Handle with care: Preparation and practice is key by Lisa Moir Next week will see the 14 JHA handling semi-final winners compete for the UK Junior Handler of the Year title at Discover Dogs.
In conversation: Meet the 14 junior handling finalists by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In Conversation we interview all 14 JHA finalists.
One of the things I do really enjoy about handling competition is helping people improve. I especially enjoy watching younger handlers come through the ranks and going from the timid little people they start out as and becoming confident young...
Handle with care: An incredible feat of organisation by Lisa Moir Mayhem, Libbi and I had the real honour of taking part in the Pedigree Paws Unite (PPU) event as the German Spitz Mittel representatives. For those of you who may not have heard about the charitable event...
In conversation: Writing dog-based childrens’ books by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In Conversation we speak to 20-year-old Samantha Webster from Northfield, Birmingham about the dog-based children’s books she writes.
Facebook seems to be the route of all evils. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this truly is the case. I have written before about bullying that has become a real issue in our sport and Facebook enables people to feel unaccountable for...
Handle with care: Work experience at the Kennel Club by Lisa Moir When this column goes to print Mayhem and I will be about to undertake the Scottish leg of the Pedigree Paws Unite charitable walk. We are walking along the union canal from Edinburgh to Falkirk, a total distance of 25.5 miles.
In conversation: Junior Handler takes BIS at Limerick by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In conversation we talk to 14-year-old Sarah Cushley from Killinchy about her recent success at Limerick ch show.
With the adult handling finals over for another year it is time to concentrate on getting qualified for next year if this has not been done as yet. With Autumn fast approaching there will be many opportunities at open shows up and down the country.
Handle with care: YKC Members go outward bound by Lisa Moir The end of July saw a small group of Young Kennel Club senior members travel to Eskdale in the Lake District to complete an Outward Bound Personal Development course, sponsored by the Kennel Club.
In conversation: Training for the Pedigree Paws Unite by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In Conversation we talk to 22-year-old Kayleigh Parkinson from Lumphanan, Aberdeenshire and 28-year-old Naomi Cowley from Cardiff who are raising money to take part in the Pedigree Paws Unite walk.
I had a discussion recently with someone about the way people’s perception of you changes once you start being successful in the ring. One of the common statements you here around the breed and handling ring is that ‘the faces always win’.
Handle with care: Another successful activity camp by Lisa Moir I’ve not been out at a show for quite some time and am definitely missing it, although I am being kept busy by Mayhem’s pups, now eight weeks old and running about crazy.
In conversation: A road trip to show in Split, Croatia by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In Conversation we speak with 15-year-old Scarlett Burnside from Saintfield, Belfast and 21-year-old Lauren Whan from Parkgate, Belfast who recently went on a road trip to Croatia to take part in the Split shows.
It will be interesting to see how the GSD world adapts their handling techniques to fall in line with the latest Kennel Club ruling. I suspect that some people are going to find it difficult as I know that when something...
Handle with care: Bridging the gap in handling age groups by Lisa Moir There was an interesting discussion on the PAWS… Facebook page that centred around the age classification for junior handling classes. The original posting asked if readers felt the age groupings for handling classes could do with some amending...
In conversation: Agility trip to compete in Slovakia by Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons In this week’s In Conversation we speak to 14-year-old Belle Howlett from Rayleigh, Essex about her recent trip to Slovakia to compete in an agility competition.
One thing I have noticed in recent judging appointments is a lack of awareness of the judge’s position at all times. The majority of handlers are aware of the judge when they set off and during their pattern work...
FIRSTLY I would like to thank the JHA for inviting me to judge. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. I would also like to congratulate all handlers on qualifying for this semi-finals.