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This week's Dog World Comment - have your say WE SHARE the concerns expressed by the British Veterinary Associationís president elect regarding the current arrangements for bringing animals into the UK.
Scottie takes the Euro crown Best in show at the European Dog Show, held in Geneva, Switzerland last weekend, was the Scottish Terrier Filisite Brash Koh-I-Noor, owned by Valentina Popova from Russia who won RBIS at Crufts 2010 with another Scottie.
Helsinki haven for toydogs by Andrew Brace Over the years I have judged in Finland on many occasions and have always marvelled at the organisation of the shows and the quality of the dogs, but this recent trip was possibly the most memorable.
  The question of falling entries continues to vex a good many people. Show societies obviously need a decent entry to be maintained in order to at least break even, if not make a profit, while for most exhibitors the pot of money is not bottomless...
  There was a famous line which emerged from the Civil Service when Britain was gripped by industrial strife and economic decline. It was something along the lines...
Why do we come back for more? by Wendy Beasley It doesnít seem five minutes since I was writing about starting to train Venus and taking pictures of her learning to play with articles, and yet here we are just three weeks away from her first trial.
  On August 17-18 Worcester DTC held its first double weekend of open shows at a new venue near Evesham. Personally I didnít dislike either of the two previous venues, but this one was a fair bit bigger with an enormous area for camping while the...
  In recent years the heelwork to music division at shows has seen a big increase in the amount of teams entering these classes. In the early days it tended to be more entries in freestyle with heelwork to music not as popular.
  I have been hearing ever-increasing grouses and grumbles from all sides, all groups and all breeds about the lack of critiques appearing in the canine press following judging appointments.
  A long time ago, too many years for me to want to remember accurately, I bought horses, lots of them. I bought them for other people for the best part, and they were bought with a specific job in mind.
  It is so interesting how dogs are always trying to tell us how they feel or what is wrong, but unfortunately sometimes the information they are communicating can be lost in translation.
Seasonal Resolutions of a Dual Ch by Nick Waters A few weeks ago I featured in the column a painting sold by Doyleís in New York of two Skye Terriers by Edwin Megargee with a provenance to Mrs Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl, one of Americaís wealthiest women and great socialite of her age, who died in...