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Learning to clipper Poodles

Created: 13/05/2010

I am not actually a professional groomer but since my first dog Wellington, an Old English Sheepdog, had his first heart attack at the local grooming parlour I decided if I ever owned another dog I would groom it myself.
He died within a week of that incident and I was devastated, not having realised how weak his heart was.
Having been attracted to a white Poodle living locally, my husband saw an advertisement for Poodle puppies and needless to say once we saw them we had to have one!  The breeder loaned me her video showing me how to do the grooming and I learned from then.
I now have my second blue Standard Poodle, and my second more powerful clippers with different cutting heads to cut the growth on his face, feet and round his tail short and his body and leg hair a little longer.  The ‘wool’ on a Poodle grows over every inch of its body non-stop for its entire lifetime.
They are wonderful pets, great fun characters and excellent for anyone with allergies because they don’t moult. Yes, they are intelligent, very good with children and excellent house guards but only because they announce visitors. They have a distinctly different body smell from other dogs and when they get wet there is no doubt they smell of wet wool!
In spite of the fact Poodles are water dogs, neither of mine has liked the water or the sea - except for drinking,  when it appears the dirtier the better!  However, bathing or at least showering is taken stoically with the knowledge that a game up the garden with a towel and tug-o-war is the preferred outcome!
My first Poodle, Max, was born to run like the wind and therefore never put on weight but my second, Coco, is too laid back and although he plays for a while and romps with other dogs I have had to put him on a diet to keep him down to his recommended 35 kg weight.
He comes with us wherever we go - all my dogs have always been totally integrated into the family.  If we go away for a holiday abroad he stays with one of the children and their families and has a great time.  He has never had to be put in kennels as nowadays we prefer to rent cottages in this country and always look for ‘good walking from the door’.
Margaret Faulkner

mary, 11/09/2010

Such a sad experience for you with your OES, as an apprentice served groomer with over 42 years of experience, I have never had that happen, have had dogs have fits, but have always been warned that they suffer them first.

I have been owned by poodles for longer than that, (since I was aout 8 years old) I find them the best of companions. my first standard was a black bitch number 2 and her daughter 3 were apricot, 4 was black, and 5 white, her daughter 6 was a blue, I am now back to apricot, a male this time, and will not change colours again, there is something really special about the apricots.

Over the years I have also had a rhodesian ridgeback, a rescue jack russell and also curently have a portuguese water dog. but apricot standard poodles will always be the best! Enjoy.

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