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Best Dog Foods for Newfoundlands’ Health and Happiness in the UK

As majestic gentle giants, Newfoundlands have unique nutritional needs to match their substantial size, renowned strength and active temperaments. Tailoring the right diet for these sensitive yet powerful dogs enables them to thrive physically and mentally. This guide explores the top 10 best dog foods for Newfoundlands available in the UK. 

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Best Dog Food for Newfoundland

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Wonderdog Grain Free Complete Beef & Sweet Potato

High protein content, grain-free, supports muscle mass and joint health, energy-dense for active Newfoundlands

Beef, Sweet Potato, Animal Fats, Glucosamine, Chondroitin

Ideal for energetic breeds, good for digestion and joint health


Wellness Core Large Breed Puppy Original – Chicken

High protein for growth, supports bone and muscle development, DHA for brain health

Chicken, Fruits, Vegetables, Omega Fatty Acids, DHA

Great for puppy development, focuses on cognitive and visual health


Wagg Complete Kennel Chicken Dry Dog Food

Balanced for size and activity, supports dental and bone health, aids digestive health

Chicken, Rice, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Minerals

Suited for adult maintenance, good for sensitive stomachs


Wafcol Adult Sensitive Dog Food – Salmon & Potato

Hypoallergenic, supports skin and coat health, grain-free for digestive health

Salmon, Potatoes, Salmon Oil, Seaweed, Vitamins

Excellent for dogs with sensitivities, promotes skin and coat health


The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food for Large or Giant Breeds with Chicken

Joint health support, high-quality protein for muscle maintenance, omega fatty acids for skin and coat health

Chicken, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid, Fruit Purees

Good for joint health, suitable for large breeds

Wonderdog Grain Free Complete Beef & Sweet Potato with Joint Care Dry Dog Food 15kg

With high-quality beef as the first ingredient, this formula packs a powerful protein punch. The generous 28% crude protein content – all from animal sources – helps maintain the strong muscles this breed depends on. Protein also delivers key amino acids to renew and build muscle tissue, while healthy animal fats supply concentrated energy.

This is particularly important for an energetic giant like the Newfoundland. Between swimming, hiking and playing, these dogs burn through plenty of calories each day. The calorie-dense macronutrients in Wonderdog’s Beef & Sweet Potato provide steady, lasting fuel to meet daily energy expenditures. This keeps your Newfie satisfied and prevents the begging, counter-surfing or weight gain that can occur if caloric needs aren’t met.

Advantages of a Grain-Free Diet for Newfoundlands

All that muscle does come at a cost – Newfoundlands are prone to a range of digestive issues. From food allergies to inflammatory bowel disease, these problems can turn mealtimes into misery. Common food allergens like corn, wheat and soy tend to irritate the sensitive stomachs of some Newfies.

That’s why this grain-free formula skips those problematic ingredients entirely. Instead, highly digestible sweet potatoes provide slow-burning carbohydrates for sustained energy. Their low glycemic index helps regulate blood sugar, while natural fibre keeps the digestive system humming. This gentle starch is much easier on your Newfie’s tummy compared to grains.

Eliminating grains also reduces exposure to harsh lectins found in wheat and corn. These “antinutrients” can damage the intestinal lining over time, triggering chronic inflammation and other digestive woes. By steering clear of grains, Wonderdog’s Beef & Sweet Potato prevents lectin-related gut issues in vulnerable Newfoundlands.

With simpler, more wholesome ingredients, this recipe alleviates many of the food intolerances affecting the breed’s sensitive stomach. Your Newfie will enjoy long-lasting energy without the adverse reactions. happier digestion means better nutrient absorption too. That translates into shinier coats, healthier skin and more vitality all-around.

Importance of Joint Health and Mobility in Newfoundlands

Given their imposing size and substantial body mass, Newfoundlands are prone to various joint problems. Hip and elbow dysplasia are common orthopaedic conditions, while many mature Newfies also develop arthritis. With lifespans stretching over 10 years, keeping your dog’s joints healthy is essential.

That’s why top-quality nutrition plays such a key role throughout a Newfoundland’s life. Wit its blend of joint-supporting nutrients, Wonderdog’s formula is designed to meet the breed’s specific needs. Glucosamine and chondroitin help reinforce cartilage and lubricate joints. Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies fight inflammation and free radical damage.

Together, these ingredients work to maintain joint integrity, increase mobility and prevent degenerative issues. They also help soothe sore, arthritic joints, allowing older dogs to enjoy daily activities pain-free.

The big-boned stature of Newfoundlands means added stress on joints from an early age. Feeding a diet rich in joint care nutrients ensures healthy cartilage and fluid movement during this crucial developmental window. Robust mobility from puppyhood through maturity is key to your Newfie’s long-term comfort.

High Protein Content for Muscle Maintenance

To keep up with such an active breed, Wonderdog packs plenty of high-quality protein into this formula. Real beef delivers essential amino acids that build, heal and preserve hard-working muscles. In fact, amino acids make up the very structure of muscle fibres.

Getting adequate protein is particularly key for seniors, as muscle mass tends to decline with age. Maintaining muscle strength and mass enables older dogs to continue enjoying daily walks, playtime and all the activities that make life fun. It also prevents the muscle wasting that can hasten loss of mobility.

Of course, protein isn’t the only important nutrient. A balance of fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals is vital to sustain good health. In this grain- and gluten-free formula, premium ingredients work synergistically to provide complete, holistic nutrition tailored to Newfoundlands.

With high protein from beef, digestible carbs from sweet potatoes, glucosamine for joint health and probiotics for digestion, Wonderdog’s Beef & Sweet Potato formula delivers the perfect nutritional profile. This makes it the ideal choice for modern pet parents looking to match their Newfie’s exceptional nature with equally exceptional nutrition.

  • High quality beef protein provides amino acids to maintain muscle mass
  • Grain-free formula with sweet potato is easy to digest
  • Supports joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Packed with protein to provide energy for an active lifestyle
  • Expensive compared to regular kibble
  • Contains peas which can trigger allergies in some dogs
  • Higher calorie count may cause weight gain
Wellness CORE Large Breed Puppy Original, Dry Puppy Food for Large Breed Puppies, Grain Free, High Meat Content, Chicken, 10 kg

Made with premium all-natural ingredients and backed by rigorous quality testing, this recipe nurtures your Newfie through each stage of puppyhood. Thoughtfully crafted ratios of protein, fats, carbs and micronutrients cater to the specific nutritional demands during this special growth phase.

High Protein for Growing Newfoundland Puppies

The first ingredient in this formula is fresh chicken – supplying quality protein in abundance. In fact, fully 34% of the recipe comes from premium animal ingredients. This robust protein content is crucial to fuel the rapid growth and development characteristic of Newfoundland pups.

A high protein diet supports lean muscle growth and an optimally proportioned frame. As your puppy’s muscles, organs and skeletal structure expand dramatically in the first 12 months, plenty of protein ensures healthy structural maturity.

The large size Newfoundlands reach makes appropriate protein levels especially critical. Reaching 100+ pounds at maturity places greater demands on developing muscle and bones. Wellness Core’s exceptional amino acid profile encourages graceful growth to match your Newfie’s big build.

Quality animal proteins also grant access to key fatty acids for cognitive, immune and organ development – all vital to your pup’s wellbeing.

Bone and Muscle Development in Newfoundland Puppies

In addition to protein, calcium and phosphorus are essential for your Newfie’s bone and muscle growth. Wellness Core contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D at optimal ratios to enable healthy skeletal development.

As chondrocytes deposit calcium into growing cartilage to form hardy bones, the right balance of nutritional building blocks is crucial. Controlled studies in large breed puppies found diets with excessive calcium increased the incidence of developmental bone abnormalities. With careful formulation, Wellness Core offers comprehensive skeletal support without this risk.

Magnesium and manganese also lend a hand – activating enzymes involved in bone production and mineral absorption. These mineral cofactors translate the “raw materials” from protein and calcium into structurally sound skeletons and robust muscle growth.

The result is a sturdy yet proportional frame that gracefully supports your Newfoundland’s large size without skeletal issues. Well-developed muscles deliver strength and stamina while maintaining joint integrity as your pup grows.

Supporting Cognitive and Visual Development

The dedication to premium ingredients in Wellness Core Puppy Original also pays dividends when it comes to cognitive and visual development. Rich with omega fatty acids from salmon oil, this formula nurtures the rapidly developing brain and eyes of your Newfie puppy.

Key among these is DHA, a beneficial omega-3 fatty acid. Alongside protein, DHA makes up a sizable portion of the structural matrix in the brain and retina. By influencing neurotransmitter production and nerve impulse transmission, these fats literally shape developing pathways integral to vision, coordination and cognition.

Research shows puppy foods supplemented with DHA and other omega-3s lead to measurable improvements in trainability, problem solving and neurologic function. This directly translates into smarter, more attentive pups compared to unsupplemented counterparts.

So in addition to building strong muscles and bones, quality nutrition also cultivates the neural networks and visual systems your playful Newfie depends on. The long-chain omega-3s in Salmon oil support mental and optical development for clearer signalling between eyes, brain and body right from the start.

Wellness CORE Large Breed Puppy Original, Dry Puppy Food for Large Breed Puppies, Grain Free, High Meat Content, Chicken, 10 kg
  • BRAIN AND EYE DEVELOPMENT: Our Wellness CORE puppy food will stimulate the brain and eye development of your furry friend thanks to the amount of DHA from the salmon oil used in our product.
  • STRONG MUSCLES AND BONES: Our Wellness CORE Large Breed Puppy Original supports strong muscles and bone development with optimal levels of calcium and high-quality protein ingredients.
  • STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM: The dry puppy food contains all the vitamins, minerals and high-quality antioxidants that your puppy needs, creating a strong immune system!
  • HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Our Wellness CORE puppy food is easy to digest and contains prebiotic fibre and probiotics, providing your furry friend with a healthy digestive system!
  • FRESH MEAT AS MAIN INGREDIENT: The dry dog food contains fresh chicken, for a tasty meal with every bowl!
  • LOW CARBS AND NO FILLERS: Our recipes are grain-free, supporting a high-protein and a meat-rich nutrition for your puppy.
  • High 34% protein content for growing puppies
  • Supports healthy muscle and bone growth
  • Contains DHA for brain and eye development
  • Made with all-natural, premium ingredients
  • Contains chicken which may cause allergies
  • Kibble size may be too large for small breed puppies
  • Higher cost than regular puppy foods
Wagg Complete Kennel Chicken Dry Dog Food 15kg

Made with premium proteins and fibre-rich whole grains, Wagg’s Chicken Dry Dog Food provides steady energy to fuel your Newfie’s adventures. Carefully designed ratios of protein, fat, carbs and essential fatty acids cater to the unique demands of giant breed dogs. This makes it a nutritious staple diet for everyday health.

Energy and Stamina for Active Newfoundland Dogs

The first two ingredients in Wagg Chicken Dry Dog Food are fresh chicken and rice – supplying high-quality protein and clean carbs. Together, these macronutrients offer a balanced energy source to sustain your energetic Newfie.

Chicken delivers essential amino acids to build and maintain muscle, alongside iron, B vitamins and zinc. Whole grain rice contributes complex carbohydrates for ready access to glucose when your dog needs an energy boost. These clean-burning carbs gets quickly metabolised into fuel during swimming, hiking and all your Newfoundland’s favourite activities.

The 14% crude protein and 5% crude fat reflect levels optimized for adult maintenance. This makes Wagg Chicken formula well-suited for everyday nutrition without overfeeding protein or calories.

Dental and Bone Health in Newfoundlands

To support robust teeth and bones, Wagg Chicken Dry Dog food contains optimal levels of calcium and phosphorus. Together with vitamin D, these minerals enable healthy turnover and mineralization of bone tissue.

The large size of Newfoundlands means added demands on teeth and skeletal structure compared to smaller breeds. Wagg’s precise nutrient ratios ensure your adult dog’s oral and bone health keeps pace with their substantial build.

This formulation also creates a “zone of inhibition” hostile to harmful mouth bacteria that erode tooth enamel and trigger periodontal disease. Supporting healthy gums and clean teeth avoids painful infections that can limit your Newfie’s meal enjoyment.

Digestive Health and Immune Support

Newfoundlands have notoriously sensitive stomachs, with many prone to food intolerances, allergies or stomach upsets. That’s why simplicity and digestibility are so key to this breed – ingredients that slide through smoothly without gastrointestinal grief!

That’s where Wagg Chicken Dry Dog Food delivers again. Made with easy-to-digest whole grains and premium animal proteins, this formula avoids common irritants. The limited ingredient profile minimises risk of adverse food reactions that spell tummy trouble.

Prebiotic fibres lend a helping hand too. Yeast-derived mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) selectively nourish friendly gut flora linked to healthy digestion. By promoting good bacteria, MOS inhibit pathogens and enhance the gut’s natural barrier function. The result is improved nutritional absorption and pathogen resistance – keeping your Newfie’s digestive health on solid ground.

With the intestinal tract responsible for nearly 80 percent of immune activity, a happy belly means a robust defense system as well. Wagg Chicken Dry Dog Food feeds the front lines with vitamin E, beta carotene and essential fatty acids to complement the gut-friendly MOS. Together, these nutrients support natural immunity and resilience against ills that might slow your energetic pal down.

Wagg Complete Kennel Chicken Dry Dog Food 15kg
  • 1. SPECIALLY FORMULATED - Each biscuit contains a balance of protein and carbohydrates to provide energy for active canines.
  • 2. VAT FREE - One of our popular diets offering a complete dry dog food ideal for all working dogs.
  • 3. CRUNCHY KIBBLES - Wagg Kennel's crunchy kibbles make this food an excellent value option for working dogs.
  • 4. TEETH & BONES - Our delicious Kennel food includes balanced Calcium & Vitamin D for your dog's healthy teeth & bones.
  • 5. MADE IN UK - Wagg dry dog food is proudly made right here in the UK.
  • Contains prebiotic MOS to support the population of healthy bacteria within the gut.
  • Healthy teeth and bonesContains calcium and vitamin D3 to help maintain healthy teeth and bones.
  • Contains a blend of the mineral zinc and omega 3 oils to promote a healthy supple skin and glossy coat.
  • Contains antioxidant vitamin C to help support healthy gums and essential minerals to maintain strong teeth.
  • Contains a blend of vitamins C, E minerals and natural plant derived antioxidants to help support a strong immune system.
  • Whole grain rice provides steady energy
  • Supports dental health and clean teeth
  • Contains prebiotics for digestive health
  • Limited ingredients to minimize allergies
  • Some dogs dislike the taste
  • Less meat protein than premium brands
  • Contains corn which can cause allergies
  • May lead to gas or loose stools
Wafcol Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Large and Giant Breeds - 12 kg Pack

Made with premium hypoallergenic ingredients and digestive aids, this formula nurtures skin health and digestive harmony. Thoughtfully designed for gentle nourishment, it provides steady energy and nutritional support tailored to sensitive systems.

As a specialised diet for adult Newfoundlands with food reactivity, ingredient sensitivities or stomach upsets, Wafcol Adult Sensitive makes everyday nutrition worry-free. Let’s look at what makes it such a game-changer for sensitive dogs.

Hypoallergenic Formula for Sensitive Newfoundlands

The star ingredient in this recipe is fresh salmon – providing high-quality protein without common triggers. As the sole animal protein source, salmon minimises risk of adverse reactions for dogs with chicken, beef or egg sensitivities.

Many skin disturbances and digestive troubles stem from inappropriate immune responses to ingredients seen as “foreign” by a dog’s body. The body mistakes proteins for threats and attacks them, triggering uncomfortable symptoms.

By sticking to one easily digested animal protein, Wafcol avoids this immunologic confusion. Salmon protein molecules slide smoothly through your pup’s system without raising suspicion – keeping their belly calm and skin clear.

The limited ingredient profile further minimises exposure to potential irritants. That makes this recipe ideal for Newfoundlands with tricky tummies or intolerances.

Supporting Skin and Coat Health

Nothing detracts from a Newfie’s majestic coat like dry, flaky skin and shedding hair. While food allergies commonly cause skin woes and coat issues, other ingredients actively heal and hydrate sensitive skin.

Salmon oil in Wafcol Adult Sensitive provides anti-inflammatory omega-3s to soothe skin irritations and optimise the skin barrier. These essential fats make cell membranes more fluid and permeable to lock in skin’s natural hydration. Omega-3s also regulate production of inflammatory signals behind rashes and reactions.

Dried seaweed delivers key minerals like iodine and selenium to nourish skin and hair follicles from within. As an algae, seaweed packs over 50 trace nutrients that enhance shine, texture and growth for lush coats. Its rich antioxidant content protects cell membranes against damage that manifests as dandruff or dull fur.

Together with vitamin E and beta carotene, these ingredients renew skin and coat beauty from the inside out. When environmental or food factors wreak havoc, Wafcol’s specific blend brings your Newfie’s fur back to its naturally glorious state.

Grain-Free Diet for Digestive Health

Another perk for sensitive Newfoundlands is this recipe’s grain-free design. Many dogs have difficulty digesting wheat, corn and other grains, which can irritate the gut lining and trigger inflammation. A grain-free diet avoids these common issues.

Instead, fibre-rich potatoes provide digestible energy without disrupting the stomach or intestines. Their low allergenic potential makes potatoes an excellent carbohydrate source for dogs prone to reactions or gut troubles – providing sustained fuel for gentle nutrition.

Prebiotic chicory root further optimises digestive balance by feeding friendly bacteria. As “food” for probiotics, prebiotics help good bacteria flourish and crowd out pathogens that cause digestive woes. A flourishing microbiome creates a robust gut barrier resistant to allergens and toxins.

With easy digestion as the cornerstone, hypoallergenic proteins and gut-friendly carbs transform mealtime for sensitivity-prone Newfoundlands. Wafcol Adult Sensitive Dog Food delivers wholesome nutrition without the scratching, vomiting, gas or diarrhoea of intolerances. For sensitive dogs, that means freedom to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Wafcol Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Large and Giant Breeds - 12 kg Pack
  • SENSITIVE DOG FOOD: With a single source of fish protein, this dog food is gentle on sensitive digestive systems - with salmon as the single fish protein source and potato as the main carbohydrate source. Wafcol Salmon and Potato also contains probiotics that are proven to help improve dogs’ digestion.
  • DEVELOPED BY A LEADING DERMATOLOGIST: Our Salmon & Potato dog food recipe is a non-prescription sensitive diet developed and approved by vets, following the strictest exclusion principles. It offers a competitively priced sensitive food without compromising on quality.
  • HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: The crunchy texture of the Salmon and Potato dog food prevents the buildup of plaque and tartar, working with zinc and calcium to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • FULL OF GOODNESS: Containing Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and seaweed, both of which are rich in iodine and necessary for many functions including the growth and repair of tissues as well as to help promote healthy skin and coat.
  • GRAIN FREE: Wafcol Salmon & Potato is a hypoallergenic dog food and contains no cereals such as wheat and wheat gluten, maize, rice, barley, rye and oats. They also exclude red meat, poultry, white fish, dairy products, soya and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Limited ingredient, salmon-based formula
  • Supports skin health with omega-3s
  • Potato carbs are highly digestible
  • Avoids common allergens like chicken
  • Expensive compared to regular dog food
  • Higher fat content may cause weight gain
  • Contains pea fibre which can cause gas
  • Strong fishy smell unappealing to some dogs
The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Large or Giant Breeds, Formula Good for Joint Health with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg

With fresh free-range chicken as the cornerstone ingredient, this recipe provides bountiful protein for sculpting and sustaining substantial muscle mass. Nutrient ratios catered towards the Newfie’s size also optimise mobility, skin health and energy levels to keep up with their active lifestyle.

Joint Health and Mobility for Newfoundland Dogs

Common in large dogs, hip and elbow dysplasia plague many Newfoundlands, alongside osteoarthritis later in life. Their substantial size and weight amplify the impact of joint degeneration or mobility issues. That’s why lifelong nutrition plays such a key role.

The Hunger of the Wolf formula contains premium active ingredients to nourish fluid joints and ease inflammation. Glucosamine and chondroitin help reinforce cartilage to prevent wear and tear. Hyaluronic acid mimics the viscous synovial fluid cushioning joints for frictionless movement.

Antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetable purees provide protective polyphenols to neutralise free radicals and curb swelling. Together, these compounds maintain the integrity of joints, connective tissues and intervertebral discs – keeping your Newfie comfortable through their active years.

For older or arthritic pets, they soothe sore joints for pain-free motion so no adventure gets left behind!

High-Quality Protein for Newfoundland Muscle Maintenance

The star of this recipe is free-range chicken packed with bioavailable amino acids for sculpting muscle fibres. Chicken delivers iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and other nutrients key to protein metabolism as well.

Supporting substantial muscle mass is particularly important in large breeds like the Newfoundland. Their extensive frames demand plenty of metabolic fuel and building blocks for strength and stamina. As natural swimmers and drafting dogs, Newfies rely on robust muscles for athletic performance too.

Throughout adulthood, muscle makes up over half of a Newfoundland’s body weight – so maintaining mass prevents age-related muscle wasting. The Hunger of the Wolf provides complete, highly digestible protein to continually renew, heal and build hard-working muscles.

Omega Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat Health

The famously waterproof coat and webbed feet equip Newfoundlanders for an amphibious life. But dry skin or a dull coat diminishes their beauty and aquatic prowess.

Key to lush fur and healthy dermal function are omega fatty acids like those found in The Hunger of the Wolf recipe. Salmon oil provides anti-inflammatory omega-3s to nourish skin and pads. Omega-6s from poultry fat regulate sebaceous secretions for water-repellent coats.

Vitamins A, B and E complement these omegas – promoting skin cell turnover and lustrous hair. Prebiotic fibres feed friendly skin bacteria as well. With support for the dermal ecosystem inside and out, your Newfie’s majestic coat stays gloriously full and vibrant.

So whether lounging on the sofa or plunging into the lake, The Hunger of the Wolf diet sets the stage for good health and an enviable appearance true to the Newfoundland breed.

The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Large or Giant Breeds, Formula Good for Joint Health with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg
  • Ideal for adult dogs of large and giant breeds – kibble size and formula suitably adapted, contains chondroitin, glucosamine and the ideal ratio of calcium and phosphorus to ensure joints working properly.
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help prevent the development of skin disorders.
  • No added gluten, free of soya and chemical dyes. No artificial preservatives. Only natural antioxidants.
  • A delicious taste your dog will love - by creating this dog food we remembered about ancestors of dogs - wolves, which are true carnivores, therefore, the main ingredient of our food is always meat.
  • The real label - 270 g of chicken meal in 1 kg of food corresponds to 1080 g of fresh meat. In The Hunger of The Wolf dog food we use meal so we do not claim very high content of raw meat only to make the labels look much better to the consumer than they really are. Raw meat may contain 70%-90% water. For example chicken meal is simply fresh chicken that has already been cooked to remove moisture – this makes it a much more highly-concentrated source of protein.
  • High protein supports large breed muscle
  • Glucosamine aids joint health
  • Salmon oil nourishes skin and coat
  • Digestible for sensitive stomachs
  • Made in a facility that processes wheat
  • Higher calorie count risks weight gain
  • Some dogs dislike the taste
  • Contains chicken which can trigger allergies
The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For All Breeds, Delicate Formula with Lamb and Rice, Puppy and Junior Dogs - 14 kg

With easily digested lamb protein and vitamin-rich fruits and veggies, this formula provides steady energy without disrupting sensitive systems. Balanced nutrient ratios catered to the Newfie’s size also optimise skin, coat, brain and immune health for total wellbeing.

Let’s explore why The Hunger of the Wolf Lamb and Rice formula is a game-changer for sensitive giant breed dogs.

Hypoallergenic Benefits for Sensitive Newfoundlands

The star ingredient in this recipe is fresh lamb loaded with essential amino acids. As the sole animal protein source, lamb minimises risk of adverse reactions for dogs sensitive to beef, chicken, dairy or eggs.

Many skin disturbances and digestive upsets stem from inappropriate immune responses to proteins seen as “foreign” invaders. The body attacks these allergenic molecules, triggering inflammatory chaos.

By sticking to one easily digested animal protein, The Hunger of the Wolf avoids this immunologic confusion. Lamb protein molecules slide smoothly through your pup’s system without raising suspicion – keeping their belly calm and skin clear.

The limited ingredient profile further reduces risk of exposure to potential irritants. This makes the Lamb and Rice recipe ideal for Newfies with tricky tummies or intolerances.

DHA for Brain and Nervous System Development in Newfoundlands

Another advantage for sensitive Newfoundlanders is this formula’s inclusion of DHA for cognitive support. An omega-3 fatty acid concentrated in the brain and eyes, DHA makes up 15% of the neurological tissue membrane mass.

Studies confirm DHA’s critical role in visual, cognitive and behavioural development in puppies. But its benefits continue throughout adulthood by influencing nerve impulse transmission, memory and learning.

Newfoundland brains and eyes demand plenty of nutritional support. Providing DHA from conception through maturity ensures sharp senses and smarts to match their loyal personalities. For sensitive Newfies avoiding fish ingredients, The Hunger of the Wolf supplies vital omega-3s their neural networks thrive on.

Managing Digestive Health and Intolerances

To soothe sensitive stomachs, this lamb and rice recipe avoids common irritants. The limited ingredients and easily digestible nutrients minimise adverse food reactions and discomfort.

Whole grain rice contains natural digested enzymes to enhance nutrient absorption with less stomach upset. The low allergenic potential makes it an excellent alternative to inflammatory grains like wheat or corn.

Anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables also contribute prebiotics to feed friendly gut flora for healthy digestion. As “food” for good bacteria, prebiotics increase concentrations of beneficial microbes that calibrate immune responses.

The result is steady energy and nutrition without the diarrhoea, vomiting, gas or skin flare-ups causing misery for dogs with food intolerances. The Hunger of the Wolf Lamb and Rice recipe brings freedom to enjoy life’s simple pleasures again!

The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For All Breeds, Delicate Formula with Lamb and Rice, Puppy and Junior Dogs - 14 kg
  • Hypoallergenic formula with lamb for puppies suffering from gluten intolerance – this dog food is free from wheat so it is ideal for dogs which have sensitive digestion or suffer from gluten intolerance
  • Contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which is a major building block of the brain and is a critical element in the development of vision and the central nervous system – it helps to develop the full potential of the puppy.
  • The real label - 200 g of lamb in 1 kg of food corresponds to 800 g of raw meat. In The Hunger of The Wolf dog food we use meal so we do not claim very high content of raw meat only to make the labels look much better to the consumer than they really are. Raw meat may contain 70%-90% water. For example, lamb meal is simply fresh lamb that has already been cooked to remove moisture – this makes it a much more highly-concentrated source of protein.
  • No added gluten, free of soya and chemical dyes. No artificial preservatives. Only natural antioxidants.
  • A delicious taste your dog will love - by creating this dog food we remembered about ancestors of dogs - wolves, which are true carnivores, therefore, the main ingredient of our food is always meat.
  • Limited lamb protein avoids allergies
  • Supports brain health with DHA
  • Aids digestion with rice and prebiotics
  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive dogs
  • More expensive than regular lamb dog food
  • Contains pea fibre which causes gas
  • Lamb smell unappetizing to some dogs
  • May trigger allergies in dogs sensitive to rice
Pooch & Mutt - Calm & Relaxed, Complete Dry Dog Food (Grain Free), Turkey and Sweet Potato, 10 kg (Pack of 1) Transparent

With relaxing botanicals, easily digestible protein and antioxidants from colourful veggies, Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed provides steady nutrition to match the Newfoundland temperament. Balanced ratios of macronutrients and micronutrients specifically nourish the breed’s disposition and dietary needs for total wellbeing.

Stress-Reducing Ingredients for Anxious Newfoundlands

It’s no secret Newfoundlands are sensitive souls – with many prone to separation anxiety, reactivity around strangers or loud noises and overall stress. High cortisol takes a toll both mentally and physically.

That’s why Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed contains active botanicals traditionally used to take the edge off and promote relaxation naturally. Chamomile flowers provide soothing terpenoids that bind to GABA receptors involved in anxiety regulation. Tryptophan boosts serotonin production to lift mood and prevent compulsive behaviours.

Together with thiamine and pyridoxine, these nerve-calming nutrients help your Newfie face daily stressors with more resilience and less angst or impulsivity. Over time, lowered cortisol enhances cognition, digestion and immunity as well.

Digestive Health Benefits of Turkey as a Single Protein Source

Another advantage for sensitive Newfoundlands is this formula’s use of turkey as the sole animal protein. With their notoriously tricky tummies, minimising ingredients prevents the diarrhoea, vomiting or irritation common food reactions trigger.

As the only meat protein source, hypoallergenic turkey avoids exposure to multiple potential allergens found in beef, eggs, dairy and chicken. This prevents inappropriate immune attacks on harmless proteins that manifest as gut inflammation or skin eruptions.

Sticking to one protein streamlines digestion as well – allowing more metabolic energy to be directed towards growth and activity rather than wrestling with stomach troubles. It also enhances nutritional absorption by maintaining the gut’s barrier function.

The result is healthy nutrition without the misery of food intolerances or sensitivities!

Grain-Free Diet for Allergy Management in Newfoundlands

In place of troublesome grains, Pooch & Mutt Calm & Relaxed recipe uses fibre-rich sweet potatoes. With their low allergenic potential, sweet potatoes make excellent substitutes for common gut irritants like wheat or corn.

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in colourful fruits and vegetables also reduce inflammation and oxidative damage affecting allergy-prone dogs. Cartenoids like beta carotene protect mast cells involved in histamine release during reactions as well.

Together with soothing nervines and single protein digestion, eliminating allergy triggers and providing phytonutrient protection transforms skin, belly and brain health. Pooch & Mutt’s formula simply works – calming systems inside and out!

Pooch & Mutt - Calm & Relaxed, Complete Dry Dog Food (Grain Free), Turkey and Sweet Potato, 10 kg (Pack of 1) Transparent
  • Premium, grain free complete dry dog food
  • To help anxious dogs stay calm & relaxed
  • Single source protein - 45% turkey an l-tryptophan-rich protein source Includes chamomile, l-tryptophan, Prebiotics and Brewers yeast
  • Free from Grain, Cereal , Gluten, GM produce, Artificial flavours, colours and preservatives
  • Fresh drinking water should be available at all times
  • Relaxing herbs ease anxiety in sensitive dogs
  • Limited turkey protein prevents reactions
  • Colourful fruits and vegetables reduce inflammation
  • Grain-free sweet potato carbohydrate
  • Higher price tag than regular dog food
  • Strong herbal aroma unappealing to some dogs
  • Turkey fat content may cause loose stools
  • Sweet potato carbohydrates spike blood sugar
Vegan Dog Food - Plant Based Complete Dry Dog Food for Small & Large Breeds 12 Months & Up - Cheesy Dog Kibble with Mixed Herbs with Protein, Vitamins & Amino Acids by Noochy Poochy, 2kg

With digestion-friendly grains, bountiful micronutrients and wholesome plant proteins, their cheesy kibble provides all the building blocks large breeds need. Noochy Poochy skips inflammatory meat proteins in favour of more sustainable plant alternatives without compromising taste or nutrition.

Plant-Based Protein Sources for Newfoundland Muscle Health

At the foundation of Noochy Poochy’s formula are high-quality plant proteins from peas and soybeans. Supplying essential amino acids comparable to meat, these vegetarian ingredients build and maintain muscle with less environmental impact.

Peas offer an impressive amino acid profile for supporting muscle synthesis and renewal. Fermented soybean meal also packs a protein punch – providing iron, zinc and BCAAs vital to metabolism. These bioavailable compounds help sculpt strong, resilient muscles to match your Newfie’s imposing frame and active lifestyle demands.

Without exposure to hormones or antibiotics associated with animal proteins, plant-based building blocks also reduce inflammation and immune stress. That keeps your pup functioning at their best.

Skin and Coat Health from Natural Oils

Another advantage of Noochy Poochy’s formula is skin-nourishing botanical oils. Cold-pressed rapeseed, linseed and olive oils provide anti-inflammatory omegas, vitamins and polyphenols to nourish skin and coats from within.

Rich in omega-6s with some omega-3s, this blend balances sebum production for supple, well-hydrated skin. Vitamin E and polyphenols protect against UV radiation and free radical damage that dulls and dries out fur over time.

These powerful plant oils optimise skin turnover and hair follicle growth cycles. That means fewer flakes and sheds and more of the water-resistant shine Newfoundland coats are prized for!

Digestive Wellness with Whole Grains and Vegetables

Noochy Poochy fills out their nutritious formula with gentle whole grains and fibrous fruits and vegetables. Whole naked oats offer steady energy and B vitamins that calm nervous stomachs and boost nutrient absorption. Beetroot, peas and sweet potatoes provide prebiotics to feed your Newfie’s gut microbiome as well.

A flourishing intestinal microbiota strengthens the gut’s mucosal barrier – blocking allergen absorption and pathogen invasion. More good bugs means less bad bugs! This prevents the diarrhoea and stomach irritations giant breeds are prone to.

With resilient digestion, optimised nutrient assimilation and wholesome plant nutrition, Noochy Poochy’s cheesy kibble sets sensitive Newfoundlands up for good health. Owners seeking more ethical and eco-friendly nutrition can nurture their gentle giant with the plant kingdom’s bounty!

Vegan Dog Food - Plant Based Complete Dry Dog Food for Small & Large Breeds 12 Months & Up - Cheesy Dog Kibble with Mixed Herbs with Protein, Vitamins & Amino Acids by Noochy Poochy, 2kg
  • Wholesome Vegan Delight: Packed with premium ingredients like our responsibly sourced full-fat soybean, pea protein, sweet potatoes, our delicious kibble dog food has no artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives. Our dog food helps promote digestion, boosts energy, and contributes to a shiny coat.
  • Expert-Backed Wellness: Crafted by a veterinarian and nutritionist team, our high protein dog food boasts a 28% protein content with omega 3 and 6, vitamins and minerals; supporting your dog’s immune system and strong teeth and bones.
  • Irresistible Cheesy-Herby Taste: It’s like pizza bites for your furry friend! Our vegan dry dog food has a delectable cheese and herb flavour that is natural and mindfully sourced. This natural dog food is the perfect blend of nutrition and indulgence.
  • Conscious Sourcing, Conscious Living: Over 99% of ingredients are responsibly sourced from the UK and Europe. Our dog food pouches are also made with low-carbon materials, supporting mindful practices.
  • Who We Are: Noochy Poochy isn't just dog food; it's a tale of dedication and expertise. Our journey is rooted in our love for dogs and a commitment to exceptional nutrition and mindful living.
  • Ethical and sustainable plant-based formula
  • Nourishes skin with omega-rich plant oils
  • Supports digestion with prebiotic fibre
  • Complete nutrition without meat proteins
  • Unfamiliar taste many dogs dislike
  • Less bioavailable protein than meat-based diets
  • Risk of nutrient deficiencies if not balanced
  • Higher carbohydrates may cause weight gain
Lily's Kitchen Natural Adult Dog Food Wet Tins - Lean Machine Turkey & Squash - Complete Meal Recipes (6 Tins x 400g)

With half its volume coming from fresh British turkey, Lean Machine provides bountiful protein for sculpting and sustaining all that Newfie muscle mass. Carefully selected fruits, vegetables and oils offer a boost of phytonutrient protection as well.

High-Quality Protein for Newfoundland Muscle Health

The first ingredient on the label says it all – fresh turkey makes up a whopping 50% of this nutritious formula. Packed with essential amino acids, iron, zinc and B vitamins, high-quality turkey protein builds, fuels and preserves those signature Newfie muscles.

The considerable 28% crude protein content delivers key nutrients to renew, heal and maintain muscle tissue through activity and exertion. As well as structural roles, proteins provide enzymes, antibodies and messenger molecules crucial to every physiological process.

Lily’s Kitchen ethically sources British Freedom Food turkey reared to exceptional welfare standards as well. This ensures your pup only gets the very best.

Superfoods for Enhanced Nutrition in Newfoundlands

In addition to premium animal protein, Lean Machine contains thoughtfully chosen superfoods to optimise overall nutrition. Kale offers Vitamins A, K and C alongside vision-enhancing lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants.

Kale’s bountiful phytochemicals mitigate free radical damage and inflammation affecting arthritis-prone joints while optimising calcium and collagen production. This vibrant veggie actively supports fluid movement and mobility over time.

Goji berries provide additional antioxidant and immune-boosting carotenoids for whole-body health. Rich in zeaxanthin itself alongside vitamins B and E, gojis protect cell membranes and DNA. They also contain constructive compounds called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides with neuroprotective and cardioprotective benefits demonstrated in trials.

By incorporating such micronutrient-dense botanicals, Lean Machine delivers daily protection on top of foundational macronutrients.

Natural Ingredients for Holistic Health of Newfoundlands

As devoted foodies, the team at Lily’s Kitchen diligently select only wholesome ingredients to nourish beloved pets naturally. With no rendered meat meals, artificial preservatives, fillers, sugars or artificial colours or flavours, Lean Machine avoids inflammatory additives.

Thoughtfully chosen oils, fruits and vegetables provide natural sources of omegas, antioxidants and gut-friendly prebiotic fibre instead. Cold-pressed salmon oil delivers anti-inflammatory omega-3s for skin nourishment, while radish, peas and chicory root support the intestinal environment.

With high ethical standards and meticulous quality control from snout to bowl, Lily’s Kitchen provide complete daily nutrition you can feel good about. Their passion for pets shines through in every thoughtfully designed recipe.

Lean Machine offers the very best of British nutrition with transparency Newfoundland owners can trust. When only the highest quality ingredients will nourish your gentle giant, this wholesome formula has everything needed and nothing unnecessary.

Lily's Kitchen Natural Adult Dog Food Wet Tins - Lean Machine Turkey & Squash - Complete Meal Recipes (6 Tins x 400g)
  • Nutritionally complete recipe for adult dogs 4 months +
  • Made with 50 percent freshly prepared turkey
  • Contains kale which is full of protein, manganeseand iron
  • Contains goji berries packed with Vitamins E, K, C and dietary fibre
  • Natural ingredients with no added sugar or fillers
  • 50% fresh British turkey
  • Nutrient-dense superfood fruits and vegetables
  • Enhances digestion with prebiotic fibre
  • Ethically sourced, premium ingredients
  • Short shelf life once opened
  • Needs refrigeration after opening
  • High moisture content increases urination
  • Expensive compared to kibble diets
Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Dog Food Rich in Chicken and Rice for Medium and Large Breeds, 5 kg

Thoughtfully formulated ratios of protein, fat, fibre and micronutrients specifically nourish gentle giants for daily nutrition that covers all the bases. As a versatile maintenance diet backed by veterinary expertise, Lifelong supports big dogs from nose to tail.

High-Quality Chicken for Protein in Newfoundland Diet

The first ingredient listed is chicken – supplying high-quality protein in abundance. Chicken delivers essential amino acids that form the very building blocks of muscle along with nutrients promoting growth and repair.

These amino acid chains renew, heal and preserve muscle tissue subject to wear and tear during your Newfie’s adventures. As natural swimmers, Newfoundlands especially rely on robust muscle integrity for athletic performance.

Quality animal protein also grants key fatty acids, vitamins and minerals to complement the macronutrients. Together they provide complete nutrition without excess bulk hampering digestion.

As a single streamlined protein source, hypoallergenic chicken avoids ingredients more likely to irritate sensitive Newfie stomachs as well. That makes this wholesome formula easily digestible and nutritionally complete.

Joint Health Support for Newfoundland Dogs

With large statures and considerable body mass, Newfoundlands commonly contend with hip and elbow dysplasia alongside arthritis later in life. Their substantial frames place heavy demands on skeletal structure – so nutrition plays a pivotal lifelong role.

That’s why Lifelong Complete Chicken & Rice recipe contains compounds selected to nourish joints for fluid movement at any age. Glucosamine, chondroitin and vitamin C maintain and reinforce connective tissues for resilience against wear and tear.

Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies also defend against inflammation and destructive free radicals exacerbating joint degeneration. These ingredients help buffer age-related changes to keep your adult or senior Newfie comfortable on adventures together.

Omega Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat Health in Newfoundlands

To nourish your pup’s fabulous fur, Lifelong Chicken & Rice formula provides skin-friendly fatty acids, minerals and vitamins as well. Salmon oil and flaxseed grant anti-inflammatory omega-3s to optimise moisture retention and skin barrier function.

Zinc and biotin strengthen follicles for less shedding and dander while vitamin E protects cell membranes from UV damage. Together these nutrients enhance dermal vitality and water-repellent oils for your Newfie’s signature lustrous coat ideal for aquatic life.

By supporting their biggest organ from the inside out, this daily diet keeps your gentle giant looking as gorgeous as they are sweet!

Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Dog Food Rich in Chicken and Rice for Medium and Large Breeds, 5 kg
  • Food for adult Dogs: 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • # 1 Ingredient is Chicken
  • Formulated with Fresh Chicken; Meat and Animal Derivative: ca. 30%
  • Developed by pet nutritionists and checked by veterinarian
  • Natural prebiotics to support sensitive digestion
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint support; Added Taurine for healthy eyes and heart
  • Biotin, Zinc and Linseed - A natural source for Omega 3 to support healthy Skin and Coat
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added;
  • No added Soya, Barley and Dairy . Tasty recipe with high quality proteins
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened reseal as tightly as possible
  • Quality chicken protein supports muscle
  • Glucosamine and antioxidants support joints
  • Nourishes skin and coat with omega oils
  • Limited ingredients prevent allergies
  • Chicken fat content causes loose stools
  • Less meat than premium or raw diets
  • Rice carbohydrates spike blood sugar
  • Bland taste unappealing to some dogs

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