Celtic Knight King at Killarney

Created: 30/09/2015

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  TWO DAYS after Clonmel and it was the turn of Killarney Canine Club to host the travelling army of dog exhibitors, many taking the opportunity to mix their hobby with a deserved break away from home. As this is a working day for many, the entry at Killarney is always somewhat lower than the other Circuit shows as some prefer to keep their precious holidays for later in the year, but still an entry of 1,464 dogs would be the envy of many. 

  The backdrop of the cathedral is an iconic sight and everyone is pleased that, after a couple of years away, the show has returned to its spiritual home. As always the crowds of local and visiting sightseers flocked to take in the spectacle. 

  The judging panel had a couple of last-minute changes, always a secretary’s nightmare, but Patsy Lawlor was able to draft in Elizabeth Chwalibog from Poland and Dick McCoy to take up the slack. Sponsor for Killarney was again Happy Dog, with husband and wife team of Jackie and Andrea Stubbs, ably assisted by Davy Blakely with vet Carina Mederle representing the company in the photographs. 

  After a misty start, the skies had cleared by the time judging started and the weather held firm, with many spectators, now firmly in holiday mode, staying around until the finish at 5.30pm.


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