KC to recognise the Turkish Kangal Dog

Created: 04/10/2012

THE TURKISH Kangal Dog is to be given official recognition by the Kennel Club.

  The club’s General Committee has decided it will be classified in the pastoral group.

  An interim breed Standard is being prepared and this will be issued for information purposes in December. The breed will be eligible for exhibition at KC-licensed breed shows from July 1, 2013.

  Dogs currently registered as Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are eligible to apply to have their breed recorded as the Turkish Kangal Dog instead where appropriate, the KC said.

  Details of how to apply and application forms can now be obtained from the registration office at the KC by phoning 0844 4633 980.

  "A Turkish Kangal Dog can only be exhibited when the new registration documents have been issued, confirming the transfer of the dog and its classification as a Turkish Kangal Dog,” a KC spokesman said.

  "Therefore, owners are advised that application forms should be completed and submitted well in advance of April 1.”

Recognition of the Turkish Kangal means the number of pedigree breeds will rise to 211 in April.

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