Hound Association of Scotland - Best in show

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‘Personal communications’ lead to KC censure


A MAN has been censured by the Kennel Club for sending ‘private and personal communications’ which became the subject of a police caution.

Champion Shetland Sheepdog dies after being hit by car


Champion Shetland Sheepdog dies after being hit by car

A CHAMPION Shetland Sheepdog has died after being hit by a car. Jeannie and Ian Pattinson’s Ch Kyleburn Titan (Amos), who that day had won best veteran at the Northern Counties Club show, was dragged by the lead which had caught on the wing...

Winner of Crufts hound group dies


Winner of Crufts hound group dies

THE IRISH Wolfhound from Belgium who won the hound group at Crufts this year has died. Gary Janssens’ Ger/Bel/Dutch/Lux Ch Just In Time of First Avenue (James) was found collapsed in the garden and died the same day.

KC ‘shocked’ by dog-cloning programme


KC ‘shocked’ by dog-cloning programme

THE KENNEL Club says it is ‘genuinely shocked’ by the TV programme about a contest offering dog cloning as its prize.

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ABOVE we feature Della, Richard and Hannah Lucas’ Border Collie Aculsia Turn My Swag On (Keri).


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    Closing date for W OF ENG LKS - April 25-27 - 12/03/2014
    Hon Sec Sheila Jakeman 01608 659369. Three Count...
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    Closing date for Fox Terrier C of Wales - April 26 - 12/04/2014
    Mrs W Phillips 01633 775735. (0)
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This week's Dog World Comment

This week's Dog World Comment WHY IS it that most serious ‘dog people’ will have an instinctive revulsion to the concept of cloning?   After all, as Steve Dean points out in his veterinary column this week, in a way it resembles what breeders are trying to do – to aim for an ideal and then to maintain it down the generatio... read more

A breed seminar with extras by Andrew Brace

A breed seminar with extras by Andrew Brace View the photo gallery here >> THE PRETTY church in Banwell proved how popular Di Fry was as so many of her friends had travelled from far and wide to pay their last respects to this vivacious and glamorous lady who for so many years brightened up our shows and our lives. The service ... read more


Dogs in the Media by Lee Connor

For the last few years the pedigree dog has certainly trodden a rocky and often very lonely path. In the wake of Pedigree Dogs Exposed it seemed every week presented yet another negative story in the media about the pedigree and its aficionados. Time and time again we heard our muc... read more

Talking Dogs - The Dobermann Trust's Spring Fling

Talking Dogs - The Dobermann Trust's Spring Fling Tom Burrington spoke to organiser of the Dobermann Trust's S... read more

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