We filmed An Audience with Di Johnson just after the election of Steve Dean in 2011. Listen to what she said when asked if she had a message for the new chairman, are her remarks just as valid today?
Chips are on the menu! Eileen Geeson reports on the new microchipping regulation
Kennel Management feature View the special Kennel Management feature online now!
BOXER cardiomyopathy, now known as ARVC, came to light in the UK around 2000 through the observation of numbers of Boxers of various ages fainting or dying with ventricular arrhythmias, some with and some without clinical signs, occasionally...
Welcome to Split - Four summer night shows with something extra and now  the Interra Terrier specialty too! This year’s Split shows will take place on July 22-26 and it would appear that more British exhibitors will be attending than ever before. The shows have now become one of the most popular events on the European circuit, two International and two...
Around the Dog World talks Toys Watch the FULL new episode of Around the Dog World from the country’s premier Toy show including Best in Show, Best Puppy and Best Veteran.
ANIMAL WELFARE How are the major political parties going to improve the well-being of our animals if elected?
Dangerous dog laws fundamentally flawed by Simon Parsons AS YOU can read on the previous page, the political parties’ promised policies on canine issues are generally somewhat vague, to put it kindly. Certainly dog-related issues don’t seem to have played a significant role in the campaign so far, so...
The benefits of the Holistic approach Find out more about the benefits of the Holistic approach in this special feature.
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Dogs in the media 2015 - Time to fight back Years ago, when still at college, I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a journalist. Then by a series of strange coincidences that idea would completely turn on its head.
Champions sent to coventry – contest's new venue proves popular - Report: Haley Jones and Sarah Gibbons - Photos: Colin Waddell THE CONTEST of Champions is run by the Canine Supporters Charity (CSC) which was formed in 1977 by a group of experienced dog people and in was recognised as a charity in 1984.
DW's longest serving breed note writer, Jeanne Davies, retires In this month’s ‘meet the breed note writer’ DOG WOLRD’s Tom Burrington talks to Newfoundland correspondent Jeanne Davies.
Watch: Around the Dog World - Crufts and Pawscars 2015 No vet faux pas, tailgate or talk of poisoning, just all the positives from the world’s greatest dog show.
Politics and puppies by Nigel Baker, chief executive Pet Industry Federation It’s not often that animals get a look-in on the parliamentary agenda, least of all those who aren’t destined for the human food chain, but last September MPs gathered for a back-bench debate on the thorny issue of the sale of puppies in pet shops.
Let’s get back to the positive by Simon Parsons I’D LIKE, if I may, to concentrate on the positive. Whether that will be altogether possible is another story.
THE second annual Pawscars award ceremony was held in the Metropole Hotel on the NEC campus on Wednesday night when the success of those throughout the world of pedigree dogs was celebrated and awarded...
Puppycentric Around the Dog World ONLINE NOW: THE MAIN feature of the latest Around the Dog World is the Pro Plan/Dog World Pup of the Year (POTY) final where some stars of the future strut their stuff.
Dandie 200 – saving an endangered breed by Mike Macbeth THE DANDIE Dinmont Terrier is not only among the most ancient of breeds but one of the rarest. It is the only dog named after a character from fiction. ‘Dandie Dinmont’ was a hill farmer in Sir Walter Scott’s second Waverley novel Guy Mannering.