these toys stood up to my dog’s spirited play and whether they could be easily spruced up after. 

It was important to see if the toys made a positive dent in his day-to-day behaviour, like easing anxiety or curbing any cheeky chewing habits. I also kept an eye out for how these toys might suit other breeds, big or small, making sure my findings would help any UK dog owner on the hunt for their pup’s next favourite toy. 

From the first tail wag to the final verdict, I’ve gathered all the ins and outs to help you choose the best interactive toy for your furry mate.

Best Interactive Dog Toys

Comparison of Top 5:



Key Features

Customer Insights


Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick

Engaging puzzle design with adjustable difficulty, Durability and safety features, Easy to clean and maintain

Provides excellent mental stimulation, Not suitable for heavy chewers without supervision


TRIXIE Intelligence Toy

Cost-effective cognitive challenge, Made from sturdy materials, Easy to use and interact, Simple to clean

Affordable and engages dogs with various interactive elements, May not challenge more advanced dogs



Engaging and automatic movement, Rechargeable battery, Durable materials and dog safety

Ideal for high-energy dogs, May not be suitable for smaller or timid dogs


CAROZEN Interactive Dog Toy

Combines feeding with cognitive challenges, Promotes slower eating for better digestive health, Stability and non-slip features

Enhances mealtime engagement, May require initial training for use


Interactive Giggle Ball

Sound-activated play and engagement, Robust construction for energetic play, Easy to activate

Provides auditory stimulation, Not suitable for noise-sensitive dogs

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Brick Dog Puzzle Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Enrichment Dog Toy, Level 2 Intermediate, Blue

Engaging Puzzle Design

I’ve always been keen on keeping my dog’s mind sharp, so when I came across the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick, I was intrigued by its promise of mental stimulation. From the get-go, my dog was utterly absorbed by the challenge. The puzzle design is clever, with a variety of compartments and moving parts that mimic the thrill of foraging. It’s a joy to see my dog nudge the flip-open compartments and remove the bone pieces to reveal hidden treats. The adjustable difficulty levels meant that as my dog became more adept at the game, I could increase the challenge to keep him engaged. It’s a fantastic way to encourage his natural problem-solving abilities and keep boredom at bay.

Durability and Safety Features

The Dog Brick is quite the sturdy piece of kit. It’s made from durable plastic that has withstood all the excited pawing and nosing my dog can muster. I’m particularly impressed with the safety features; knowing that the toy is free from BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates puts my mind at ease. Although it’s not meant for heavy chewing, which my dog sometimes tries, I’ve found that keeping an eye on playtime prevents any mishaps. Plus, the availability of replacement parts is a thoughtful provision that I appreciate, as it promises extended use of the toy.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After each use, cleaning the Dog Brick is a breeze. The compartments are easily accessible, allowing me to give it a quick wipe with soap and water. This is crucial for me, as I often use a mix of dry and wet treats. The design also facilitates quick drying, so it’s ready to go again in no time. I’ve made it a habit to clean the toy regularly, which has definitely helped in maintaining its condition and ensuring it lasts longer.

Value for Money and Entertainment

The Dog Brick is more than just a toy; it’s a valuable tool for curbing unwanted behaviours and promoting a peaceful atmosphere at home. The amount of entertainment and mental exercise it provides my dog is well worth the investment. It’s heartening to see him so engrossed in the game, and the positive changes in his behaviour are a clear indicator of the toy’s effectiveness. For any dog owner looking to enrich their pet’s life with an interactive activity that offers great value for money, this toy is a solid choice.

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound Dog Brick Dog Puzzle Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Enrichment Dog Toy, Level 2 Intermediate, Blue
  • This Level 2 Intermediate dog puzzle is our most versatile game yet, and a great way to introduce dog puzzles to your pet; perfect for pets with little to no puzzle experience; involves multiple one-step actions
  • Provides mental stimulation for dogs; 15 minutes of mental stimulation is equal to 30 minutes of physical activity
  • Helps reduce dog anxiety and redirect unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, and digging in a fun and exciting way
  • Multiple ways to play: dogs pick up bones, flip open lids, and move sliders to find hidden treats; check out our Tips and Tricks for ways to make the game easier or harder for your pet
  • Fun with dog treats or kibble; holds 3/4 cup of dog food
  • Dog enrichment toys enhance natural instincts like foraging and hunting, and keep dogs busy and entertained
  • Replacement bones and lids sold separately; easy to clean; BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalate free
  • Provides excellent mental stimulation
  • Adjustable difficulty levels keep the game challenging
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Offers great value for money by reducing unwanted behaviours
  • Not suitable for heavy chewers without supervision
  • Replacement parts, while available, may be an additional expense
  • May require initial training for dogs to understand the game
TRIXIE Intelligence toy dog activity "Dog Activity strategy game flip board, ø 23 cm” - 32026

Cost-Effective Cognitive Challenge

As a dog owner on a budget, I’m always on the lookout for affordable ways to keep my dog mentally stimulated. The TRIXIE Intelligence Toy has been a fantastic find. It offers a variety of problem-solving activities that keep my dog’s brain ticking over without costing me an arm and a leg. The interactive elements, like sliders and hidden compartments, mean my dog can enjoy reward-based play that’s as educational as it is fun. It’s been a joy to watch my dog figure out the puzzles and get his well-deserved treats.

Material and Build Quality

The TRIXIE Intelligence Toy might be easy on the wallet, but it doesn’t skimp on quality. The materials are robust enough to handle my dog’s enthusiastic play style. The plastic is sturdy and has survived the pushing, pawing, and occasional gnawing that comes with puzzle-solving excitement. While it’s not indestructible, and I do keep an eye out during playtime, it’s held up well considering the price. It’s a reminder that you don’t always have to spend a lot to get a quality product for your furry friend.

Ease of Use and Interaction

Getting the TRIXIE Intelligence Toy ready for action is a doddle. The design is user-friendly, meaning I can set it up quickly and without any fuss. It’s been a hit with my dog, who took to it straight away. The toy’s straightforward nature makes it an ideal introduction to puzzle toys for dogs that might be new to this kind of mental exercise. It’s been a pleasure to see my dog engage with the toy, working out how to get to the treats, and it’s clear that he finds the interaction with the toy deeply satisfying.

Cleaning Considerations

When it comes to cleaning, the TRIXIE Intelligence Toy is as low-maintenance as they come. The compartments are a cinch to wipe down, and I can rinse them out without any trouble, ensuring no mucky treat remnants are left behind. It dries off in a jiffy too, meaning it’s ready to go again whenever my dog fancies another round of puzzle play. Keeping the toy clean has been straightforward, which only adds to its value as a budget-friendly, interactive dog toy.

TRIXIE Intelligence toy dog activity
  • Board game with 2 skittles and recesses with folding and sliding lids
  • Non-slip thanks to rubber ring
  • Includes training instructions
  • Complies with animal welfare in accordance with § 18 (AT)
  • Level 2 of 3 (difficulty level medium)
  • dishwasher-safe
  • Can also be used for daily feeding (slow feed)
  • Dog Activity game “Flip Board” especially for small dogs
  • Affordable, providing great mental exercise without a hefty price tag
  • Made from sturdy materials that can withstand regular play
  • Simple to set up and use, perfect for dogs new to puzzle toys
  • Easy to clean, promoting good hygiene
  • Engages dogs with a variety of interactive elements
  • May not be as durable as more expensive toys over the long term
  • Requires supervision to ensure pieces aren't chewed off
  • Limited complexity might not challenge more advanced dogs
BARHOMO Dog Balls,The 3rd Generation Interactive Toys for Puppy/Small/Medium/Large Dogs,Improved Dog Rolling Effect Tennis Ball with Strap, Tough Motion Activated Automatic Moving Dog Ball Toys

Engaging and Automatic Movement

For my high-energy Spaniel, finding a toy that can match his zest for life is a must. That’s where the BARHOMO Dog Balls come into play. These balls are a game-changer with their automatic rolling motion that keeps my dog on his toes. The toy’s independent movement is fascinating to watch as it darts around, igniting my dog’s chasing instincts. It’s like watching a mini-hunt in the living room! The added strap feature allows for a more hands-on approach, letting me change up the play style to keep things fresh and exciting.

Rechargeable and Long-Lasting Fun

What I love about the BARHOMO Dog Balls is the rechargeable battery. It’s a relief not to worry about buying batteries all the time. A single charge can last for a good few hours of play, which is brilliant for keeping my dog entertained while I’m busy with other tasks. It’s perfect for those days when life gets hectic, and I can’t give my dog the constant attention he craves. The longevity of the playtime these balls provide is a massive plus for any dog owner with a lively pup.

Material Durability and Dog Safety

The BARHOMO Dog Balls are built to last. They’ve been bashed, bumped, and chased all over my home, and they’re still going strong. The outer shell is tough and can take a good deal of rough play. However, I’ve noticed that they might be a bit much for smaller breeds or more nervous dogs. It’s crucial to consider your dog’s size and personality when choosing this toy. Safety-wise, I’m reassured that the materials are non-toxic and safe for my dog to be around, which is always a top priority.

User Experience and Feedback

My experience with the BARHOMO Dog Balls has been overwhelmingly positive. My dog can’t get enough of them, and it’s a joy to see him so animated and engaged. I’ve had a nosy at what other dog owners have to say, and many share my sentiments. They’ve found these balls to be a fantastic way to keep their dogs entertained. However, some have raised points about the toy’s suitability for smaller dogs and a few durability issues. It’s a reminder to supervise playtime and ensure the toy is a good fit for your dog’s play style.

BARHOMO Dog Balls,The 3rd Generation Interactive Toys for Puppy/Small/Medium/Large Dogs,Improved Dog Rolling Effect Tennis Ball with Strap, Tough Motion Activated Automatic Moving Dog Ball Toys
  • 2 Selectable Modes Irregular Rolling Mode: Press the button for the first time (blue light), and it will automatically roll and rotate for 25 seconds, then stop for 5 seconds, repeating this cycle for a total of 2 minutes before entering standby mode. Crazy Bouncing Mode: Press the button for the second time (red light), and it will bounce for 10 seconds, stop for 5 seconds, repeating this cycle for a total of 1 minute before entering standby mode
  • Touch Activation Built-in motion sensor, when your dog touches or bites it, it will automatically roll and rotate for 2 minutes or bounce wildly for 1 minute, then go into standby mode. The ball has built-in multi-color flashing lights to attract your dog's attention and bring more joy to your furry friend
  • Suitable for Various Locations Irregular Rolling Mode is only suitable for hard floors such as marble, wood, and tile floors, and it does not require a tennis ball cover. It is not suitable for dogs that chew excessively. The tennis ball cover only works in Crazy Bouncing Mode and is ideal for mild chewers. It performs better on thin carpets or outdoor lawns to reduce noise, and your dog will love the moving, plush ball toy
  • USB Rechargeable Powered by a 600mAh battery, it can be fully charged in 1.5 hours and can be continuously played for 4 hours
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.
  • Ideal for high-energy dogs that require constant stimulation
  • The automatic movement provides dynamic play
  • Rechargeable battery saves money and is eco-friendly
  • Made from durable materials for extended use
  • Encourages active play and satisfies natural chasing instincts
  • May not be suitable for smaller or timid dogs
  • Supervision is necessary to ensure safety and longevity
  • Some users have reported durability issues, suggesting it may not withstand aggressive chewing
CAROZEN Interactive Dog Toys, Puzzle Toys for Dogs Training Funny Feeding, Treat Dispenser Large Dogs, Small and Medium Improve Your Dog's Intelligence

Intelligent Feeding and Training

The CAROZEN Interactive Dog Toy is a brilliant invention that’s transformed how my dog views mealtime. It cleverly merges feeding with brain games, turning a regular chow-down into an engaging puzzle. The toy requires my dog to press a button to get his kibble, which means he’s thinking and working for his dinner. It’s fascinating to watch him tap into his natural problem-solving instincts, using his paws and snout to navigate the toy’s challenges. This not only entertains him but also boosts his brainpower.

Slow Feeding for Digestive Health

I’ve found the slow feeding aspect of the CAROZEN Interactive Dog Toy to be a godsend for my dog’s tummy. He used to gobble down his food too fast, which I worried might lead to bloating or indigestion. This toy has slowed him right down, allowing him to digest his food properly and making mealtime last longer, which he seems to enjoy. It’s a relief to know that he’s eating at a healthier pace, and I reckon any dog that’s a bit of a greedy guts would benefit from this toy.

Stability and Non-Slip Features

One of the things I appreciate most about the CAROZEN Interactive Dog Toy is its sturdiness. It’s got non-slip rubber pads that keep it from sliding about, no matter how enthusiastic my dog gets. This stability is ace because it means the toy stays put, allowing my dog to focus on the task at hand. It’s hefty enough to stand up to solo play but also a great size for when we’re playing together. The versatility of this toy is a real win in my book.

Customer Support and After-Sale Service

I’m chuffed with the customer support from CAROZEN. They offer a lifetime replacement or refund, which shows they’re confident in their product and care about their customers. They’ve even thrown in some spare parts, which is handy. The clear instructions were a breeze to follow, and it’s clear that CAROZEN has put thought into what dog owners need and want. It’s refreshing to see a company that’s got your back.

CAROZEN Interactive Dog Toys, Puzzle Toys for Dogs Training Funny Feeding, Treat Dispenser Large Dogs, Small and Medium Improve Your Dog's Intelligence
  • 【Improve your dog's IQ】CAROZEN dog puzzle toy designed to improve your dog's IQ. Unlike traditional entertainment dog toys, this toy allows your dog to become smarter through his initiative while receiving food rewards. Train him to use the brain and promote brain development.
  • 【Train Your Dog to Use This Toy】The dog needs to go through two steps to get the food. First, he needs to press the transparent button at the top of the toy. The kibbles will fall into the six barns around the toy, then the dog has to open the lids of different barns with his paw or nose to get the food. Unlike traditional educational toys, our toys allow dogs to eat their own food after two steps.
  • 【The Scientific Slow Food Function】Each barn can only hold a small amount of food, and the dog has to open the lid to get food. When he finishes eating, he has to press the top button again to refill the barn. This design can effectively slow down the eating pace of the dog and correct the bad habit of eating too fast. It increases the time and difficulty for dogs to get food, avoids the indigestion, reduces gastrointestinal pressure, and makes them healthier.
  • 【Anti-slip Rubber Pad Design at The Bottom】CAROZEN interactive dog toys has 4 non-slip rubber pads at the bottom to prevent the dog from knocking over the toys during normal play. The dog slow food tray is large enough to let the dog play and train alone when the owner is not at home. It can be placed in most on a flat surface, such as the floor of a room, living room and so on.
  • 【After-sale Service】We offer a lifetime replacement or refund assurance. If there is a problem with the toy, just click "Contact us" and we will be happy to help you replace it or refund you in full.
  • Combines feeding with cognitive challenges for mental stimulation
  • Promotes slower eating for better digestive health
  • Non-slip features provide stability during use
  • Versatile for different types of play
  • Excellent customer support with a lifetime replacement or refund offer
  • May require initial training for dogs to understand how to use it
  • Some dogs might get frustrated if they can't figure it out quickly
  • Spare parts, while useful, indicate potential need for replacements over time
Interactive Giggle Ball for Dog Squeaky Toy Keep Your Dog Happy All Day, Dog Ball Toys for Large, Medium and Small Pet Cat Dog Relieve Anxiety and Boredom

Sound-Activated Play and Engagement

The Interactive Giggle Ball has been a revelation for my Spaniel’s playtime. It’s not your average ball; this one actually giggles! The sound activation is spot on, responding to my dog’s every nudge and roll. The giggles it makes are not only amusing for me but also seem to tickle my dog’s fancy, keeping him on his paws and ready for action. It’s brilliant for dogs that are motivated by sound, and it’s been a hoot watching my dog’s ears prick up and his head tilt in curiosity every time the ball makes its funny noises.

Robust Construction for Energetic Play

I’ve been impressed with the Giggle Ball’s durability. It’s made from a tough material that’s taken a good deal of roughhousing. Whether my dog is tossing it, rolling it, or shaking it, the ball has stood up to the test. It’s reassuring to have a toy that I’m confident won’t fall apart after a few play sessions, and this one has become a staple in my dog’s toy box.

Easy to Activate and Entertain

One of the best things about the Giggle Ball is how easy it is for my dog to get it going. There’s no need for me to turn it on or set it up; my dog has it all under control. This self-entertainment factor is a godsend when I’m tied up with work or chores. It’s a joy to hear the giggles coming from the next room, knowing my dog is having a ball (pun intended).

Considerations for Noise-Sensitive Dogs

While the Giggle Ball is a hit with my dog, I reckon it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’ve got a dog that’s a bit jittery with unexpected or loud noises, this might not be the toy for them. It’s worth bearing in mind that every dog is different, and what’s music to one dog’s ears might be a bit much for another. So, if you’re considering the Giggle Ball, it might be a good idea to give it a trial run and see how your furry mate takes to it.

Interactive Giggle Ball for Dog Squeaky Toy Keep Your Dog Happy All Day, Dog Ball Toys for Large, Medium and Small Pet Cat Dog Relieve Anxiety and Boredom
  • Diameter 14cm, 6 holes designed to allow any size dog to pick up
  • No battery needed for automatic sounding, the tube inside the ball makes sounds and giggles when rolled or shaken
  • 100% Brand New This product is made of BPA-free non-toxic plastic, safe and natural, anti-bite line, strong and durable
  • Keeps dogs entertained by engaging their natural instincts to play,Keeps dogs happy, healthy and fit
  • For Dogs great choice for indoor and outdoor play
  • Engages dogs with unique sound-activated play
  • Durable construction withstands energetic play
  • Automatically activated by the dog for independent play
  • Provides auditory stimulation, enhancing the play experience
  • Offers a novel way to keep dogs entertained
  • Not suitable for noise-sensitive dogs
  • Sound may become repetitive for owners
  • Requires batteries, which may need regular replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

 Choose a toy that matches your dog’s size and play intensity; for robust play, the BARHOMO Dog Balls are ideal for larger, high-energy dogs.

To rekindle interest, rotate toys regularly and increase the challenge, like adjusting the difficulty level on the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick.

Yes, the CAROZEN Interactive Dog Toy is designed to slow down feeding and provide mental stimulation during mealtime.

 Interactive toys can alleviate boredom and anxiety; the BARHOMO Dog Balls can keep your dog occupied with their automatic movement.

Clean toys regularly to maintain hygiene; toys like the TRIXIE Intelligence Toy are designed for easy cleaning, making the process straightforward.

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