Hound Association of Scotland - Best in show

Watch highlights of Hound Association of Scotland where dogworld.tv filmed best in show.

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Changes made to pet travel scheme to deter puppy traffickers


Changes made to pet travel scheme to deter puppy traffickers

THE INCREASE in the number of puppies and dogs being imported from Eastern Europe has led DEFRA to make several changes to the pet travel scheme. Action has been taken as fears grow about disease being brought to the UK, and the welfare of the...

Twenty-nine dogs rescued from Romania


TWO British women have rescued 29 dogs from a Romanian shelter who were among 200 left behind when the owners ran out of money and disappeared.

KC heralds new scientific journal


THE KENNEL Club has announced the launch of a new, online scientific journal, Canine Genetics and Epidemiology. The independent journal, which is available free to everyone, addresses genetic and epidemiological research focused on dogs and...



BATH GENERAL championship takes place at Three Shires Field, Bannerdown, Bath, from Friday May 23 to Monday May 26. First entry for a breed with CCs is £25 and £11 for non-CC breeds, unclassified and imported register. Subsequent entries with...

No difference between health of purebred dogs and crossbreeds, concludes RVC study


A ROYAL Veterinary College study has concluded that purebred dogs are as healthy as crossbreeds. The research involved 148,741 dogs attending 93 veterinary surgeries across central and South East England in the past five years.

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ABOVE we feature Linda and Shelley Wynne’s Siberian Huskies, front Glenbranter Summat Special (Teddy), middle Icebex Space Cowboy at Mydisa (Mylo) and at the back, Matanuska Rhapsody at Mydisa (Diesel).


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    Closing date for BIRMINGHAM DOBERMANN C - May 10 - 11/04/2014
    Hon Sec Yvonne Cox 01922 701877. Calf Heath Village Hall Straight Mile, Calf Heath, Nr. Wolverhampto...
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    Closing date for W OF ENG LKS - April 25-27 - 12/03/2014
    Hon Sec Sheila Jakeman 01608 659369. Three Count...
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This week's Dog World Comment

This week's Dog World Comment WE ARE delighted that at last common sense has emerged regarding the relative health of pedigree dogs and mongrels.   That there should ever have been such a long drawn out debate on the subject is a complete waste of time and energy.   What matters is ensuring that the dogs who are bred... read more

Irish Red and White triumphs at Tallinn Winner by Andrew Brace

Irish Red and White triumphs at Tallinn Winner by Andrew Brace View the photo gallery here >> It was good to be back at the Meriton Grand Conference and Spa Hotel in Tallinn after just a few weeks, this time for the Tallinn Winner Show. Having had two trouble-free flights, Marko Lepasaar had met me at the airport and brought me to the hotel where... read more


Dogs in the Media by Lee Connor

For the last few years the pedigree dog has certainly trodden a rocky and often very lonely path. In the wake of Pedigree Dogs Exposed it seemed every week presented yet another negative story in the media about the pedigree and its aficionados. Time and time again we heard our muc... read more

Talking Dogs - The Dobermann Trust's Spring Fling

Talking Dogs - The Dobermann Trust's Spring Fling Tom Burrington spoke to organiser of the Dobermann Trust's S... read more

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