Ramps for Bulldogs to be trialled in the show ring

Created: 14/08/2013

THE KENNEL Club’s general committee has approved a 12-month trial period for the use of ramps for showing Bulldogs.
  The Bulldog Breed Council requested the system, which comes into effect from January 1 next year.
  Committee members subsequently considered a proposal that permission be granted for the use of ramps for a trial period of 12 months at any show at which Bulldogs are scheduled.

  The Kennel Club issued the following statement: "As the Bulldog is one of the 14 Kennel Club high profile breeds, there is a particular emphasis on judges to look for any visible signs of exaggerations that may be causing the dogs pain or discomfort.
  "It was agreed that the ramps allowed for a clearer examination of the dogs’ eyes and skin and would therefore assist judges in their assessment of the dogs.”
  The general committee approved the proposal on the provisos: that it be optional for the society to use a ramp; that it be optional for the judge to use a ramp, and suitable wording should be included in the judge’s contract and that it be optional for the exhibitor to use the ramp in the ring.
  The committee also ruled that it should be made explicit that an exhibit would not be penalised for not using the ramp.

For further information please email the Canine Activities Department at [email protected] or phone 0844 4633 980.

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