Westminster visitors stranded as snow envelops New York

Created: 13/02/2014

SEVERAL British visitors who attended the Westminster Kennel Club Show are stranded in New York after seven inches of snow fell in the city in two hours.

  Another two feet of snow is predicted.

  The weather – coming up to the North from the South East – has gridlocked the city, and heavy winds with gusts up to 40mph are also expected. Aircraft are unable to come in or go out.

  Those stranded include Lee Cox and Tom Isherwood – who combined the show with their honeymoon – Lisa Croft-Elliott, Carrie Russell-Smith, Kerry Rushby and Will Croxford.

  Ms Croft-Elliott said she should have flown out at 6am today (Thursday) and they are hoping to be able to leave tomorrow. However, this is now uncertain as the snow shows no sign of abating.

  "We’ve had seven inches of snow in two hours and it’s still coming down,” she said. "We had a perfect view of the Empire State Building and now we can’t see it.

  "It started last night as we were walking back from a Broadway Show The Book of Mormon. My initial reaction is – cancel everything and head for the Bahamas, but in reality I’m still hoping I will be back in time to judge at National Working and Pastoral Breeds. If we get in first thing on Saturday I can drive straight there.”

  Ms Croft-Elliott is accustomed to New York’s climate.

  "I’m from the North East originally and I’m used to it,” she said. "This is the third time I’ve been stuck like this. It’s just something that happens here about the same time each year and you just have to deal with it.

  "We brought out our snow boots, big fur coats, ear muffs and all the necessary gear so we were prepared for it – although I didn’t anticipate the brace on my leg keeps filling up with snow.”

  Ms Croft-Elliott, who has her Poodle Flo with her, is still wearing ankle and knee braces following her horrific accident in November when she and Ms Russell-Smith’s motorhome was hit by a lorry.

  "In the meantime I’ve got all my equipment here so I’m getting some work done,” she said. "It’s really pretty so we’re going to sit here, look out of our hotel window as snow piles up on the terrace and point and giggle.”

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