Around the Dog World - Bournemouth 2013 (Episode 22) The first Around the Dog World from the coast. This time ATDW come from Bournemouth Championship Dog Show with Simon Baillie and Marina ...
UK Siberians prove they can go the distance Rob Cooke completed the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest earlier this year with a team of pure-bred Siberian Huskies, six members of this team the offspring of UK dogs. Now an ambassador for the race, Rob is once more on home turf to give a series of talks...
The Kennel Club Picture Library by Nick Waters Picture libraries as we know them are a comparatively modern phenomenon and are being used more and more by researchers.
The Guisachan Gathering 2013 by Becky Saunderson A sea of 222 Golden Retrievers, their owners and enthusiasts descended on a derelict old building in a remote part of the Highlands of Scotland.
Summer health check THE SUMMER is here at last, and with the sun shining it’s important to remember key issues to be aware of regarding your dogs’ health.
My father-in-law Les Atkinson Cherry Atkinson remembers one of the dog world’s characters and founder of a dynasty
Around the Dog World (Ep 20) - Southern Counties 2013 At Birmingham National 2013 Around the Dog World has coverage of all seven groups plus Best in Show with exclusive interviews with winners and judges throughout the weekend.
Want to lose weight this summer? Get fit with your dog! A guide to canine fitness activities by Victoria Wilkins IF YOU were to mention exercising to a group of people, I guarantee a select few would groan at the thought of jumping around and tiring themselves out.
The World Show Hungary - Bobtail beats the world in Budapest IN SPITE of all the difficulties the Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOE) has gone through lately, the World Show in Budapest was a success, with 18,000 dogs over four days, representing 70 nationalities and 371 breeds.
A dog’s diet by Victoria Wilkins We so often hear about people talking to others and saying ‘you are what you eat’ – this is no different for your canine counterpart.
Canine pursuits in the spotlight The All About Dogs roadshow is visiting venues up and down the country during 2013 and aims to treat visitors and their dogs to a host of canine activities and learning resources. DOG WORLD's Victoria Wilkins went along to one such event last...
How to ensure your dog is healthy and safe this year HOWEVER much we want to protect the canine members of our family there is only so much we can do to stop them falling into misadventure! Just by swatting up on a few basic issues incidents in the home and outside can be avoided.