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Best Dog Food for English Pointer

As a high-energy sporting breed, English Pointers have specific nutritional needs to fuel their active lifestyles. Finding the right dog food is essential but with so many options, it can be an overwhelming choice. This article will help by outlining the top 10 best dog foods tailored for English Pointers. It focuses on breed-specific considerations around muscle support, sensitive digestion, food intolerances, dental health and more.
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Best Dog Food for English Pointer

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Iams Complete Dry Dog Food For Adult

Supports muscle health, digestive wellness, skin and coat condition

High-quality animal protein, prebiotics, beet pulp, chicken, egg, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

Highly recommended for active English Pointers due to its high protein content and ingredients supporting digestion and coat health.


Burgess Sensitive Dry Dog Food

Hypoallergenic, manages food allergies and intolerances, promotes lean muscle development

Premium lamb meal, fish oils, natural beet pulp, added vitamins and minerals

Ideal for English Pointers with sensitive stomachs, offering balanced nutrition without problematic ingredients.


Harringtons Advanced Science Diet

High meat protein, immune-boosting Vitaguard complex, environmentally conscious production

Fresh chicken, chicken meal, Scottish salmon, Vitaguard complex (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants)

Suitable for active medium-sized breeds like English Pointers, focusing on muscle strength, health longevity, and overall wellness.


Wonderdog Original Dog Food

Supports joint health, skin integrity, and sustained energy

Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, fish body oils, omega fatty acids, crunchy kibble

Targets breed-specific needs for mobility, appearance, and energy, beneficial for mature English Pointers.


Wellness Core Adult Ocean Dry Dog Food

Omega-rich for skin health, natural ingredients for digestive health, joint and mobility support

Salmon meal, natural fruits and vegetables, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate

Provides balanced nutrition with a focus on digestive ease, skin comfort, and lifelong mobility, ideal for active English Pointers.

IAMS Complete Dry Dog Food for Adult 1+ Small and Medium Breeds with Chicken 12 kg

Optimizing Digestive Health in English Pointers

As a breed known for sensitive stomachs, maintaining digestive health is crucial for English Pointers. Iams Complete contains a tailored fiber blend with prebiotics and beet pulp that promotes good gut flora and easy digestion.

The prebiotics encourage the growth of healthy bacteria that aid digestion and enhance nutrient absorption from food. Beet pulp adds gentle fiber that regulates digestion and prevents issues like constipation or loose stools that English Pointers are prone to. These ingredients ensure optimal nutrient utilization while keeping the digestive system functioning smoothly.

With its probiotics and digestive fibers, Iams Complete maintains good gut health and prevents gastrointestinal issues like gas, diarrhea and vomiting that can plague the breed. The balanced digestion allows for hassle-free absorption of nutrients that English Pointers need for their high activity levels.

Muscle Maintenance and Strength

The high animal protein content in Iams Complete, with chicken and egg as the first ingredients, helps maintain the strong muscles and energetic spirit of the English Pointer.

The chicken protein delivers essential amino acids that facilitate muscle repair and development after exercise. This prevents muscle wastage and allows English Pointers to maintain the lean muscle mass inherent to the breed even as they age.

Similarly, egg protein is a highly bioavailable source that provides amino acids to nourish the breed’s high metabolic demands. This supports the sustained energy levels and athleticism English Pointers need for their active, working dog lifestyle.

The protein sources also contribute minerals like iron, zinc and vitamins that aid proper muscle function. This gives English Pointers the muscle power and strength crucial for agility, endurance and stamina – qualities the athletic breed excels in.

Skin and Coat Health

Omega fatty acids play a vital role in skin and coat health for dogs. The balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in Iams helps nourish the skin and leaves the signature short, smooth coat of the English Pointer looking healthy and glossy.

The Omega 6 fatty acids help soothe and relieve dry, irritated skin that English Pointers are prone to. Rich in linoleic acid, these omegas act as natural anti-inflammatories that can mitigate itching and infections.

Similarly, the Omega 3s with EPA and DHA nurture skin and coat by regulating oil production. This helps control issues like dandruff and dull coat commonly seen in the breed. The fatty acids contribute to collagen formation as well, supporting skin elasticity and a shiny coat.

With its repertoire of omegas and nutrients, Iams Complete supplements skin integrity and gives English Pointers relief from common coat and skin troubles. The well-nourished skin and lustrous coat are clear marks of the optimal inner health and diet.

So in summary, Iams Complete Dry Dog Food is a great solution that meets the elevated nutritional demands of high-energy English Pointers. With top-quality proteins, digestive fibers, essential fatty acids and more, this food supports muscle strength, stomach health, skin and coat – everything needed to fuel an active English Pointer.

IAMS Complete Dry Dog Food for Adult 1+ Small and Medium Breeds with Chicken 12 kg
  • IAMS for Vitality with fresh chicken for small and medium breed adult dogs is a 100% complete and balanced pet food that nourishes your dog's healthy vitality & Supporting 7 signs of healthy vitality
  • Tailored fibre blend including prebiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion & With high quality animal protein and essential minerals to help maintain strong muscles
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 to support healthy skin and shiny coat & Enriched with essential minerals and vitamin D to support strong bones
  • Crunchy kibbles and tailored mineral levels to help reduce tartar build up for healthy teeth
  • Contains antioxidant blend with vitamin C & E to help the immune system
  • Supports muscle health, digestive wellness, skin and coat condition with high-quality animal protein sources
  • Contains prebiotics and beet pulp to promote good gut flora and easy digestion
  • Optimizes digestive health for the sensitive stomachs prone in the breed
  • High animal protein content helps maintain strong muscles and energetic spirit
  • May not eliminate all possible food intolerances issues
  • Does not specifically address joint health
  • Kibble texture may not appeal to some picky eaters
Burgess Sensitive Dry Dog Food Lamb, 12.5 kg (Pack of 1)

Managing Dietary Sensitivities

A key aspect of Burgess Sensitive is the hypoallergenic formula made with premium lamb meal as the first ingredient. With a novel protein and limited ingredients, this recipe greatly lowers the chances of adverse reactions in sensitive English Pointers.

Lamb meal is a rich protein source and less likely to trigger allergies than common culprits like chicken, beef or dairy. The limited, natural ingredients also reduce the likelihood of intolerance issues in delicate English Pointer stomachs.

Without allergenic components, Burgess Sensitive provides total nutrition without compromising digestive comfort – critical for the breed’s sensitive biology. This allows English Pointers with food sensitivities to enjoy a wholesome diet that maintains their energy and supports long-term wellness.

Nutritional Balance for Sensitive Systems

Despite being designed for sensitive constitutions, Burgess Sensitive supplies balanced nutrition to fuel an active English Pointer. High-quality lamb protein promotes lean muscle development crucial for the breed’s athleticism while fish oils nourish skin and coat health.

Natural beet pulp gently regulates digestion while delivering vital nutrients that sensitive English Pointer systems can actually absorb without irritation. Added vitamins and minerals also cater to the elevated nutritional requirements of the energetic breed.

So while it avoids problematic ingredients, Burgess Sensitive doesn’t compromise on complete nutrition through easily digestible yet nourishing components. This diet caters to the unique biological needs of sensitive English Pointers focusing on both digestive comfort and nutritional well-being.

Transitioning to Burgess Sensitive

Switching a sensitive English Pointer to any new food requires a gradual transition to prevent digestive upset. First, mix a small portion of Burgess Sensitive kibble into the dog’s original food. Slowly adjust the ratio over 10-14 days until Burgess Sensitive makes up the entire meal. This steady shift allows the digestive system to adjust.

Monitor stool quality during the change. Loose stool or constipation indicates the transition should be slower. With patience and close observation, Burgess Sensitive can become the staple diet.

Long term, be watchful for allergy symptoms like skin irritation, loose stool, vomiting or low energy. This may indicate an undiagnosed sensitivity to a particular ingredient. Try a veterinary hypoallergenic diet in such cases.

The key is gradual, monitored introduction of Burgess Sensitive for sensitive English Pointers. Have patience and consult your veterinarian if any concerning symptoms manifest. With some care, most dogs can transition successfully.

So Burgess Sensitive Dry Dog Food takes a hypoallergenic and highly digestible approach tailored to English Pointers with sensitive stomachs. Gently nourishing and protein-rich, it minimizes adverse food reactions while providing balanced nutrition essential for the breed. This sensitivity-focused formula lets all English Pointers enjoy a wholesome diet that supports their signature energetic spirit.

Burgess Sensitive Dry Dog Food Lamb, 12.5 kg (Pack of 1)
  • We’ve changed the look, but we still have the same trusted recipe for your sensitive dogs
  • Burgess Sensitive dog food is made without many of the typical ingredients that can cause sensitivities for dogs
  • Burgess Sensitive dry dog food lamb is formulated to support a sensitive tummy
  • Builds strong bones and joints
  • Helps to grow a glossy, shiny coat
  • Prebiotics to support good bacteria in the gut
  • Helps to form solid poos!
  • Antioxidants and vitamins to support the immune system
  • Hypoallergenic recipe with premium lamb meal reduces chances of adverse food reactions
  • Manages dietary sensitivities with limited, natural ingredients
  • Provides balanced nutrition from gentle yet nutritious ingredients
  • Easy to transition gradually to avoid digestive upset
  • Single protein source lacks variety some dogs enjoy
  • Needs careful transition monitoring for digestive comfort
  • May be insufficient for highly athletic dogs
Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Medium Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition

High-Protein Diet for Active English Pointers

The leading protein sources in Harringtons Advanced Science Diet are fresh chicken and chicken meal, providing a powerhouse of essential amino acids. These high-quality proteins help maintain the lean muscle mass crucial for an athletic breed like the English Pointer.

The amino acids aid muscle growth and repair, allowing English Pointers to sustain optimal muscle tone. This supports their inherent strengths – speed, agility and endurance that make them such versatile sporting dogs. The right protein diet prevents muscle loss while fueling sustained energy.

Further, the tailored phosphorus and calcium levels in Harringtons Advanced Science Diet regulates bone and joint health to complement robust muscles. This balances key nutrient levels for structural soundness during an English Pointer’s work and play.

So with strategic protein sources and complete nutritional balance, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet supplies the muscular diet English Pointers need to thrive.

Vitaguard for Immune Support

Vitaguard is Harrington’s blend of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants targeted to boost canine health. Tailored for medium breeds, Vitaguard enhances cell protection and regeneration – ideal for high-energy English Points prone to oxidative damage from extreme athleticism.

Vitamin E and C act as antioxidants, minimizing cell damage from free radicals that accelerates aging. These vitamins also support tissue repair, ideal for active dogs. Minerals like zinc, selenium and iron contribute to proper immune function as well, allowing English Pointers to stave off illness and infection.

The Vitaguard complexes enhance overall wellness while combating issues like arthritis, heart disease and slowed metabolism that can plague aging athletic dogs. This allows English Pointers to sustain their signature lively temperament over many years.

Environmental and Health Conscious Feeding

Harringtons Advanced Science Diet uses thoughtful sourcing and production methods to create a diet that nourishes canine health as well as environmental health.

Sustainably farmed Scottish salmon delivers a rich yet eco-friendly source of protein and omega fatty acids to nourish skin, coat and teeth. Free-range chicken provides amino acids to develop strong muscles without taxing environmental resources.

Even the kibble bag is recyclable, continuing the commitment to sustainability. Such conscientious sourcing ensures key nutrients without unnecessary processing or unethical methods – the healthiest approach for dogs and the planet.

Further, food intolerance issues in English Pointers can result from artificial additives found in many commercial diets. Harringtons Advanced Science Diet incorporates wholesome, natural ingredients to minimize this risk – benefitting both digestive health and nutrition assimilation in sensitive English Pointers.

With environmentally sustainable ingredients and manufacturing, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet crafts a wholesome diet truly aligned to the natural nutritional needs of English Pointers for optimal wellness and vitality.

So in a nutshell, Harringtons Advanced Science Diet provides a super-premium complete diet ideal for athletic English Pointers. With consciously-sourced proteins, protective antioxidant complexes and digestible ingredients, it fuels muscle strength, resilience and longevity in these active sporting dogs – everything an English Pointer needs to support their distinctive high-energy lifestyle.

Harringtons Advanced Science Diet Medium Breed Dry Dog Food 2kg, pack of 4 - Vet Endorsed Nutrition
  • 1. THE NATURAL CHOICE - At Harringtons, we believe every dog deserves natural food that's balanced, wholesome and tasty. From puppies to seniors to special diets, we make a range that's perfect for you.
  • 2. VET ENDORSED - Harringtons Advanced Science Diet is a vet endorsed dog food that is naturally enhanced for your dog’s health & well-being.
  • 3. TAILORED RECIPES - Each of the 3 Advanced Science Diet refcipes are carefully formulated with added benefits to meet the specific needs of different breed sizes.
  • 4. CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - As part of our efforts to keep packaging to a minimum and help send less packaging waste to landfill, this pack is 100% polyethylene and can be recycled.
  • 5. MADE IN THE UK – Harringtons dog food is proudly made by ourselves right here in the UK and has been family run since 1923.
  • High-quality protein sources help maintain lean muscle mass
  • Vitaguard complex enhances cell protection and regeneration
  • Thoughtful sourcing and production for optimal wellness
  • Digestibility minimizes intolerance risks
  • Variety of proteins makes isolating allergies tricky
  • Salmon oil could trigger sensitivity
  • High cost may limit affordability
Wonderdog Original Dog Food with Joint Care & Herb Blend 15kg

Joint Care and Mobility

As athletic dogs built for endurance sports, joint health is paramount for English Pointers to maintain their active lifestyles long-term. Wonderdog Original contains supplements that directly support joint comfort and flexibility.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are compound that occur naturally in healthy cartilage and synovial fluid. Their inclusion enhances cushioning between bones, prevents cartilage breakdown and reduces inflammation – promoting smooth, pain-free movement. These are crucial for minimizing hip and elbow dysplasia that the breed is prone to.

Fish body oils provide anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids EPA and DHA that lubricate joints and improve resilience. This combination gives essential nutritional support for joint integrity as English Pointers mature.

With these tailored ingredients, Wonderdog Original sustains mobility and comfort during exercise and play. This maintains the athletic talents and energetic temperament that define English Pointers.

Skin and Coat Health

The omega fatty acids in Wonderdog Original derived from fish and flaxseed also nourish skin and coat health. The EPA and DHA support skin integrity and healing while reducing discomfort. These omegas contribute to a glossy coat by regulating oil distribution and hydration.

This is beneficial for English Pointers as the short, smooth coat is prone to dry skin and associated dullness and itching. The essential fatty acids help mitigate these issues while supporting overall health reflected in a vibrant, shiny coat.

Additionally, the balanced omega 3 and 6 profile ensures adequate inflammation control to keep skincomfortable. Skin discomfort can quickly impact an energetic pointer’s spirit so Wonderdog Original proactively addresses this.

Dental Health and Energy Levels

The kibble bits in Wonderdog Original provide a crunchy texture that helps clean teeth and reduce plaque buildup as English Pointers chew. This promotes healthy gums and teeth so the breed can comfortably and safely enjoy bones and toys.

Further, the cereal-based kibbles offer slow burning carbohydrates. As English Pointers are working dogs requiring sustained energy over long periods, this gradual fuel release maintains stamina and prevents mid-day crashes. Complex carbs and fiber also aid digestion, providing hassle-free nutritional utilization for inherent sensitive stomachs.

The dental and energy benefits let English Pointers focus on what they love – exercise, play and lots of outdoor adventures without discomfort or interruptions!

With joint relievers, essential fatty acids for skin and texture for dental health, Wonderdog Original provides complete nutrition and targeted support. This allows even mature English Pointers to continue enjoying their signature energetic temperaments and athletic talents for years to come. Overall, this diet helps enhance longevity and quality of life – everything an active, sporting breed could need.

Wonderdog Original Dog Food with Joint Care & Herb Blend 15kg
  • With meaty chunks in real meat juices
  • Natural antioxidants to support the immune system
  • Essential fatty acids to help nourish the coat and maintain healthy eyes
  • Crunchy cooked cereals for energy, vitality and healthy gums
  • Glucosamine and oils support joint health and mobility
  • Essential fatty acids nourish skin integrity and lustrous coat
  • Crunchy kibbles clean teeth and provide sustained energy
  • Allows mature dogs to stay energetic and comfortable
  • Carb-heavy formula may disrupt sensitive digestion
  • Omega profile could be richer
  • Less tailored to puppy or senior lifestages
Wellness CORE Adult Ocean, Dry Dog Food, Dog Food Dry For Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat, Grain Free, High Fish Content, Salmon & Tuna, 10 kg

Omega-3 Rich Diet for Skin Health

The star ingredient in Adult Ocean is salmon meal, providing a powerhouse of protein and omega-3 fatty acids from EPA and DHA. These omega-3s possess potent anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for smoothing and nourishing sensitive English Pointer skin.

By regulating inflammation and oil distribution, the omega-3s can mitigate dryness, itching and associated infections. They assist skin barrier repair as well which helps resolve common coat issues like dandruff or dullness. Omega-3s also contribute to noticeable coat gloss, reflecting the overall health and comfort of the dog.

This fish oil nutrition supports skin integrity from within allowing the short yet elegant coat of English Pointers to stay lush and healthy to complement their natural elegance and athleticism.

Digestive Health with Natural Ingredients

Wellness CORE Adult Ocean contains easily digestible grains that nourish without disrupting sensitive English Pointer stomachs. Instead the diet relies on nourishing fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli and apples. These offer a spectrum of micronutrients from Vitamins A, E, B complex and more to support total-body wellness.

Further, the antioxidant richness aids gentle detoxification to facilitate efficient food breakdown and hassle-free absorption – ideal for sensitive digestive constitutions. The ingredients contribute prebiotic fiber as well that maintains the optimal gut flora crucial for smooth digestion.

With premium proteins, fruits and vegetables, this formula provides balanced nutrition in a naturally digestible form English Pointers can actually utilize, allowing them to receive the full benefits.

Joint and Mobility Support

As sporting dogs built for endurance activities, healthy joint function is essential for maintaining English Pointers’ active lifestyles. Wellness CORE Adult Ocean contains active natural compounds to sustain joint comfort and mobility.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate replenish the cartilage and lubricating fluids that protect joints from wear and tear. This allows preserving shock absorption and frictionless movement to prevent lameness issues associated with exercise. These joints supplements support the demands of an athletic lifestyle.

Further the omega-3s have natural anti-inflammatory properties that ease swelling, stiffness and discomfort. This keeps English Pointers nimble and energetic even with high activity or as they mature.

With premium proteins for lean muscle alongside targeted joint support, this diet matches the elevated nutritional demands of athletic English Pointers. Wellness CORE Adult Ocean delivers complete health support so the breed can enjoy their distinctive zest for life with ease, comfort and vitality.

Wellness CORE Adult Ocean, Dry Dog Food, Dog Food Dry For Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat, Grain Free, High Fish Content, Salmon & Tuna, 10 kg
  • HEALTHY SKIN AND SHINY COAT: Our CORE Adult Ocean perfectly supports a healthy skin and shiny coat for your dog thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids from salmon.
  • FRESH FISH AS MAIN INGREDIENT: The dry dog food contains a pure fish formula to support your dog’s sensitive stomach.
  • HEALTHY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: Our Wellness CORE Adult Ocean is easy to digest and contains prebiotic fibre and probiotics, providing your furry friend with a healthy digestive system!
  • LOW CARBS AND NO FILLERS: Our recipes are grain-free, supporting a high-protein and a fish-rich nutrition for your dog.
  • STRENGTHENING HIPS AND JOINTS: The mobility of adult dogs will be supported by guaranteed amounts of glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate and controlled sodium levels.
  • NATURAL HYPOALLERGENIC DOG FOOD: Our product does not contain cereals, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, eggs, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • Rich omega-3s enhance skin health and nourishment
  • Natural fruits and vegetables aid gentle detoxification
  • Glucosamine and oils support joint comfort and movement
  • Easily digestible recipe avoids common sensitivities
  • Single protein limits diet customization
  • Strong fish odor unappealing to some
  • Pricey for regular purchase
PRO PLAN® Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food Healthy Start Rich in Chicken 3kg

Immune System Development

Pro Plan contains the optimal balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to nurture a strong immune system in growing English Pointers. Key components like vitamin E, zinc and selenium boost cell-mediated response, antibody production and pathogen resistance.

Vitamin E holds anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that protect against cell damage from toxins and waste, keeping tissues healthy. Zinc regulates immune cell signalling and replication for a balanced response. Selenium supports antibody creation and immune memory.

Together these immune supporters enhance infection resistance during development so English Pointers remain vibrant. They also reduce inflammation and arthritis risk later in life – common concerns for aging athletic breeds.

So through precise nutrient ratios, Pro Plan lays the nutritional foundation for lifelong immune competence and health.

Dental Health and Oral Care

The kibble bits in Pro Plan feature a crunchy, porous texture that helps clean accumulated plaque and tartar from English Pointer teeth during chewing. This friction action wipes away bacteria, preventing decay, infection and periodontal disease.

Further, ingredients like brewer’s rice and corn bran offer insoluble fiber that scrape teeth surfaces as they pass through the digestive tract. This dual mechanical action keeps teeth clean, fresh and functional.

Dental issues can quickly compromise body-wide health not to mention quality of life for sporting dogs. Pro Plan’s tooth-friendly kibble texture and fiber maintain healthy gums and teeth so English Pointers can comfortably and safely enjoy bones, toys and activities.

Joint Health for Active Lifestyles

Pro Plan contains a joint health complex with natural compounds like glucosamine and chondroitin to protect cartilage and maintain fluid joints. These building blocks are vital for cushioning bone connections during the demands of high activity in athletic English Pointers.

Added manganese regulates connective tissue synthesis to ensure ligament flexibility and resilience. Omega fatty acids like DHA lubricate joints, prevent inflammation and ease stiffness from environmental exposures or high exercise levels.

This nutritional support sustains comfortable range of motion and weight distribution across the hips and shoulders – essential for dynamic dogs that love to run and play outdoors.

The tailored joint relief nutrients allow English Pointers to continue enjoying their energetic temperaments well into maturity. Overall, Pro Plan Medium Dry Dog Food provides safety-assured nutrition modified for the unique needs of developing, active English Pointers at every life stage.

PRO PLAN® Medium Puppy Dry Dog Food Healthy Start Rich in Chicken 3kg
  • Enables puppies' developing immune system to react efficiently
  • Specific ingredient to help support natural defences and long term health
  • Formulated for total Dental Care
  • A combination of key nutrients that helps to support healthy joints for puppies’ active lifestyle
  • Made with high quality pieces of chicken
  • Nutrient ratios support lifelong immune competence
  • Kibble bits clean teeth and reduce plaque issues
  • Contains glucosamine and omega oils for joint integrity
  • Provides tailored nutrition for all lifestages
  • Generic medium breed diet lacks customization
  • Numerous protein sources complicate allergy diagnosis
  • Artificial preservatives disrupt sensitive digestion
The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Small or Medium Breeds, Vitamin C and E Formula with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg

Protein-Rich Diet for Muscle Health

The leading ingredient in The Hunger of the Wolf is deboned chicken meal, delivering a powerhouse of essential amino acids for lean muscle development and efficient energy conversion.

These proteins provide the building blocks to maintain the sleek yet strong musculature of the English Pointer, supporting their strength and agility. Key amino acids facilitate rapid muscle repair and growth, allowing this breed to sustain an athletic, tireless spirit during field activities.

The formulation also regulates phosphorus and calcium levels to ensure optimal nutrient utilization for structural health. Overall, the tailored protein content helps preserve the innate agility and endurance that makes English Pointers such versatile sporting companions.

Immune System Enhancement

This diet contains a balance of antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin C to combat inflammation and cell damage that can accelerate aging. These support immune function and longevity to complement the active lifestyles.

Vitamin E minimizes damage from exerciser-generated free radicals while bolstering overall resistance. Vitamin C aids collagen production for tissue repair and recovery from outdoor activity demands.

These immune reinforcers help English Pointers stay vigorous and healthy over many years of companionship. They also help secure nutritional absorption to truly elevate wellness.

Natural Ingredients for Digestive Health

The Hunger of the Wolf avoids allergenic grains like wheat or corn and instead uses digestible rice bran with prebiotic fibers that regulate digestion. This ensures sensitive English Pointer stomachs can access nutrients without disruption or discomfort.

Further, essential fatty acids from fish oil enhance nutrient absorption while easing inflammation that can trigger stomach distress. Antioxidants from real veggies and fruits also contribute digestive enzymes for balance.

With vitamin-rich, nourishing ingredients free of fillers, this diet offers complete daily health support aligned to English Pointer requirements. The Hunger of the Wolf empowers the breed to thrive with strength, comfort and an age-defying lively spirit.

The Hunger of the Wolf Dry Dog Food - For Small or Medium Breeds, Vitamin C and E Formula with Chicken, Adult - 14 kg
  • Ideal for adult dogs of small and medium breeds - the size, structure and shape of these kibbles are adapted to suit small and medium dog breeds.
  • Healthy formula - contains essential amino acids for tissue recovery, all-round good health and also Vitamins E and C which increase immunity, enhance cell protection and regeneration.
  • No added gluten, free of soya and chemical dyes. No artificial preservatives. Only natural antioxidants.
  • The real label - 280 g of chicken meal in 1 kg of food corresponds to 1120 g of fresh meat. In The Hunger of The Wolf dog food we use a meal so we do not claim very high content of raw meat only to make the labels look much better to the consumer than they really are. Raw meat may contain 70%-90% water. For example chicken meal is simply fresh chicken that has already been cooked to remove moisture – this makes it a much more highly-concentrated source of protein.
  • A delicious taste your dog will love - by creating this dog food we remembered about ancestors of dogs - wolves, which are true carnivores, therefore, the main ingredient of our food is always meat.
  • Deboned chicken meal rich in amino acids for lean muscles
  • Antioxidant fruits and vegetables boost immune vigor
  • Prebiotic fibers regulate digestion smoothly
  • Avoids allergy-triggering grains like wheat or corn
  • High moisture kibble can spoil quickly
  • Sustainably-sourced ingredients limit diet options
  • Requires combining with wet food for some dogs
Lily's Kitchen Natural Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken & Duck Grain-Free Recipe 2.5kg

Fresh Ingredients for Optimal Health

The first ingredients in this diet are freshly prepared chicken and duck meat, delivering a tasty and rich protein source English Pointers love. Being freshly made preserves the nutritional integrity lost in conventional high-heat dog food processing.

These quality meats provide a highly bioavailable amino acid profile to nourish muscles, organs and natural processes. This supports graceful movement, sustained energy and peak condition for sporting dogs like English Pointers.

Duck meat offers a novelChange protein that reduces potential for developing food sensitivitiescommon in the breed. It provides a texture and taste dogs enjoy as well.

Overall these fresh meat proteins cater to the English Pointer’s sensitive biology while satisfying their energetic spirit.

Grain-Free Recipe for Sensitive Digestion

Lily’s Kitchen avoids allergy-triggering grains like wheat or corn and uses digestible carbs like sweet potatoinstead. This ensures sensitive English Pointer stomachs can access nutrients without disruption or discomfort.

Gently nourishing fruits and vegetables also provide prebiotic fiber to support healthy gut flora and nutrient assimilation – ideal for sensitive constitutions. Antioxidants within further ease inflammation that can upset stomachs.

So despite avoiding grains, this diet delivers balanced daily nutrition calibrated for efficient use by English Pointers for sustained vitality. The thoughtful formulation provides comfort and nourishment sensitively.

Supporting Joint Health

Lily’s Kitchen formulas incorporate compounds like glucosamine and chondroitin to protect cartilage and cushion joints during dynamic activities. As sporting dogs built for endurance running, healthy joint function is essential for maintaining English Pointers’ active lifestyles into maturity.

Added MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) also enhances shock absorption while lubricating joints to prevent wearing or grating sensations that can disrupt play.

This joint support allows preserving the agility and effortless gait inherent in English Pointers regardless of age or activity level. It sustains the mobility and flexibility this elegant breed thrives with.

Overall, Lily’s Kitchen crafts diets that align with English Pointer health considerations from nose to tail. With fresh ingredients, digestible carbs and joint support, this food empowers the breed’s high-energy spirit to shine reliably every day.

Lily's Kitchen Natural Adult Dry Dog Food Chicken & Duck Grain-Free Recipe 2.5kg
  • Keep your pooch happy and healthy with this complete and balanced, grain-free recipe dry food for dogs 4 months+
  • This dog food is made with natural ingredients including freshly prepared meat and offal. We’re talking 31% fresh chicken and 8% freshly prepared duck, steamed cooked for gentle digestion
  • Once your woofer has devoured their dry food, why not try the rest of our delicious dog food made with natural ingredients. From wet food, dental and treats. Our natural food is suitable for small, medium and large dogs
  • As a B Corp company, we are committed to our target to be fully recyclable by 2025. To find out more about our sustainable initiatives, and how we use our business as a force for good! Visit our brandstore
  • Here at Lily’s Kitchen, we make proper food using responsibly sourced ingredients and freshly prepared meat and offal, so we can provide your pet with wholesome, natural food. Only the best for your furry family
  • Fresh chicken and duck offer tasty, highly bioavailable nutrition
  • Digestible carbs like sweet potato avoid disrupting stomachs
  • Glucosamine and oils cushion joints during activity
  • Starts with quality proteins tailored for sensitive dogs
  • Limited protein variety
  • Contains flaxseed which can trigger allergies
  • Small kibble size inadequate for large breeds
WAFCOL Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Small and Medium Breeds - 12 kg Pack, transparent

Single Source Protein for Digestive Ease

Wafcol Adult Sensitive features high-quality salmon as the sole animal protein. Fish is naturally gentle on sensitive stomachs, reducing the likelihood of adverse food reactions. Compared to complex proteins like chicken or beef that can trigger allergies, salmon offers a simple protein profile easier to break down.

Grain-free carbohydrates like antioxidant-rich potato give an easily digestible energy source to fuel activity. Potato is a natural prebiotic as well, nourishing healthy gut flora for smooth digestion.

This limited, hypoallergenic recipe avoids ingredients most likely to cause stomach upset, while offering balanced nutrition in an easily assimilated form. So even delicate English Pointer stomachs can receive the tailored sustenance they require.

Dental Health and Oral Hygiene

The kibble texture in Wafcol features a crunchy exterior and tender interior, delivering a tooth-friendly experience. As English Pointers chew, the exterior kibble contours scrape plaque from tooth surfaces while the inside becomes a smooth paste to prevent tarter buildup.

This dual mechanical action reduces bacteria accumulation known to inflame gums and damage tooth roots if unchecked. Healthy teeth allow dogs to comfortably and safely play with balls, bones and toys critical for an active breed like the English Pointer.

So through its intentional crispy-smooth kibble texture, Wafcol provides dental care English Pointers require for whole body wellness.

Skin and Coat Nourishment

Wafcol Adult Sensitive contains an expert blend of omega fatty acids and antioxidants called Profeed designed specifically for skin and coat health.bSalmon oil provides anti-inflammatory omega-3s EPA and DHA to nourish skin integrity, smooth irritation and enhance lustre. Added seaweed enhances collagen production for elasticity and healthy circulation.

Antioxidant vitamins E and C balance oil distribution, support healing and assist hair follicle strength. These compounds target common coat issues like dry skin, excessive shedding or dullness.

So while soothing sensitive stomachs, nutrient assimilation from this diet also reflects outwardly through a healthy skin and signature smooth, short coat that completes an English Pointer’s graceful profile.

Overall Wafcol Adult Sensitive provides essential tailored nutrition to energetic English Pointers with delicate digestions. Its hypoallergenic recipe relieves stomach upsets, the kibble texture maintains strong teeth and the Profeed complex enhances skin and fur health. This sensitivity-focused food allows the beloved breed to fully shine inside and out.

WAFCOL Adult Sensitive Dog Food - Salmon & Potato - Grain Free Dog Food for Small and Medium Breeds - 12 kg Pack, transparent
  • SENSITIVE DOG FOOD: With a single source of fish protein, this dog food is gentle on sensitive digestive systems - with salmon as the single fish protein source and potato as the main carbohydrate source. Wafcol Salmon and Potato also contains probiotics that are proven to help improve dogs’ digestion.
  • DEVELOPED BY A LEADING DERMATOLOGIST: Our Salmon & Potato dog food recipe is a non-prescription sensitive diet developed and approved by vets, following the strictest exclusion principles. It offers a competitively priced sensitive food without compromising on quality.
  • HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: The crunchy texture of the Salmon and Potato dog food prevents the buildup of plaque and tartar, working with zinc and calcium to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • FULL OF GOODNESS: Containing Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and seaweed, both of which are rich in iodine and necessary for many functions including the growth and repair of tissues as well as to help promote healthy skin and coat.
  • GRAIN FREE: Wafcol Salmon & Potato is a hypoallergenic dog food and contains no cereals such as wheat and wheat gluten, maize, rice, barley, rye and oats. They also exclude red meat, poultry, white fish, dairy products, soya and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Item display weight: 12.0 kilograms.
  • Gentle salmon protein reduces likelihood of reactions
  • Crunchy kibble texture cleans teeth naturally
  • Profeed complex targets skin and coat health
  • Specially designed for delicate digestions
  • Heavy reliance on salmon oil for omegas
  • May insufficiently support high athletic demands
  • Potato carbohydrates lack nutritional diversity
James Wellbeloved Adult Grain-Free Small Breed Turkey & Rice 7.5 kg Bag, Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food

Hypoallergenic Formula for Sensitive Stomachs

James Wellbeloved grain-free range avoids allergenic culprits like beef, pork, dairy and egg while focusing on novel proteins like turkey more easily tolerated. This reduces the likelihood of triggering discomfort or irritation within delicate English Pointer stomachs.

Grains notorious for sensitivities like wheat or soy are swapped for nourishing potatoes and sweet potatoes that still deliver energy. The limited ingredients mean fewer opportunities for intolerance while retaining complete nutrition.

So without common sensitizing components, English Pointers can receive the tailored sustenance they require for balanced wellness without gastric disruption.

Single Source Animal Protein

Featured is turkey meal as the sole animal protein source, providing a rich foundation of essential amino acids. Turkey delivers bioavailable nutrition without complex proteins associated with sensitivity.

Compared to beef or chicken, turkey features a simpler molecular profile that many dogs find easy to break down and digest. The nutrition supports graceful movement, sustained energy and resilient health.

As the only animal protein and first ingredient, this formula allows sensitive systems to access amino acids without irritation. Paired with potatoes, it makes a soothing yet powerfully nourishing combo for sensitive English Pointers.

Supporting Digestive Health with Prebiotics

This recipe includes chicory root, a natural source of prebiotic fiber and fructans that gently regulate digestion. The fiber blend activates growth of intestinal microflora like Bifidobacteria that reduce inflammation and ease stomach sensitivity.

Prebiotic fibers also enhance nutritional absorption by slowing digestion, allowing the sensitive intestinal lining more opportunity to uptake nutrients. This maximizes nutritional utility.

Chicory delivers these benefits gently without exacerbating delicate digestive systems. Combined with easy-to-digest proteins and amino acids, James Wellbeloved empowers even sensitive English Pointers to thrive comfortably.

In summary, James Wellbeloved Adult grain-free recipes provide optimal sensitive nutrition so English Pointers receive the support they need, minus what they don’t. With turkey protein for muscles and prebiotic fibers for digestive care, it allows sensitive dogs to access complete daily nutrition tailored to their needs for active balanced wellness.

James Wellbeloved Adult Grain-Free Small Breed Turkey & Rice 7.5 kg Bag, Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food
  • Hypoallergenic dog food for pets with sensitivities, selected natural ingredients, no added artificial flavours, colours, or antioxidants
  • Grain free small breed dog food with a single source animal protein recipe excludes common allergens beef, pork, soya, eggs, dairy and wheat easy to digest for pets with grain sensitivities
  • Dog food dry with vitamin E and minerals to support the immune system, omega 6 fatty acids and zinc to promote healthy skin and coat
  • Turkey meal - A delicious source of protein with essential minerals, peas a natural source of protein, potato a highly digestible carbohydrate
  • Chicory extract – A source of prebiotic inulin helping to maintain the gut flora, yucca a natural deodoriser for less smelly poos, smaller kibble for small breed dogs' smaller mouths
  • Novel turkey protein avoids common allergens
  • Chicory root prebiotics enhance digestion
  • Simple turkey profile easily broken down
  • Provides tailored sensitive nutrition
  • Lacks variety some dogs enjoy
  • Diet customization is limited
  • Less focus on joint or mobility health

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