Handle with care: Critiques are a valuable learning tool by Lisa Moir There was much anticipation on social media as youngsters eagerly awaited the Crufts Young Kennel Club handling critiques from judge Fay Matthews.
In conversation: Opportunities for the younger generation by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s Q&As we interviewed three people who are involved with either an open show society or breed club; 20-year-old Bethany Cawley (BC) from Somerset, 19-year-old David Griffiths (DG) from Warwickshire and Lauren Perfitt (LP), 24, from...
I have sometimes come across handlers who worry about showing a young dog or if a dog starts misbehaving during a handling class. I have been in both situations as a handler and as a judge.
Handle with care: Interpret your dog’s behaviour correctly by Lisa Moir Well now that the show season is in full swing I am sure you are all very busy preparing and travelling around the country to your favourite shows. Unfortunately, I had to give the National a miss as Mayhem has decided to drop her coat, but...
In conversation: Making a career involving dogs by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons We talked to 22-year-old Lorna Dandy from Bradford, West Yorkshire about her career involving dogs, as well as talking to 19-year-old Ashley Place from Lockerbie, Scotland.
This week I am going to bring up the subject of nerves again. It is a difficult thing to conquer and there are many techniques out there for controlling nerves, but I have honestly found that the best way is to remind yourself that this is not the...
Handle with care: Getting the very best out of your dog by Lisa Moir Mayhem and I recently had the honour of being invited to attend the Canine Supporters Charity ‘Contest of Champions’, held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.
In conversation: A great experience at Contest of Champions by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In Conversation we talk to Lucy Hill from Manchester who campaigned her dog throughout 2014 and attended Contest of Champions.
High standard at Sunderland open I was privileged to have been invited to judge Beagles and handling at Sunderland open show on Sunday April 19. I will never tire of seeing the high standard of handling that is being displayed in the ring at the moment.
Junior Handling – 6-11 years (6,2a) 1 Paige Spencer, handling a BMD. Very smart handler whom I have given top honours to previously. Dog was presented square in the stand & moved at the correct pace.
Handle with care: Considering colours to complement your dog by Lisa Moir The past few weeks has seen another two of the UK Junior Handler of the Year semi finals take place in the toy group, judged by Emma Mason and terrier group judged by Gemma Alpe.
In conversation: New beginnings for the JHA by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s Q and As we talk to the three people who have had an opportunity to judge at one of the three JHA semi final competitions. We spoke to BUBA JHA semi finals judge 21-year-old Charlotte Page (CP) from Pymoor in Cambridgeshire.
New format for adult handling finals by Andrea Keyte I watched some handling classes recently and I was sad to see that the judge didn’t stand still during the pattern work. What I mean is that they did not deliberately move on the pattern work, but just fidgeted around the ring.
JHA Semi-finals National Terrier - photographs by Alan Walker At National Terrier in the JHA six-11 years semi-finals, the first three winners were: 1 Lauren Goddard; 2 Poppy Wynter; 3 Paris Harding. Pictured with judge Gemma Alpe and Haley.
I would like to say a very big thank you to Marina Scott and Liz Cartledge for the invitation to judge the terrier group semi-finals at National Terrier within its new format.
JHA semi-final at National Terrier The third Junior Handling Association semi-finals of the 2014/15 season took place at National Terrier last weekend. Winner of the six-11 years terrier semi-final was Lauren Goddard, handling a Border Terrier. Judge was Gemma Alpe.
Handle with care: Reflecting on the highs and lows of Crufts by Lisa Moir As the dust settles on another Crufts and the main stream media forget about bashing the pedigree dog world (hopefully), until next year, it’s time to reflect on the highs and the lows.
In Conversation: Competing in obedience by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In Conversation we interviewed two people who both have a shared interest – Lizzie Mason, 17, from Cumbria and Heather Simcock, 18, from Shropshire, who both compete in obedience.
Learning about other breeds is quite important if you want to judge handling. The reason for this being that people will show their dogs as they are meant to be shown in the breed ring, and rightly so.