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The 10 Best Dog Foods for Healthy Medium Breed Adult Dogs

Finding the right dog food for your medium-sized pup can be overwhelming with countless options vying for your attention. This guide cuts through the noise to identify the top 10 best and healthiest choices for adult dogs based on tailored nutrition, quality ingredients and breed-specific requirements. Get valuable insights to make an informed decision you can feel confident about.

Quick Answer:
Best Medium Breed Dog Food

Comparison of Top 5:



Key Features


Expert and Customer Insights


Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food

High-Quality Protein, Dental Health, Skin and Coat Health

Chicken, Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals

Clinically proven for dental health, supports muscle maintenance, and enhances skin and coat health


Iams Complete Dry Dog Food

Heart Health, Digestive Health, Skin and Coat Benefits

Essential Vitamins, Whole Grains, Omega Fatty Acids

Tailored for heart health, promotes healthy digestion, and improves skin and coat health


Harringtons Advanced Science

All Life Stages, Vet Endorsed, Environmental Commitment

Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Joint Care Nutrients

Suitable for all life stages, vet-recommended, eco-friendly packaging


Wellness Core Adult Original

Grain-Free, High-Protein, Digestive Support

Turkey, Chicken, Salmon, Prebiotic Fiber, Probiotics

High protein content for muscle maintenance, supports healthy digestion, hypoallergenic benefits


Nature’s Variety Selected

Natural Ingredients, Appetite Stimulation

Deboned Free-Range Chicken, Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables

High-quality protein source, over 90% natural ingredients, suitable for dogs with selective appetites or needing stimulation

Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food for Adult Medium Breeds with Fresh Chicken 15 kg

High-Quality Protein for Muscle Maintenance

Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food is formulated with high-quality chicken protein to support muscle maintenance in adult medium breed dogs. Chicken is the first ingredient, providing a rich source of amino acids to help sustain and rebuild muscle tissue. The 30% crude protein content aids medium breeds in maintaining healthy muscle mass for an active lifestyle at any age.

As dogs reach adulthood, preserving lean muscle is essential for mobility and health. Eukanuba contains optimal levels of protein to meet the needs of medium breeds for continued muscle development and maintenance. The chicken protein promotes strength, endurance and a healthy body condition score to keep your medium breed dog active and fit.

Dental Health and Natural Defenses

Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food is not only clinically proven to reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%, but also supports your medium breed dog’s natural defenses. The crunchy kibble texture and specific fibre formulations work together to scrub the teeth clean with each bite. This effectively reduces plaque and tartar accumulation, promoting better dental health.

The balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in Eukanuba helps to maintain a strong immune system in adult medium breed dogs. Key nutrients like vitamin E, zinc and selenium boost natural defenses against illness and infection. With Eukanuba Complete, your medium-sized companion has the nutritional support for robust dental and overall health.

Skin and Coat Health Benefits

The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in Eukanuba dog food help to nourish a radiant skin and coat for your medium breed dog. With a ratio close to 15:1 of omega-6 to omega-3, Eukanuba provides the optimal blend to reduce shedding and support coat health from within.

The zinc, copper and biotin further contribute to skin vitality and a visibly healthy coat. Your medium breed dog’s skin will be supple and their fur will have a noticeable shine. Essential fatty acids promote mobility in the skin to benefit coat re-growth, resulting in less shedding. Eukanuba Complete contains the right formulation of omegas and nutrients for resilient skin and a damage-resistant coat.

Eukanuba Complete Dry Dog Food for Adult Medium Breeds with Fresh Chicken 15 kg
  • Power: Clinically proven to help support lean muscles with animal proteins
  • Dental: Clinically proven to reduce tartar build-up in 28 days. Reduces plaque and maintains strong teeth
  • Defend: Helps promote strong natural defenses with clinically proven antioxidant
  • Shine: Promotes healthy skin, radiant coat and helps reduce shedding by up to 80%* with a clinically proven optimal ratio of omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. *Results may vary
  • 100% complete and balanced. No artificial flavours or colourants added
  • Supports muscle maintenance with high-quality chicken protein
  • Clinically proven to reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%
  • Enhances skin and coat health with omega fatty acids
  • Precise nutrient ratios tailored for medium breed dogs
  • Boosts immune system with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Contains corn, wheat and soy potential allergens
  • Higher calorie count could cause weight gain
  • Reports of inconsistent kibble size and texture
IAMS Complete Dry Dog Food for Adult 1+ Small and Medium Breeds with Chicken 12 kg

Tailored Nutrition for Heart Health

Iams Complete Dry Dog Food provides tailored nutrition to support heart health in adult medium breed dogs. It contains essential vitamins like E, C and beta-carotene to benefit cardiovascular function. These antioxidants neutralise free radicals and inflammation, preserving the health of blood vessels and a properly working heart.

The balance of minerals like magnesium, potassium and sodium regulates heartbeat regularity and blood pressure within the optimal range. Taurine aids in preventing dilated cardiomyopathy by strengthening the heart muscles. With whole grains and protein sources rich in amino acids, Iams dog food gives medium breeds nutritional reinforcement for lifelong heart wellness.

Digestive Health and Fiber Blend

Digestive health is crucial for your medium breed dog’s overall wellbeing. Iams dog food contains a tailored blend of fibres and prebiotics to encourage healthy digestion. Beet pulp and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) act as soluble fibres to promote gastrointestinal comfort and regularity.

These fibres add bulk to the stool, while the prebiotics stimulate good bacteria growth in the gut. The probiotics help to repopulate the intestines with beneficial microorganisms for enhanced nutrient absorption. With the balanced digestive support of whole grains and fibres, your medium sized adult dog will have optimal stomach and intestinal health.

Benefits for Skin and Coat

The Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in Iams Complete Dry Dog Food deliver visible improvements in your medium breed dog’s skin and coat health. At a ratio of 5:1 for omega-6 to omega-3, Iams provides the right blend of essential fatty acids to nourish the skin and fur.

Linoleic acid (omega-6) facilitates skin cell membrane integrity for a healthy barrier function. EPA and DHA (omega-3) reduce inflammation and overactivity of sebum to minimise skin issues. Your medium-sized companion will have supple, moisturised skin under a lush, shiny coat with Iams omega-rich formula.

IAMS Complete Dry Dog Food for Adult 1+ Small and Medium Breeds with Chicken 12 kg
  • IAMS for Vitality with fresh chicken for small and medium breed adult dogs is a 100% complete and balanced pet food that nourishes your dog's healthy vitality & Supporting 7 signs of healthy vitality
  • Tailored fibre blend including prebiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion & With high quality animal protein and essential minerals to help maintain strong muscles
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 to support healthy skin and shiny coat & Enriched with essential minerals and vitamin D to support strong bones
  • Crunchy kibbles and tailored mineral levels to help reduce tartar build up for healthy teeth
  • Contains antioxidant blend with vitamin C & E to help the immune system
  • Supports heart health with essential vitamins
  • Promotes healthy digestion with fiber blend
  • Improves skin and coat with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Tailored nutrition for medium breed dogs
  • Balances minerals for optimal bone health
  • Some dogs disliked the taste in customer reviews
  • Questionable quality control noted in some bags
  • Fewer meat protein sources than more premium brands
Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Medium Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition

Formulation for All Life Stages

Harringtons Advanced Science Diet is formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition tailored for dogs at all life stages, from puppy to adult and senior. Carefully developed by nutrition experts, Harringtons contains precise levels of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals suited for a medium breed dog’s needs throughout their lifespan.

As the UK’s first dry dog food, Harringtons draws on 85 years of canine health research to promote wellbeing at every age. The optimum protein and fat levels deliver sustained energy for an active lifestyle while maintaining ideal body condition. Added glucosamine, chondroitin and EPA support joint health as your medium breed dog grows and ages. With Harringtons Advanced diet, your loyal companion is set up for healthy vitality all the way into their senior years.

Vet Endorsement and Tailored Recipes

As the number one veterinary recommended dog food brand, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet has a unique line of breed-specific recipes tailored by nutritionists and approved by vets. Their medium breed dry food contains a precise ratio of nutrients to fulfill the higher energy requirements your adult dog has. The 28% minimum crude protein supports the more muscular body composition in medium versus small breeds.

Harringtons knows that larger dogs are more prone to joint issues from wear and tear. So their food incorporates joint care nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin for cartilage strength and flexibility. Medium breed dogs also need balanced minerals for optimal bone health at their size. With customised recipes endorsed by professionals, Harringtons delivers better nutrition for your medium-sized best friend.

Environmental Commitment and Packaging

In keeping with their sustainability values, Harringtons makes their packing as eco-friendly as their ingredients. Their dog food bags utilize 100% recycled plastic to reduce carbon footprint by up to 80% compared to packaging made from new materials.

As members of the UK Plastics Pact, Harringtons actively minimizes plastic waste through improved design and recycling initiatives. They work closely with sustainability partners to develop recyclable materials and advance environmental goals. Harringtons remains devoted to providing top quality nutrition while promoting responsible production methods for people and pets alike.

Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Medium Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition
  • 1. THE NATURAL CHOICE - At Harringtons, we believe every dog deserves natural food that's balanced, wholesome and tasty. From puppies to seniors to special diets, we make a range that's perfect for you.
  • 2. VET ENDORSED - Harringtons Advanced Science Diet is a vet endorsed dog food that is naturally enhanced for your dog’s health & well-being.
  • 3. TAILORED RECIPES - Each of the 3 Advanced Science Diet refcipes are carefully formulated with added benefits to meet the specific needs of different breed sizes.
  • 4. CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - As part of our efforts to keep packaging to a minimum and help send less packaging waste to landfill, this pack is 100% polyethylene and can be recycled.
  • 5. MADE IN THE UK – Harringtons dog food is proudly made by ourselves right here in the UK and has been family run since 1923.
  • Suitable for all life stages from puppy to senior
  • Vet-recommended with breed-specific recipes
  • Environmentally friendly 100% recycled plastic packaging
  • 28% minimum crude protein for muscular breeds
  • Added joint care nutrients like glucosamine
  • Contains filler ingredients like wheat and corn
  • Higher calorie count leads some dogs to gain weight
  • Limited protein sources compared to grain-free options
Wellness CORE Adult Original, Dry Dog Food, Dog Food Dry, Grain Free Dog Food, High Meat Content, Turkey & Chicken, 10 kg

Grain-Free High-Protein Diet

Wellness Core Adult Original features a grain-free, high-protein recipe ideal for medium breed dogs. With fresh turkey and chicken as the first ingredients, it provides a concentrated source of quality animal protein for healthier muscles and sustained energy.

The 38% crude protein content helps maintain the higher muscle mass your energetic medium breed needs for an active lifestyle. Whole food ingredients like turkey, chicken and salmon supply essential amino acids to build and preserve muscle tissue. These lean meats also promote healthy body composition without excess fat.

With grain-free carbohydrates from peas, potatoes and sweet potatoes, Wellness Core fuels your medium breed dog for playtime and adventures without trips to the vet for allergies or illness.

Support for Healthy Digestion

Digestive health is crucial for nutrient absorption and immunity in medium sized dogs. Wellness Core contains an optimal blend of prebiotic fiber, probiotics and natural enzymes to promote gastrointestinal function.

Cellulose and chicory root supply soluble fibre that feeds friendly bacteria in the gut. Viable probiotic cultures like lactobacillus acidophilus repopulate the small intestines with good microorganisms. These support healthy digestion and regular bowel movements for a happy medium breed dog.

Natural enzymes help break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates for smoother absorption of nutrients. With Wellness Core’s digestive care ingredients, your adult medium breed dog has the nutritional support for everyday vitality.

Hypoallergenic Benefits for Sensitive Dogs

The hypoallergenic recipe of Wellness Core Adult Original maintains all the protein content without allergy-triggering grains. With digestible carbohydrates from potato and peas, it reduces the risk of adverse reactions in sensitive medium sized dogs.

The absence of wheat, corn, soy, dairy and beef means less chance for dogs predisposed to food allergies developing itchy skin, digestive upset or ear infections. Wellness Core’s simple yet complete ingredient profile avoids extra fillers that can irritate skin and gastrointestinal health.

Your medium-sized companion prone to allergies stays nourished with proteins and antioxidants without flareups. Their skin stays soothed, stomach calm and body energised on a hypoallergenic diet safe for everyday consumption.

Wellness CORE Adult Original, Dry Dog Food, Dog Food Dry, Grain Free Dog Food, High Meat Content, Turkey & Chicken, 10 kg
  • HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Our Wellness CORE Adult Original is easy to digest and contains prebiotic fibre and probiotics, providing your furry friend with a healthy digestive system!
  • STRENGTHENING HIPS AND JOINTS: The mobility of adult dogs will be supported by guaranteed amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and controlled sodium levels.
  • FRESH MEAT AS MAIN INGREDIENT: The dry dog food contains fresh turkey and chicken, for a tasty meal with every bowl!
  • LOW CARBS AND NO FILLERS: Our recipes are grain-free, supporting a high-protein and a meat-rich nutrition for your dog.
  • NATURAL HYPOALLERGENIC DOG FOOD: Our product does not contain cereals, gluten, eggs, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • High protein from turkey, chicken and salmon meats
  • Digestive support from fibers, probiotics and enzymes
  • Hypoallergenic and grain-free recipe
  • 38% protein helps maintain muscle mass
  • Avoids common triggers for sensitive dogs
  • Higher price point than grocery store brands
  • Some dogs disliked the taste or texture
  • Occasional quality issues noted in customer reviews
Nature's Variety Selected Complete Dry Food for Medium & Maxi Dogs with Free Range Chicken - 2 Kg

Deboned Free-Range Chicken as Main Ingredient

Nature’s Variety dry dog food features high-quality free-range chicken as its number one ingredient. Using deboned chicken supplies more concentrated protein than whole chicken, as the analysis is done on chicken meat without bones. This makes the food’s 34% minimum crude protein content highly bioavailable for your medium or large breed dog.

Free-range chicken delivers essential amino acids to help maintain the greater muscle mass typical of bigger dogs. The premium animal protein promotes lean body condition, while supporting bodily functions from bone health to cell repair. Nature’s Variety ethically sources chicken raised in natural environments to better preserve its nutritional integrity.

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

True to their name, over 90% of the ingredients in Nature’s Variety dog food come from natural origins. Premium animal proteins and nutrient-rich vegetables supply wholesome nutrition resemblant of your dog’s ancestral diet.

With digestible whole grains and fiber-rich fruits and veggies, this dog food nurtures healthy skin and coat from inside out. Ingredients like linseed, carrots and apples provide vitamin E, beta carotene and quercetin to reinforce skin vitality. Essential fatty acids from fish and flaxseed oils maintain skin resilience and shine.

Your medium or large breed dog gets complete, natural nutrition without artificial enhancers that can irritate skin or stomach. Their body is fueled by quality fuels suitable for everyday nourishment.

Suitability for Appetite Stimulation

Nature’s Variety dry food makes an excellent choice for medium and large breed dogs with selective appetites or needing appetite stimulation. The palatability begins with irresistible free-range chicken flavour along with pork meal and fish meal. This creates a protein-packed food dogs love to eat at every life stage.

Balanced macro and micronutrients supply complete daily nutrition even in smaller meal sizes your finicky dog will accept. With natural enzymes aiding digestion and probiotics encouraging intestinal health, Nature’s Variety can get your dog eating well again. Their selective palette responds well to this natural, veterinarian-developed food.

Nature's Variety Selected Complete Dry Food for Medium & Maxi Dogs with Free Range Chicken - 2 Kg
  • 34% protein from free-range chicken
  • Over 90% ingredients from natural origins
  • Gentle for dogs with poor or selective appetite
  • Benefits skin vitality with fruits and vegetables
  • Palatability from chicken, pork and fish proteins
  • Contains controversial legume ingredients
  • Lots of plant protein dilutes animal protein content
  • Customer complaints of formula changes
The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Small or Medium Breeds, Vitamin C and E Formula with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg

High-Quality Proteins for Muscle Growth

The Hunger Of The Wolf dry food features premium animal proteins to support lean muscle growth in small and medium breed adult dogs. With fresh chicken and turkey as the first ingredients, it provides complete proteins containing all 10 essential amino acids. This helps maintain the higher muscle mass smaller dogs need for an energetic lifestyle.

The 38% minimum protein also aids muscle repair from activity and natural age-related loss. Whole food sources like farm-raised chicken and turkey supply more bioavailable protein than meat meals. These high-quality proteins promote optimal body condition with less fat and more functional muscles.

Balanced omega fatty acids also benefit muscle growth by reducing inflammation from the stresses of exercise. The Hunger Of The Wolf fuels robust musculature for the everyday adventures of small and medium breeds.

Immune Support and Cell Protection

Vitamins C and E work synergistically in The Hunger Of The Wolf food to reinforce immune defenses and prevent cell damage from free radicals. Vitamin C supports immune cell function for fighting pathogens and infections. Vitamin E neutralizes oxidative stress to protect tissues and preserve cell integrity.

These antioxidants enable smaller dogs to resist illness and injury while staying active. Zinc, iron and manganese further boost immune response, while prebiotic fiber feeds gut microflora essential to overall health. With nutritional reinforcement for immunity inside and out, small and medium breeds thrive with The Hunger Of The Wolf.

Ideal Kibble Size for Small and Medium Breeds

The smaller kibble pieces of this dog food make it easy for diminutive breeds to pick up and chew. While small enough for a Chihuahua, the texture also helps clean teeth of larger pups like Cocker Spaniels. The crunchy nibble-sized bits scrub away plaque as your medium or small dog eats.

Made in their family-owned UK facilities, The Hunger Of The Wolf optimises kibble size and consistency specifically for compact canines. Their food satisfies even picky pups, with irresistible chicken and turkey flavour in just the right bite. The boosted nutrition helps little dogs get the most from smaller meals tailored to their petite proportions.

The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Small or Medium Breeds, Vitamin C and E Formula with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg
  • Ideal for adult dogs of small and medium breeds - the size, structure and shape of these kibbles are adapted to suit small and medium dog breeds.
  • Healthy formula - contains essential amino acids for tissue recovery, all-round good health and also Vitamins E and C which increase immunity, enhance cell protection and regeneration.
  • No added gluten, free of soya and chemical dyes. No artificial preservatives. Only natural antioxidants.
  • The real label - 280 g of chicken meal in 1 kg of food corresponds to 1120 g of fresh meat. In The Hunger of The Wolf dog food we use a meal so we do not claim very high content of raw meat only to make the labels look much better to the consumer than they really are. Raw meat may contain 70%-90% water. For example chicken meal is simply fresh chicken that has already been cooked to remove moisture – this makes it a much more highly-concentrated source of protein.
  • A delicious taste your dog will love - by creating this dog food we remembered about ancestors of dogs - wolves, which are true carnivores, therefore, the main ingredient of our food is always meat.
  • 38% protein supports lean muscle growth
  • Reinforces immune defenses with vitamins
  • Smaller kibble size easy to chew and digest
  • Irresistible chicken and turkey flavor
  • Made in family-owned UK facilities
  • Limited selection of protein ingredients
  • Contains cheap fillers like wheat and corn
  • Low calorie count unsuitable for active dogs
Forthglade Complete Natural Dry Dog Food - Grain Free Turkey with Vegetables (2kg) Resealable Bag - Easy to Digest Cold Pressed Dog Food for Puppy, Adult and Senior Dogs

Cold-Pressed Process for Nutrient Retention

As pioneers of cold-pressed dog food, Forthglade invented a unique process to make kibble without high heat or pressure. Gentle cooking below 100°F preserves the nutritional integrity of raw ingredients like turkey, vegetables and oils. This retains the natural flavours and aromas dogs crave.

Vitamins like A, B complex and D maintain optimal potency instead of breaking down from excess heat. Digestive enzymes stay intact to better facilitate nutrient absorption. Antioxidants like lutein and lycopene hold anti-inflammatory power to nourish skin and muscles. Forthglade’s cold-fused kibble delivers wholesome fuel for total health.

Grain-Free Formula for Digestive Health

The grain-free formula of Forthglade dog food promotes easy digestion and gut comfort. Nutrient-rich vegetables like peas and sweet potatoes give dogs their carb fix without troublesome grains. The integrated prebiotics encourage homeostasis of intestinal microflora as well.

With no wheat, corn or soy, sensitive dogs avoid ingredients commonly linked to food allergies. Grain irritants can cause gas, loose stool or skin issues when regularly consumed. Forthglade’s Limited Ingredient turkey recipe minimises stomach upsets some medium breeds experience with grain-based foods.

Salmon Oil and Brewer's Yeast for Digestive Support

Balancing digestive health includes nourishing gut lining and friendly bacteria. Forthglade provides both with the one-two punch of salmon oil and brewer’s yeast. Omega fatty acids like EPA and DHA reinforce mucosal barriers protecting the stomach. Soluble fibres create a thriving environment for probiotic microorganisms.

Working synergistically, these ingredients enable optimal nutrient absorption and waste elimination. Salmon oil lubricates the GI tract for smoother digestion while preventing pathogenic bacteria overgrowth. With reinforced digestion inside and out, your medium breed dog gains full benefit of the food’s turkey protein and antioxidants for daily wellness.

Forthglade Complete Natural Dry Dog Food - Grain Free Turkey with Vegetables (2kg) Resealable Bag - Easy to Digest Cold Pressed Dog Food for Puppy, Adult and Senior Dogs
  • COLD PRESSED DRY DOG FOOD: This dry turkey dog food is made using lots of delicious ingredients and doing as little to them as possible before they reach your dog’s bowl. For dogs aged 2 months+
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Bursting with goodness and made using natural ingredients, along with added vitamins, minerals & botanicals
  • GRAIN FREE DRY DOG FOOD: The ingredients are gently cold pressed to produce delicious, easily digestible, grain free, dry food thats great for your four-legged friend's long term gut health
  • GOOD DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Contains salmon oil, rich in omega 3 & 6 and made using brewer's yeast with added chicory root & MOS (mannan-oligo-saccharide) to help support good digestive health
  • COMPLETE MEAL: Our vegetable and turkey dry dog food has everything your dog needs. You don't need to mix it with anything else, but if you prefer to it's the perfect companion to our wet dog food
  • Cold-pressed process preserves nutrient integrity
  • Digestive support from prebiotics and yeast
  • Natural enzymes retained from gentle cooking
  • Grain-free formula avoids allergy triggers
  • Limited ingredients ideal for sensitive dogs
  • Higher price tag than big name brands
  • Some pet parents noted stools were too soft
  • Questionable quality control between batches
Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Dog Food with Salmon & Rice for Medium and Large Breeds, 1 Pack of 5kg

Fresh Salmon for Healthy Skin and Coat

Lifelong dry food features fresh salmon as its number one ingredient to nourish skin and coat health from within. As a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon provides EPA and DHA to reinforce skin vitality in medium and large breed dogs. These compounds retain moisture in the skin for a supple feel and glossy sheen to the coat.

Salmon also supplies protein building blocks vital for continual coat growth and restoration. Amino acids like lysine facilitate production of collagen and keratin to accelerate fur regeneration. With highly bioavailable nutrients from salmon, Lifelong food supports coat resilience and radiance to keep your big dog looking their best.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Joint Support

Targeted joint support is essential for larger breed dogs vulnerable to mobility issues like hip and elbow dysplasia. Lifelong dog food contains the power duo of glucosamine and chondroitin to protect cartilage and lubricate joints.

Glucosamine stimulates growth of new cartilage while inhibiting inflammatory enzymes that erode cushioning between bones. Chondroitin acts as a sponge to absorb fluid into joint tissues for better shock absorption and flexibility. These compounds work synergistically to maintain sound joint function even in mature dogs.

With Lifelong’s combo of joint-nourishing nutrients, medium and large breeds stay active and comfortable during play and daily activities.

Overall Health Benefits

Balanced omega oils, antioxidants and minerals give Lifelong food the ability to support whole-body wellness in bigger dogs. EPA and DHA keep skin supple, heart rhythms steady and brain functions sharp. Vitamins C and E neutralize cell damage from physical demands on a larger frame.

Taurine enhances cardiovascular endurance while zinc, copper and iron enable resilient immunity against illness. With precise nutrient ratios for larger breeds, Lifelong nourishes vital organs along with muscles, bones and coat. From energetic puppies to mellowing seniors, it offers complete nutrition for lifelong health at every stage.

Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Dog Food with Salmon & Rice for Medium and Large Breeds, 1 Pack of 5kg
  • Food for adult Dogs: 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • Formulated with Fresh Salmon; Meat and Animal Derivative: ca. 27%
  • Developed by pet nutritionists and checked by veterinarian
  • Natural prebiotics to support sensitive digestion
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint support; Added Taurine for healthy eyes and heart
  • Biotin, Zinc and Salmon (A natural source for Omega 3) to support healthy Skin and Coat
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added
  • No added Soya, Barley and Dairy
  • Tasty recipe with high quality proteins
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened reseal as tightly as possible
  • Fresh salmon nourishes skin and coat
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin support joints
  • Balanced oils and antioxidants benefit whole health
  • Precise ratios tailored for larger breeds
  • Heart, brain, skin and coat support
  • Contains controversial grain ingredients
  • Lower protein content than more premium brands
  • Some dogs disliked the flavor
ROYAL CANIN Medium Light Weight Care Dog Food 3kg

Tailored Nutrition for Medium Breeds

As a global leader in pet health nutrition, Royal Canin formulates precise recipes to nourish breeds of all sizes and ages. Their medium breed dry food provides complete nutrition tailored to the unique needs of popular mid-sized dogs like Cocker Spaniels and Border Collies.

Made with medium energy breeds in mind, Royal Canin contains an optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbs to fuel their alert dispositions without overfeeding. Exclusive nutrients reinforce skin barrier function to resist issues common amongst athletic dogs with recurring friction from an active lifestyle.

With 50 years of canine research and collaboration with breeders and veterinarians, Royal Canin creates the ideal food for adult medium dogs to thrive day after day.

Supporting Overall Health and Vitality

The holistic nutrition of Royal Canin dog food nurtures lifelong health and happiness in medium sized dogs. Highly digestible proteins and fibre facilitate nutrient absorption for daily vitality. Essential fatty acids nourish skin and coat to match your dog’s vigorous activity levels.

Antioxidant complexes reinforce immunity and enable faster recovery from sickness or injury. Tailored mineral levels strengthen skeletal system durability important for agile breeds. Royal Canin provides complete nourishment so your lively companion can focus on fun!

Importance of Balanced Nutrients

A healthy medium breed dog depends on balanced delivery of interdependent vitamins, minerals and other micro-nutrients. Royal Canin’s precise formulation harnesses nutritional synergy to optimize digestion, bone strength and disease resistance.

Prebiotic fructooligosaccharides promote good bacteria and deter pathogenic overloads threatening gastrointestinal health. Calcium and phosphorus ratios strengthen teeth and prevent structural bone issues down the road. Omega-3s and -6s maintain skin and coat that withstand weather and friction from an energetic lifestyle.

With the right nutrient balance for breed-specific requirements, Royal Canin fuels resilient wellness in adult medium sized dogs every day.

  • Precise recipes per breed size and age
  • 50 years expertise in dog health nutrition
  • Digestible proteins support nutrient absorption
  • Essential fatty acids nourish skin and coat
  • Antioxidants support immune health
  • Controversial ingredients like corn and wheat
  • Lower protein than more expensive competitors
  • Mixed customer reviews of palatability
WAFCOL Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Small and Medium Breeds - 12 kg Pack, transparent

Hypoallergenic Formula for Sensitive Digestion

Wafcol dry food features a hypoallergenic fish and potato formula ideal for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs. With sustainably caught salmon as the sole animal protein, it avoids common triggers like beef, dairy and chicken linked to adverse reactions. Digestible carbs from potatoes give sensitive dogs energy minus the grains that cause gas or loose stool.

Essential fatty acids like DHA support gastrointestinal wellbeing and healthy stool consistency. Prebiotics encourage homeostasis of gut microflora often imbalanced in reactive dogs. With easily absorbed nutrients from limited ingredients, Wafcol food provides gentle nourishment even for episodic digestive upsets.

Benefits of Salmon and Potato

Fresh salmon supplies essential amino acids for whole-body nourishment without risky proteins. Rich in omega-3s, salmon oils promote skin health and glossy coats from within. Potatoes add carbohydrate energy and B vitamins like folate. Vitamins C, D and E meet antioxidant needs while avoiding grain allergens found in cheaper binding agents.

Together in Wafcol dog food, hypoallergenic salmon and gut-friendly potato provide complete daily nutrition for sensitive adult dogs to thrive. Added zinc and iron support healthy immune function while prebiotic fibres feed friendly intestinal bacteria associated with improved digestion.

Grain-Free and Allergen-Free Composition

In crafting sensitive skin and stomach food, Wafcol excludes all grains, beef, dairy and other common allergens. Many dogs have trouble digesting grains like wheat and corn, which can irritate the gastrointestinal tract when eaten regularly. Beef, chicken and dairy proteins also commonly trigger inflammatory responses linked to skin issues, ear infections and diarrhea.

Without any of the most likely culprits, Wafcol dog food lets sensitive dogs avoid an adverse event that could take days recovering from. Limited ingredients mean simplified digestion and nutrient absorption for improved stool quality and consistency. Wafcol’s allergen-free formula provides safe, nutritious comfort suitable for everyday feeding.

WAFCOL Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Small and Medium Breeds - 12 kg Pack, transparent
  • SENSITIVE DOG FOOD: With a single source of fish protein, this dog food is gentle on sensitive digestive systems - with salmon as the single fish protein source and potato as the main carbohydrate source. Wafcol Salmon and Potato also contains probiotics that are proven to help improve dogs’ digestion.
  • DEVELOPED BY A LEADING DERMATOLOGIST: Our Salmon & Potato dog food recipe is a non-prescription sensitive diet developed and approved by vets, following the strictest exclusion principles. It offers a competitively priced sensitive food without compromising on quality.
  • HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: The crunchy texture of the Salmon and Potato dog food prevents the buildup of plaque and tartar, working with zinc and calcium to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • FULL OF GOODNESS: Containing Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and seaweed, both of which are rich in iodine and necessary for many functions including the growth and repair of tissues as well as to help promote healthy skin and coat.
  • GRAIN FREE: Wafcol Salmon & Potato is a hypoallergenic dog food and contains no cereals such as wheat and wheat gluten, maize, rice, barley, rye and oats. They also exclude red meat, poultry, white fish, dairy products, soya and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Item display weight: 12.0 kilograms.
  • Limited ingredients avoid common allergens
  • Gentle nutrition kind to sensitive digestion
  • Salmon and potato proteins are easily absorbed
  • Prebiotics balance gut microorganisms
  • Free of grain, beef, chicken and dairy
  • Higher price tag than big brands with more varieties
  • Some pet parents noted stools were too soft
  • May not provide enough protein for high energy dogs

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