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Editorís Blog - March 2015

Created: 20/03/2015

Editorís Blog - March 2015






My topic this issue has to be Crufts. It was my first visit and I loved it. Dog World had a stand and the Dog World team was busy every day meeting new people and old customers. Dog World’s Digital Media Manager, Simon Baillie, was out and about during the whole show filming and interviewing and reporting back on the Dog World website and social media, keeping you up-to-date with everything Crufts.

  It was packed with trade stands selling everything you need for your pet dog, show dog or for the dog groomer. I got to visit all the companies I have been speaking to over the last year. I was especially keen to visit Wahl, as they were doing a fabulous offer of bring in your old blades for brand new ones for just £10 each. 

  My favourite part of Crufts was ‘Discover Dogs’ this is where they had breeds from around the world and you could pet them and talk to the breeders to find out about them and their backgrounds. I even got to cuddle a few puppies! 

  There were agility shows, Young Kennel Club grooming, where some youngsters were smaller than the dogs they were grooming on the table! 

  And of course the main competition itself. I loved walking around the benches where the dogs were waiting to be shown. There were rows and rows of the same breed. The quietest breed were the Boxers as all of them were fast asleep.

  It is a tragedy that a dog died following Crufts and my heart felt sympathy goes out to the owners. The Kennel Club has announced that they don’t believe the dog was poisoned at Crufts but in Belgium. However, wherever it was poisoned the owners have lost their dog.

  I also have to mention the handling of the Scottish Terrier - the winner of the Best In Show. When I saw it on TV I was quite surprised. However, after reading lots of news about it, especially on Dog World website, I have come to the conclusion, that although I would never handle a dog in this way, the dog wasn’t in any harm and this is the way the handler was taught. However, as the handler was warned about this issue, I think she should be disciplined in some way.

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