It’s a long way to Smolensk, but worth it - Report and photos: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen RUSSIA is a huge country, and distances from one place to another can be enormous. Not every town has an international airport, so one has to travel by other means, although it takes time.
It was him at the top in Lommel - Report and photos: Karl Donvil IT’S NEVER easy for small shows to score well when within a reasonable distance there are a few big shows going on.
A new dynamism at Wieze THIS YEAR’S was the 37th Aaslst-Wieze show in Belgium, a small show organised by the Nievel-Kapel Canine Society.
Overwhelming hospitality in Greece - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THE GREEK Kennel Club held a double international show at Athens at the beginning of May. There were about 500 dogs entered for both days, which seems to be a normal number these days.
Unforgettable weekend with the Wolfhounds - Report and photos: Anna Szabó DURING THE 60th anniversary of the Irish Wolfhound Club of the Netherlands at Hoensbroek in 1994, several members of fellow Irish Wolfhound clubs signed a letter of intent to found a Federation of European Irish Wolfhound Clubs (EIWC).
Greyhounds dominate Norwegian sighthound shows - Report and photos: Anna Szabó THE NORWEGIAN Sighthound Club (NMK) celebrates 70 years of existence this year, and what better occasion to do so than at its annual sighthound show, for many years now held in the charming town of Gran...
He was the winner – and nearly made it two in a row - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen ALL THE international shows in Denmark are organised by the Danish Kennel Club itself. The staff and the show committee members travel around the country to arrange everything with some help from the local canine clubs.
Italian Maltese strides ahead - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THERE ARE many shows in Italy, indeed some Italians say there are too many, but it is quite a large country and the distance from south to north is very long, so it is understandable that there must be shows in every part of the country.
Historic win for Jagd Terrier - Report and photos: Gabor Szalanczi AN AVERAGE size international show took place in Alessandria, Italy, on May 1 with an entry of 813 dogs of 178 breeds. Only one hall was needed for the 13 rings but it was a pleasant one which is not always the case in Italy.
Salzburg copes with online catalogues - Report and photos: Gabor Szalanczi SALZBURG in Austria hosted an international show on April 9 and 10, with 2,000 entries.
Blazing a trail in sunny Malta MALTA Canine Society held its spring ch show on April 16-17 at the St Benedict College, Kirkop, a very pleasant and adequate venue which provided cool facilities for the exhibits and exhibitors as temperatures outside were in the mid 20s.
Kenji celebrates at Brabo’s 50th - Report and photos: Karl Donvil Results: KV Brabo and Karl Donvil LAST YEAR’s euphoria about the unequalled success of the Brabo show in Belgium turned this time to frustration. There was a drop of 30 per cent from 2,439 to only 1,688 entries and no obvious reason could be found.
Newfoundlands triumph at Vaasa VAASA international show drew an entry of nearly 3,000 dogs to this city on the west coast of Finland. It may have been somewhat less than expected, but there was also the Tallinn Winner Show on the same weekend and many Finnish exhibitors went...
Have Luxembourg’s entries passed their peak? WHAT’S WRONG with Luxembourg? Until a few years ago the show was continuing to grow but then it stopped and started to go down, from 5,487 in its record year, 2009, to 4,568 this year.
Pyrenean makes Finnish breed history IT WAS a first for the breed in an international show in Finland, when the Pyrenean Mountain Dog Int Ch Chenespace Tarbesan won best in show at Lahti, held on the first weekend of April.
Crufts qualifier clashes with Crufts IN ALL, 1,989 dogs were entered for Genk LKV in Belgium, a Crufts qualifying show. That was a good entry as the show was held on the same date as Crufts itself. Many good dogs were in England and many judges missed the show.
Ambiorix Trophy is the one he wanted FOR THE second time in a month Genk in Belgium was host city of a dog show. This time it was the 18th Ambiorix Trophy event. Ambiorix was a local hero who fought against the Romans, the Belgian Asterix if you like.
A thousand more than expected at Imatra - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen LAPPEENRANTA is a small town in south eastern Finland which has held a traditional Easter dog show for as long as anyone can remember. In fact, this year’s was the 70th anniversary show.
Top dogs shine at Sydney Royal AUSTRALIA’S top dogs from 2015 featured highly at Sydney Royal on best in show day held on March 28.