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Editor's Blog - October 2015
Over the years my husband and I have saved a few dogs - some weíve found in the woods or on the streets and returned to the owners on the same day.
Editor's Blog - September 2015
I love dog grooming, however, it has taken me a couple of years to get to this stage, especially as I only groom part-time. Iíve edited many magazines over the years and itís also superb to be editing a magazine about a subject matter that I love...
Editorís Blog - August 2015
Recently I signed the petition against holding the World Dog Show (WDS) in China in 2019. China does not deserve to hold such an important event when it blatantly holds an annual slaughter - the Yulin Dog Meat Festival...
Editorís Blog - July 2015
Mid-July we went to my stepbrotherís wedding in Las Vegas. Knowing we probably wouldnít be coming back anytime soon we packed in everything we could and went kayaking on the Colorado river, shooting (nothing living!), saw Cirque de Soleil shows...
Editorís Blog - June 2015
We are not even half way through the year yet and Iíve already been to many fantastic shows.
Editorís Blog - May 2015
I was thinking about my blog this month whilst out riding my bike with my husband around the Kent countryside on Bank Holiday Monday when I saw a young boy on his bike with his dog on a lead.
Editorís Blog - April 2015
ProGroomer magazine is owned and produced by Dog World Newspaper and recently I have been doing some work for the newspaper. The content is everything related to the world of pure bred pedigree dogs and dog showing across the UK and overseas.
Editorís Blog - March 2015
My topic this issue has to be Crufts. It was my first visit and I loved it. Dog World had a stand and the Dog World team was busy every day meeting new people and old customers. Dog Worldís Digital Media Manager, Simon Baillie, was out and about...
Editorís Blog - February 2015
Iíve just finished the editorial for the March issue so I can take a break - for about half a day! I hope you like the tweak we have given to the design of this issue.
Editorís Blog - January 2015
After an extremely busy run up to Christmas grooming, Iím quite relieved that January so far has been fairly quiet. Itís also handy as Iím working hard on the March issue of ProGroomer.
Editorís Blog - December 2014
Wow hasnít the year flown by? Only a few days of work left until Christmas and I bet everyone has loads of dogs to groom. My last booking is 4pm on Christmas Eve!
Editorís Blog - November 2014
Hi everyone, I hope you are all not too run off your feet at this busy time of year for groomers. I seem to be getting lots of puppies lately and when I first started grooming I thought puppies would be amazing Ė you get puppy cuddles and they are...
Editorís Blog - October 2014
Good news Ė The Lurcher we found in the local woods, Fergal, has been adopted by our friends Maryanne and Scotty through GRWE. We are helping out whilst they are at work as Fergal has issues being left alone. Our three dogs love having Fergal come...
Editorís Blog - September 2014
I write my blog today saddened by the events that happened last night at the Manchester Dogs Home. They currently need food and blankets, so if you can send these in please do. Alternatively you can donate on their Just Giving page...
Editorís blog Ė August 2014
Welcome to my August blog. I hope you all have been having fantastic summers and busy salons. Itís so much nicer grooming when the sun is shining.
Editorís blog Ė July 2014
We sadly lost our beautiful 12 year old Lurcher Flynn last month. He was a smashing dog and unfortunately he got a blood clot in his leg. It was very quick and quite a shock and we have been heartbroken.
Editorís blog Ė June 2014.
Well done to Hadlow College and especially to Pat Crawford for putting on a fabulous event yesterday. They hosted the Inter-College Dog Grooming Competitions 2014.
Editorís blog Ė May 2014
Iíve just groomed my first Westie/Chihuahua cross. A little 14 month year old boy called Hugo. He was a dream to groom and he looked lovely at the end. He had the head of a Chihuahua and the body of a Westie but surprisingly he looked very cute...
Editorís blog Ė April 2014
Wow it feels like summer has come early. Dog walking is even more enjoyable and itís great coming home and not having to hose down 12 legs!

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Over the years my husband and I have saved a few dogs - some weíve found in the woods or on the streets and returned to the owners on the same day.

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