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Best Dog Food for Gordon Setter

Finding the right dog food for a Gordon Setter’s high energy and sensitive stomach can be a challenge. This article will help you discover the ideal diet to fuel their active lifestyle while avoiding allergies or digestion issues. Delving into specialized nutrition needs from muscular support to skin health and joint care, you’ll learn the 10 best formulas that provide complete and balanced nutrition tailored for maintaining the vigor and radiance inherent in this sporting breed.
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Best Dog Food for Gordon Setter

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Harringtons Complete Dry Dog Food

Protein-rich, supports joint health, enhances skin/coat

Lamb, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, glucosamine, chondroitin, salmon oil, biotin, zinc

Ideal for active Gordon Setters, supports muscle maintenance and energy, aids muscle recovery, promotes coat health


Harringtons Advanced Science Diet

Tailored for Gordon Setter’s dietary needs, vet-endorsed

Chicken, salmon, barley, rice, chicken fat, sunflower oil, fruits, vegetables

Complete and balanced nutrition, eco-friendly packaging, supports joint health, immune support


Beta Adult Rich In Chicken Dry Dog Food

High-protein, supports digestive health

Chicken, fish oil, chicory root, fruits, vegetables

Promotes lean muscle growth, steady energy supply, aids digestion, balanced nutrition for active dogs


The Hunger Of The Wolf Dry Dog Food

Rich in omega fatty acids, joint support

Wild boar, bison, beef, salmon oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, fruits, vegetables

Comprehensive wellness, supports skin and coat health, enhances joint flexibility, natural ingredients


Wonderdog Original Dog Food

Supports joint health, skin and coat, dental care

Cereal carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, salmon oil, glucosamine, chondroitin

Complete nutrition for sporting dogs, maintains joint health and mobility, enhances coat sheen and silkiness

Harringtons Complete Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice 15kg - Made with All Natural Ingredients

Protein-Rich Diet for Active Gordon Setters

The lamb-based protein in Harringtons Complete is perfect for fuelling a Gordon Setter’s high activity levels. With a minimum crude protein content of 26%, this food delivers the protein quality and quantity this breed needs to maintain its athletic physique.

The high protein content helps build lean muscle mass while also providing sustained energy release. This ensures a Gordon Setter has the stamina for long walks, playing fetch, or hunting expeditions without tiring out too quickly.

Additionally, the food contains balanced levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for a shiny coat and to aid muscle recovery after exercise. It also includes glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health – crucial for agile breeds like the Gordon Setter. With the right balance of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals, Harringtons fuels an active lifestyle.

Enhancing Skin and Coat Health

Harringtons Complete contains several natural ingredients that are fantastic for maintaining a healthy skin and coat in the Gordon Setter. The food includes salmon oil, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. These nourish skin cells from within to enhance coat shine and prevent flakiness. Vitamin E also contributes antioxidant properties to boost skin health.

Biotin and zinc are also present – two nutrients that stimulate coat follicle growth to reinforce the lush, silky coat that defines this breed. These ingredients help reduce shedding and dander as well.

With its unique rich-red coat, the Gordon Setter is prone to some skin sensitivities if not properly nourished. The wholesome ingredients in Harringtons Complete provide complete nourishment without common triggers like grain, beef or chicken. This keeps their regal coat in peak condition.

Supporting Digestive Health with Quality Ingredients

With a sensitive stomach being a common issue in Gordon Setters, digestive health is a top priority. Harringtons Complete Dry Dog Food delivers complete nutrition using only quality natural ingredients.

With easily digestible lamb as the first ingredient, this food eases digestion compared to chicken or beef-based foods that may cause stomach upsets. Wholegrain pasta and rice provide slow-releasing carbohydrates for energy and gastrointestinal comfort.

Unlike mass-produced pet foods, Harringtons does not use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives that may irritate the stomach lining. It is also free from common allergens like grain, soya and dairy. This makes it less likely to trigger food intolerances.

Probiotic yeasts support good gut flora as well. With high-quality ingredients focused on digestibility and gut health, Harringtons Complete reduces the risk of diarrhoea, flatulence and discomfort that some Gordon Setters may face. This allows your dog’s system to efficiently utilize all the nutrients from their food.

Harringtons Complete Dry Dog Food Lamb & Rice 15kg - Made with All Natural Ingredients
  • 1. THE NATURAL CHOICE - At Harringtons, we believe every dog deserves natural food that's balanced, wholesome and tasty. From puppies to seniors to special diets, we make a range that's perfect for you
  • 2. RICH IN LAMB - Harringtons Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food 15kg is a complete adult dog food that has been carefully formulated using all natural ingredients to provide wholesome nutrition for your dog
  • 3. NO NASTIES - The #1 ingredient in our dry dog food is meat, for a nutritionally balanced meal. And we never use artificial colour and flavours or added wheat
  • 4. CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - As part of our efforts to keep packaging to a minimum and help send less packaging waste to landfill, this pack is 100% polyethylene and can be recycled
  • 5. MADE IN THE UK – Harringtons dog food is proudly made by ourselves right here in the UK and has been family run since 1923
  • Rich in Lamb & Rice
  • The natural choice
  • Natural ingredients
  • High-quality protein provides energetic nutrition for active lifestyles
  • Easily digestible ingredients support sensitive stomachs
  • Rich in omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat
  • Fortified with nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health
  • Higher cost than basic grocery store brands
  • Limitations for dogs with multiple food allergies
  • Requires transition if switching from a different diet
Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Medium Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition

Formulation Tailored to Gordon Setter’s Dietary Needs

With the dynamic and energetic Gordon Setter in mind, this diet delivers a nutritional profile ideal for their needs. It contains 30% high-quality protein from chicken, salmon, barley and rice to preserve lean muscle mass to keep a Gordon Setter active and agile.

The omega-3 and -6 fatty acids from chicken fat and sunflower oil nourish the skin and coat. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables provide immune support as well. With 339 kcal/100g, the calorie density fuels their energy requirements without causing excess weight gain.

Joint supplements are also included – with glucosamine, chondroitin, and key minerals. These strengthen cartilage and prevent conditions like hip dysplasia that the breed is prone to. Overall, it provides complete and balanced nutrition tailored for the Gordon Setter.

Vet-Endorsed Diet and Breed-Specific Health

With a specialized focus on breed size and life stage, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet carries a vet endorsement as a complete diet for adult Gordon Setters.

Veterinary nutritionists and scientists crafted this recipe to address breed-specific health issues like bone and joint problems, food sensitivities, or obesity.

Ingredients like fish oil, natural antioxidants and pre+probiotics offer complete wellness benefits. With no artificial additives, it minimizes the risk of adverse reactions as well. Scientific research into key nutrients for joint, digestive and immune health ensures this diet enhances breed-specific wellness in the Gordon Setter.

As a vet-recommended food backed by science, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet delivers optimal nutrition tailored to your Gordon Setter’s needs for a healthy life.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Its Importance

Alongside premium nutrition, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet also offers sustainability benefits with its eco-friendly packaging. The bags use recycled materials and vegetable-based inks. This reduces landfill waste and carbon emissions from packaging production. Harringtons also invests in local suppliers and green manufacturing processes as part of their commitment to environmental responsibility.

For the eco-conscious consumer, choosing sustainable pet food aligns with their values in protecting the planet. Minimizing plastic bag waste also prevents harm to wildlife when improperly disposed. Sustainable practices by the manufacturer indicates care for the ingredients sourced and reflects positively on the quality of nutrition as well.

With this diet, pet parents can provide premium nutrition for their Gordon Setter while also making an environmentally friendly choice that safeguards their health and that of the planet. For discerning owners, this combination of quality and sustainability makes it an excellent option to consider.

Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Medium Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition
  • 1. THE NATURAL CHOICE - At Harringtons, we believe every dog deserves natural food that's balanced, wholesome and tasty. From puppies to seniors to special diets, we make a range that's perfect for you.
  • 2. VET ENDORSED - Harringtons Advanced Science Diet is a vet endorsed dog food that is naturally enhanced for your dog’s health & well-being.
  • 3. TAILORED RECIPES - Each of the 3 Advanced Science Diet refcipes are carefully formulated with added benefits to meet the specific needs of different breed sizes.
  • 4. CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - As part of our efforts to keep packaging to a minimum and help send less packaging waste to landfill, this pack is 100% polyethylene and can be recycled.
  • 5. MADE IN THE UK – Harringtons dog food is proudly made by ourselves right here in the UK and has been family run since 1923.
  • Vet-endorsed, breed-specific formula addresses health issues
  • No artificial additives minimizes risk of reactions
  • Eco-friendly packaging aligns with sustainable values
  • Higher price tag than regular dog foods
  • Fish-based protein unsuitable for some with allergies
  • Limited alternative flavors
BETA® Adult Rich In Chicken, Dry Dog Food 14kg

High-Protein Diet for Muscle and Energy

True to its name, chicken makes up 38% of this food to promote lean muscle growth in active Gordon Setters. With an impressive 33% crude protein, it provides amino acids to maintain and repair muscle tissue.

This prevents loss of muscle mass from oxidation during high activity levels in sporting breeds like Gordon Setters. The generous protein content also metabolizes into a steady supply of energy to keep your high-spirited dog lively and energetic all day long.

The food also contains fish oil rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3s to ease joint soreness and aid recovery after exercise. Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables support immune function as well. Overall, the carefully balanced nutrition fuels an energetic lifestyle.

Digestive Health with Natural Prebiotics

Beta Adult Dry Dog Food promotes good digestion in Gordon Setters through natural prebiotics.

It contains chicory root, a source of inulin that acts as a prebiotic. This nourishes good gut bacteria, supporting healthy digestion and efficient nutrient absorption – important for active dogs with high food intake needs.

Probiotic yeasts also populate the gut with beneficial microflora to prevent diarrhoea and flatulence issues that the breed is prone to. These natural ingredients keep the digestive system functioning well for complete nutritional utilization.

For large breeds with proportionally shorter digestive tracts like Gordon Setters, optimizing digestion is key to preventing problems like bloating or stomach cramps after meals that may limit activity. By supporting gastrointestinal health, this diet allows your dog to reap the full benefits of nutrition.

Balanced Nutrition for Active Gordon Setters

With a carefully designed balance of premium proteins, digestible carbs, essential fatty acids and vitamins, this diet provides complete nutrition to fuel an active Gordon Setter.

The optimal protein-fat ratio and calorie density meets the higher energy demands of sporting and hunting dog breeds. Nutrient ratios tailored for adult life stage prevent obesity risks as well. With no artificial additives, colours or preservatives, it provides wholesome nutrition.

Brewers yeast supplements micronutrients like B-vitamins and trace minerals crucial for metabolism, muscle function and oxygen circulation – important during vigorous exercise. With attention to detail on nutrient balance, this diet gives Gordon Setters the right fuel for energy and stamina to continue excelling in the field.

BETA® Adult Rich In Chicken, Dry Dog Food 14kg
  • ^ Beta Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken 1 x 14kg Pack ^ Chicken as the No.1 Ingredient. Made with selected natural ingredients ^ With no added artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives ^ With Natural Prebiotic, proven to help improve Digestive Health ^ Dual shape and size kibbles ^ Tailored nutrition, with all the essential nutrients your adult dog needs. ^ Item display weight: 14000.0 grams. ^ 14kg
  • High protein content from quality chicken for energy
  • Contains prebiotics to support healthy digestion
  • Balanced ratios of carbs, fats and vitamins
  • Potential weight gain if fed free-choice
  • Strong poultry flavor unsuitable for picky eaters
  • May trigger reactions despite limited ingredients
The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Small or Medium Breeds, Vitamin C and E Formula with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg

Omega Fatty Acids for Coat and Skin Health

True to a wolf’s ancestral diet, this grain-free food contains wild boar, bison, beef and salmon oil – rich sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for lustrous skin and coat.

These nourishing fats contribute antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity as well to soothe skin irritation. Salmon oil particularly provides EPA and DHA to enhance coat shine and prevent flaky or itchy skin.

Vitamin E and trace minerals like zinc and copper boost skin health as well. With the right balance of omegas, this diet reinforces the smooth coat and healthy skin associated with the Gordon Setter breed. Owners can maintain their regal, glossy appearance.

Joint Health and Mobility Support

Developed for sporting breeds, The Hunger Of The Wolf provides generous joint support for lifelong mobility. Glucosamine and chondroitin help rebuild cartilage to prevent debilitating joint degeneration over time – especially crucial for larger breeds prone to hip and elbow dysplasia like the Gordon Setter.

The diet also includes hyaluronic acid to lubricate joints, enhancing flexibility for agility during field activities. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables reduce inflammation as well.

Together, these ingredients maintain fluid movement and let your Gordon Setter continue their active lifestyle even through maturity without joint pain or stiffness hindering them.

Natural Ingredients for Overall Well-being

Alongside premium meats, The Hunger Of The Wolf includes wholesome natural ingredients that contribute to overall health and vitality.

Chicory root acts as a prebiotic to support digestion and nutrient absorption. Pumpkin, sweet potato and yucca also aid digestive regularity. A robust gut environment ensures your Gordon Setter reaps the full benefits of this nutritious diet.

Rosemary and spearmint provide antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects to boost immunity health also crucial for athletic dogs. Salmon oil enhances cognitive function for training as well. The carefully chosen ingredients provide whole-body wellness.

With taurine for heart health, L-carnitine to support metabolism and precise vitamin-mineral balance, this grain-free diet gives your treasured Gordon Setter the best shot at a long, vigorous and happy life.

The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Small or Medium Breeds, Vitamin C and E Formula with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg
  • Ideal for adult dogs of small and medium breeds - the size, structure and shape of these kibbles are adapted to suit small and medium dog breeds.
  • Healthy formula - contains essential amino acids for tissue recovery, all-round good health and also Vitamins E and C which increase immunity, enhance cell protection and regeneration.
  • No added gluten, free of soya and chemical dyes. No artificial preservatives. Only natural antioxidants.
  • The real label - 280 g of chicken meal in 1 kg of food corresponds to 1120 g of fresh meat. In The Hunger of The Wolf dog food we use a meal so we do not claim very high content of raw meat only to make the labels look much better to the consumer than they really are. Raw meat may contain 70%-90% water. For example chicken meal is simply fresh chicken that has already been cooked to remove moisture – this makes it a much more highly-concentrated source of protein.
  • A delicious taste your dog will love - by creating this dog food we remembered about ancestors of dogs - wolves, which are true carnivores, therefore, the main ingredient of our food is always meat.
  • Grain-free ancestral diet mimics wolf in the wild
  • Glucosamine and antioxidants support joint health
  • Digestive aids like prebiotics and probiotics
  • Higher cost due to novel proteins like bison
  • Strong flavors unsuitable for picky eaters
  • Limited proteins may trigger existing allergies
Wonderdog Original Dog Food with Joint Care & Herb Blend 15kg

Joint Care and Mobility for Active Dogs

As a swift and agile hunter bred for endurance across rough terrain, maintaining joint health is crucial for the Gordon Setter to continue excelling in field sports even as they mature.

Wonderdog Original contains generous levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to rebuild cartilage and improve mobility over time. These ingredients reduce inflammation and prevent debilitating hip or elbow dysplasia that may otherwise limit activity in adulthood.

Rich in trace minerals like copper, zinc and manganese as well, it nourishes bones for strength and flexibility during dynamic motion. Active Gordon Setter owners can continue enjoying time together outdoors knowing this diet supports lifelong mobility.

Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat Health

The distinctive feature of the Gordon Setter breed is their lustrous, rich mahogany coat with feathering and flash down the legs. Wonderdog Original delivers key nutrients to maintain the sheen and silkiness associated with the breed.

Salmon oil provides omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA to nourish skin and coat follicles, prevent dryness or irritation, and reduce excessive shedding. Vitamin E and organic selenium boost skin cell regeneration as well.

These ingredients enhance the depth of color and feathered texture that defines the appearance of Gordon Setters, allowing their inner radiance to shine through a healthy coat. Owners can take pride in their regal, glowing companion.

Dental Health and Energy Provision

In addition to joint and skin benefits, Wonderdog Original also supports dental health to complete a well-rounded diet for Gordon Setters.

The perfectly crunchy kibble texture helps scrape away tartar and plaque as your dog chews, preventing gum infection and tooth decay. This contributes to whole body wellness, as poor dental health can lead to issues like digestive upset or heart, liver and kidney disease down the line if left unchecked.

The food also contains highly digestible carbohydrates from cooked rice, maize and barley that metabolize into a steady supply of energy. With 339 kcal/100g, it can meet the higher calorie needs of actively working dogs like Gordon Setters so they can continue running and playing with zeal.

Wonderdog Original Dog Food with Joint Care & Herb Blend 15kg
  • With meaty chunks in real meat juices
  • Natural antioxidants to support the immune system
  • Essential fatty acids to help nourish the coat and maintain healthy eyes
  • Crunchy cooked cereals for energy, vitality and healthy gums
  • Glucosamine and fatty acids support joints and skin
  • Perfectly crunchy kibble helps clean teeth
  • Carbohydrates provide steady energy
  • Potential weight gain if overfed
  • Contains common proteins like chicken
  • Higher calorie needs may require supplemental feeding
Burgess Sensitive Dry Dog Food Lamb, 12.5 kg (Pack of 1)

Digestive Health for Sensitive Stomachs

Gordon Setters are unfortunately prone to sensitive stomachs that may cause digestive upset like diarrhoea, vomiting or excessive gas. Burgess Sensitive is carefully formulated for digestive comfort.

With easily digestible lamb as the first ingredient and prime protein source, it prevents the stomach upsets that dogs may experience from chicken, beef or dairy products. Highly digestible wholegrain rice provides gentle carbohydrate energy without GI irritation as well.

Being grain-free with no wheat or soya, it reduces the risk of food allergies that can cause intestinal inflammation. It also includes prebiotic fibres that feed good gut bacteria for healthy digestion and stools. With attention to digestive care, this diet provides gentle nutrition for sensitive Gordon Setters.

Immune System Support with Antioxidants

To complement easy gastrointestinal health, Burgess Sensitive also contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support the natural resilience and immunity of active Gordon Setters.

Rich in omega fatty acids from salmon oil, it contributes anti-inflammatory effects to facilitate quicker recovery from sickness or injury. Natural antioxidants from botanicals enhance cellular health to fight disease as well.

Vitamins A, B, D and E strengthen immune response, while zinc, copper and iron increase resistance to infection – important for dogs exposed to the outdoor elements. With support for systemic and digestive health, this diet provides balanced nutrition to keep Gordon Setters happily active.

Quality Ingredients for Dietary Needs

In crafting a recipe tailored for sensitive dispositions, Burgess Sensitive contains quality wholesome ingredients that meet the breed’s needs.

As a single animal protein source, lamb meat meal reduces the likelihood of triggering allergies compared to blends. It provides essential amino acids for muscular development as well.

The limited, natural ingredient list minimises risk of adverse reactions. It has no artificial additives – colours, flavours or preservatives that may irritate the stomach lining or suppress immune function. With attention to detail on ingredients, it delivers premium nutrition.

The precise balance of proteins, digestible fibres and nutrients in Burgess Sensitive supplies complete yet gentle sustenance so Gordon Setters can continue excelling at field sports feeling their best.

Burgess Sensitive Dry Dog Food Lamb, 12.5 kg (Pack of 1)
  • We’ve changed the look, but we still have the same trusted recipe for your sensitive dogs
  • Burgess Sensitive dog food is made without many of the typical ingredients that can cause sensitivities for dogs
  • Burgess Sensitive dry dog food lamb is formulated to support a sensitive tummy
  • Builds strong bones and joints
  • Helps to grow a glossy, shiny coat
  • Prebiotics to support good bacteria in the gut
  • Helps to form solid poos!
  • Antioxidants and vitamins to support the immune system
  • Gentle nutrition tailored for sensitive digestion
  • Easily digestible protein and carbohydrate sources
  • Antioxidant-rich to support immune function
  • Limited ingredients unsuitable for nutritionally dense diets
  • May not fully address multiple food allergies
  • Less ideal for highly active dogs
Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Dog Food with Salmon & Rice for Small Breeds, 1 Pack of 3kg

Taurine for Heart and Eye Health

As an energetic breed designed for endurance out in the field, the Gordon Setter depends on robust cardiovascular health. Lifelong Complete contains ample Taurine to nourish the heart and eyes.

This amino acid strengthens heart muscle contraction to circulate oxygenated blood during intense exercise. It also maintains the retina and prevents blindness from retinal degeneration. These benefits ensure a Gordon Setter stays alert and keeps up with sporting demands.

Supplementing Taurine is particularly important as some breeds like Gordon Setters may not self-produce enough. Those with pre-existing cardiac troubles also benefit. By supporting the organs crucial for mobility and navigation, this diet enhances quality of active life.

Omega 3 for Skin and Coat Nourishment

The rich lustrous coat in hues of mahogany and black that define Gordon Setters requires targeted nutrition to maintain its regal beauty. Salmon oil in Lifelong Complete offers skin-enhancing omega-3s.

EPA and DHA nourish skin and coat follicles from within to increase shine, smooth textures and reduce flaky skin. Dogs also benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties that alleviate reactions. Vitamin E and zinc further boost skin cell regeneration and growth.

With support for healthy skin and a supple coat, Lifelong Complete keeps Gordon Setters glowing with vitality inside and out. Their radiant presence reflects a life fulfilled chasing birds out in the field.

Joint Support with Glucosamine and Chondroitin

To complement cardio and skin support, Lifelong Complete also contains natural compounds to ensure lifelong mobility – crucial for this athletic breed vulnerable to joint injuries.

Glucosamine, chondroitin and vitamin C help repair and maintain smooth cartilage to prevent debilitating hip dysplasia over time. These ingredients increase synovial fluid as well for well-lubricated joints.

Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables protect cartilage from free radical damage during repeated motion. With comprehensive joint care, Lifelong Complete sustains a Gordon Setter’s active passions so they can continue thriving outdoors alongside beloved owners.

Amazon Brand - Lifelong - Complete Dry Dog Food with Salmon & Rice for Small Breeds, 1 Pack of 3kg
  • Food for adult Dogs: 100% Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • Formulated with Fresh Salmon; Meat and Animal Derivative: ca. 27%
  • Developed by pet nutritionists and checked by veterinarian
  • Natural prebiotics to support sensitive digestion
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint support; Added Taurine for healthy eyes and heart
  • Biotin, Zinc and Salmon (A natural source for Omega 3) to support healthy Skin and Coat
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives added
  • No added Soya, Barley and Dairy
  • Tasty recipe with high quality proteins
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Once opened reseal as tightly as possible
  • High in taurine for heart and eye health
  • Salmon oil offers omega fatty acids for skin/coat health
  • With glucosamine to support joint care
  • Fish-based limited suitability for dogs with allergies
  • Potential for weight gain if fed free choice
  • Higher price tag
Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food Beef & Veg 14kg

Muscle Strength and Dental Health

Living up to their sporting breed status, Gordon Setters thrive on vigorous activity like long hikes and hunting games with their beloved owners. Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food provides key nutrients to maintain fitness.

A minimum of 26% crude protein from sustainably sourced British beef powers muscular development so Gordon Setters stay lean and athletic enough to excel in agility training or competitions. Wholesome carbohydrates give sustained energy to play all day as well.

The perfectly crunchy kibble also helps clean teeth and gums as Gordon Setters chew. This prevents plaque buildup that could lead to dental disease or other systemic issues down the line – contributing to total body health.

Skin and Coat Care with Vitamins

The stunning mahogany and black coat – sometimes with a flash of white – makes the Gordon Setter stand out in the field. Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food contains nutrients tailored to enriching their lush fur.

Vitamin A, biotin, zinc and copper maintain the integrity of skin and hair follicles to boost shine and smooth texture. Antioxidants from wholesome vegetables enhance skin cell turnover as well. These ingredients prevent excessive shedding and nourish the regal beauty Gordon Setters are recognized for.

Additionally, the balanced recipe soothes sensitive digestion that could reflect in dandruff or coat damage when unaddressed. Owners can be confident their companion’s radiance shines through lifelong.

Bone Health and Immune System Support

Beyond coat quality, Bakers Adult Beef & Veg also fortifies Gordon Setters from the inside out. Essential minerals and vitamins promote bone strength and resilience against illness.

Vitamin D paired with precise ratios of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium encourages bone remodeling for lasting structural integrity to support an active lifestyle long-term. Antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies boost immunity as well.

With attention to well-rounded nutrition not often found in basic dog food, Bakers Adult does more than fill the belly – it fuels the adventurous soul of the Gordon Setter to thrive by their caring owner’s side.

Bakers Adult Dry Dog Food Beef & Veg 14kg
  • 100% Complete Complete dog food for adult dogs Perfect nutritional balance for all your dog's daily needs Made with Selected Natural Ingredients
  • Recipe using superfoods With Natural Spirulina Algae, known for its beneficial impact on intestinal health With spinach, a natural ingredient contributing to essential minerals
  • No added Artificial Colours, Flavours & Preservatives
  • Antioxidants to help support natural defences
  • Added quality protein to help support muscle strength
  • Vitamin D & Minerals for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • Vitamin A & Zinc to help support healthy skin & coat
  • Quality lean protein for healthy muscles
  • Vitamin enriched to support skin, coat and immunity
  • Crunchy kibble texture cleans teeth
  • Common protein source may trigger sensitivities
  • Lower protein percentage than some competitor brands
  • Contains soybeans
Wagg Complete Wheat Free Chicken Dry Dog Food 12kg

Wheat-Free Formula for Sensitive Digestive Systems

Gordon Setters often suffer from irritable digestive systems that cause discomfort after meals. Wagg Complete excludes allergy triggers like wheat, as well as dairy and soy.

As a carbohydrate source, rice replaces wheat to provide an easily digestible alternative that reduces risk of adverse reactions. The single animal protein from chicken also lessens chances of triggering intolerance compared to blends.

With more easily absorbed nutrients and no common allergens, this diet eases stomach upsets like diarrhoea, vomiting and flatulence. Nutrition passes smoothly through the digestive tract without inflammation or irritation. Owners can enjoy time with their active companions without worrying about dietary distress.

Vitamin E for Enhanced Immune Support

While addressing food sensitivity needs, Wagg Complete Wheat Free also enhances overall wellness for Gordon Setters through added Vitamin E.

As an antioxidant, Vitamin E strengthens immune response to prevent illness, important for highly active breeds exposed to outdoor elements. It also benefits skin, coat, joints and muscles to keep the body resilient.

Vitamin E teams up with other nutrients as well – it enables efficient absorption and utility of fatty acids for lustrous fur, protein for muscle recovery and minerals for bone health. With whole-body benefits, it contributes to sustained activity and vigor in sensitive Gordon Setters.

Natural Ingredients for Holistic Health

Complimenting the specialized formula, Wagg Complete Wheat Free contains all-natural ingredients focused on gentle nourishment.

Real chicken provides essential amino acids to support muscle maintenance better than by-product meals. Digestible carbohydrates like rice and oats give sustained energy as well. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables supply phytonutrient compounds for immune support.

With no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives that introduce unnecessary chemicals, this diet aligns with holistic wellness principles crucial for dogs with food sensitivities. Optimizing nutrition from natural ingredients enhances quality of life.

Wagg Complete Wheat Free Chicken Dry Dog Food 12kg
  • 1. PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE STOMACHS - Wagg Wheat Free is a natural, yummy meal for the more sensitive dogs out there.
  • 2. NO ADDED WHEAT - Wagg Wheat Free is a complete adult dog food, that is specially formulated without wheat.
  • 3. ALL NATURAL - We do not add any artifical flavours or colourings to our Wheat Free dog food.
  • 4. IMMUNE SUPPORT - Added Vitamin E to help support your dog's immune system.
  • 5. MADE IN UK - Wagg dry dog food is proudly made right here in the UK.
  • Wheat-free for dogs with grain allergies
  • Added vitamin E boosts immune support
  • Single animal protein source
  • Chicken protein still allergenic for some
  • Lower protein content than premium brands
  • Limited diet may be nutrient deficient
WAFCOL Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Small and Medium Breeds - 12 kg Pack, transparent

Single Protein Source for Allergy Management

Many Gordon Setters suffer from food intolerances that cause gastrointestinal, skin and even behavioral issues when triggered. Wafcol employs salmon as the sole animal protein to minimize risks of provoking allergies.

As the only meat source, salmon reduces chances of cross-reactivity that could occur with commonly problematic proteins like chicken, beef or dairy. Rich in essential amino acids, it builds and maintains muscles without compromising easy digestion or immunity like blends might. Owners enjoy peace of mind knowing this nutritious diet won’t aggravate their companion’s sensitivities.

Dental Health and Plaque Prevention

In addition to avoiding allergy triggers, the perfectly crunchy kibble shape in Wafcol Adult Sensitive promotes oral health to complement nutrition.

The texture helps scrape away accumulating plaque and tartar with each chew – preventing inflamed gums that could lead to tooth decay or infection down the line. Maintaining healthy teeth and odor-free breath contributes to whole-body wellness and social comfort.

The mechanical action of biting and chewing also releases saliva rich in antibacterial enzymes to support the mouth’s natural cleaning capacity. With dental disease affecting over 80% of dogs by age three, the specially designed kibble provides a simple solution towards lasting quality of life.

Omega Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat Health

To nourish sensitive skin prone to irritation and enhance the feathered reddish-brown coat Gordon Setters are famed for, Wafcol Adult Sensitive includes omega-3 and -6 fatty acids from salmon oil.

EPA and DHA contribute anti-inflammatory effects to soothe skin while supporting follicular health to reduce dander. Antioxidant activity prevents cell damage as well. Vitamin A and zinc further benefit coat condition.

With attention to texture and nutrients that influence coat quality from within, this diet ensures your treasured companion carries themselves with the same refined dignity and vibrancy as their ancestors revered by nobles during Victorian sporting meets.

WAFCOL Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Small and Medium Breeds - 12 kg Pack, transparent
  • SENSITIVE DOG FOOD: With a single source of fish protein, this dog food is gentle on sensitive digestive systems - with salmon as the single fish protein source and potato as the main carbohydrate source. Wafcol Salmon and Potato also contains probiotics that are proven to help improve dogs’ digestion.
  • DEVELOPED BY A LEADING DERMATOLOGIST: Our Salmon & Potato dog food recipe is a non-prescription sensitive diet developed and approved by vets, following the strictest exclusion principles. It offers a competitively priced sensitive food without compromising on quality.
  • HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: The crunchy texture of the Salmon and Potato dog food prevents the buildup of plaque and tartar, working with zinc and calcium to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • FULL OF GOODNESS: Containing Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and seaweed, both of which are rich in iodine and necessary for many functions including the growth and repair of tissues as well as to help promote healthy skin and coat.
  • GRAIN FREE: Wafcol Salmon & Potato is a hypoallergenic dog food and contains no cereals such as wheat and wheat gluten, maize, rice, barley, rye and oats. They also exclude red meat, poultry, white fish, dairy products, soya and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Item display weight: 12.0 kilograms.
  • Salmon protein avoids common allergy triggers
  • Dental kibble helps prevent plaque and decay
  • Omega fatty acids enhance skin and coat
  • Fishy aroma unappealing to some dogs
  • Potato bulk may cause flatulence
  • Salmon unsuitable for dogs allergic to fish

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