BIS at Montgomery is Twice As Nice - Report by Dan Ericsson and  photos by Ashbey TO SAY that I was excited when I received an invitation to judge BIS at the famous Montgomery Terrier Show in Philadelphia, US, is an understatement.
A Dutch double - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THERE WAS a double show weekend at Rotterdam at the beginning of September, consisting of two one-day international shows. There were about 1,400 dogs entered each day, which seemed to satisfy the organisers.
Borzoi stands out at Gimo - Report and photos: Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THE UPPSALA regional kennel club held a two-day national all-breed show in the middle of September at Gimo, which is about one hour’s drive north from Stockholm.
Russian Black from Britain takes home the Sint Rombouts Cup - Report and photos: Karl Donvil - Results: KVSR AT FIRST, Mechelen show in Belgium was planned for December as the European Show at Brussels was at the end of August, but in the event they had to take the risk and set it back to summer as normal, only two weeks before the EDS.
European Winner Show: Lakeland scores in Belgium’s heatwave - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THE FÉDÉRATION Cynologique International European Dog Show at Brussels went well, in spite of the terrible heatwave which struck Belgium just on that weekend.
3,000 dogs a day at the Sawo Show cluster - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THE THREE-DAY Sawo Show cluster is held at Kuopio in the mid-eastern part of Finland every other year. This time there were about 3,000 dogs each day.
Top score for Springer in Sweden - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THE ÖVERKALIX national all-breed show in the middle of August attracted about 1,300 dogs to northern Sweden. That was probably somewhat less than hoped for, but there was an international show at Oulu on the Finnish side of the Gulf of Bothnia...
Bobtails in Switzerland: almost all excellent IT WAS a pleasure for me to be invited back to Switzerland to judge for the ninth time, this time to judge the Swiss Old English Sheepdog Club specialty.
Poodle takes top award at Brisbane - Report: John Bryson Photos: Ingrid Matschke Best in show at the Brisbane Royal Show in Australia went to the Standard Poodle Sup Ch Picardy PS I Love You owned by Lorraine and Malcolm Boyd and Jodi Foulds.
An unexpected success story for Ličge - Report and photos: Karl Donvil Results: SECL and Karl Donvil    THE ORGANISERS of Ličge’s 62nd show were in a panic when, three days before the closing date, there were not even 1,000 dogs entered. It looked like a nightmare, and the nightmare came, but in another form.
Bullmastiff is still a big shot - Report and photos: Paula Heikiinien-Lehkonen PORI racecourse hosted the traditional two-day international show at the end of July. On Saturday there was some rain, but the weather on Sunday stayed ideal, cloudy but no rain, and not too hot either.
Doggy picnics in the Finnish sun - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen SOME OF the summer outdoor shows in Finland – if the weather is good – are like going to a picnic to meet your doggy friends. One of those is the annual Karjaa (actually it is now called Raasepori after some communities were united) national...
A double dose of Klagenfurt - Report and photos by Gabor Szalanczi KLAGENFURT is a pleasant city in southern Austria, with about 100,000 inhabitants, 320kms from Vienna, close to the Italian border and by a lake. The whole area is a big holiday destination.
All-star gathering in Uden - Report and photos by Gabor Szalanczi IN MID-JUNE, the Uden international all-breed shows attracted an entry around 1,600 dogs in total each day. The worldwide phenomenon of shrinking entries and growing number of doubtfully necessary dog shows has hit the Netherlands as well...
Two weeks on the North Island IT WAS my pleasure to be invited to New Zealand to judge the Central Shetland Sheepdog Club championship show at the NZ Kennel Club Exhibition Centre, Porirua, in Wellington which drew a magnificent entry of 68.
Finnish exhibitors spoilt for choice - Report and photos by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen THE SECOND weekend of July was very hectic for exhibitors in Finland. There were two international shows, not very far away from each other, with the groups switched so that many could attend both Oulu and Kokkola.
Sighthounds score at the halfway stage SUMMER is in full swing and while the UK’s ‘Hazel’ the Whippet claimed Runner-up spot at the halfway point in the Dog World/Arden Grange Top Dog competition 2016, the rise of her fellow sighthounds in Norway and Italy to the halfway leader’s rank...
Lhasa puppy dominates Budapest shows - Report and photos by  Gábor Szalanczi A TRIPLE show weekend, the Budapest Grand Prix, took place in the Hungarian capital on June 3, 4 and 5. There were three international shows, six club shows, a dog grooming competition and a crossbreed dog show too...
Late Night Love tops two evening shows - Report and photos by  Gábor Szalanczi MALTA CS held a championship show on June 4/5 – such a clever idea to have a two-day double show held in the evening in a football ground on Astro-turf! So ideal for dogs, judges and exhibitors alike...