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English Groomers December Group blog by Julie Harris (LCGI).

Created: 04/12/2013

English Groomers December Group blog by Julie Harris (LCGI).

Hi Guys,  I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here. We had the luxury of a very lovely summer so spirits should be high. Looking back over the year I’ve realised I didn’t plan a break in the summer and therefore ended up not getting one. There never seemed to be a quiet time over the summer, so note to self ‘get more organised’. Being organised is not a bad ethos to live by and with this in mind I am hoping you are all organised enough so that you can at least string a sentence together when Christmas day comes!

  If I had one tip for you all, whether you are mobile, working from home or in a salon, is to make yourself a packed lunch and make sure you drink plenty of fluids. That way you should be able to keep your energy levels up and avoid exhaustion. Drinking plenty of fluids will also ensure you get to sit down regularly. The New Year is shaping up wonderfully with the promise of events, seminars and competitions. Plus it’s a time for us all to catch up with friends and to learn, learn learn!

  My highlights this year have been my friends, an amazing trip to the Arctic in February, a two day challenge competition in June, qualifying my home breed puppy for Crufts and lastly malteser cake – yum!

  Enjoy your Christmas break with your families and dogs. Keep safe and well and I look forward to seeing many of you in the New Year. A huge Merry Christmas from EGG. Love to you all.

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