King reigns in Luxembourg, too THE LUXEMBOURG Terrier Club held its 26th specialty show in mid-April, just a couple of weeks after the big international all-breed show.
Wire on top in Malta I THANK Malta CS for inviting me to judge at its April championship show and the exhibitors for taking my decisions sportingly.
Triple show in Reggio Emilia - Report and photographs: Gábor Szalánczi A WEEK after Crufts a three-day international show weekend was held in Italy, at Reggio Emilia. Friday saw Piacenza show, Saturday the Parma show and Sunday the Reggio Emilia event.
An extra show for Turku - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen NORMALLY there is only one Turku winter show, in January, but this year was an exception and there was an additional show at the end of March.
Tiger tops ‘Small Stockholm’ THE TRADITIONAL Stockholm spring show, organised by the Stockholm region Kennel Club, has been called ‘the Small Stockholm show’, because the main show of the Swedish Kennel Club, always in November or December, is known as ‘the Big Stockholm show’.
Luxembourg tops 5,000 once more - Report and photos by Karl Donvil Results: FCL and Karl Donvil THIS SPRING’s popular Luxembourg show was the 90th and it again drew over 5,000 dogs, 5,288 to be precise. It’s not a record but still a huge number and many organisations envy them their success.
The final seven at Sydney - Photos Ffire, courtesy Dog News Australia Photos from the Sydney - Photos Ffire, courtesy Dog News Australia.
Eurasia – Russia’s biggest dog show - Report and photos: Yossi Guy The Eurasia Show is Russia’s biggest dog show and has become somewhat of an institution in the world’s fastest developing dog breeding nation.
Date change suits Lahti - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen FINLAND’S traditional Lahti international show was this year earlier than usual, in March. This was because there was something else ‘more important’ in the Lahti Sports and Fair Centre on the weekend usually spoken for the show.
Late entries boost Hoogstraten’s total - Report and photos: Karl Donvil Results: Paula Dictus and Karl Donvil A FEW weeks ago I received a letter from the committee of Belgium’s Hoogstraten show; with much pride they announced an impressive entry. In 2013 the show had 1,619 entries, two years later 2,377 dogs were in competition – amazing!
Afghan tops Malta’s winter show AFTER A false start last winter, it was a great pleasure to return to the lovely island of Malta for the winter championship show. My thanks go to all of the officers and committee of Malta CS for the kindness and hospitality that was extended to...
Kerry tops Australia’s Top Dogs THE AUSTRALIAN Top Dog Grand Final was held in Canberra at the Gold Creek Tourist Resort, along with the Dog News awards for Australia’s most popular show, Royal Show, judge and steward. In addition four more dogs were inducted into the Australian...
Locally-bred successes in Barbados The first Barbados Kennel Club championship show for the year was sponsored by Vitamin Pet Foods. Judge was Derek Smith (UK), on his third assignment in Barbados.
Finnish judges are eager to learn - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen EVERY YEAR the Finnish Dog Show Judges’ Society organises an educational weekend for its members. The Finnish Kennel Club has given us permission to run an official show for one of the groups each year.
An Italian double weekend - Report and photos: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen MOST OF the Italian international shows nowadays are double shows. Two canine clubs from neighbouring cities join forces and share expenses by organising two one-day shows in the same premises over the same weekend. Some breed clubs may join in, too.
Crowded Mouscron’s secret ingredient - Text and photos: Karl Donvil - Results: UCM and Karl Donvil SOME SHOWS have a secret ingredient, one they cannot explain themselves. One of these is without any doubt Mouscron in Belgium.
Total recall in Silesia - Report and photos: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen IT MUST have been 1986 when I judged in Poland for the first time, and a lot of things have changed since then. I haven’t been there for a while, so it was nice to go to the Bedzin national show in January.
Bullmastiff bounces back at Turku Top Dog - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THIS YEAR the traditional Turku international January show was called the Top Dog Show, as it is every second year, when it is organised by a group of local canine clubs.
Cold Kajaani suits the hairy dogs - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THE FINNISH show year always starts at Kajaani. It is a very popular show, although the conditions are not very glamorous.