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English Groomers December Group blog by Julie Harris (LCGI).
I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here. We had the luxury of a very lovely summer so spirits should be high. Looking back over the year I’ve realised I didn’t plan a break in the summer and therefore ended up not getting one.
English Groomers Group blog – making the most of competitions. By Julie Harris (LCGI).
I SPENT an enjoyable weekend at Premier Groom earlier this month catching up with groomers from all over the country and watching some fabulous grooming, seminars and demonstrations.
English Groomers Group Blog – backache woes. By Julie Harris (LCGI)
IT APPEARS ironic after completing the article on looking after yourself that I myself should suffer from a bad back for what seemed like most of June.
English Groomers Group blog – a great start to the summer. By Julie Harris (LCGI)
This month has had a brilliant start with the English Groomers Challenge kicking off June. The Challenge is a real labour of love for the team and preparations start in October and pick up pace until June.
English Groomers Group blog – the fun of competing has begun! By Julie Harris (LCGI)
THE COMPETITION season has started and with the brilliant event that was Groom Pro Expo, organised by Christies Direct, which incorporated Colin Taylor's Master Groom under our belt attention has now turned to The English Groomers' Challenge on...
English Groomers Group blog – Patience is the key by Julie Harris (LCGI)
FREQUENTLY you see negative comments from groomers relating to the behaviour of dogs in their salon. Most of these comments are non-constructive and play a part in making a groomer's job harder from one perspective or another, but it doesn’t have...
English Groomers Group blog – The influence and inspiration that comes from Crufts. By Julie Harris (LCGI)
THEY SAY that the dogs who qualify for Crufts are 'the best of the very best', so there's no better place to start this month.
English Groomers Group blog – finding time for yourself. By Julie Harris (LCGI).
GROOMING can be a very lonely profession, we work very hard for long hours ensuring that our customers receive a prompt appointment even when we are fully booked!
English Groomers Group blog – Embracing the new year. By Julie Harris (LCGI).
Happy new year to you all. During this traditionally quiet time during the month of January there is an opportunity to take a look at your business and reflect; what went well last year?
English Groomers Group Blog - Surviving Christmas by Julie Harris (LCGI) of the English Groomers' Group
At this time of year the grooming salon can be extra busy with customers keen to spruce up their canine pets in time for the festive season...

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