New territory for KC gallery by Nick Waters

Created: 16/09/2010

New territory for KC gallery by Nick Waters

The Kennel Club Art Gallery is moving into new territory beyond the rarefied atmosphere of the pedigree dog scene and sporting art world when it exhibits pieces from the collection at Battersea Decorative Fair.
Held in a marquee in Battersea Park, the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair is now in its 25th year and is the UK’s leading antiques and 20th century design fair for interior designers. Architects, decorating professionals looking for ideal items for a client and design lovers looking for that special piece to make a statement, this is the place to be.
For some years now there has been an increasing presence of dogs at the marquee, indeed the canine-friendly ambience has become one of the fair’s rather eccentric attractions, although it is stipulated that only well-behaved dogs are admitted.
Anyone who has ever walked through Battersea Park will know full well the number and variety of breeds that regularly can be seen there. It is here in Battersea that Nicola Hicks ‘Little Brown Dog’ statue stands as a poignant and permanent memorial to the thousands of dogs who have lost their lives in the names of research and science.
Regular exhibitors know the connection between the fair and its doggy visitors so they make an effort to have plenty of doggy items for sale to tempt their doting owners. Canine works of art and antiques have become good sellers at the venue.
All of which goes to make the fair an ideal platform from which the Kennel Club Art Gallery can make its existence known to a wider public, and in doing so will take centre stage with purpose-built exhibition space in the middle of the foyer.
Visitors will be able to get a feel for just how diverse the KC’s collection is. Among the treasures going is the beautiful silver model of the Borzoi, Ch Tsaretsa, owned by Kathleen, Duchess of Newcastle; the dog-world’s most famous trophy, the magnificent Keddel Memorial Trophy for best in show at Crufts; Maud Earl’s impressive oil of Edwin Brough’s Bloodhounds; Frank Paton’s classic study of Victorian anthropomorphism, ‘The Card Game’, and to show that there is a lighter side to the collection, some of the cartoons, including Giles Crufts classic from 1962 of an assortment of exhibitors travelling to Olympia on the underground, ‘Do you know you’re sitting on my Chihuahua?’.
The Decorative Arts and Textiles Fair opens at noon on Tuesday September 28 and from 11am daily thereafter until October 3. Directions and further information can be had from


Dogshows ltd, 16/09/2010

Nice to know that the exhibitors money is being well spent on such an extensive art collection held in London (and now branching all the way out to Battersea). Perhaps the KC should look at the government for ideas about cost cutting, for example DON'T BUY ART WORK AT OUR EXPENSE! Cut the cost of the dog show licence, decrease the honarariums, give free car parking and reduce entry fees. Move out of that very expensive west end building and open a dedicated show centre for dogs instead. Yes I know it has all been said before but the KC don't listen. So come on Dog World, how about a campaign to make them listen!

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