North of England Weimaraner S, 08/04/17


North of England Weimaraner S, 08/04/17

At the North of England Weimaraner Society Championship show, judge Mrs C Alston awarded BIS to Miss A Gates’ Sh Ch Gunalt Fancydress for Linosa, RBIS and BV was Webster and Radford’s Sh Ch Schonhund Showvanist over Errytar and BP was Davies’ Enryb Grouse Party at Shelseivad.

THE NORTH of England Weimaraner Society (NEWS) now celebrating its silver jubilee, held its championship show on April 8, 2017. A great atmosphere prevailed and everyone seemed pleased that the committee had chosen to return at Elsecar Heritage Centre near Barnsley. In fact the venue was pristine and well prepared for the committee on arrival.

The committee had put great effort into preparing for this anniversary show and we thank all who generously sponsored classes and top awards. Each exhibitor collected a specially designed magnetic ring badge, in club colours of grey with a pink Weimaraner – ‘real men can wear pink’! It was a bit like the television show ‘Crackerjack’ (for those old enough to remember) with all leaving with more than they came!

Honorary life members’ and past presidents of the society along with Thelma Cass were invited by the committee to join in the celebrations. Thelma is a great supporter of NEWS and had the honour of judging the first championship show in 1999 with the late Charles Rayner.

Our two judges were Carolyn Alston who judged the championship show and David Crowther officiating in the well filled special classes, received super engraved crystal pieces as a thank you from the committee.

Enthusiasts attending generously bought raffle tickets for the splendid array of prizes and the usual ‘golden ticket’ to win a £50 note.

NEWS was formed by a group of northern Weimaraner enthusiasts. The idea of a regional Weimaraner Club was sparked way back in the late 1980s early 1990s following a conversation between Gil Simpson (nee Averis) and Stephen Hollings about the lack of events for the breed in the north. While Gil did not want to be on the committee due to work commitments she instigated the original paperwork.

The late Ken Bullock, chairman of Leeds Canine Association at the time, kindly agreed to give of his time to chair the inaugural meeting. Following registration of the society by The Kennel Club, the committee felt the honour of judging our first open show should go to top all-rounder, Ken Bullock. The show, which was held at Ripon in North Yorkshire, was a great success. 

The patrons of the society are The Earl and Countess of Harewood, whom have long owned the breed.

The first NEWS championship show in 2000 was held at Batley Sports Centre. Thelma Cass judged the dogs and Charles Rayner officiated over the bitches. BIS was the male Adams’ Sh Ch Ansona Murphy, RBIS and BCC was Gore’s Keaek Saale. BP was Dyer and Gallagher’s Galrhia Lord Harvey with RBPIS going to Gil (then) Averis’ Trilite Go Tell Alice about Sireva.

With foresight, NEWS orchestrated the compilation of The Results Book. Christine Rayner the first editor, in 1993 gathered all championship show results into a ring bound booklet. In 1998 it was decided to include all the critiques from the championship show too. Claire Rodgers, our current secretary and Jacqui Ward has edited the publication for a number of years, which has grown in content and popularity. Photographs of the top awards are included plus new show champions and champions in the year of publication. Advertisements from breeders/exhibitors also adorn the pages. Consequently the NEWS Results Book is a brilliant source of reference.

The committee of NEWS have always had the breed at heart and have run events, which added to the future health and positive elements of the breed.

We have tirelessly produced shows and it was decided from the start that serving committee members would neither enter dogs nor judge at any NEWS show therefore the club was impartial to the owners entering exhibits at our shows. As many of the committee members actively show their dogs, this lowers the entry at all our shows.

We have actively organised gundog training days. These initially were run with Brian Finan and Ian Grant putting owners and dogs through their paces.  Jacqui Ward would slave over my four ring Creda cooker making large amounts of tasty stew; everyone would gather to devour this after hours in the cold. Val Grant organised shooting days, often at Harewood House courtesy of The Earl and Countess of Harewood then in recent years, Jean Byrne took on this task arranging training days around Yorkshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire.

NEWS have consistently run breed seminars, with great success of pass rates and a goodly number of non-breed specialists taking an interest in the breed.   

In the beginning, NEWS held fun days in conjunction with the Northern English Setter Society, both clubs benefitting and giving back to the enthusiasts and their dogs. We also had dinner dances with NESS but these seem to have fallen out of favour in today’s climate.

Companion shows have also been organised with profits going to the breed rehoming charity.

We look forward to the next 25 years!

PATSY HOLLINGS (committee member)

BLH was Perez-Powell’s Gunalt By Ek at Soncaro. Also pictured is judge Mrs C Alston.

It was an honour to be invited to judge at this 25th anniversary show. Thank you to the whole team who made it so special, to my able & helpful stewards & to all the sporting competitors. As usual the overall quality in bitches was striking, which meant that many quality exhibits went unplaced. In both dogs & bitches it was noticeable that some heads have become stronger & eyes more protruding, thus losing a typically kind expression, which is such a pity. The Standard states that the stop should be moderate.

BIS was Gate’s Sh Ch Gunalt Fancydress for Linosa; RBIS, Webster & Radford’s Sh Ch Schonhund Showvanist over Errytar; & BP, Davies’ Enryb Grouse Party at Shelseivad.

MPD (1) 1 Davies’ Enryb Grouse Party at Shelseivad, stood alone but nevertheless a very attractive puppy & a worthy winner, lovely head & expression, well off for bone, pleasing length of neck & body, level topline, well laid shoulders, good angulation & feet, he moved very soundly which gained him the BP award. PD (1) 1 E Grouse Party at S. JD (5) 1 Holman’s Astrazone Invierno in Jenluis, pale in colour, a little strong in head but good ear set & length, well off for bone & well bodied with a good depth of chest & length, nicely laid shoulders, pleasing angulation front & rear; 2 Frederick’s Gunalt Benediction, a slightly finer type, but very pleasing in outline, impressed in head, good length of neck & body, correct angulation front & rear, level topline; 3 Dane’s Weipowa A little Bit Of Good. YD (4) 1 Simpson’s Belvedere Hamlet Of The Grey Noble at Sireva, this eyecatching dog won this class & the RDCC on his super construction. He was really pleasing in head, ears, topline & angulation, showing terrific depth, good length of rib & an overall splendid outline. When he develops a little more power on the move he should be a force to reckon with; 2 A Invierno in J; 3 W A Little Bit Of Good. MD (1) 1 E Grouse Party at S. ND (2) 1 E Grouse Party at S; 2 W Little Bit Of Good, pleasing overall shape, particularly liked his colour, front, head, length of neck & body, lay of shoulder, angulation & depth of chest. Although very well muscled, not truly driving on the move as yet. GD (2) 1 O’Donohue’s Sireva Linesman at Weimsmyre, very typical, pleasing in head & outline with good angulation front & rear & showing a level topline. Not quite the body of 1, but moved well & with more positivity; 2 A Invierno in J. PGD (5) 1 Whitwham’s Schonhund Showvanistic for Izzbiz, quite a showman & beautifully handled. To be critical, would prefer a softer expression but otherwise a lovely overall shape & outline with a good length of neck which flowed well into his shoulders, showing good angulation front & rear. Moved well; 2 Copeland’s Gunalt Capa Chino for Menstonia, a lovely type of dog with a good head & expression, nicely off for bone, deep in chest & showed fair angulation. A very sound dog of quality but sadly on the day he was a little lacking in confidence. When he & his handler are more at one, higher awards will come; 3 Mercuri’s Weipowa Imperium. LD (7) 1 Mountain’s Schonhund Show Magic with Githoneal, a dog of quality, truly correct & very sound on the move, he was pleasing in all departments, nothing exaggerated but flowing lines all through. Liked his head & expression, ears nicely set & of good length. Good angulation, level topline & clean in outline; 2 Radford’s Schonhund Show Ego, litter brother to my winner, a little stronger in head but another very sound dog of beautiful pale colour. Great depth of chest, super front, good length of body, nicely set & well angulated shoulders & quarters with a particularly well laid upper arm. It was such a pleasure to see a dog so completely at one with his handler; 3 Perez-Powell’s Gunalt By Eck at Soncaro. OD (8) 1 Rayner & Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans, so deserving of his title, this dog won this class on his correct & overall sound construction. A really impressive & masculine dog of quality, showing good angulation front & rear. He appealed in outline & head & was well off for bone. I really liked his length of rib & strength of body; 2 Clarke’s Sh Ch Sireva Crackerjack at Coastedge, such a worthy champion, a truly sound showman, he moved effortlessly & with drive. A lovely dog with a pleasing head & expression, neck flowing into well laid shoulders & correct angulation, so at one with his handler. I just preferred the length of body of the winner; 3 Brown & Filby’s Desjiem American Pie. VD (4) 1 Webster & Radford’s Sh Ch Schonhund Showvanist over Errytar, 8 years old & looking splendid, a dog of super type & quality to whom I have previously awarded a CC. He has, to my mind, truly come into his own & improved with age & showed off his super conformation to perfection. He moved with power & drive not looking in any way a veteran & in harmony with his owner. It was a pleasure to award him the CC & BV; 2 Maclaine & Dickson’s Ir Sh Ch Greyspirtit Royal Scot at Trilite, another very attractive & very sound 8 year old dog of pleasing type, kind head & expression, good front & depth of chest, correct length of body & rib, showed pleasing angulation fore & aft; 3 Harrison’s Feldhund Argyros. FTD (0). L/H D (2) 1 G By Eck at S, what a smashing L/h, 3 in Limit & so much to like. Showing a super overall picture, well off for bone & coat, pleasing in head & body length, with well angulated shoulders & quarters. He moved soundly to win a well deserved BLH; 2 Wright’s Classic Dream’s Gemini at Lassemista, good shoulders, bone & angulation, just not as well off for coat or length of body as the winner. Working D (2) 1 Classic Dream’s Gemini at L; 2 Lindley’s Trubon Harleigh Trojan, such a pity that this dog wasn’t truly showing himself off or really helping his handler on the day so quite difficult to assess. Nevertheless, he looked a good working dog, in hard condition & well muscled.

MPB (2) 1 Dyer’s Sharnphilly Ruby Aura, what a show off & stylish too, beautiful head & outline, long neck flowing into well laid shoulders. I liked her lovely front, well padded feet, good depth of chest & body length. So well handled & sound on the move, she impressed me immensely; 2 Brierley’s Tatze Silver Solstice, such a pretty L/h girl, good in head, feet, bone, length of body & well angulated front & rear. Sound on the move but not as yet quite as strong in her topline as the winner. PB (7) 1 Stafford’s Gunalt Repartee Farnfield, I really fell for this young girl, a truly beautiful puppy, & quite a show off. So pleasing in head & expression, good length of ear, neck & body. Well off for bone but in no way coarse. Very sound & ground covering, she pressed hard for the top puppy spot but just a little loose in front at the moment. BPB; 2 Alcorn’s Hundwith Thyme, gorgeous young girl, very feminine, pale in colour, full of quality & type, lovely head & length of ear & neck, good front, bone, feet & angulation. Still quite a baby & giving a lot away in age, but a very sound puppy; 3 McDowell & Rutland’s Sireva Hot Line to Khamsynn. JB (14) 1 Yewdall’s Gunalt Adorable to Ladwey, what an outstanding young bitch, I liked her such a lot, although not the easiest to stand, giving her handler quite a hard time, she couldn’t be overlooked, her quality & super conformation shone through. She was sound & pleasing in every way & looked lovely in the challenge; 2 Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Smilek Eyes Of Silver, an impressive young bitch of quality, so much about her to like, loved her head, body, length & substance while still maintaining femininity. Very sound & showy, just preferred the angle of the upper arm of the winner; 3 Simpson, Dawson & Clarke’s Sireva Hashtag Coastedge. YB (6) 1 Dunn & Husband’s Gunalt Accuracy, such a stylish young bitch, not yet quite as one with her handler but could not be denied this class. She has so many attributes, pleasing in head, neck, depth, body & angulation & very sound on the move. When this partnership is more experienced, I feel sure that they will have a bright future; 2 S Eyes Of Silver; 3 Dyer & Cole’s Sharnphilly Clair Ridge. MB (6) 1 Beaumont-Newton & Newton’s Gunalt Two Go, a well put together young bitch, fourth in a quality junior class. A pleasing type of good colour, a little strong in head, but good body, feet, topline & rear angulation. She really covered the ground well on the move; 2 H Thyme; 3 Myer’s Astrazone Lametta. NB (9) 1 S Ruby Aura; 2 G Two Go; 3 H Thyme. GB (7) 1 G Adorable to L; 2 S Eyes Of Silver; 3 Hesdord’s Gamepoint Some Like It Hot at Pipwell. PGB (11) 1 Brown & Filby’s Desjiem Dorris Morris, this bitch impressed in head, bone, lovely length of neck & depth of chest with a super length of body & rib & terrific angulation front & rear. Quite a strong girl but still full of quality & of good type; 2 Whitwham’s Schonhund Show Bizzy at Izzbiz, she was just pipped for first place due to the impressive shoulder angulation of the winner. However, this lovely feminine & sound bitch had the prettiest of heads, pleasing length of neck & body & the best feet of the day! She was also beautifully presented; 3 Mountain’s Schonhund Showgrace to Githoneal. LB (11) 1 Wilson’s Gunalt Gilda Lily, for me one of the best & soundest moving bitches on the day. Extremely feminine & full of quality, she showed herself to have a really pretty head, good ear length & set, a long neck which flowed into her well laid shoulders, nice tight feet, a pleasing length of body & a beautiful outline. I was delighted to award her the RCC; 2 Evan’s Gunalt Acacia at Liandev, a quality girl of correct type & good overall conformation, lovely head, well off for bone, super depth & length of rib, nicely bodied & well angulated front & rear. Good in outline & topline. Another sound bitch, moving really well; 3 McQuillan’s Greyspirit Olympic Hope for Ballygrooby. OB (11) 1 Gate’s Sh Ch Gunalt Fancydress for Linosa, this wonderful bitch, so full of quality, is such a worthy champion, absolutely at one with her handler showing herself to perfection. She moved effortlessly around the ring covering the ground superbly. She has so many attributes that it was a pleasure to be able to award her the CC & BIS; 2 Dunn’s Schonhund Show Mystique under Bryannta, another lovely showgirl, good length of neck flowing into nicely angulated clean shoulders & a pleasing front. Liked her depth of chest & correct length of body & rib. She also moved very soundly showing good quarters; 3 Rutland & Jone’s Sireva Only Connect with Khamsynn. VB (12) 1 Haseley & Howarth’s Sh Ch Gunalt Sheerspark for Indeski, a very sound, 8 year old. Really loved her head & expression, with a long neck, good bone, & fair angulation. Liked her terrific front, good lay of shoulder & depth of chest. Moved very soundly & with drive; 2 Perez-Powell’s Gunalt Quirky, 8 years old, a quality L/h with impressive construction, super head, good, bone, showing a nice lay of shoulder & well padded feet. Pleasing angulation front & rear, effortless & sound when moving; 3 Maclaine & Dickenson’s Ir Sh Ch Greyspirit Repeat. FTB (0). L/H B (6) 1 G Quirky; 2 Wright’s Ir Sh Ch Lassemista Calypso, shown in full coat this sound L/h was pleasing in head, neck, length & strength of body & depth of chest, well angulated shoulders & quarters; 3 Brierley’s Tatze Rouge Legacy. Working B (2) 1 Brook’s Quadet Dita at Whisperbrook, a well constructed bitch with pleasing conformation & colour. Showing a pretty head & nicely laid shoulders, good angulation front & rear. In good condition & sound on the move; 2 Cooper’s Deifstock Ducati Demon, liked the overall shape of this bitch, very smart in outline. Good length of neck & body, well laid shoulders & correct angulation. She was sound & strong when moving.


Maiden Bitch winner was Beaumont-Newton and Newton’s Gunalt Two Go.

SPECIAL AWARDS – Thank you to the committee for the invite, I had a lovely day & was delighted to judge at your anniversary show. Thanks also to my stewards who made my appointment all the more enjoyable. I was presented with a decent entry but quite a diversity of types which made some decisions very difficult. J (13,2a) 1 Dyer’s Sharnphilly Ruby Aura, quality 7 month old bitch who was at her first show & performed flawlessly. She is balanced all through with plenty of depth already & presented in excellent condition. She has the sweetest head with a kind eye & expression. Excellent front & rear angles, level topline, tidy feet & with a good tailset too. Very together & composed for one so young & this showed in her effortless sound movement both on the go around & also up & down. Very impressive all through & I’m sure she’ll go on to do well; 2 Reilly, Rayner & Maskell’s Smilek Eyes Of Silver, taller than 1 but very together & moderately angled. She is a smart picture stood & has a sweet feminine head. Moved well & handled to advantage; 3 Stafford’s Gunalt Repartee Farnfield. O (15,2) 1 Rayner & Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans, an upstanding male whom I have judged & done well before as a youngster & I was pleased to be able to judge the finished article. He has matured into a quality dog who presents the picture of power & balance, he simply couldn’t be denied this class. He has excellent proportions throughout & is a good length to height ratio. He has a smart outline together with excellent bone, feet, moderate angulation & well muscled rearquarters which he uses well to move on an effortless stride in tune with his handler. A very worthy show Ch; 2 Allison’s Silberstern High Society, have judged this bitch recently & she continues to impress. Correct height to length ratio, she excels in angulation fore & aft. Good depth & bone. Moved around the ring effortlessly covering the ground well. Super condition; 3 Rutland & Jones’ Khamsynn Coast Liason. 



W Holman Class winner was Rayner and Maskell’s Sh Ch Gunalt Academy of Raystans. Also pictured is judge Mr D Crowther.

Rwm Finch Class winner was Dyer’s Sharnphilly Ruby Aura. Also pictured is judge Mr D Crowther.

Nev Newton cutting the cake.

The committee members.