Dublin DSS: It’s Déjà Vu for Dublin’s Christmas Show - Reports by Joyce Crawford-Manton - Photos by Irish Canine Press

Created: 25/01/2016

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DUBLIN Dog Show Society, one of the oldest societies in Ireland, has been hosting the traditional ‘Christmas’ championship show for many, many years. 

  Until about ten years ago, it was called the ‘Stephen’s Day show’ as it was held on December 26, Boxing Day. After that it was moved to December 27, giving us all a breather after the excesses of Christmas dinner, with an extra day to get the dogs bathed and groomed. 

  This year, however, as Christmas Day was the Friday, we had two days to relax before the show on the Monday. 

  A good entry as ever met the panel of Irish judges at this show, known for its Christmas parties around the rings, and the exchanging of presents between friends and fellow exhibitors. 

  The National Show Centre was really busy following the most civilised of starting times at 11am with lots of activity around the rings and the committee, headed by secretary Rita McCarry-Beattie, had everything running smoothly through pre-judging with the groups in the large main ring, allowing a timely finale to the last show of the season.

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