Ode to Crufts by Elainne Wilson

Created: 04/03/2016

Oh yes it is that time of year

Crufts dog show is almost here

So many dogs for all to see

Some are huge and others wee.

Fluffy Poms, huge DDB’s

Poodles, Pointers and BSD’s

Some have long coats and others short

Some have medium, other nought

Some are black and some are blues

So many colours, all different hue’s

All are bathed and brushed and combed

Claws are trimmed and muscles toned

Combs and brushes and the rake

Don’t forget the liver cake!

Show bags packed with grooming kit

Far too much, will it fit?

Packed the car, all set to go

Not long now until the show.

Arrive safely and found the ring

Now what did you forget too bring?

Show the dog and win a 3rd

Stupid judge –that is absurd!

But win or lose – the dog look great

It doesn’t matter, it’s your best mate.

Now the time to explore the show

So much to see, so where to go?

Trade stands galore - all want your cash

Some goods cheap and others flash.

Obedience, Flyball, Agility

Discover Dogs, too much to see

The youngsters show to find Best Junior

Give them support as they’re the future.

Group time now, the dogs look stunning

In posing stance and then when running.

Shows ending now, it’s time for BIS

To win this crown is utter bliss!

Time to go, you’re getting tired

But this events left you inspired

One thing certain that is clear

You will return for Crufts next year.


Composed by Elainne Wilson, Chimay BSD’s.

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