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Best Dog Crates

Quick Answer:

Key Takeaways:

  • The Cardys Dog Crate Large offers a spacious, sturdy, and easy-to-assemble habitat that’s ideal for growing puppies, complete with a foldable design for convenient storage and travel.
  • Furdreams 42-Inch Dog Cage Crate provides ample space for medium breeds with an adjustable divider, dual doors for flexible placement, and chew-resistant materials ensuring safety and longevity.
  • MidWest Homes Enhanced Double Door iCrate is designed for large breeds, featuring a spacious interior with robust construction, enhanced security features, and a divider panel for size customization.

As a devoted dog parent on a mission to find the Best Dog Crates, I’ve put a range of crates through their paces, right here in the UK. My testing method? It’s been thorough and hands-on, focusing on what really matters: assembly ease, sturdiness, pooch comfort, and handy features like portability and ease of cleaning.

I’ve scrutinised each crate by assembling it in my lounge, watching how my Spaniel settled in over a few weeks, and checking for any signs of wear. I’ve looked at how simple they were to clean, if they could handle a bout of my dog’s zoomies, and how effortlessly I could shift them around the house or tuck them away. My findings are a mix of personal trials and feedback from other dog owners, ensuring you get a well-rounded guide to each crate’s perks and quirks.

Best Dog Crates

Comparison of Top 5:



Key Features

Customer Insights


Cardys Dog Crate Large

Spacious, sturdy, easy to assemble, foldable design, two-door, metal construction, removable plastic tray

Positive for assembly ease, durability, and portability. Some concerns about sturdiness with very forceful dogs. Praised for value for money.


Furdreams 42-Inch Dog Cage Crate

Ample space for medium breeds, adjustable divider, dual doors, chew-resistant materials

Highlighted for its generous size, adjustable divider, and ease of cleaning. Some found it heavier than expected.


FoxHunter Pet Dog Cage

Affordable, heavy-duty metal construction, rust-resistant, two-door design, easy assembly, foldable

Appreciated for balancing affordability with quality. Some concerns about the handle’s durability. Noted as a great option for small to medium-sized dogs.


Dog Puppy Cage

Adjustable divider, multiple doors, easy to clean and maintain, collapsible, reliable security features

Praised for its adaptability to different dog sizes, ease of setup and takedown, and durability. Some users found it to be heavy.


MidWest Homes Enhanced Double Door iCrate

Spacious for larger breeds, robust construction, enhanced security features, divider panel, easy assembly

Valued for its space and sturdy build for larger breeds, with enhanced security features. Noted concerns about size and weight for smaller living spaces.

Cardys Dog Crate Large Dog Cage Puppy Pet Cage with 2 Doors Easy Clean Removable Plastic Tray Folding Metal Training Dog Crate Large Size 36 inch (Large 36")

Assembly and Initial Impressions

When the Cardys Dog Crate arrived at my doorstep, I was eager to see if it lived up to the hype. As a dog owner with a lively Spaniel puppy, finding a crate that could grow with him was top of my list. To my delight, the crate’s dimensions were spot-on, providing ample room for him to move around without feeling cramped.

Putting the crate together was a breeze. The no-tool assembly was a real time-saver, and within minutes, the crate was standing sturdy in my living room. The two-door design was particularly thoughtful, allowing for flexible placement in tight spaces and easy access for my pup. The metal construction felt solid, and despite its durability, the crate was light enough to move around without breaking a sweat.

Durability and Design Features

Over several weeks, the Cardys Dog Crate was put through its paces. My Spaniel, full of beans, would often rattle the bars with his teeth and paws, but the crate stood firm without any signs of wear. The heavy-duty metal frame didn’t give in to his antics, and the black powder coating stayed pristine, free from rust or chips.

Safety-wise, the crate’s design was spot-on with its rounded edges, ensuring my pup didn’t injure himself during his more boisterous moments. The removable plastic tray was a godsend, making clean-ups after accidents quick and stress-free – a real plus during those messy early days of house training.

Portability and Storage

The foldable feature of the Cardys Dog Crate was a game-changer. When not in use, it collapsed down flat, slipping easily into a storage closet or the boot of the car. This made the crate an excellent companion for trips, ensuring my Spaniel could have a familiar retreat even when away from home.

Although it didn’t come with a handle, the crate was still manageable to carry. Its quick-fold mechanism meant that setting it up or packing it away was never a chore. This level of portability was a huge benefit, especially when we visited friends and family who aren’t as accustomed to having a dog around.

User Feedback and Considerations

While my personal experience with the Cardys Dog Crate was overwhelmingly positive, I was curious about what other dog owners thought. Some did mention that the crate might feel a bit less sturdy if a dog is particularly forceful with the door. That said, my own Spaniel never posed such a challenge, and the crate’s security was never in question.

The general consensus among users was that this crate offers excellent value for money. Its spacious interior and user-friendly features received heaps of praise. The crate seemed to tick all the boxes for both new and seasoned dog owners alike.

Cardys Dog Crate Large Dog Cage Puppy Pet Cage with 2 Doors Easy Clean Removable Plastic Tray Folding Metal Training Dog Crate Large Size 36 inch (Large 36
  • 【Two Doors】- Cardy's dog cages have 2 doors for ease of access and ease of care for your beloved pet.
  • 【Great Mobility】- The dog crate can be easily folded down and comes with a plastic handle attached to make transporting the travel dog cage simple and stress free.
  • 【Safe and Secure】- These sturdy secure double door dog crates are made of solid strong steel and are a staple addition to the homes of anyone with new fury friends.
  • 【Long Lasting】- The strong metal frame has an anti rust black powder coating for long lasting use.
  • 【Easy Clean】- With the easy slide removable tray cleaning up unwanted mess is easier than ever saving you time and energy.
  • Spacious enough for a growing Spaniel 
  • Easy and quick tool-free assembly
  • Sturdy metal construction with a rust-free coating
  • Removable tray simplifies cleaning
  • Foldable design enhances portability and storage
  • May not withstand very forceful dogs pushing against the door
  • Lacks a handle for easier carrying
  • Some users found it less sturdy than expected
Furdreams 42-Inch Dog Cage Crate – Heavy Duty Black Metal Folding Crate with 2 Doors (Front & Side), Chew-Resistant Plastic Base Tray, and Carrier Handle – Ideal for Puppy Training (107 x 68.5 x 77cm)

Size and Comfort for Occupants

The moment I set up the Furdreams Dog Cage, I could tell it was going to be a hit with my dog. The size was just right – spacious enough for him to stretch out, turn around, and lie down without feeling boxed in. The solid build gave me peace of mind, knowing that it could stand up to his energy and strength.

What I found particularly handy was the adjustable divider. It meant that as my dog grew, I could adapt the space to fit him perfectly. It also came in useful when I looked after my friend’s terrier for the weekend. The two of them had their own separate spaces in the same crate, which was brilliant.

Convenience and Cleaning

I’m all for making life easier, and this crate certainly did that. The dual doors were a godsend, allowing me to place the crate in different spots around the house without worrying about access. And when it came to cleaning, the slide-out tray was a dream. No more awkward reaching into the crate to wipe it down – I could simply slide the tray out and clean it separately.

The fact that the crate could be folded flat was another bonus. It meant I could tuck it away behind the sofa or in the cupboard when it wasn’t needed. Despite its lightweight design, it didn’t wobble or feel flimsy, which was reassuring.

Safety and Security Measures

When it comes to my dog’s safety, I don’t take any chances. The Furdreams Cage ticked all the boxes here. The latch system on the doors was robust, keeping the doors firmly shut even when my dog got a bit overexcited. The rounded corners were a thoughtful touch, preventing any nasty bumps or scrapes.

I also noticed that the materials used were chew-resistant. My dog does like to gnaw on things from time to time, but this crate held up well, showing no signs of damage. It’s clear that safety and durability were top priorities in the design of this crate.

Overall Value and User Impressions

For the price, the Furdreams Dog Cage is a real find. It’s durable, user-friendly, and has all the features I need. Other users seem to agree, often highlighting how robust and easy to assemble the crate is.

There were a few comments about the crate being slightly heavier than some had expected, but for me, that’s a small price to pay for the overall quality and security it offers. It’s a solid investment, especially if you’re looking for a crate that will last as your dog grows.

Furdreams 42-Inch Dog Cage Crate – Heavy Duty Black Metal Folding Crate with 2 Doors (Front & Side), Chew-Resistant Plastic Base Tray, and Carrier Handle – Ideal for Puppy Training (107 x 68.5 x 77cm)
  • FOR ALL DOGS – There are FIVE sizes of cage to select from that will suit large and medium sized dogs, Dimensions: 24inch dog cage:Product size:60x45x50cm/ 23x18x19.5inch, 30inch dog cage:Product size:76x46x53cm/ 30x 18x21inch, 36inch dog cage:Product size:92x57x63cm / 36x22x25inch, 42inch dog cage:Product size:107x68.5x77cm / 42x27x30inch 48inch dog: Product size: 121 x 74 x 81 cm/ 48x30x32inch.
  • Generous size for medium breeds
  • Adjustable divider for growing dogs or housing two pets
  • Easy-to-clean slide-out tray
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Chew-resistant and safe design
  • Slightly heavier than some alternatives
  • May require more space due to its generous size
  • Some users expected it to be lighter
FoxHunter Pet Dog Puppy Cat Training Cage Crate Carrier Metal Folding With Door and Tray Black New (24 inch)

Affordability Without Compromising Quality

When I first came across the FoxHunter Pet Dog Cage, I was a bit sceptical about its low price point. I wondered if it would be a case of ‘you get what you pay for’. But I was pleasantly surprised. The cage’s heavy-duty metal construction felt robust, and the black powder coating not only looked smart but also promised durability against rust.

The two-door design was a real plus, offering flexibility in how and where I could use the cage. The doors’ secure latches clicked reassuringly into place, ensuring that my dog was safe and sound inside. It’s a relief to find a product that balances affordability with quality so well.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Assembling the FoxHunter Cage was a doddle. No fiddling around with tools or fussy instructions – it was up and ready for my dog in no time. The removable plastic tray was another feature that made life easier. It slid out effortlessly, which meant cleaning up after my dog was no longer a chore.

For those with puppies, this feature is a godsend. It’s perfect for those inevitable little accidents that happen during house training. And when it’s not in use, the cage folds down flat, making it easy to store away without taking up precious space.

Portability for Travel and Relocation

Despite its sturdy build, the FoxHunter Cage was surprisingly easy to move around. The handle on top meant I could lift and carry the cage with ease, which came in handy for trips to the vet or when I wanted to move my dog’s sleeping area.

The fact that the cage could be folded down flat was brilliant for travel. It meant I could take my dog’s familiar environment with us wherever we went, without the cage taking up too much room. The design really does consider the practicalities of everyday life with a dog.

User Experiences and Feedback

It wasn’t just me who found the FoxHunter Pet Dog Cage to be a great find. Other users seemed to share my sentiments, often commenting on how sturdy and easy to assemble the cage was. It’s been noted as a great fit for small to medium-sized dogs, which matches my experience too.

There were some mentions of the handle being a potential weak point, which I kept in mind. I made sure to handle it with care, especially when the cage was occupied. Overall, the feedback from other users was reassuring and aligned with my positive experience.

FoxHunter Pet Dog Puppy Cat Training Cage Crate Carrier Metal Folding With Door and Tray Black New (24 inch)
  • 【Stable Pet-friendly Materials】Our crate is crafted using heavy-duty metal that won’t break or get deformed easily, so it can stand the test of time.Black powder coated to stay rust free.
  • 【Folds Flat】The pet cage comes flat packed and can be assembled in minutes without any tools. It can also be folded down for easy transportation and space-saving storage.
  • 【Safe and Secure】2 Doors for easy access/exit with heavy-duty hook latches on each doorway. Giving pets their own crates provides them with a sense of security that helps them relax.
  • 【Easy to clean】A built-in easy to clean plastic tray, ideal for crate and toilet training. This makes it ideal for pets who have not yet been potty trained.
  • 【Moveable】We’ve designed movable handle so you can easily carry this around where needed. So you can allocate the crate at the place you want to settle your loved pet.
  • Very affordable without sacrificing quality
  • Sturdy metal construction with rust-resistant coating
  • Two-door design with secure latches for safety
  • Easy to assemble and maintain with a removable tray
  • Foldable and portable, ideal for travel
  • Handle may require careful handling
  • May not suit larger breeds
  • Some users found the handle less durable than the rest of the cage
Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2 Door Crate with Plastic Tray Medium 30-inch Black

Adaptable to Various Dog Sizes and Needs

The Dog Puppy Cage really stood out to me for its sheer adaptability. The adjustable divider was a game-changer, allowing me to customise the space to perfectly fit my dog’s size and growth. It’s a feature that would come in handy for any dog owner, whether you have a tiny terrier or a dashing Dalmatian.

The robustness of the cage was immediately apparent. It felt like a safe and secure haven for my dog, giving me peace of mind whenever I had to step out. And with multiple doors for access, it was clear that the designers had thought about the practicalities of everyday life with a dog.

Functional Design for Everyday Use

When it comes to dog crates, I’m all about functionality, and the Dog Puppy Cage didn’t disappoint. The tray at the bottom was a cinch to clean, which is always a plus in my book. The fact that the entire structure could be folded down flat made it a doddle to store away or take with us on our travels.

Assembling the cage was straightforward, with no need for any tools or an engineering degree. It’s the kind of practical, no-fuss design that busy dog owners will appreciate. The ease of collapsing the cage for storage or travel was another tick in the box for its day-to-day functionality.

Security and Comfort Considerations

When it comes to crates, security is paramount, and the Dog Puppy Cage had it in spades with its reliable latch system. The spacious interior meant my dog could stretch out and move around without feeling confined, which is so important for his wellbeing.

The smooth edges of the cage were a thoughtful touch, ensuring that there were no sharp corners to cause harm. And the solid build of the cage gave me the confidence that my dog was secure, whether we were at home or on the move.

Reflections from the Dog Owner Community

It wasn’t just me who was singing the praises of the Dog Puppy Cage – the dog owner community at large seemed to feel the same. Many were impressed with how easy it was to set up and take down, and the cage’s durability was a common point of praise.

Some did note that the cage was a bit on the heavy side, but this was generally seen as a minor issue when weighed against the benefits. The consensus was clear: this cage offers a great blend of affordability, quality, and versatility.

Dog Puppy Cage Folding 2 Door Crate with Plastic Tray Medium 30-inch Black
  • STURDY – Made with a tough metal, so will handle your dogs when they are hyper are trying to chew the cage. With a brilliant base tray constructed to be non-chew and easily removable for cleaning
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED – No need to fiddle about with this and get this assembled, use this dog cage straight away out of the box following the instructions as indicated
  • CARRY HANDLE – We’ve designed this so you can easily carry this around where needed if the weight is not to heavy
  • FOR ALL DOGS – There are five sizes of crates to select from that will suit extra large, large, medium, small and extra small sized dogs
  • SECURE – Each door has two sliding mechanisms to keep this safe for your pets and prevent them from escaping, each side of the cage also hooks strongly onto the other, keeping this from collapsing easily
  • Adjustable divider caters to different dog sizes
  • Multiple doors for easy access
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Collapsible for convenient storage and travel
  • Reliable security features for peace of mind
  • Some users found the cage to be heavy
  • The weight may affect portability for some
  • A handle for carrying would be a useful addition
MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Double Door iCrate 106.68 cm (42-Inch) Long Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, Divider Panel & New Patented Features, Black, Model 1542DDU

Spacious Interior for Larger Dogs

When I first brought home the MidWest Homes iCrate, I was looking for something that would give my big lad room to move. He’s a large breed, and many crates seemed too cramped for him. This iCrate, however, was a different story. The spacious interior meant he could stand up, turn around, and lie down with ease.

The metal construction was robust, which was crucial because he’s a strong dog. I needed something that could stand up to his might, and this crate didn’t disappoint. It was clear that it was designed with larger breeds in mind, and it lived up to that design in every way.

Enhanced Security Features

Security features are vital in a dog crate, and the iCrate’s patented Paw Block and locking tips were impressive. They added an extra layer of security that gave me peace of mind. The double door design was a practical touch, allowing for more flexible placement in my home.

Operating the slide-bolt latches was straightforward, yet they remained firmly in place once locked. It’s these little details that make all the difference, especially when you’re dealing with a curious and strong dog like mine.

Convenience for Owners and Pets

The inclusion of a divider panel was a thoughtful addition. It meant I could adjust the size of the living area to suit my dog’s needs, which is great for training or if you have more than one pet. The leak-proof pan was another practical feature, making clean-ups quick and easy.

The protective rubber feet were a nice touch, preventing any damage to my floors. Setting up the crate was a breeze, and its portability meant I could easily move it around the house or take it with us when travelling. It’s these conveniences that make the iCrate a standout choice.

Durability and User Satisfaction

Durability is always a concern with large breeds, but the MidWest Homes iCrate held its own. The construction was solid, providing a sturdy and reliable den for my dog. The ventilation was ample, ensuring he stayed cool, and the door thresholds were designed to be safe and snag-free.

Other users seemed to share my positive experience, often commenting on the crate’s sturdiness and ease of use. It’s clear that this crate has satisfied a lot of large breed owners, making it a top pick in the category.

MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Double Door iCrate 106.68 cm (42-Inch) Long Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, Divider Panel & New Patented Features, Black, Model 1542DDU
  • Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe; Slide-bolt door latch now feature patented Paw Block and locking tips to create a safer, more secure home for your pet
  • iCrate double door dog crate measures 106.68L x 71.12W x 78.74H cm; suitable for large dog breeds with an adult weight of 31.7-40.8 kg; If your dogs size are on the higher side for this crate, we recommend buying the next crate size up
  • Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet, carrying handle
  • Easy to assemble & portable; Dog crate sets up in seconds with no tools required and conveniently folds flat for travel
  • Durable, strong, quality construction creates a secure place for your dog to fulfill their natural instinct to den. Proper ventilation, large door openings with low thresholds, and rounded corner clips make iCrate a safer crate experience
  • PLEASE NOTE: MidWest Homes for Pets manufactures the iCrate & Life Stages dog crates. Assembly and safety instructions are included; please read all safety instructions prior to use
  • Ample space for larger breeds
  • Robust metal construction withstands strength of bigger dogs
  • Enhanced security features with Paw Block and locking tips
  • Divider panel for adjustable living area
  • Easy assembly and portability for owner convenience
  • May be too large for smaller living spaces
  • Heavier than crates for smaller breeds, affecting portability
  • Could be on the pricier side compared to smaller crates

Frequently Asked Questions

Measure your dog from nose to tail base and add a few inches for the correct length, and from floor to top of the head for the correct height. The MidWest Homes iCrate is spacious for larger breeds.

 Most crates need to meet specific airline standards to be approved for travel. Check with the airline and compare their requirements with the features of the crate you’re considering.

 Yes, crates like the Dog Puppy Cage with an adjustable divider are ideal for crate training as they can be resized as your puppy grows.

Add a comfy bed or blanket that fits the crate’s base. Ensure it’s washable for easy maintenance.

Start by placing treats and toys inside to encourage exploration and create positive associations. Keep the door open initially, allowing your dog to enter and exit freely.

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