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Breed council rejects KC’s new Bulldog Standard

18 Dec 2008 08:02

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THE KENNEL Club’s interim Standard for the Bulldog has not gone down well with the breed council involved.
The proposed changes were discussed at a recent council meeting, with the result that 27 delegates from 14 breed clubs, ‘with a combined total breed experience of 823 years’, were ‘unanimously not prepared’ to accept the revisions. They have asked the KC for an explanation.

‘No consultation’

“There was no consultation or liaison with the breed council prior to your letter,” wrote secretary Gwen Biddle-Edwards to the KC.
“We are astonished to receive the proposed revised Standard and wish you to explain the reasoning behind the proposed changes.
“We have been very co-operative with the KC, and since 2002 we have made alterations at our mutual consultation to improve the health and welfare of the breed.
“The KC has approved these changes which have gone on to produce much healthier Bulldogs.
“These changes have also been publicly acknowledged by the KC’s website, publications and seminars.
“We are at a loss to understand in what way the health and general welfare of the breed could be improved by the proposed changes, when the Bulldog is consistently winning in competition against all breeds.”
The council’s chairman, Robin Searle, said: “We received the proposed Standard on December 6, which wasn’t satisfactory because some of us had to stay up all night to study it for a meeting the next day.
“We are being rushed – trampled on. We don’t like the whole thing. We see it as the Standard being changed and the dog will look different compared to how it is today.”

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    We don’t like the whole thing. We see it as the Standard being changed and the dog will look different compared to how it is today.” ...... Hopefully.

    Posted at 18:01 on 18 Dec 2008 by
    Kaleta | Report as inappropriate


    Good grief, whether the breed wins or not is completely irrelevant, whether it can breathe and whelp naturally should be of much greater concern Shame on you

    Posted at 18:34 on 19 Dec 2008 by
    tictac | Report as inappropriate


    'The dog will look different compared to how it is today" Is that not the whole idea. The current dog looks completely different from the dogs of old.

    Posted at 22:09 on 01 Jan 2009 by
    blackmagic | Report as inappropriate


    The Breed standard was written to produce a show dog and a family pet, the dogs of old were designed to fight Bulls of course they look different! Top show bulldogs are as healthy as any other dog and only this week the top bulldog beat all other breeds to win the Pedigree Champion Stakes!

    Posted at 09:30 on 17 Jan 2009 by
    Kevin Davis | Report as inappropriate