Have your say on the showing world, urges KC

Created: 28/05/2014

BREED club and council members are being urged to ‘get their voices heard’ at meetings organised by the Kennel Club – or lose the opportunity to do so.

  Tony Schaanning Ling, chairman of the KC’s Liaison Council Breeds Council, has appealed to members of the 31 breed councils and the 723 breed clubs to voice their opinions at a time when the showing world is facing important choices.

  He was speaking after last week’s council meeting had to be cancelled due to lack of agenda items. 

  "There are complex and far-reaching issues facing the dog world and this council is not being used by those for whom it was set up – that is, breed councils, breed clubs and members of these organisations who through this structure are able to submit proposals, discussion items and matters of interest to the KC and have their say,” he said.


"Without your input the council will be lost, and with it an important link between breed councils, breed clubs, their respective members and the KC.”

  The KC’s Dog Show Promotion Working Party is currently trying to find ways to improve and safeguard the future of showing and is considering all options, Mr Schaanning Ling said, including the removal of the beaten dog regulation in regard to stakes classes, the possibility of allowing two sets of CCs to be allocated to the same breed on the same day at the same venue, the option of allowing entries on the day at open and limited shows for age-restricted and open classes only, the introduction of a champion class, and whether to keep benching.

  "In recent years the council has put forward proposals for the introduction of a special award champion class, changes to the junior warrant competition and for specific breeds to trial the use of ramps at shows, so your say really does count,” he said.

  "The council is for all to participate in and its set-up offers a route to General Committee. All proposals recommended for approval by this council are referred to the General Committee for consideration. Even if an item is not approved it is recorded in the minutes which are circulated to the breed representatives and dog press, and are available on the KC website.” 


A rationale should be attached to each proposal put forward and, through the elected liaison officers of each breed, a briefing should be given to the council delegate responsible for the breed concerned, Mr Schaaning Ling said. Without this briefing, the item cannot be discussed.

  The next council meeting is scheduled for November 19. Proposals for the agenda should reach Kathryn Marsh at breedshows@thekennelclub.org.uk by August 26.

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