Breed clubs to support open show classes


Breed clubs to support open show classes

FROM 2019, breed clubs must sponsor classes for their breed at a minimum of two general open shows a year.

The Kennel Club said the move – brought in by its Dog Show Promotion Working Party – was designed to ‘enhance the open show scene’.

It follows the recent announcement regarding the Judges Competency Framework (JCF) which will become effective the same year.

When supporting breed classes at a general open show, breed clubs will be allowed to do some or all of the following:

  • Recommend at least two judges from which the show society will make its selection. Proposed judges must be either at level two or three (or B list or A3 list during JCF transition period).
  • Provide rosettes and/or special prizes.
  • Pay for the judge’s expenses – if any.
  • Provide prize money if none is offered otherwise.

There is no restriction on the number of classes which can be scheduled. 

The KC hopes ‘a good number’ of classes will be scheduled to encourage entries and ‘provide the judge with valuable hands-on experience’.

The KC believes that sponsoring classes will improve the quality and quantity of the dogs competing. Also that:

·         The ‘better shows’ will be encouraged and are likely to flourish.

  • Breed clubs will have greater opportunity to support/influence show events than at present.
  • Breed clubs will have more influence over who judges their breed at general open shows.
  • Provide opportunities for judges to be mentored at the ringside and observed to meet the JCF requirements.
  • The numerically smaller breeds with, say, only one breed club will have another way of having their breed scheduled at open shows, providing more practical experience for judges.
  • Breed clubs will be encouraged to take a greater part in general canine society shows, ‘thus broadening the outlook of the overly-specialist breeds’.

“This initiative will enhance open shows and the ‘exhibitor experience’ but only if everyone works together – breed clubs, general canine societies and exhibitors,” said KC secretary Caroline Kisko.

“The judges selected to judge these classes will have undertaken all the mandatory introductory judging education and, most importantly, under the JCF will have attended a breed appreciation day and passed the multiple-choice exam, thus demonstrating that they are interested in the breed concerned.

“Breed clubs should make direct contact with any general open show society which holds a show at which they consider it would be good for their breed to have these sponsored classes. Equally, there is nothing to stop a general society from making an approach to a breed club – the KC is keen for the various types of club to work together in our mutual aim of the general improvement of the open show scene.”