Kooikerhondje moves to utility

Created: 16/01/2013

THE KOOIKERHONDJE is to move from the gundog to the utility group from January next year.
  The Kennel Club confirmed the change this week.
  At the same meeting, the KC confirmed that the Lagotto Romagnolo and Spanish Water Dog would remain in the gundog group.
  As previously reported, the Kooikerhondje was one of three breeds – the other two were the Spanish Water Dog and the Lagotto Romagnolo – the KC said it was to move from gundog to working. Consideration of the group classification of the three breeds arose because of the requirement of gundog judges to attend a working event for the breed concerned in order to achieve approval to judge at CC level in the gundog group.

Offered alternative

All three breeds appealed through their clubs, with the Kooikerhondje Club of GB offering an alternative of being in the utility group rather than working. The other two clubs were successful and allowed to stay in the gundog group, but the KC said the Kooikerhondje was to be reclassified to the utility group, although it needed further information to prove that moving to utility was the unanimous choice of club members. This has now been received.
  Chairman Ken Rees told DOG WORLD on Monday: "I think everything has already been said now. We didn’t want to be in the working group so utility was the best alternative. We campaigned for that and I suppose we have achieved our second choice.
  "Now as a club we are looking ahead and, going forward, putting some of the confusion and uncertainty of the last six months behind us.”
  Club secretary Celia Clarke said: "To ensure that we move on, the club is already in the process of making arrangements for a series of breed seminars and judges’ assessments aimed at current utility group judges.
  "Plans are also being drawn up for an information campaign to ensure that Kooikerhondje classes continue to be widely held at championship, premium and relevant group shows in 2014 and beyond.
  "All judges currently included in the club’s judges list will also still have the club’s support in officiating in Kooiker classes in and after 2014 unless they expressly wish to be removed.”

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