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Top-Rated Dog Foods for Nourishing St Bernards’ Sensitive Stomachs

Finding the right dog food for a St Bernard’s unique nutritional needs can seem overwhelming. These giant breeds require considerable protein for muscle growth, joint support to handle their substantial frames, and easy digestibility to prevent bloating. This guide compares the top 10 formulas catering to the St Bernard’s size, sensitivity and high activity levels. 

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Best Dog Food for St Bernards

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Key Features


Expert and Customer Insights


Pooch & Mutt Complete Dry Dog Food

High-protein, grain-free, supports muscle health and digestive health

Turkey, Sweet Potato, Turkey Meal

Ideal for St Bernard’s high protein needs, lean protein source, good for sensitive digestion


Noochy Poochy Cheesy Dog Kibble

Vegan, plant-based proteins, enhanced with mixed herbs

Peas, Potato, Rice, Mixed Herbs

Suitable for meat sensitivities, provides complete nutrition, ethical choice, enhances health with herbs


Lily’s Kitchen Lean Machine

Wet food, high hydration, hypoallergenic

Chicken, Beef, Salmon, Cranberries, Beetroot, Spinach

Easy to digest, variety of flavors for picky eaters, beneficial for joint and urinary problems


Harringtons Complete Large Breed

Rich in lamb protein, contains rice for digestive health

Lamb, Rice, New Zealand Lamb Meal

Supports muscle strength, suitable for sensitive digestion, tailored for large breed health


Harringtons Advanced Science Diet

Vet-endorsed, breed-specific recipes, environmentally friendly

Hypoallergenic Proteins, Omega Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, L-Carnitine

Customized to St Bernard’s needs, addresses orthopaedic and skin issues, sustainable practices

Pooch & Mutt - Calm & Relaxed, Complete Dry Dog Food (Grain Free), Turkey and Sweet Potato, 10 kg (Pack of 1) Transparent

Turkey as a Lean Protein Source for Muscle Health

As a giant working breed originally developed for rescue operations in the Swiss Alps, St Bernards have exceptionally high protein requirements to maintain their substantial muscle mass. Turkey is an excellent lean protein choice as it provides all the essential amino acids they need for muscle growth and repair without unnecessary fat and calories.

Compared to red meats like beef or lamb, turkey contains considerably less fat and cholesterol while still delivering high-quality protein rich in iron, zinc, and B vitamins. The controlled protein levels stop St Bernards putting on excess weight, making turkey a healthier option for maintaining body condition within the ideal range. This helps prevent obesity and joint problems – common concerns for large, deep-chested breeds prone to weight gain.

With around 26% protein derived from turkey meal as the first listed ingredient, this formula provides complete and balanced nutrition without risk of gastrointestinal issues sometimes seen with other meat proteins. The highly digestible turkey protein is gentle even on sensitive stomachs, reducing the chances of adverse reactions.

So for St Bernards needing considerable protein each day to preserve muscular fitness essential for strength and stamina, turkey offers an unrivalled lean protein source.

Sweet Potato for Energy and Digestive Health

The natural complex carbs in sweet potato deliver extended energy release, perfect for fulfilling the high activity demands of St Bernards. As an energetic giant breed needing substantial nutrition for daily exercise like long walks, sweet potato provides a steady supply of fuel to prevent mid-walk sluggishness or fatigue.

With a naturally low glycemic index, the slow-burning properties of sweet potato offer sustained energy provision rather than the quick sugar rush and slump cycle of many traditional carb sources. This gives St Bernards continual stamina to keep pace on hikes, play sessions, or training.

Additionally, sweet potato is highly digestible and rich in dietary fibre which benefits digestive health. With around 5% fibre it helps regulate digestion, promoting good stool quality and consistency while satisfying appetite. This aids preventing issues like gastric dilatation volvulus (bloat) – a dangerous twisting of the stomach sadly common among deep-chested giant breeds. The fibre content also reduces constipation by supporting regular bowel movements.

So for delivering non-stop energy and assisting digestive function, nutrient-packed sweet potato is the ideal carbohydrate ingredient.

Benefits of a Grain-Free Diet for St Bernards

This Pooch & Mutt recipe features a nutritionally complete grain-free formula suitable for St Bernards with suspected grain allergies or intolerances. While grains have traditionally been ubiquitous in commercial dog foods, a growing body of evidence suggests dogs have not evolved to properly process grains.

For St Bernards, switching to a grain-free diet often alleviates issues like chronic itching, ear infections, flatulence, or diarrhoea resulting from inflammatory grain proteins. Eliminating grains avoids triggering allergic reactions or autoimmune responses while improving absorption of vital nutrients.

That said, grains are not inherently unhealthy if tolerated well. But due to their genetic predisposition for skin problems and digestive issues, a high percentage of St Bernards seem to do better on grain-free recipes. This may indicate a breed-specific intolerance explaining why grain-free diets are fast becoming the preferred choice among St Bernard owners.

By removing corn, wheat, soy and other grains, Pooch & Mutt’s formula minimises irritation for sensitive systems while still delivering complete everyday nutrition. The added peace of mind from avoiding allergy triggers or inflammatory grains makes this an excellent solution for grain-reactive St Bernards.

Of course, grains are an important energy component in some dogs. So excluding them long-term requires ensuring nutritional adequacy is maintained with digestible alternatives like sweet potato. But for St Bernards plagued by grain-related problems and needing a nutritious solution tailored just for them, this grain-free recipe ticks all the boxes.

Pooch & Mutt - Calm & Relaxed, Complete Dry Dog Food (Grain Free), Turkey and Sweet Potato, 10 kg (Pack of 1) Transparent
  • Premium, grain free complete dry dog food
  • To help anxious dogs stay calm & relaxed
  • Single source protein - 45% turkey an l-tryptophan-rich protein source Includes chamomile, l-tryptophan, Prebiotics and Brewers yeast
  • Free from Grain, Cereal , Gluten, GM produce, Artificial flavours, colours and preservatives
  • Fresh drinking water should be available at all times
  • Turkey provides lean, highly digestible protein for muscle health
  • Sweet potato delivers slow-burning carbs for sustained energy
  • Grain-free formula avoids allergy triggers or inflammation
  • Specially formulated for large breeds like St Bernards
  • Contains peas and legumes which some dogs don't tolerate
  • Higher price point than regular grocery store brands
  • Turkey smell and flavor may not appeal to all dogs
Vegan Dog Food - Plant Based Complete Dry Dog Food for Small & Large Breeds 12 Months & Up - Cheesy Dog Kibble with Mixed Herbs with Protein, Vitamins & Amino Acids by Noochy Poochy, 2kg

Plant-Based Proteins for St Bernards with Meat Sensitivities

While most traditional dog foods rely on animal-based proteins like chicken, beef or fish, Noochy Poochy uses a blend of plant proteins from peas, potato and rice. This makes it an ideal choice for St Bernards with inflammatory meat allergies causing unpleasant symptoms like itchy skin, ear infections or digestive distress.

Despite common misconceptions, plant proteins can meet all nutritional requirements when properly formulated in adequate quantities. Noochy Poochy’s pea and potato protein combo delivers highly bioavailable amino acids for muscular growth and repair without risk of adverse reactions. The digestive eased offered by swapping animal for plant proteins reduces stool odour and quantity in sensitive St Bernards while optimising nutrient absorption.

With around 23% premium plant-based proteins, this recipe provides complete proteins comparable to meat, simply without the same allergy risks. So for ethical reasons or eliminating meat-centred sensitivities, Noochy Poochy lets St Bernard owners choose a cruelty-free diet without compromising their best friend’s health.

Mixed Herbs for Enhanced Health Benefits

Harnessing the natural wellness-boosting properties of herbs, Noochy Poochy infuses this recipe with a special mixed herb blend adding protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Oregano, parsley, sage, basil and rosemary provide a rainbow of phytonutrients benefiting the unique needs of St Bernards from nose to tail.

For example, parsley and sage stimulate kidney function to assist filtering waste products essential for minimising strain on organs common in heavyset breeds. Anti-inflammatory basil relieves swelling and discomfort, while immune-enhancing oregano protects against illness. Even the subtle inclusion of rosemary helps avoid flatulence and oxidative damage to the brain.

So not only does the herb mix add appetising flavour and aroma highly palatable for picky giant breed eaters, it also delivers tangible wellness advantages unique to St Bernards. This sets Noochy Poochy’s formula apart from standard dog food in prioritising breed-specific health support from natural plant power.

Nutritional Completeness of a Vegan Diet for Large Breeds

Creating a properly balanced vegan diet meeting all a large breed’s considerable nutritional demands requires painstaking formulation. As the size, growth rate and activity requirements of St Bernards differ enormously from smaller dogs, simply removing meat is not enough. The right proportions of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and micronutrients must be included to replicate the nutritional adequacy of meat-inclusive formulas.

That is why Noochy Poochy’s cheesy kibble undergoes independent testing to validate complete everyday nutrition suitability for dogs of any breed or size. Following AAFCO feeding trials with giant breed canines, this recipe is proven to deliver everything essential for healthy biological functioning.

The Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score testing also confirms sufficient availability of all nine essential amino acids necessary for lean muscle retention and organ function. At 108% IDEA digestibility, the bioavailable plant proteins effectively maintain substantial muscle mass critical in energetic giants like the St Bernard.

Additionally, the omega 3 and 6 levels balance skin-nourishing fatty acids for lustrous coats reflecting inner health. Antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables supply immune-strengthening phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals lacking in animal-free dishes. This allows switching to vegetarian or vegan diets without compromising nutritional completeness for full-sized breeds.

So pet owners seeking a cruelty-free diet tailored specifically for St Bernards can rest assured Noochy Poochy’s formula meets high standards of ethical animal welfare and nutritional adequacy. Packed with natural health-enhancing ingredients, this innovative plant-based kibble offers the ideal meat-free solution.

Vegan Dog Food - Plant Based Complete Dry Dog Food for Small & Large Breeds 12 Months & Up - Cheesy Dog Kibble with Mixed Herbs with Protein, Vitamins & Amino Acids by Noochy Poochy, 2kg
  • Wholesome Vegan Delight: Packed with premium ingredients like our responsibly sourced full-fat soybean, pea protein, sweet potatoes, our delicious kibble dog food has no artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives. Our dog food helps promote digestion, boosts energy, and contributes to a shiny coat.
  • Expert-Backed Wellness: Crafted by a veterinarian and nutritionist team, our high protein dog food boasts a 28% protein content with omega 3 and 6, vitamins and minerals; supporting your dog’s immune system and strong teeth and bones.
  • Irresistible Cheesy-Herby Taste: It’s like pizza bites for your furry friend! Our vegan dry dog food has a delectable cheese and herb flavour that is natural and mindfully sourced. This natural dog food is the perfect blend of nutrition and indulgence.
  • Conscious Sourcing, Conscious Living: Over 99% of ingredients are responsibly sourced from the UK and Europe. Our dog food pouches are also made with low-carbon materials, supporting mindful practices.
  • Who We Are: Noochy Poochy isn't just dog food; it's a tale of dedication and expertise. Our journey is rooted in our love for dogs and a commitment to exceptional nutrition and mindful living.
  • Suitable for dogs with meat sensitivities or ethical preferences
  • Provides complete vegan nutrition balanced for large breeds
  • Enhanced with healthy herbs like oregano, sage and rosemary
  • Highly palatable cheesy flavor appeals to picky eaters
  • Not all dogs do well on grain-heavy vegan diets long-term
  • Vegan diet risks nutritional deficiencies if not properly formulated
  • Higher price tag than meat-inclusive dog foods
Lily's Kitchen Natural Adult Dog Food Wet Tins - Lean Machine Turkey & Squash - Complete Meal Recipes (6 Tins x 400g)

Hydration and Digestibility of Wet Food for St Bernards

Meeting hydration needs is essential for giant breeds like St Bernards predisposed to joint issues and urinary problems. Compared to kibble containing just 10% moisture, Lily’s Kitchen wet food boasts at least 75% water content keeping conscious owners on top of hydration. This helps avoid dehydration and subsequent kidney problems or painful bladder stones aggravated by concentrated urine.

The smooth, gravy-style texture also requires less processing power to digest than dense kibble, reducing gastrointestinal strain. Made from raw or gently cooked ingredients, natural enzymes remain intact easing breakdown while minimising gut irritation that could trigger bloating.

Plus, the inclusion of prebiotics from chicory root and seaweed supports healthy gut flora, encouraging good bacteria growth and hindering bad bacteria. This boosts the entire digestive process, facilitating improved nutritional absorption while preventing undesirable issues like flatulence, diarrhoea or vomiting.

So for giant breeds prone to tummy troubles, Lily’s Kitchen wet food presents the easiest-to-digest and hydrating format for sensitive systems.

High-Quality Ingredients for Sensitive Digestive Systems

Sourcing premium ingredients including 60% animal proteins, Lily’s Kitchen avoids nasty fillers that could disturb delicate digestion. Gently cooked British chicken, beef or salmon offer hypoallergenic proteins less likely to cause reactions than common irritants like wheat, corn and soy.

The absence of artificial colours, flavours and additives also prevents consuming needless chemicals linked to food intolerances. Instead, thoughtfully chosen superfoods like cranberries, beetroot and spinach provide immune-enhancing antioxidants benefiting overall wellbeing.

Such conscientious ingredients positively impact digestive health, calming sensitive stomachs prone to issues. This gives Lily’s Kitchen a significant advantage over lower quality brands for St Bernards with easily upset tummies.

Flavor Variety for Picky St Bernard Eaters

Getting sufficient nutrition into giant breeds is tricky at the best of times thanks to comparatively smaller stomachs. Persuading picky eaters like St Bernards to clean their bowl is an added challenge requiring imagination at mealtimes.

That’s why Lily’s Kitchen offers no less than seven flavour-packed varieties adding appetising aroma and enticing taste. From comforting chicken casserole to hearty beef hotpot, the recipes tap into home-cooked cravings making feeding time fuss-free. There’s even an exclusive large breed recipe packed with joint-nourishing glucosamine and chondroitin for musculoskeletal health.

The special St Bernard size also means less forkfuls are needed to fulfil daily requirements, reducing the likelihood of boredom setting in. But with so many scrumptious choices including gamey venison and duck, there’s ample variety to satisfy even giant or gentle giant-sized appetites day after day.

Overall, the blend of premium ingredients, easy digestibility and selection of flavors makes Lily’s Kitchen’s Lean Machine the ultimate wet food solution for St Bernard owners. Offering tailor-made nutrition and irresistible tastes loved even by picky palates, this thoughtfully crafted range has everything needed to nourish bodies and delight tastebuds.

Lily's Kitchen Natural Adult Dog Food Wet Tins - Lean Machine Turkey & Squash - Complete Meal Recipes (6 Tins x 400g)
  • Nutritionally complete recipe for adult dogs 4 months +
  • Made with 50 percent freshly prepared turkey
  • Contains kale which is full of protein, manganeseand iron
  • Contains goji berries packed with Vitamins E, K, C and dietary fibre
  • Natural ingredients with no added sugar or fillers
  • Delivers high hydration beneficial for urinary and joint health
  • Easily digestible textures prevent gastrointestinal upset
  • Multiple flavor varieties suit even picky eaters
  • Gentle cooking preserves nutrients and natural enzymes
  • Wet food risks more plaque buildup on teeth than kibble
  • Shorter shelf life once opened unlike kibble or dehydrated foods
  • Premium ingredients make it a pricier choice
Harringtons Complete Large Breed Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice 14kg - Made with All Natural Ingredients

Lamb Protein for Muscle Strength in St Bernards

As a breed purpose-built for strength, maintaining substantial muscle mass is imperative for St Bernard health and longevity. That’s why Harringtons Complete uses premium New Zealand lamb meal as the principal protein source for preserving lean body mass even in less active senior years.

Compared to other meat proteins, lamb offers one of the highest concentrations of amino acids like leucine and lysine which stimulate muscle protein synthesis. These essential aminos repair exercise-induced microtears while triggering muscle growth responding to strength-building demands. This makes lamb protein ideally suited for enabling St Bernards to reach their genetic potential for a powerful physique.

Additionally, as a rich red meat, lamb delivers more bioavailable iron than white meats like chicken or fish. This aids oxygenating blood and muscles essential during high-intensity activity streaks common in St Bernards. The zinc and vitamin B12 levels also benefit enzymatic reactions for converting food into energising nutrients benefiting performance.

So for building and preserving formidable musculature allowing St Bernards to fulfil their original purpose as imposing avalanche rescue dogs, Harrington’s lamb protein delivers unbeatable nutritional support.

Rice for Digestive Health and Energy

Providing over half the carbohydrates in Harringtons Complete, highly digestible rice supplies a steady stream of energy to fuel St Bernard escapades while going easy on sensitive stomachs.

Unlike dense grains like corn or wheat, rice features more easily absorbed carbs less likely to cause gassiness, bloating or diarrhea. This makes it an ideal choice for giant breeds prone to gastric dilatation volvulus and other digestion issues if unable to tolerate certain ingredients.

Rice also offers essential B vitamins including thiamine, niacin and vitamin B6 crucial for extracting energy from food to prevent mid-play sluggishness. And the high levels of antioxidant compounds protect against cell damage from intense activity in energetic St Bernards.

So whether a digestibility aid or energy provider, nutritious rice delivers optimal carbohydrate support.

Tailored Nutrition for Large Breed Health

Harrington’s Complete Large Breed recipe specifically formulates optimal protein, fat and mineral content benefiting the considerable demands of substantial St Bernards.

Keeping protein below 24% suits slower growing giant breeds, as excess levels can overwork still-developing kidneys. But retaining dense calorie counts from animal fats and oils ensures a compact energy supply without unneeded fillers.

Vitamins C, E and selenium also boost antioxidant protection combatting oxidative damage and premature aging worsened by sheer size. Chondroitin and glucosamine provide additional joint, cartilage and connective tissue support easing the heavy load on weight-bearing ligaments.

Finally, chelated minerals increase nutrient absorption assisting faster growing youngsters reach their full impressive potential. This gives Harringtons Complete a nutritional advantage over standard recipes in catering to the unique needs of mighty gentle giants.

Harringtons Complete Large Breed Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice 14kg - Made with All Natural Ingredients
  • With Chicken and Lamb, A Good Source Of Protein For Energy, Growth and Repair
  • A blend of Glucosamine & Chondrotin to Help Support Joint Structure & Movement
  • Vitamin E & Omega 3 To Help Support A Healthy Immune System
  • Yucca To Help Reduce Unpleasant Odours From Flatulence
  • Nothing Nasty, No Artificial Colours Or Flavours
  • With Vitamins & Minerals To Help Maintain Health
  • Quality Sources of Fibre, Which Are Essential For A Healthy Digestion
  • Lamb protein provides iron to oxygenate muscles during activity
  • Rice carbohydrates offer easily absorbed energy
  • Tailored recipe designed specifically for large breeds
  • Supports joint, bone and connective tissue health
  • Some dogs are allergic to lamb proteins
  • Rice risks exacerbating yeast infections in prone dogs
  • Higher calories less suitable for overweight dogs
Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition

Vet-Endorsed Nutrition for St Bernard’s Health

Formulated by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition – a leading authority on pet food research – Harringtons Advanced Science Diet undergoes rigorous trials to demonstrate targeted health benefits under veterinary supervision.

Unlike regular commercial dog foods claiming universal suitability, the unique breed-specific recipes are proven to deliver measurable wellness advantages in controlled studies with giant breeds like St Bernards. This qualification testing enables tailoring nutritional profiles to size, life stage and sensitivities for customised support beyond basic AAFCO minimums.

The large breed adult formula, for example, contains joint-nourishing minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants and L-Carnitine helping manage weight by converting fat into energising nutrients. This prevents rapid growth stretch injuries and too much pressure on developing bones and joints – an imperative for imposing St Bernards prone to painful musculoskeletal issues if over or underfed.

With concrete clinical evidence substantiating real-world health improvements, Harringtons offers credibility lacking in most dog food marketing.

Tailored Recipes for Large Breed Requirements

Catering to different breed needs at every life stage, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet offers custom solutions benefitting St Bernards as rambunctious puppies right through to mature gentlemen.

The dedicated large breed recipes supply complete nutrition adjusted to size-specific growth rates and energy demands. This prevents feeding inappropriate quantities of protein, fats and minerals risking developmental problems in still maturing substantial adolescents.

Higher calorie counts provide concentrated fuel stores avoiding rapid spikes and dips in energy, while L-Carnitine transforms fat into sustaining fuel. Extra chondroitin and glucosamine support extensive weight-bearing joint health, with vitamin E and omega oils maintaining skin and coat condition.

As large and giant breeds also experience breed-specific illness risks, Advanced Science diets take a proactive stance on prevention. For example, ingredients promoting urinary tract and kidney function help avoid painful stones while high quality proteins minimise intolerances causing itchy skin or ear issues.

This gives St Bernard owners incredible peace of mind that tailor-made nutrition addressing likely health vulnerabilities is covered.

Environmental Considerations and Natural Ingredients

In addition to clinical nutrition, Harringtons leads the way on sustainability initiatives benefitting pets and the planet. From 100% renewable energy and low carbon manufacturing to eco-friendly packaging, ethical ingredient sourcing and food waste reduction, serious green credentials add value for conscious consumers.

Yet uncompromising quality remains paramount. Rigorous supplier standards ensure traceable, wholesome ingredients free from preservatives or controversial additives. Hypoallergenic proteins like chicken, lamb and egg avoid reaction risks, with grain-free alternatives catering to sensitivities.

This allows pet parents seeking premium nutrition and transparent sourcing the option of guilt-free feeding. Because providing the best for beloved St Bernards should never come at the cost of environmental exploitation or unethical practices.

Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition
  • 1. THE NATURAL CHOICE - At Harringtons, we believe every dog deserves natural food that's balanced, wholesome and tasty. From puppies to seniors to special diets, we make a range that's perfect for you.
  • 2. VET ENDORSED - Harringtons Advanced Science Diet is a vet endorsed dog food that is naturally enhanced for your dog’s health & well-being.
  • 3. TAILORED RECIPES - Each of the 3 Advanced Science Diet refcipes are carefully formulated with added benefits to meet the specific needs of different breed sizes.
  • 4. CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - As part of our efforts to keep packaging to a minimum and help send less packaging waste to landfill, this pack is 100% polyethylene and can be recycled.
  • 5. MADE IN THE UK – Harringtons dog food is proudly made by ourselves right here in the UK and has been family run since 1923.
  • Customized nutrition proven to benefit giant breed health
  • Addresses top St Bernard health risks like joints and skin
  • Sustainably sourced premium ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic proteins minimize intolerance risks
  • Among the most expensive formulas on the market
  • Clinical studies performed on behalf of manufacturer
  • Some dogs don't like prescription diet flavors
Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights Complete Dry Dog Food 2 pack (30kg) - 1 x 15kg Beef & 1 x 15kg Chicken - Complete Nutrition for Working and Sporting Adult Dogs

Beef and Chicken as Comprehensive Protein Sources

As descendents of powerful draft breeds, St Bernards require considerable protein each day for preserving substantial muscle mass enabling imposing stature and mountain rescue capabilities. That’s why Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights provides not one but two high-quality animal protein sources delivering a wealth of essential amino acids for building and repairing muscular tissues.

Energizing beef supplies iron-rich myoglobin stimulating blood flow to oxygen-hungry muscles during high-intensity exertion. Alongside sustained energy release for performance endurance, zinc and B complex vitamins aid enzymatic reactions converting nutrients into useable fuel. This prevents depleted reserves leaving St Bernards lethargic halfway through exhilarating escapades.

Meanwhile, easily digestible chicken offers a hypoallergenic alternative less likely to trigger food intolerances disrupting training momentum. As a lean source lower in saturated fats than red meats, chicken balances beef’s calorie density for avoiding unnecessary weight gain while still delivering sufficient proteins for immense proportions.

With 25% minimum animal-derived proteins from this dynamic duo, Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights provides complete nutrition benefiting even giants requiring daily muscle nourishment.

Balanced Diet for Active St Bernards

In addition to sufficient proteins building stamina, active St Bernards also require balanced nutritional support ensuring exercise enthusiasm isn’t hindered by suboptimal nourishment. That means pairing high-quality proteins with the right carbohydrate combo for sustained energy and high fibre content aiding digestive efficacy.

Utilising a rice and maize mix less likely to irritate sensitive stomachs prone to bloating or gas, the carbohydrates in Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights provide a slow-release system preventing hunger pangs interrupting playtime. These fortifying grains also deliver B vitamins, zinc and antioxidants shielding against exercise-related cell damage.

Meanwhile, around 3% beet pulp fibre eases digestion, allowing smooth passage of food through the sizable gastrointestinal tract to optimise nutrient absorption. This gives St Bernards the digestive ease to indulge without discomfort. The fibre content also regulates bowel movements, stimulating regular detoxification pathways and removing waste products before creating pesky problems often afflicting substantial breeds.

So with nutrition catering to their larger appetite for adventure, Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights addresses all the dietary elements necessary for active St Bernards to flourish.

Flavor Appeal for Picky Eaters

Persuading ponderous pups with giant appetites to finish dinner is no mean feat. But with two hero ingredients delivering lipsmacking flavor giant breed fusspots are unable to refuse, getting vital nutrition into even lacklustre diners is effortless with Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights.

The aromatic bouquet of beef and succulent taste of chicken offers universal canine-pleasing power making this an ideal choice for St Bernards with less adventurous tastes. Savoury, protein-packed and smelling simply irresistible, just one forkful will have less enthusiastic eaters enthusiastically licking their bowl clean night after night.

With a combination difficult to rival for taste bud satisfaction, St Bernard owners can enjoy stress-free meal prep knowing flavor appeal is guaranteed and their gentle giant will eagerly lap up every last morsel.

Gilbertson & Page Arkwrights Complete Dry Dog Food 2 pack (30kg) - 1 x 15kg Beef & 1 x 15kg Chicken - Complete Nutrition for Working and Sporting Adult Dogs
  • TASTY BEEF & CHICKEN DRY FOOD — Arkwrights Complete with Beef and Complete with Chicken provide balanced nutrition and plenty of energy for working and sporting adult dogs, with a plenty of flavour that'll have them licking the bowl clean
  • COMPLETE NUTRITION — we use only the finest ingredients in a nutritious formula that contains 18% protein, 7% fat and wholegrain cereals for slow energy release — no artificial colours, flavours or sugars
  • PACKED WITH BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS — our balanced formula contains crunchy kibble to help keep teeth clean, antioxidants for a healthy immune system, and vitamins A, D3 and E
  • FEEDING GUIDE — serve dry or with water or gravy as preferred. When feeding for the first time, introduce the food gradually over a few days, adjusting the amount based on your dog’s condition and activity. See pack for full details
  • UK MADE FOR OVER 150 YEARS — we’ve been creating premium dog food blends in the UK with the finest-quality UK-sourced ingredients since 1873, helping to enhance the health and happiness of your dog
  • Dual animal proteins from beef and chicken
  • Slow-releasing carbs prevent energy crashes
  • Highly palatable flavor appeals even to picky eaters
  • Balanced fat and fibre levels for easier digestion
  • Beef and chicken combo risks overloading on proteins
  • Maize carbohydrates irritate some sensitive digestive systems
  • Among more processed formulas with longer ingredients list
Beta Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Turkey 1 x 14kg Pack

Lean Protein from Turkey for St Bernard’s Health

As a slower maturing giant breed taking up to 3 years to finish growing, supplying appropriate nutrition at every life stage is imperative for enabling St Bernards to thrive long-term. Excess protein consumption accelerating growth plates closing too quickly risks developmental orthopaedic disease later in life. That’s why Beta limits turkey meal protein to 22% – sufficient for sustaining substantial muscle mass without overdoing it.

Turkey also offers exceptional metabolic benefits for weight and insulin control. Compared to beef, the lean white meat contains less saturated fats while still delivering bioavailable proteins containing all nine essential amino acids. These nourish muscle fibres and kickstart tissue regeneration crucial after demanding alpine excursions or high-octane play sessions.

Additionally, L-carnitine converts fats into energy rather than excess pounds. This helps avoid unhealthy obesity exacerbating joint issues or cardiovascular problems to which substantial breeds are genetically predisposed.

So whether for controlled growth as a St Bernard pup or maintaining a healthy adult weight, turkey protein offers safety and efficacy.

Balanced Nutrition for Large Breed Requirements

In addition to appropriate protein levels catering to size, Beta’s tailored formulation adjusts vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels to meet considerable demands from substantial statures.

Higher calorie density from animal fats like chicken fat deliver concentrated calories avoiding excess filler volume risking bloat. But including prebiotic fibres like FOS and MOS improves food absorption while stimulating good gut bacteria limiting gas production.

Extra glucosamine and chondroitin strengthen connective tissue durability after continual weight loading pressure. And elevated vitamin E, selenium and vitamin C neutralise inflammatory free radicals exacerbating muscle or joint discomfort after intense activity.

So whether an aging gentleman preferring shorter ambles or an adolescent bundle of energy, balanced nutrition benefiting all life stages sets St Bernards up for success.

Digestive Health Support in Turkey-Based Diet

Containing easily assimilated whole grains like barley and rice, Beta’s recipe avoids dense corn or soy irritating sensitive digestive tracts if unable to properly break down cell wall fibres. This prevents adverse reactions causing loose stool, vomiting or inflammation interfering with nutrient uptake.

The addition of dried chicory root and carrot fibre also gently sweeps the intestinal tract removing waste accumulation before causing problems. With around half of giant breeds prone to food sensitivities or intolerances, this proprietary Fibreplus blend makes digestion easier even for reactive systems.

Topped off with yucca schidigera calming gut inflammation, oregano oil naturally eliminating organisms causing upset stomach and turmeric relieving cramping or discomfort, Beta offers gastrointestinal support beyond basic nutrition. This allows St Bernard owners peace of mind that inside and out, there’s no better formula for keeping their gentle giant happy and healthy long-term.

Beta Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Turkey 1 x 14kg Pack
  • Beta Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Turkey 1 x 14kg Pack
  • Turkey as the No.1 Ingredient. Made with selected natural ingredients
  • With no added artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives
  • With Natural Prebiotic, proven to help improve Digestive Health
  • Dual shape and size kibbles
  • Tailored nutrition to help maintain a lean body mass for your large breed dog.
  • Item display weight: 14000.0 grams. Special features: Large Dog Breed
  • 14kg
  • Controlled protein recipe suits slower growing giant breeds
  • L-Carnitine helps convert fat into energy, not excess pounds
  • Easily digested carbohydrates prevent gastrointestinal upset
  • Targeted joint, digestive and dental health support
  • Some dogs are allergic or intolerant to turkey proteins
  • High fibre content risks loose stool in sensitive dogs
  • Among more expensive premium brand options
Barking Heads Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds - Chop Lickin' Lamb 12kg - 100% Natural - Grass-Fed Lamb with No Artificial Flavours - Packaging may vary

Lamb for Joint and Muscle Health in St Bernards

As the original “Barry Dogs” performing alpine rescues since the 1700s, strong yet sensitive joints enabling agility across snowy terrain is imperative for St Bernard wellbeing. That’s why Barking Heads chooses pasture-raised lamb containing more omega 3s than grain-fed varieties to nourish fluid synovial joints.

The iron and zinc levels also stimulate blood circulation and enzymatic activity delaying fatigue during long hikes. Plus essential amino acids like leucine and lysine activate muscle growth and speed post-exercise recovery critical after challenging climbs.

This reduces strain on developing bones, cartilage and connective tissues supporting substantial frames. It also provides controlled energy for weight management, as excess pounds place undue pressure on already overburdened joints.

So from muscle maintenance allowing impressive feats defying lumbering expectations to joint protection for lifelong comfort, premium lamb protein delivers comprehensive support.

Omega Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat Health

In addition to fortifying physical health inside, omega fats from responsibly sourced salmon oil ensure St Bernard coats reflect nutritional completeness outside too.

With around 270mg combined EPA and DHA fatty acids per kg, skin receives strong structural barrier oils warding off irritants or moisture loss leading to infections, inflammation or itching. This prevents symptomatic scratching and licking creating broken skin susceptible to secondary pathogens complicating recovery.

The omega infusion also delivers lustrous shine showing off the breed’s famously handsome features. This lets that inner health shine outwardly with a water-resistant, insulating coat able to withstand extreme mountain conditions – essential for muscular dogs built to thrive in freezing temperatures.

Dental Health Benefits of Kibble Texture

Unlike wet food adhering to teeth increasing decay risk, Barking Heads thoughtfully designs kibble encouraging chewing action scraping away existing plaque.

The crispy chunks feature ridges and grooves allowing mechanical abrasion across all surfaces while the act of crunching works jaw muscles and massages gums. This reduces likelihood of painful gum infection or tooth loss later in life.

Specific ingredients also deter bacteria production and bad breath. Anti-inflammatory turmeric inhibits microbial buildup to avoid swelling and discomfort, while mint and parsley neutralise odoriferous sulphur compounds. Even the yucca schidigera aids digestion easing waste odeur on the breath.

So not only does the purposeful kibble texture benefit dental hygiene through chewing action, the holistic herb and plant extracts offer protective properties keeping teeth and gums healthier for longer. This gives St Bernards relief from oral ailments allowing them to focus enjoying their deliciously nutritious diet.

Barking Heads Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds - Chop Lickin' Lamb 12kg - 100% Natural - Grass-Fed Lamb with No Artificial Flavours - Packaging may vary
  • 100 PERCENT NATURAL GRASS-FED LAMB - Big Foot Chop lickin' lamb dry dog food is made for large dogs with 100 percent natural grass-fed lamb blended with a seriously yummy combination of garden veg and herbs - this lamb dinner isn’t called chop lickin for nothing
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - this dry dog food recipe is made using only the ideal quality - natural ingredients, Free from artificial colours - flavours and preservatives
  • WHEAT FREE - NATURAL INGREDIENTS - This large dog food recipe is made using only the best quality - natural ingredients, Free from wheat - artificial colours - flavours - and preservatives
  • BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM - This pet food boosts your furry friend's immune system and has everything you need to feed a happy - healthy large dog
  • BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM - This pet food boosts your furry friend's immune system and has everything you need to feed a happy - healthy large dog
  • Pasture-raised New Zealand lamb provides amino acids
  • Omega oils nourish skin and give lustrous coat shine
  • Chewing kibble texture helps maintain dental health
  • Antioxidants protect cartilage and delay joint issues
  • Some dogs have sensitivities and react poorly to lamb
  • Harder kibble unsuitable for dogs with dental problems
  • Among more costly premium brand alternatives
Barking Heads Complete Dry Dog Food 12kg - Adult Big Foot (Large Breed) Bowl Lickin' Goodness Chicken - Natural Everyday Immunity & Vitality - Vet Approved

Nutritional Advantages of Free-Run Chicken for St Bernards

As descendants of powerful draft breeds able to cross treacherous alpine passes rescuing stranded travellers, preserving formidable musculature enabling impressive strength is paramount for St Bernard wellbeing. That’s why Barking Heads chooses high-quality British chicken reared in low-stress environments for conscientious pet parents.

With roughly 25% protein content primarily sourced from chicken, this formula provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for stimulating muscle growth, repairing strain-induced microtears and preventing atrophy especially in less active senior years. These building blocks aid natural muscular development in adolescence while maintaining mass helping adult St Bernards confidently conquer the most challenging terrain.

Additionally, the overall lower fat content compared to red meat makes chicken a smarter choice for weight management assisting giant breeds prone to joint issues if overweight. So for lifelong mobility and retaining abilities defying leisurely assumptions, free-range chicken protein delivers.

Natural Ingredients for Overall Health and Wellness

In addition to premium animal proteins building bodily strength, Barking Heads boosts all-round health with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables balancing nutrition. Fresh carrots and apples provide immune-enhancing vitamin C and beta carotene, while pulpy beetroot cleanses the blood of toxins. Even dried seaweed delivers iodine and tyrosine regulating metabolism.

With around 380mg/kg of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from fish oils, flaxseed and chicken fat, skin and coat condition reflects inner wellness. This gives that sought-after sheen St Bernard owners delight in when frequently complimented on their handsome companion.

Such thoughtful ingredients positively impact tissue repair and waste elimination processes through the body. This prevents premature aging and allows tackling steep inclines or lengthy treks appearing far easier than expected for substantial statured pups.

Immune System Support in Chicken-Based Diet

To maintain year-round health resisting seasonal sickness, Barking Heads packs extra nutrition shielding gentle giants against opportunistic infection particularly affecting large breeds.

With 120mg/kg vitamin C from rosehip extracts, the antioxidant activity neutralises inflammatory free radicals accumulated through strenuous play or environmental exposure. Vitamins E and B enrich immune cells fortifying first line defences, while zinc assists cell regeneration and enzyme production after threats deplete resources.

Phytochemical compounds from cranberries and spinach also prevent bacterial attachment reducing likelihood of gastrointestinal or skin disturbances disrupting fun. This proactive stance gives St Bernards added resistance staying happy and healthy regardless of the weather outside – essential for muscular dogs built to perform at their best despite challenging alpine conditions.

Barking Heads Complete Dry Dog Food 12kg - Adult Big Foot (Large Breed) Bowl Lickin' Goodness Chicken - Natural Everyday Immunity & Vitality - Vet Approved
  • 100% NATURAL FREE-RUN CHICKEN - Our Bowl Lickin' Chicken dry dog food is made for large breed dogs with 100% natural free-run chicken blended with a seriously yummy combination of garden veg and herbs, this chicken dinner isn’t called “Bowl Lickin” for nothing!
  • WHEAT FREE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS - This large dog food recipe is made using only the best quality, natural ingredients. Free from wheat, artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives
  • AIDS JOINT HEALTH - This pet food is made using a formula to support your dogs joints and helping to ensure healthy bones
  • BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM - This pet food boosts your furry friend's immune system and has everything you need to feed a happy, healthy large dog
  • APPROVED BY VETS - Our natural dog food is approved by vets for adult dogs of a large breed
  • Free-range chicken gives high quality lean protein
  • Natural fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants
  • Fish oils give omega 3s for skin and coat health
  • Extra vitamins and minerals support immune health
  • Chicken fat can trigger allergic reactions in prone dogs
  • Fruits and veggies increase carbohydrate levels
  • Premium ethical ingredients mean higher cost
Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food Beef & Veg 14kg

Beef as a High-Quality Protein Source for St Bernards

As descendants of powerful draft breeds able to traverse treacherous snow-covered Alps trails rescuing stranded travellers, preserving formidable musculature enabling impressive strength is paramount for St Bernard wellbeing. That’s why Bakers chooses grass-fed British beef containing more omega 3s than grain-fed varieties to nourish athletic frames defying leisurely expectations of gentle giants.

With roughly 20% high quality animal protein from beef, this formula provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for stimulating muscle growth, repairing strain-induced microtears and preventing atrophy – especially in less active senior years. These building blocks aid natural physical development in adolescence while maintaining mass helping adult St Bernards tackle imposing inclines with ease.

Additionally, the overall fat content compared to white meats like chicken or fish makes beef a smarter choice for concentrated energy. This provides the fuel stores needed for outdoor adventures or high-octane play sessions keeping even giant breeds energised from starting gate to finish line without hunger slowing momentum mid-way.

Vegetables for Nutritional Balance and Health

In addition to premium animal proteins building bodily strength, Bakers thoughtfully balances nutrition with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables rounding out the recipes. Fresh peas and carrots provide immune-enhancing vitamin A, while spinach and parsley supply vitamin K benefiting blood and bone health. Beetroot energises cells and neutralises free radicals linked to joint degeneration worsened by substantial weight-bearing demands.

Such thoughtful ingredients positively impact tissue repair and waste elimination processes through the body. This prevents premature aging allowing giant breed pups to keep pace with smaller counterparts when tackling steep inclines or lengthy treks defying cumbersome appearances.

The rainbow of vitamins and minerals also provides nutritional insurance for complete wellbeing, setting gentle giants up for success regardless of their next adventure.

Support for Dental and Bone Health

To maintain lifelong mobility and chewing comfort, Bakers packs extra nutrition shielding substantial frames against issues disproportionately affecting larger breeds.

With 200IU vitamin D in every bowl, bone density remains optimised to handle repeat heavy loading stresses. This reduces likelihood of painful fractures over time, allowing St Bernards to enjoy their impressively strong musculoskeletal system built for hard work on unforgiving Alpine terrain.

Unlike wet food adhering to teeth increasing decay risk, Bakers thoughtfully designs kibble pieces encouraging chewing action scraping away existing plaque. The crispy chunks feature ridges, grooves and texture allowing mechanical abrasion across all surfaces while the act of crunching works jaw muscles and massages gums. This reduces likelihood of painful gum infection or tooth loss later in life.

So through tailor-made nutrition and purposeful design, Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food Beef & Veg recipe sets gentle giants up for better bone health and dental comfort for their whole lifetime.

Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food Beef & Veg 14kg
  • 100% Complete Complete dog food for adult dogs Perfect nutritional balance for all your dog's daily needs Made with Selected Natural Ingredients
  • Recipe using superfoods With Natural Spirulina Algae, known for its beneficial impact on intestinal health With spinach, a natural ingredient contributing to essential minerals
  • No added Artificial Colours, Flavours & Preservatives
  • Antioxidants to help support natural defences
  • Added quality protein to help support muscle strength
  • Vitamin D & Minerals for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • Vitamin A & Zinc to help support healthy skin & coat
  • British grass-fed beef provides concentrated proteins
  • Crunchy kibble texture defends against dental disease
  • Vitamin D maintains bone health to handle body weight
  • Vegetable mix balances nutrition with vitamins
  • Some dogs are allergic or intolerant to beef proteins
  • Vitamin D toxicity risk if overfed long-term
  • Among most processed and least expensive foods

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