The Kennel Club Special General Meeting

Created: 13/11/2015

Earlier this week the Kennel Club held a special general meeting which produced a huge number of talking points and news. The KC's discussions and decisions are covered in great deal from their property new increased property budget to a crossbreed registration, or investment in canine activity centres to their new home in Clarges Street.

Read all the latest news stories and updates from the Kennel Club special general meeting below.


KC’s plan to create centres at Chepstow, Stafford and Ingliston

The KC's nationwide search for canine activity sites is beginning to reap rewards, with Chepstow Racecourse, Staffordshire County Showground and the Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston now in the frame.

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KC to buy site in Northumberland; property budget bumped up to £9m

THE KENNEL Club is to buy a remote 7,550-acre moorland estate for a sum in the region of £4.5m to be used for field, working and Bloodhound trials.

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KC considering ‘unique’ register for crossbreeds

IF THE Government and the public are to find the Kennel Club credible it must consider the increase in the popularity of crossbred dogs.

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KC’s Aylesbury office ready by end of 2017

THE SITE and design have of the Kennel Club’s new office in Aylesbury have been agreed.

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Proposed changes aimed at transparency and distribution of power

THE FINANCE and General Purposes Sub-Committee could be replaced with ‘business committees’, to prevent a small group of people dominating decision making.

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KC members given tour of ‘No 10’
KC’s plan to encourage new members
Transfer fee increase
Bi-AGM tradition to continue

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