Dog World link directory


Ace Canine Supplements - the Flex joint-care range, Settlers calmers and more
AMP Productions - grooming DVDs and Videos
Animal Health Company - is a leader in the field of natural health products for dogs and other animals
Astor and Windsor - Medspek Alcohol Hand Gel. Total infection control. The clear choice for hands
Boss Products -  professional breeding, health, treatment, fitness & training solutions
Cani-Frames - frames for your certificates, awards and rosettes
Canine Chemists - Drontal, Panacur and Frontline pet meds - free 108 page catalogue
Canine Therapy Centre
Cavalier Impressions - dog show printing services & personalised gifts.
Designer Kennels - ultimate animal housing solution
DeZynaDog - one stop shop for groomers
Dogs Etc Ltd - Pet Theme Gifts for people who love animals
Dog Show Judges - judges' directory
Doggie Solutions - for all your dog products
Doreen Paige - grooming winners naturally
Dorwest Herbs - the leading manufacturer of herbal products for dogs and cats since 1948
Emma S Baker-Jones - handmade leather leads & collars
Essenjay - hand cut and sewn leather leads, collars and sets
Fleet Leasing Ltd - Dog Vans for sale
Foxy Pets - quality pet products and express service
Gencon All-in-1 collar puts you back in control
Groomers Supplies - for all your grooming needs
Hide and Collars - collars and leads
Jubilee Leathers - Super soft lambskin show sets in a range of colours
New Dog - unique non-ruck whelping mats & disposable whelping boxes
Northolm Pet Supplies - Drontal, Frontline, health care, supplements & vet beds
Petcetera Etc - pet products & accessories
Plush Puppy Grooming - grooming products for show dogs
Sherlocks - quality kennels and runs
Simpsons Langley - professional grooming accessories
Tenset - Pedigree software for breeders and geneticists
Wertune - stationery

Breeders & Exhibitors

Ocobo Kennels (Mystyle) - show dog kennel
Shannas, Bonnie & Ronnie Scougall - show dog kennel


Anglia Clipper Services - blade & scissor sharpening
Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training
Driving with Dogs
Flightsbiz - judging appointments or Specialty - we can help
Hair Off The Dog - grooming tuition
Holiday Cottages - pet-friendly holiday cottages throughout the West Country
Pro Dog Runners - the UK's only dedicated dog running service
Rover Recommended
- help to plan day trips and holidays with your dog

Show results links

General and Group championship shows

Boston & District Canine Society
National Terrier Club
Birmingham Dog Show Society
Scottish Kennel Club
Bath Canine Society
Southern Counties Canine Association
Blackpool & District Canine Society
East of England Agricultural Society
Hound Association
Scottish Kennel Club
City of Birmingham Canine Association
Richmond Dog Show Society
Belfast Dog Show Society
Driffield Agricultural Society
Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland

Missing Dogs

The problem of stolen dogs has been increasing over recent years. Whether a dog is stolen or lost, the experience can be extremely distressing – and confusing; sometimes people do not know what to do or where to start if their animal goes missing. There are many organisations which can help and steps which can be taken to ensure dogs are returned to their owners as quickly as possible.