Border Union championship show


Border Union championship show

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Cool coats galore at KelsoBORDER UNION championship show, held in Kelso on the Scottish Borders, welcomed us all over both days to warm sunshine. Many, including myself, were gifted with sunburnt faces, arms and legs which I’m sure will be here to stay for a number of days.

Kelso is such a beautiful and thriving market town in the heart of the Borders. Many exhibitors who were caravanning were seen in the town centre on the lead-up to the show, after heading straight up from Malvern the previous weekend.

For people who may not have made the trip up, nor gone to explore the town previously, Sir Walter Scott thought Kelso was ‘the most beautiful, if not the most romantic town in Scotland’. Surely a good reason to make a weekend of it and head to the show for a few days, wandering the cobbled streets and seeing the Victorian and Georgian buildings.

The show layout and rings were, in my opinion, some of the nicest we get on the UK show scene, with most rings having enough space for the breeds and entries. Nothing was ever too far away, so trade stands saw a constant stream of both exhibitors and public.

It was sad to see that some public were bringing dogs with them who clearly should have been kept out of the sun. However, the large number of people who came to see what dog shows are about was encouraging.

The first day was extremely warm, and saw the first half of the total of 5,675 dogs making 6,444 entries. The dogs seemed to cope well with the heat. People were setting up out in the sun and most, if not all, had set up shade for their dogs, and cool coats could be seen in the hundreds. Water taps were dotted around the showground which was extremely helpful.

The ice cream van seemed to be doing a good trade, although most sales were eaten rather quickly for fear of the ice cream melting too fast – which on most occasions it did.

Groups started nice and early and were finished at a reasonable time to allow people to head home early, or to enjoy the nice weather on the caravan site. Puppy groups were pre-judged and everything ran extremely efficiently, with bests of breeds not having to stand waiting for too long before heading into the group ring. During the evening, the caravanners were given a party in the main building, which I heard was well attended.

The second day, having four groups on, went on a little longer. The sun was still shining and again cool coats were seen in large numbers. Groups were run efficiently, and best in show finished around 7pm, when fortunately, the weather had cooled down. I think most of the public chose to visit this day so the showground was extremely busy.

Over the two days, four breed club shows were held: the Weimaraner Club of Scotland open show on Saturday, and Sunday the Dalmatian Club of Scotland championship show, the Scottish Great Dane Club open show, and the Scottish Miniature Pinscher Club limited show.

Colin Reed made it another best in show win for the Crufts RBIS winner, Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret, owned and handled by Melanie Harwood. This Miniature Poodle is certainly having a good year!

Reserve went to the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen Ch Soletrader Magic Mike, a son of Crufts 2013 BIS winner Ch Peek A Boo, owned by Sara Robertson and Wendy Doherty, and handled as always by Sara.

Finally, a thank you and well done to the hard-working committee who put on a very well run show. The sun was out, no major dramas that I was aware of, and everything ran smoothly. Now to Blackpool where I’m sure most people will have headed to on Monday.

Report by Lizzie Greenslade



THE TERRIERS kick-started the group judging at Border Union 2017, judged by Kay Aspin. Kay had an almost complete group, missing just the Airedale and Cairn.

Her shortlist consisted of eight dogs, with the four placed dogs featured in the photographs and captions. The others were the Bedlington Bleumazzu Ballerina, owned by Terry and Eileen Morris, who has one CC and a reserve; the Dandie Dinmont, Beverley Deacon and Judy Hill’s US import Ch/Am Ch Pennywise On The Road Again, who has five CCs; the Norfolk Ch Marchdens Mark My Words, who was winning his fourth CC, owned by Denise Horne; and the Parson Russell Ch Pacolito Protolythic, on three CC’s, although none on offer today, owned by Jane and Martin Baker.

Two dogs in the group had gained their titles today. The Border Tarkaswell Doctors Orders, owned by Clare Sansom, can now add these three CCs to her two RCCs; and the West Highland White, Dot Britten’s Krisma Jump Start, who has had a group shortlisting this year.

There were also some dogs entering the group ring for the first time having won their first green card: the Miniature Bull Terrier Skybar Johanna, coming from Sweden for the show, owned by Johanna Helsing; Brian Moles and Dylan Williams’ Soft-Coated Wheaten Celtannia Extra Chic, who also has two RCCs; and the Stafford Rochlawie Bonnie Lass, owned by William and Christine McClelland, who also took the DCC with her brother.

The hounds followed the terriers, judged by Pam Marston-Pollock. She had a complete group and compiled a shortlist of seven dogs to include the Basset Hound Ch Sedonia Royal Intruder, owned by Ian and Jeannette Seddon, who has 28 CCs, four group wins and a number of other group placings; the Miniature Smooth Dachshund, Lovaine Coxon’s Ch Distinctly So D’Arisca, who has five CCs; and the Irish Wolfhound, Ch Hydebeck Imperial Ruler, owned by Louise Pinkney, who has nine CCs, a group win this year at Bath, as well as a G3 at WELKS.

A new champion today was the Basset Fauve de Bretagne Laserna Storm In A Teacup, owned by Lesley and Andy Jones, who can add this title to her eight RCCs. New to the CCs today were the young Rhodesian Ridgeback male from Germany, Azali Jamaa Azizi Tiberius, owned by Janice and George McKinlay.

To finish the day, Frank Whyte took the stage for the gundog group. He made a shortlist of ten dogs including the young German Wirehaired Pointer Kimmax Kurious George, owned by Maxine and Peter McCullough, who has two CCs; the Gordon Setter Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum, who has 35 CCs, six group wins, a breed show BIS and several group placings, owned by David Alcorn,  David Crowther and Jo Baddeley; the Hungarian Vizsla Pitswarren Zizi Jeanmaire, owned by Liz and Peter Harper, who has one CC and three RCCs; the Flat-Coated Retriever from Sweden, Annette Dyren’s Sh Ch/Sw/Norw Ch Castlerock Simply Magic, who has eight CCs, RBIS at Crufts 2015, G4 the following year, and a further G2 and G4; the Labrador, David Coode’s Warringah’s Gurley, who has one CC and three reserves; and from the NSC classes, the Clumber Spaniel Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Richley Ready To Rock with Antonine, owned by Andrea Currie and Linda McGillivray, who has seven CCs.



The second and final day held four groups. First off we saw the toys enter the ring to be judged by first-time group judge Lorraine Gillhespy. She made a shortlist of eight dogs to include the Chinese Crested Ch Habiba Reign On, owned by Sarah Dunlop and Karen McLellan, who has six CCs, three of which came from puppy, two G4 and a PG1; the Lowchen, Joanne Graham’s Ch Jameneli Cream Craicer, who has 18 CCs, a group and a G2; Averil Cawthera-Purdy’s Pomeranian Lireva’s Future Dreams, who took her third CC in her third consecutive show where CCs were on offer; and the Pug, Ch Rhodenash Kotten Klyde, owned by Kath Storey, who has seven CCs, a group shortlisting, and was BPIS at this show last year.

The Miniature Pinscher gained his title today, Tubize Hudson owned by Donald and Heather Smith, who won three CCs in puppy, but received his fourth today to make him up.

Mary Whitehill’s Papillon Rozamie Madame Marcelle gained her first CC today.

The utility group followed the toys, judged by Martin Freeman. He made a shortlist of eight which included the Akita Redwitch Back Of The Net, winning his first CC owned by Jenny Killilea and Arlene Clure; the Boston Terrier, Jayne Winrow’s Jayneze Sugar Sensation, who has a BOB to his name; the French Bulldog, another dog to gain his title, Luvum Indian Chief owned by Susan Chambers; and the Keeshond Ch Neradmik Miss Hollyberry, owned by Jean Sharp-Bale, who has 15 CCs and two breed show BIS.

Colin Reed entered the ring to judge the working group, where he made a shortlist of seven to include the Boxer Jenroy Clarice Cliff with Longsdale, owned by Gary Pearce, Dale Francis and Roy Townshend, who can now add this CC to her RCC; the Bullmastiff also gaining her first CC, Rysid Hell On Heels Ardhub, owned by Lynn McGroarty, again a dog who can add this to her RCC; and from the NSC, the Giant Schnauzer, Isobel Cowie’s Philoma Hollywood at Zanobel.

Portuguese Water Dogs saw a new champion in Melfield Saucy Sapphire, owned by Shaun Dring and Jocelyn Creffield, who also has three RCCs.

New to the green cards were the Rottweiler male Minaelea Taylored By Choice, owned by Tracey and Terri Tousent and William Crawley, who also has a RCC; and the Siberian Husky Forstal’s Kittila, owned by Sally and Sheryl Leich and Ali Koops.

To complete the group judging for 2017, the pastoral group was judged by Roy Baker, who made a shortlist of seven, among them the Australian Cattle Dog who was winning her second CC, Austmans Good Call, owned by Kimberley Jebson and handled by Mark Plummer; the Briard Gilcoru Island D’Brie, owned by Denise Curren, who has one CC and two RCCs; and a new champion, the German Shepherd Lochurr Super Trouper at Brightmeadow, owned by Kerry and Maggie Stephens, who can add this third CC to his five RCCs and a group at Paignton 2015.

The Rough Collie Ladnar Moondust was another newcomer to the green cards today, owned by Sue and Dave Randall; as was the Lancashire Heeler Foxthyme True Colour, owned by Enid Lord, who also has two RCCs to her name.

A new champion was the Shetland Sheepdog Shemist Black Wizard, owned by Sheila Stock, who also has two RCCs.


Best in Show

Yes, a privilege indeed to be invited to judge for this society in such a wonderful setting.

The whole of the committee must be praised for the success of this canine event.

The panel of judges made my assignment of assessing BIS a memorable one.

My final thanks to all committee & helpers for their excellent hospitality.

BIS was Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret, Miniature Poodle, here was a mature Poodle of the first order, demanding attention on entering the ring. Animals of this stature make it difficult to departmentalise; it just states quality. Moving it confirmed that balance, type & construction were to the fore in the overall mix. Excellent presentation was noticeable.

RBIS was Ch Soletrader Magic Mike, PBGV, another quality exhibit. General balance size & quarters pleased. Excellent body shape & topline. Typical coat texture & driving movement. A pleasure to handle & judge.

BP was Coatakinti Double Delight with Ashowai, Shar-Pei, a lovely balanced exhibit with typical head qualities. Pleasing front & rearquarters with excellent body shape. Movement confirmed excellent construction. Sound. Well handled.

RBP was The Dashing Devil’s Popcorn at Gilbri, WHWT, pleasing head properties, neck & shoulder. Well bodied with pleasing rearquarters. Should develop well. Typical movement.


Working group

G1 was Ch Vanmore Stop And Stare at Castleon, Dane, quality exhibit that took my eye early on. Good body shape & pleasing shoulder placement. Excellent bone & rearquarters. Shape, balance & presence were exhibited on sound & true movement.

G2 was Seabrook Let’s Talk About Me, Newfoundland, lovely outline & substance for this breed. Typical head details. Excellent body, topline & quarters. Movement true & balanced. Quality exhibit.

G3 was Ch/Ir Ch Jojavik Poison Ivy, Dobermann, typical exhibit. Head type pleased. Good front assembly & shoulder placement. Moving true & positive with good rear assembly. Handled well.

G4 was Chayo Blue Diamond, Malamute, lovely example of the breed. Quality balance & type. Head properties pleasing. Good body shape & topline. Everything came together on moving for this excellent example of the breed.



Working puppy group

PG1 was Lanfrese Limelight, Boxer, quality puppy with pleasing head details. Lovely build & general balance. Good body shape & topline. Excellent quarters. Movement positive & true.

PG2 was Korifey Treasure, Dobermann, another lovely exhibit who took my attention early. Well made & balanced with good quarters.

PG3 was Wispafete Start Of Sumthing, Bouvier, good well made exhibit with typical balance & form. Body & topline impressed. Matching quarters which were confirmed on movement. Pleasing head details & size.

PG4 was Zentaur Der Kapitan Wisperedomen, Newfoundland, good example of its breed. Quality in balance & form. Good bone & body shape. Typical movement both coming & going. Well handled.



Hound group

My thanks to officers & committee for their invitation to judge this group, such a warm welcome, great hospitality in a perfect setting with perfect weather, could only be bettered by the quality of the BOBs presented to me. What a delight to judge.

G1 was Ch Soletrader Magic Mike, PBGV, I thought this chap had it all today. I loved his head, his expression with a dark eye just took my attention. Satisfying to go over, his conformation is excellent combined with substance as a hunting hound should be. He moved around the ring with super petit action. In the final line-up he just shone. Delighted he went on to RBIS, congratulations.

G2 was Multi Ch Jesrae Game Of Thrones, bright r/br with white trim which showed off his virtues. Masculine but still retaining his streamlined shape & came into his own on the move. He has a very strong front action, good to see. Super profile movement

G3 was Ch Garamond Sunberry, upstanding Afghan with the most classy head. Clean & chiselled with lovely eyeshape. Beautifully balanced of good proportions & looked so impressive as he floated around the ring, keeping his crisp outline & sound as a bell. A lovely hound.

G4 was Ch Dialynne Peter Piper, good quality Beagle male, another classic head with soft expression. Mature body & very sound on the move. Completed a lovely line up.



Hound puppy group

PG1 was Bronia Supernatural, delightful L/h Dachshund. Took my attention right away, he has a classic head, strong front with good width to thorax, so beautifully shaped. Moved soundly holding that topline well for one so young.

PG2 was Molesend Secret, quality Beagle of lovely quality with well balanced head. Mature body with good ribbing, nicely boned down to ground, very sound mover to & fro.

PG3 was Carlincox First Impression, strongly made Ridgeback. Masculine head, well developed for his age. Not sure his handler did him justice on the move but looked a picture standing & certainly made a good first impression!

PG4 was Danluke Della Rocca, very feminine & shapely Whippet baby. Balanced head & good eyeshape. Very sound & light on the move. Just at the right stage of development for her age.



Terrier group

I would like to thank the officers & committee for a wonderful day at this lovely venue, also the judges who sent through some quality dogs. I shortlisted for further consideration the Bedlington, Dandie Dinmont, SFT, Jack Russell, Lakeland, Norfolk Parson Russell & Irish.

G1 was the Smooth Fox Terrier, Zetamaz Black Shadow, a quality exhibit, very good head & expression, good bite, lovely neck into well placed shoulders, true in front, very good topline & tailset, well developed quarters, ideal weight of bone to balance, moved & handled very well.

G2 was the Irish Terrier, Sujoncla Little Powder with Oudenarde, another of excellent breed type, quality head, good eye, ear & bite, very good neck & shoulders, good front, well padded feet, sound topline & set on, well bodied, presented in first class condition, moved & handled well both ways.

G3 was the Lakeland, Lacus One More Time, head of correct make & shape, very good eye & ear, clean bite, sound neck onto well placed shoulder, very good topline, well bodied, very good quarters, in lovely coat & condition, moved freely both ways.

G4 was the Jack Russell, Hot News Di Sutri with Jaeva, clean head, very good eye & ears, good bite, good neck, clean shoulders & very good front, well boned, nicely bodied for age, good depth, sound topline & tailset, very good quarters for age, moved & handled with confidence.



Terrier puppy group

PG1 was the WHWT, The Dashing Devil’s Popcorn at Gilbri, lovely feminine head & expression, very good bite, neat ears, clean neck & shoulders, very good front, well boned, correct topline & tailset, quarters developing well, very good on the move, presented in first class coat & condition.

PG2 was the Norfolk, Watercroft Pop Corn, very good head, correct expression, nicely placed ears, good bite, well boned front, very nicely bodied, good topline & set on held well on the move, put down in very good order, moved & handled with confidence.

PG3 was the Skye, Frisco Kiaora at Jeraro, very promising, well balanced, head of good type, correct eye & ear, good bite, sound neck & shoulders, ideal length of back held well, sound legs & feet, good coat & condition, moved & handled well fore & aft.

PG4 was the SCWT, Saffini Suga Pie Honey Bunch, head of very good make & shape, correct eye & ear, lovely bite, clean neck onto well placed shoulders, correct front, lovely topline, nice depth of body for age, nicely boned to balance, sound quarters, very good outline, moved & handled freely.



Toy group

My thanks go to Border Union secretary, Brian Stevenson & the committee for giving me the opportunity to judge my first toy group. It was indeed an honour to judge such a strong group of quality dogs. I shortlisted eight for further consideration, the Bichon, Cavalier, L/c Chihuahua, Chinese Crested, King Charles, Lowchen, Pomeranian & Pug.

G1 was Go My Way Jp’s Black Cherry, L/c Chihuahua, an eyecatching, tri bitch who was so alert, spirited & swift moving with a brisk forceful action. Full of breed type from her well rounded, apple dome head, large, round eyes to her well laid shoulders, level topline & well sprung ribcage. She had good muscletone, & strong driving movement with a perfectly carried tail. Such a show girl she simply demanded my full attention. Congratulations on winning her fourth CC, BOB & G1 today.

G2 was Craigowl Out Of Reach, Cavalier, blen dog who simply oozes breed type. He has an almost flat skull, large, dark eyes that give the melting, gentle expression this breed is so well known for, correct length of muzzle & excellent dentition. He has a slightly arched neck leading into well laid shoulders, level topline & perfect tailset & carriage. His long, silky, well marked coat was in gleaming condition & his strong, muscular hindquarters had well turned stifles & this allowed him to move around the ring with such drive from behind. Congratulations on gaining his third CC & BOB today.

G3 was Pamplona The Real McCoy, Bichon, an immaculately presented & well balanced dog. I loved the type, quality & balance of this bichon. His skull was slightly rounded, & nose was large, round & black. He certainly has dark, round eyes, with black eyes rims surrounded by dark haloes. His neck was fairly long & arched, carried high & proudly. He had a deep brisket & well sprung ribs. His movement was a joy to watch.

G4 was Ch Baldragon She Demands, King Charles, a simply stunning bitch to watch on the move as she powered around the large ring. A mature bitch, full of quality with a distinctive dome, gorgeous expression, low set, long well feathered ears & correct nose placement. Her proud head carriage with arched neck leading into well laid shoulders, level topline & well bent stifles gave a wonderful picture of her in profile. Such a true toy spaniel she is cobby in body, with a wide chest & excellent ribcage. Today she won her 30th CC.



Toy puppy group

PG1 was Lireva’s Tickle Her Fancy, Pomeranian, outstanding, compact short coupled & sound little dog. A real extrovert on the move. Foxy head with black nose, slightly oval eyes. Small ears carried perfectly erect. Short in the back with a high set tail carried flat over the back. Her coat was the correct harsh texture & presentation second to none. I was told she had also won the RCC on the day. Congratulations.

PG2 was Cotonkiss Moondance to Cotonden, Coton de Tulear, a small, smart moving dog with a slight rise over the loin. Dark, round eyes full of expression. Shoulders well laid back, excellent front with well muscled hindquarters. Coat of the correct texture. Moved very well.

PG3 was Danton Damned If I Do, Min Pin, well balanced, compact dog with good movement. Attractive head with erect ears set high on head. Square in body shape with well sprung ribs & moderate tuck up.

PG4 was Lafford Hero, Bolognese, small, square dog in outline. He has a wide, flat skull, large round dark eyes & well pigmented rims. He had well sprung ribs, a level back & tight elbows. Moved out well. His coat was beautifully presented.



Gundog group

The quality of both the group & the puppy group was of a very high standard & thanks to breed judges for this opportunity to have so many good exhibits to assess & choose from, unfortunately it meant several very good quality exhibits had to miss out on the cut or a place. At first glance some stood out more than others & interestingly, after closer inspection how appreciations can change. It was a fabulous sunny day & the heat did play a part on some exhibits performance & some decisions were not easy.

For a closer look I decided on the GSP, Magregor Shneeball; GWP, Kimmax Kurious George; Gordon Setter, Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum; Vizsla, Pitswarren Zizi Jeanmaire; Irish R/W Setter, Sh Ch Alanea Summer Cottage; F/c Retriever, Sh Ch/Sw/Norw Ch Castlerock Simply Magic; Labrador, Warringah’s Gurley; Cocker, Bartonholm Bellissima; English Springer; Sh Ch/Aus Sup Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love; Welsh Springer, Chanangel Sticky Wicket; Clumber, Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Richley Ready To Rock with Antonine; & after serious thought:

G1 was Sh Ch Alanea Summer Cottage, Irish R/W Setter, feminine well proportioned head with good stop, dark eye of good shape, well placed ears, long muscular neck, strong body but is so balanced & not overdone, liked hear depth, length to height ratio, feet & overall quality, athletic & covered ground with free action & drive. Holds correct topline & good tail carriage. Presented in first class pearly white & red coat & she did not stop giving her best until the final decision was made.

G2 was Bartonholm Bellissima, Cocker, lovely head shape & expression, square compact & with well sprung rib, good length neck in well assembled front, quality bone & also stands on very good feet, well developed rear which she used to drive over the ground loved her energetic busy ring presence, presented in first class condition, of good size, very ‘Cockery’ in type & nice to hear she gained her title on the day.

G3 was Sh Ch/Aus Sup Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love, English Springer, masculine head, good eye & expression but for complete balance prefer a tiny bit more refinement in foreface, has well set ears, very good length of neck, strong, compact body with good depth & spring of rib, quality bone & excellent feet, well angled & developed rear, an extrovert who is free moving & holds a balanced outline going round, lovely breed type & presented in first class coat & condition, true action fore & aft & to ‘nit pick’ prefer his outline when taken just a touch slower, but, another with many breed qualities to appreciate.

G4 was Magregor Shneeball, GSP, clean cut head, with good eye & expression, broad ears well set of good size, muscular neck, good bone & feet, short backed, good depth & not too wide, strong loin, & well angled rear, free striding with firm topline, well muscled & presented in good short coat & very good body condition.



Gundog puppy group

Many quality youngsters at different stages & for further consideration I chose: English Setter, Bushbane Celtic Prayer; GWP, Bareve Boschkloof; Vizsla, Magnus Fortuna Pitswarren; W/h Vizsla, Zoldmali Szeles Morganna; Irish Setter, Gwendariff Come Fly With Me; Pointer, Medogold Whirly Bird; Labrador, Foxrush Time To Shine; Am Cocker, Afterglow Life Of Brian; & Weimaraner, Sharnphilly Ruby Aura.

PG1 was Afterglow Life Of Brian, Am Cocker, super head & eye shape, well set ears, good neck & well sprung rib, well angled rear, compact with correct topline, presented in lovely coat & condition, moved with free action, good front reach & super ring presence. A balanced & most promising young lady.

PG2 was Gwendariff Come Fly With Me, Irish Setter, feminine balanced young lady, racy, lovely bone & feet, liked her head proportions & expression, standing holds a balanced shape & correct topline, & she holds the same shape on the move, nothing exaggerated about her & presented in first class coat & condition, very close to winner & may change places on another day.

PG3 was Sharnphilly Ruby Aura, Weimaraner, medium sized with good bone feet & overall body shape, very good colour, liked her length to height & that her length is in her rib, strong loin. Feminine head of moderate length, good ears, moved free & holds a good outline, presented in first class condition & should also have a really bright future.

PG4 was Zoldmali Szeles Morganna, W/h Vizsla, well proportioned head with moderately broad skull & good muzzle, good eye, balanced body shape, liked his size & quality bone, deep with strong chest, well sprung ribs of good length, well developed rear, & presented in very good coat & condition, moved with free ground covering gait when handler strode out & got him at the right pace.



Pastoral group

My thanks to the committee & the officials of Border Union for their outstanding hospitality & for the honour of being invited to judge the group at this delightful show. The setting, the camaraderie & the glorious sunshine combined to produce the very best that summer championship shows can offer.

Congratulations to all concerned. I shortlisted seven for further consideration, Australian Cattle Dog, Border Collie, Briard, GSD, Pyrenean, Samoyed & Pem Corgi.

G1 was Ch Pemcader Thunderball, Pem Corgi, superb dog, full of type & quality, super head, well placed alert ears giving a stunning expression, moved with drive & handled with self-effacing style.

G2 was Locheil Return To Oz, Border Collie, one of my favourite show dogs, I have awarded him CC & BOB recently, & BP when a youngster, I love his type, quality & balance. Presented in beautiful coat & condition, moves with minimal lift & great precision, a truly stylish dog.

G3 was Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, another of my favourites. He took G1 under me last time I judged this group. Beautiful masculine head, powerful unexaggerated body, moves with great fluency for such a big dog, beautifully handled to show his many qualities at their best.

G4 was Right One For Mezen And Us Santaviga, charming Samoyed bitch, super head, perfectly placed ears & lovely smile, balanced well conformed body in dazzling ice white jacket, moved with great precision.



Pastoral puppy group

I have seen stronger puppy groups. Possibly the fact that many breeds did not have CCs on offer might have had a bearing. I was very pleased with the quality of the breeds shortlisted, however, which were: Australian Cattle Dog, Bearded Collie, Tervueren, Border Collie, Samoyed & Pem Corgi.

PG1 was Debbeacol Rhythm Is A Dancer, outstanding Bearded Collie puppy, balanced head with delightful expression, strong neck, excellent height to length ratio, beautifully presented in lovely coat & condition, moved with fluency, precision & drive.

PG2 was Taronakits It’s Karman, Samoyed, dark expressive eyes & well placed alert ears give an enchanting expression, fluent harmonious action, ample coat & super condition.

PG3 was Ermyn Knight Of The Realm, Pem Corgi, foxy head, well placed alert ears give charming expression, balanced body, good bone, strong topline, positive action.

PG4 was Austmans Raise The Game, Australian Cattle Dog, outstanding blue of excellent type & quality, well moulded muscular head with punishing jaw, super crisp jacket, would have placed higher but can be wayward in front action at times. When his movement matures he will be a real force to reckon with.  



Utility group

It was a great honour to judge the utility group at this friendly & well organised show, held in the Borders. I thank the officers & committee for their very kind invitation. The quality of the exhibits was excellent & many of those shortlisted could win on a future occasion.

I pulled out eight for further consideration: Akita, Boston, French Bulldog, Lhasa, Keeshond, Miniature Poodle, Shar-Pei, & Shih Tzu.

G1 was Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret, Miniature Poodle, a dog of outstanding quality. Lovely head, dark eye, coat of the correct texture. Excellent topline, moved round the ring with great style. I was delighted to see him go BIS.

G2 was Sandauri Show Stopper for Kutani, Lhasa, a lovely dog, nice head, dark eye, well arched neck, well muscled hindquarters, level topline, moved round the ring with a free & jaunty action.

G3 was Ch Ashowai Taste Of Diamonds, Shar-Pei, a lovely outstanding bitch, short coupled & squarely built, dark eye, correct earset, moved with great style.

G4 was Rossvale Secret Obsession, Shih Tzu, a very pretty bitch, lovely chrysanthemum like head, correct size, nice arched neck, moved with a free flowing action.



Utility puppy group

A lovely group to judge, all of my winning dogs have a great future & will be top winners in their breed, in time when mature.

I pulled out six for further consideration: Akita, Boston, French Bulldog, Toy Poodle, Shar-Pei, Lhasa.

PG1 was Coatakinti Double Delight with Ashowai, Shar-Pei, a bitch with a great future, lovely feminine head, short backed, excellent topline. I was pleased to see her go BPIS.

PG2 was Argo Stecal’s Ami Mignonette, Akita, lovely large broad head, thick muscular neck, strong laid back shoulders, excellent topline, moved with good drive.

PG3 was Chelmbull The Aviator, French Bulldog, a sturdy compact dog, correct earset, powerful well arched neck, cobby muscular body. Moved very soundly.

PG4 wa Marbledale Mamba, Lhasa, a lovely feminine bitch, nice dark eye, good coat, well muscled hindquarters, high set tail, moved with style.



CC winners


ENGLISH SETTERS (R Green) – D: Loynd’s Crimbledale Sea The Skies. B: Grimsdell’s *Gillancette Pebbles for Tattersett.

GSP (Mrs S Knowles) – D: Adams’s Barleyarch Ariat. B: Haran & Waddell’s *Magregor Shneeball.

GORDON SETTERS (P Woodhouse) – D: Alcorn, Crowther & Baddeley’s *Sh Ch Lourdace Fulcrum. B: Frew’s Dunfionn Rysa.

HUNGARIAN VIZSLAS (Mrs S Bergin) – D: Hardy & Hallam’s Sh Ch Bitcon Sirocco at Tokaji. B: Harper’s *Pitswarren Zizi Jeanmaire.

HUNGARIAN W/H VIZSLAS (Dr R W James) – D: Newman’s Zoldmali Szeles Morganna. B: Newman’s *Ch Morganna Star Anise.

IRISH R/W SETTERS (Mrs J Howatson) – D: Cuddy’s Taxus Golden Prince in Balbriggan. B: Tattersall’s *Sh Ch Alanea Summer Cottage.

IRISH SETTERS (D Hopewell) – D: Longbottom & Stewart-Ritchie’s *Gwendariff Unknown Soldier. B: Bott, Allen & Morgan’s Sh Ch Bardonhill Please Dont Tease Quensha.

ITALIAN SPINONI (Mrs S Whittingham) – D: Firth’s Crieda Eagle with Sophalba. B: Lea’s *Piccolonoce Sweet As Candy.

LARGE MUNSTERLANDERS (A Robbins) – D: Logie & Gray’s *Albadhu Paws For Perfection. B: Ogle & Butler’s Ch Raycris Freya.

POINTERS (Mrs J Best) – D: Marsh’s *Ratchda’s Rock Thrush. B: Elrington’s Ansona Cinderella.

RETRIEVERS, FLAT-COATED (Miss K E Nieminen) – D: Dyren’s *Sh Ch/Norw Ch/Sw Ch Castlerock Simply Magic. B: Irvine’s Broomiedean Lady of Hatari at Vbos.

RETRIEVERS, GOLDEN (Miss P Hill, dogs; Miss A Hagger, bitches) – D: Cuthill’s *Sh Ch Mousseglen Maclaine. B: Ashton’s Willowlawn La Sylphide.

RETRIEVERS, LABRADOR (Mrs J Rawlinson) – D: Carpanini’s Carpenny Primo. B: Coode’s *Warringah’s Gurley.

SPANIELS, COCKER (M K Wildman) – D: Todd & Rahman’s Sh Ch Lynwater Classic Design. B: Duncan’s *Bartonholm Bellissima.

SPANIELS, ENGLISH SPRINGER (D Shields) – D: Casey & Cavallo’s *Sh Ch/Aus Sup Ch Sandicam The Look Of Love. B: Corbett’s Trimere Ticket Maid.

SPANIELS, WELSH SPRINGER (Miss S Barkley) – D: Chandler’s *Chanangel Sticky Wicket. B: Thomas & Upton’s Bowdonia Seraphina.

WEIMARANERS (Mrs D Abbott) – D: Ruddy’s Netherhill’s Got Talent. B: Beagrie’s *Gunalt Audible to Feldhund.

AFGHANS (P Freer) – D: Fielder’s *Ch Garamond Sunberry. B: Newton’s Shimalma Midnight Liaison.

BASSETS FAUVES DE BRETAGNE (Mrs L Skerritt) – D: Turton’s Whistlewood’s Arran Pilot for Shiroblam. B: Jones’ *Laserna Storm In A Teacup. 

BASSETS (Mrs L Skerritt) – D: Seddon’s *Ch Sedonia’s Royal Intruder. B: Rodgers’ Switherland Smart Cookie.

BEAGLES (Miss K Theobald) – D: Spavin’s *Ch Dialynne Peter Piper. B: Parker & Stevens’ Ch Serenaker Fashion.

DACHSHUNDS, MIN L/H (Mrs M M Dance) – D: Wood’s Wildstar Wrobinson. B: Brooks’ *Lyndarlea Vienna.

DACHSHUNDS, SMOOTH (T H Johnston) – D: Armstrong’s Ch Lauralee Nicholas Nickleby. B: Macdonald’s *Bensarka Sarabi.

DACHSHUNDS, MIN SMOOTH (T H Johnston) – D: Coxon’s *Ch Distinctly So D’Arisca. B: Williams & Moes’ Cwmdarhian The Xfactor.

DEERHOUNDS (Mrs J M North-Row) – D: Finnett & Heathcote’s *Ch Hyndsight Desperado. B: Finnett & Heathcote’s Ch Hyndsight Because The Night.

IRISH WOLFHOUNDS (V Harrison) – D: Pinkney’s *Ch Hydebeck Imperial Ruler. B: Heather’s Whiteorchard Venusta.

NORWEGIAN ELKHOUNDS (Mrs S L McDonald) – D: Maun’s Bowerhinton Brouhaha. B: Middleton’s *Ch Bowerhinton Be Madams Spy at Graythor.

RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS (P Broadbent) – D: McKinlay’s *Azali Jamaa Azizi Tiberius. B: Storey & Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit.

WHIPPETS (A Ritchie) – D: Akerboom & Hansen’s *SA/Dutch/Dan Ch Jesrae Game of Thrones. B: Short’s Ch Collooney Tartan Tease.

BORDER TERRIERS (P Sharp) – D: Johnson’s Ch Karison Kosta. B: Sansom’s *Tarkaswell Doctors’ Orders.

BULL TERRIERS, MIN (Miss V P Hearne) – D: Jacob’s I’ll Be Here For You Marso-Bull. B: Winninge’s *Skybar Johanna.

CAIRNS (I Shaw) – D: Mears’ Glenmear Mcintyre. B: Robinson’s *Cruzo Capriole.

DANDIE DINMONTS (L Aspin) – D: Deacon & Hill’s *Am Ch Pennywise On The Road Again. B: Milton’s Ch Hawkesmill Jenny for Wilmit. 

FOX TERRIERS, SMOOTH (A Small) – D: Brookes’ *Zetamaz Black Shadow. B: Thornton & Bebbington’s Glendraterra Liberty Belle.

LAKELAND TERRIERS (A Small) – D: Punter’s *Lacus One More Time. B: Ryan’s Laketrix Fire Starter.

NORFOLK TERRIERS (Mr Alan Small) – D: Horne’s *Marchdens Mark My Words. B: Thompson-Morgan’s Allright Black Bess.

SKYE TERRIERS (Mrs C Burscough) – D: Curtis’ Ch Brakemill Barnum. B: Curtis’ *Ch Brakemill Briar Rose.

SOFT-COATED WHEATENS (Dr P Pearson) – D: Fallon’s Ch Janeyjimjams Jenson. B: Moles & Williams’ *Celtannia Extra Chic.

STAFFORDS (Mrs S Gray) – D: McClelland’s Ch Rochlawie Behold The Hour. B: McClelland’s *Rochlawie Bonnie Lass.

WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIERS (Miss M Burns) – D: Britten’s *Krisma Jump Start. B: Squire’s The Dashing Devil’s La Diva.


No CCs

GWP (Miss N Spencer) – D: McCullough’s *Kimmax Kurious George. B: Pinkerton’s Sh Ch Esmee Dragon from Rhona’s Home at Bareve.

SPANIELS, AMERICAN COCKER (Ms T Harris) – D: Bryant, Nelson & Morris’s *Am Ch Silhouette Troubling Nasailleen with Mycalleys. B: Bryant & Nelson’s Nasailleen Maleficent.

NSC GUNDOGS (P Clifton) – D: Nesbitt’s Yorkham Fred Bear from Chabrouille, Sussex Spaniel. B: McGillivray & Currie’s *Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Richley Ready To Rock with Antonine, Clumber Spaniel.

BASSETS GRIFFONS VENDEENS, GRAND (Mrs J Vind Ramvad) – D: Buchanan & Maclaren’s Ch/Ir Ch Tarmachan Cartier. B: Buchanan & Maclaren’s *Ch/Ir Ch Tarmachan Florentine.

BASSETS GRIFFONS VENDEENS, PETIT (Mrs J Vind Ramvad) – D: Robertson & Doherty’s *Ch Soletrader Magic Mike. B: Wyllie’s Ch Tangaer Rhapsody at Callydena.

DACHSHUNDS, L/H (Ms C Russell) – D: Geeson’s Abydachs Seize The Night. B: Geeson’s *Abydachs Giving Off Sparks.

DACHSHUNDS, WIRE (Ms C Russell) – D: Paskins’ Tendrow Replays The Red Guy at Kindeace.  B: Maxwell’s *Bardrestan Queen O’ The South.

DACHSHUNDS, MIN WIRE (Ms C Russell) – D: Heather’s Ravensbeech Rossini with Whiteorchard. B: Kirkwood-Emery’s *Helydon Jinglebells.

NSC HOUNDS (P Clifton) – D: Gaskell’s Memetuka Cream O’The Crop, Basenji. B: Dollan’s *Donskoi Zanoza at Scotach, Borzoi.

AIREDALES (M Walshaw) – D: Morris’ Nedella Black Opal. B: Vickers’ *Jodean Book of Dreams.

BEDLINGTON TERRIERS (Mrs E Lewis) – D: Fletcher’s Maevani One And Only. B: Morris’ *Bluemazzu Ballerina.

JACK RUSSELL TERRIERS (A Small) – D: Tate & Mansfield’s *Hot News di Sutri with Jaeva. B: Roberts & Murray’s Ducklings Jr Just Qutie.

NORWICH TERRIERS (Mrs C Hitchen) – D: Armstrong & Lawrance’s Butterscotch Schnapps at Elantiz. B: Armstrong & Lawrance’s *Elantiz Mockingjay.

PARSON RUSSELL TERRIERS (M Walshaw) – D: Baker’s *Pacolito Protolythic. B: Baker’s Pacolito Protocool.

NSC TERRIERS (P Clifton) – D: Seabridge & Goddard's *Sujoncla Little Poweder with Oudenarde, Irish T. B: Schoneberg's Ir Ch Burrencroft Lady Liz, WFT.

RARE BREEDS (P Clifton) – D: Turner & Macdonald's Locheil Bossenova, Jack Russell. B: Turner & Macdonald's *Locheil Novascotia, Jack Russell.

IMPORTED REGISTER (P Clifton) – D: Gorrian & Henry's *Perdizcyo Andres, Portuguese Pointer. B: Mcdonald-Ulliott's Hilbeck Agatha Lady, Girffon Fauve de Bretagne.



ALASKAN MALAMUTES (Ms J Sugden) – D: Ellis’ Chayo Formula One. B: Ellis’ *Chayo Blue Diamond.

BERNESE (M Wakeland) – D: Bird & Bridges’ *Kernow Something. B: Marsden & Robertson’s Trudaleaze Majik Potion.

BOXERS (Mrs C Kay) – D: Fay-Smith’s Winuwuk Scouting For Girl at Lorrosa. B: Pearce, Francis & Townshend’s *Jenroy Clarice Cliff with Longsdale.

BULLMASTIFFS (Mrs J C Webster) – D: Simpson’s Klaus Blood Lust. B: Mcgroarty’s *Rysid Hell On Heels Ardhub.

DOBERMANNS (Mrs L Glass) – D: Wilcox’s Grafmax Roberto Alagna. B: Ingram’s *Ch/Ir Ch Jojavik Poison Ivy.

GREAT DANES (Mrs C Gilbert) – D: Webb & Morgan Evans’s *Ch Vanmore Stop And Stare at Castleon. B: Hooker, Lockey & Armour’s Garsak Adaption.

NEWFOUNDLANDS (P Galvin) – D: Sheridan’s *Seabrook Let’s Talk About Me. B: Cameron’s Nandobears Im What Im Camnoire.

PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS (A Burscough) – D: Spencer’s Melfield Black Jasper among Islekeeper. B: Dring & Creffield’s *Melfield Saucy Sapphire.

ROTTWEILERS (Ms L Russell) – D: Tousent & Crawley’s *Minaelea Taylored By Choice. B: Dunhill-Hall & Davies’s Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Blu Violet.

SIBERIAN HUSKIES (Mrs L Pritchett) – D: Sutherland’s Ch Icynights Uigeadail. B: Leich & Koops’s *Forstal’s Kittila.

AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS (A Wight) – D: Jebson & Plummer’s Austmans Time To Party. B: Jebson’s *Austmans Good Call.

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS (Mrs C I Buecheler) – D: Birgisdottir’s Am Ch Kraftbrewd’s Blossi at Heimsenda. B: Gibbons, Jones & Spencer’s *Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go with Wispafete.

BEARDED COLLIES (Mrs K Delaney) – D: Fiedler’s *Ch Alistairs Ready Made for Malarkey.  B: Edwards’ Roxilyn Raises The Roof.

BORDER COLLIES (S Beaumont) – D: Lamberton’s *Locheil Return To Oz. B: Buxton’s Shanmill Must Be Dreaming at Meisterwerk.

COLLIES, ROUGH (Mrs C A V Casling) – D: Randall’s *Ladnar Moondust. B: Tame’s Rahlissa Love Song.

GSD (Mrs J Miller) – D: Stephens’ *Lochurr Super Trouper at Brightmeadow. B: Stephens’ Brightmeadow Fields Of Gold.

LANCASHIRE HEELERS (K Baldwin) – D: Whiteman’s Ch Rosepip Beau Brummell. B: Lord’s *Foxthyme True Colour.

PYRENEANS (Mrs L Burgess) –  D: Kenyon & Ward’s *Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna. B: Baverstock’s Kalkasi Dream Chaser.

SAMOYEDS (Mrs C I Buecheler) – D: Moody & Haffenden’s Novaskaya Lysandro Lefay. B: Pritchard, Hill & Hall’s *Right One for Mezen Yoshi And Us Santaviga.

SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS (Mrs J Edwards) – D: Stock’s *Shemist Black Wizard. B: Latimer’s Sonymer Summers Dream.

AKITAS (B M Webb) – D: Killilea & Clure’s *Redwitch Back Of The Net. B: Bevis & Corr’s Ch Stecal’s Love At First Sight.

DALMATIANS (Dr W J E Gardner) – D: Goff-Leggett’s Ch Washakie Shoshone Chief.  B: David & Saunders’ *Dalticino Interlagos from Dallydyl.

FRENCH BULLDOGS (Mrs E Drummond) – D: Chambers’ *Luvum Indian Chief. B: Chambers’ Luvum Minnie Ha Ha.

JAPANESE SHIBA INU (B M Webb) – D: May’s *Ch Doriken Royal Apprentice. B: Hinsley’s Jiltrain Ice Maiden of Tigerbull.

KEESHONDS (C Barton) – D: Harris’ Ch Neradmik All About The Boy for Watchkees.  B: Sharp-Bale’s *Ch Neradmik Miss Holly Berry.

LHASA APSOS (Miss J Kitchener) – D: Cain’s *Sandauri Showstopper for Kutani. B: Hall’s Ch Shenedene Miss World.

MIN SCHNAUZERS (Mrs B Fletcher) – D: McDermott’s *Ch Lichstone Midnite Fernando. B: Davidson’s Wellingley Which Way Now.

POODLES, STANDARD (Miss M Kendall) – D: Patterson Rogerson’s Kamarri Bang On. B: Shaw & Isherwood’s *Afterglow Elektra.

SCHIPPERKES (P D Smith) – D: Whales’ Aradet Ballroom Dancer at Roshaana. B: Fludder’s *Ch/Am Ch Ebonorth Never On Sunday.

SHAR-PEI (Mrs R Wright) – D: Butterfield’s Full of Fire’s In The Heat Of The Night at Chequerpei. B: Morris’ *Ch Ashowai Taste Of Diamonds.

SHIH TZU (Mrs J D McIntyre) – D: Turner’s Artelino Moomins Adventure. B: Brown’s *Rossvale Secret Obsession.

TIBETAN SPANIELS (Mrs V Armstrong) – D: Almey’s Playpoint Jackpot. B: Smith’s *Ch Torfness Scarlet Phancy.

TIBETAN TERRIERS (P C Wilson) – D: Green’s Malocomi’s Black Jack. B: Cooper & Purslow’s *Ch Araki Quest For Fame.

AFFENPINSCHERS (B Wiggins) – D: Gruninger’s Darkle Seamonkey. B: Mumby’s *Ch Carmichan Chica Star.

BICHONS (A Miles) – D: Smith & Coad’s *Pamplona The Real McCoy. B: Macleod & Oak’s Ch Languilla Cleare De Luna.

CAVALIERS (Dr A Paloheimo) – D: Inglis’ *Craigowl Out Of Reach. B: Sansom’s Ch Byermoor Princess.

CHIHUAHUAS, L/C (Ms E Waddington) – D: Hargreaves’ Lookum Manchester by Tampico. B: Robson’s *Go My Way JP’s Black Cherry.

CHIHUAHUAS, S/C (Miss M I Briscoe) – D: Davies’s *Ch Dachida’s Johnnie Hot Rocks. B: Anderson’s Lumanatii Lady Danger.

CHINESE CRESTEDS (Mrs I McManus) – D: Dixon’s Ch Debrita Don’t Stop Me Now. B: Dunlop & Mclellan’s *Ch Habiba Reign On.

KING CHARLES SPANIELS (Ms M Kendall) – D: Williams’ Ch/Am Gr Ch Maibee Orlando. B: Robinson’s *Ch Baldragon She Demands.

MINIATURE PINSCHERS (Mrs B Cody) – D: Smith’s *Tubize Hudson. B: Housden’s Sangre Caliente Kiana for Galkerah.

PAPILLONS (Ms C Lees) – D: Morton’s Ablazzor Harley’s Wild Echo at Lynflyer. B: Whitehill’s *Rozamie Madame Marcelle.

POMERANIANS (Mrs O Rudd-Orthner) – D: Black & Black-Bunce’s Angel Sent From Above to Zaandam. B: Cawthera-Purdy’s *Lireva’s Future Dreams.

PUGS (Mrs S J Hattrell) – D: Storey’s *Ch Rhodenash Kotten Klyde. B: Attwood’s Rhodenash Dream Chaser of Taftazini.

YORKSHIRE TERRIERS (J Geraghty) – D: Williamson’s Dunsapie Wayward Prince. B: Redhead’s *Jankeri My Belle Of The Ball.


No CCs

DOGUES DE BORDEAUX (B Brittle) – D: Nattriss, Burnikell & Swainston’s Emberez Soultime Legacy. B: Nattriss’ *Ch Soultime Emberez Envy.

HOVAWARTS (C Hosie) – D: Condron’s Zwartbos Carisbrooke. B: Gutjahr’s *Zwartbos Arreton.

LEONBERGERS (Miss M Hodgson) – D: Bell’s *Jomiriclus Galileo for Wasserhund. B: Slicer’s Shaleodust Emerald.

RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIERS (Mrs L Newton) – D: Bridges’ *Liskarn Whirpool. B: Nicol’s Jaybiem Annushka of Potterspride.

ST BERNARDS (Miss S Farrell) – D: Adamson, Reid & Robertson’s *Chandlimore Gift Of The Gab. B: McMurray’s Alpentire Full Of Loving.

NSC WORKING (P Clifton) – D: Blaney’s Sledog Brutte Coffea del Fenrirkin, Greenland Dog. B: Cowie’s *Philoma Hollywood at Zanobel, Giant Schnauzer.

BSD, TERVUEREN (Mrs J Munro) – D: Bird & Caden’s *Domburg Brown Sugar. B: Phillips’ Ch Corsini Touch Of Love at Tanje.

BRIARDS (Mrs A Murray-Walker) – D: Fieldsend’s You Bring Me Joy Moravia Campanella. B: Curren’s *Gilcoru Island D’Brie.

FINNISH LAPPHUNDS (G Duffield) – D: Orr’s *Ch Bridus Rakas. B: Bird’s Ch/Int/Lux/Bel/Dut/Ir/Ger Ch Elbereth Kia joins Bridus.

WELSH CORGIS, CARDIGAN (Dr M Collins) – D: Greensill & Mccallum’s *Sanja Glengrant. B: Aynscough’s Kincroft Cincardena at Sanja.

WELSH CORGIS, PEMBROKE (Dr M Collins) – D: Dover & Saether’s *Ch Pemcader Thunderball.  B: Blance’s Penliath Femme Fatale.

NSC PASTORAL (P Clifton) – D: Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s Port Ch Odi da Casa de Loas em Bamcwt, Estrela Mountain Dog. B: Malinowski & Jouannet’s *Ch Furious Fuschia du Bois du Tot, Groenendael.

BOSTON TERRIERS (D Bumford) – D: Winrow’s *Jayneze Sugar Sensation. B: Palmer & Singer’s Philabars Hocus Pocus at Rushingwell.

BULLDOGS (Ms K Rudd) – D: McCormick’s Mccorama The Golden Boy. B: Handrysiak’s *Avisonbullys Emerald at Shamrocksky.

EURASIERS (Mrs S A Franks) – D: Giannattasio’s Northlakes Adonis with Canifelici. B: Hopkinson’s *Silmoralbion’s Callidora at Moongazie.

POODLES, MIN (A Elrick) – D: Harwood’s *Ch Minarets Best Kept Secret. B: Hall, Harwood & Spoors’ Minarets Here’s Lookin At You at Darmistic.

POODLES, TOY (A Elrick) – D: Bryant & Nelson’s *Nasailleen Intuition. B: Bryant & Ryan’s Tirkane Constellation.

NSC UTILITY (P Clifton) – D: McWilliam’s Nixtev Raziel at Istramac, German Spitz (Mittel). B: Carr’s *Ch Maixing Eastern Princess to Guanezhou, Chow.

BOLOGNESE (C A Toynton) –  D: Dowty & Begg’s *Ir Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo. B: Towers’ Tumbril Tennessee Honey.

GRIFFONS (Mrs P Sidgwick) – D: Potts’ Adreeam Black Magic. B: Kirkwood’s *Grajenco Miss Saigon.

JAPANESE CHINS (Ms M Kendall) – D: Mcleod’s *Dunline Oh What A Night.  B: Crane’s Sleepyhollow Mary Poppins.

LOWCHENS (B Rix) – D: Graham’s *Ch Jameneli Cream Craicer. B: Parrington’s Danack’s Ice Queen.

NSC TOYS (P Clifton) – D: Murray & Patterson’s *Bratilda Starboy, Pekingese. B: Harvey’s Cotonkiss Moondance to Cotonden, Coton de Tulear.

RARE BREEDS (P Clifton) – D: Dowty & Begg’s Ir Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo, Bolognese.  B: Stockton’s *Annvad Lady Hazel.

IMPORT REGISTER – D: Harvey’s Pumiden Chocolate Brownie, Hungarian Pumi. B: Harvey’s *Pumiden More Than A Rainbow, Hungarian Pumi.