Guildford, 09/04/17


At the Guildford Canine Society open show Dr Ron James awarded BIS to Ann Billson’s Shih Tzu, Shanjora’s Calisto Boy, and RBIS to Karen and David Angier and Sarah Stacey’s Border Collie, Tullacrest Signd Syld Delivered to Bilyara, handled by Sarah.

photos Colin Waddell

GUILDFORD was first registered with The Kennel Club on Jan 16, 1937 which makes it one of the oldest general open show societies in the south. In 2017 we will be celebrating 80 years as a club.

We only have a few records going back to the early ’60s so that is where we shall begin.

Along the way Guildford has seen many changes, from committee members to venues. Although Shalford Park is mentioned back in the early ’60s as the venue for the summer show, and still was for many years till quiet recently. In 1963 there is mention of a Miss Huxley, who at that time was secretary, applying for championship status. The summer show of 1963 had drawn an entry of over 850 dogs, making a total of 1,722 entries, an excellent entry for this era and some of today’s shows would be proud of an entry of that size.

Some of the early records relate to the fact it was Guildford, Woking and Haslemere Canine Society but at the AGM in 1964 it was voted to shorten the name to Guildford and District Canine Society. It was about this time that the colours associated with Guildford would be gold and white. This was then the theme for all future group rosettes, but later became gold and black.

In 1965 the summer show had a royal visitor and a letter was later received from Prince Naref Ben Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia. This letter expressed his appreciation of the courtesy and hospitality he had received when he visited the show.

Guildford must have been a very forward thinking society as in 1966 The Bloodhound Association suggested holding a breed club show within the society.

So to the 2017 celebrations of 80 years of Guildford and District Canine Society.

The officers and committee are now: President Audrey Charman and vice presidents John Banbury and Ray Strudwick; chairman Chris Carter; vice chairman Sue Bird; secretary Hilary Male; treasurer Elaine Coldwell

Committee: Lisa Jayne Baker, Norman Bristow, Jill Cranfield, Lizzie Greenslade, Joy Middleton, Wendy Mooney, Sue Norris, Val Palmer, Lucinda Rhodes and Patricia Wheeler.

A committee who work as a team to ensure the smooth running of the open shows that Guildford and District CS prides itself on running.

Some of the judges that were asked to judge at our March 2017 show were previous committee members or had judged for Guildford in past years.

These were Rob Dix (ex chairman member and honorary life member), Sue Bird (current vice chairman), Maggi Bryant (ex chairman) and Dr Ron James our BIS judge (who had previously judged for the society years ago).

So to the main results for our show held on 26th March 2017.

BIS was Billson’s Shanjora’s Calisto Boy, Shih Tzu; RBIS, Angier & Stacey’s Tullacrest Signd Syld Delivered to Bilyara, Border Collie; BP, Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb, Basset; and RBP, Schemel’s Sharlarna’s Mirage, Japanese Chin.

Our next show will be held on Nov 12 at the South of England Agricultural Showground, Ardingly, West Sussex which has now become our venue for our shows.

We will once again be having judges that were previous committee members or had judged for Guildford in past years. These will be Ray Strudwick judging BIS (who is one of our vice presidents), Rebecca Peek (ex vice chairman), Toni Jackson (ex secretary), and Sue Garner (ex chief steward and honorary life member).

We as a committee thought that it was would be nice to honour these people during our anniversary year.

SUE BIRD (vice chairman)

BP was Mrs C Allchorne’s Basset Hound, Nelgus Thyme Bomb, and Dr AShemel’s Japanese Chin, Sharlarna’s Mirage.

Guildford CS held an open show where BIS was Billson’s Shanjora’s Calisto Boy, Shih Tzu. Very well presented & handled exhibit of very pleasing type & quality, super outline & body proportions with a very well balanced outline & appearance, in full coat, good ribbing, good loin & coupling & moved with great style & character; RBIS, Angier & Stacey’s Tullacrest Signd Syld Delivered to Bilyara, Border Collie. Very pleasing example of his breed, nicely balanced head with great eye & expression, super neck & firm backline which he held superbly on the move, very pleasing on the move; BP, Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb, Basset Hound. Excellent youngster with a typical head, good length of rib & loin, pleasing, tailset, shape & carriage, pleasing coat & skin, clean eyes & ears, well boned & free from exaggeration, moved well; & RBP, Schemel’s Sharlarna’s Mirage, Japanese Chin. Super youngster showing much promise, broad skull, excellent eye & expression, good neck & topline with ample rib, tidy on the move.

CH STAKES (11) 1 Schemel’s Ch Tudorhurst Commodore, King Charles. Quality example of this charming breed, pleasing head with typical eye & expression, well bodied up, in good form & moving with aplomb; 2 Davidson-Poston & Farrell’s Multi Ch Magnolise Tiago for Spinillons, Papillon; 3 Beer & Tilley’s Ch Bellwaycharm Time Zone for Tilbe, Shih Tzu. IMPORTED REGISTER – J (1) 1 Stuhldreer’s Zaydah Look No Cords for Widowmaker, Lagotto Romagnolo. As yet a little immature but presents a very typical outline with a pleasing well balanced head, clean limbs, steady in temperament & typical in movement. O (1) 1 Dando’s Naughty Boris Van’t Weimeland, Slovakian R/h Pointer. Quality exhibit of pleasing appearance, well balanced head, pleasing body outline & proportions, coat of good texture & colour, moved with energy & style. VARIETIES – V (22) 1 Davidson-Poston & Farrell’s Multi Ch Magnolise Tiago for Spinillons, Papillon in wonderful condition & showing his socks off, pleasing head eye & expression, pleasing make & shape, carries himself well on the move, headed up a strongly competitive class; 2 Burrage’s Vandell Sweet Song of Sametova, Cesky T; 3 Braine’s Kenine March To Victory, GSP. MPD (12) 1 Bartholomew’s Owlspoint Trouble Shooter for Bartholeys, Bracchi. Promising youngster of good type with desired breed outline & proportions, well balanced head with divergent planes, needs time to complete body development & fulfil potential, very pleasing on the move; 2 Wenman’s Wenannou Scirocco, Beagle; 3 Dunhill-Hall & Rhodes’ Vormund Memento, Shiba Inu. PD (7) 1 Bridges & Cooper’s Kirkbridgend Kairos, Border Collie. Pleasing youngster with very pleasing action, well balanced head with good eye & expression, nicely boned with correct feet, pleasing rib, loin & backline, well set croup; 2 Galliford’s Shirkeira MachiAVelli, Shih Tzu; 3 Brown’s Parcauwen Totally Topaz, Chinese Crested. MPB (8) 1 Grigg’s Kimsha Copacabana, Spanish Water Dog. Presents with a breed typical outline, balanced head with pleasing eye & expression, steady in temperament, moved with style & enthusiasm; 2 Mckenzie’s Diceulon Bellini to Kimdon, Boxer; 3 Moore’s Morval Salainen Haave, Finnish Lapphund. PB (13) 1 Bourton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano, Dane. Promising youngster of good breed type with desired body proportions & outline, pleasing head properties, good bone & ribbing, well coupled & free & easy mover; 2 Kimber’s Coachbarn Celeste, Beagle; 3 Pages’ Halesbern Candy Crush, Bernese. Y (21) 1 Gregg’s Philoma Ms Kalifornia, Giant Schnauzer. Pleasing overall shape & proportions, good depth of brisket, firm topline, strong loin & well coupled, strong & active mover; 2 Gallagher’s Izralight Firedancer, Dobermann; 3 Lucas & Dargonne’s Packway Little Loxley, Deerhound. N (4) 1 Woodhams’ Glynell Jiffy, WSS. Pleasing type & quality with good head, eye & expression, active on the move, good balance & proportion of outline; 2 Silsbury’s Jadoremy Dashing Hero, Shih Tzu. G (8) 1 Bridges’ Kirkbridgend Rock Star, Border Collie. Very typical example of the breed with pleasing make & shape, typical mover with good head carriage & well held topline, well ribbed back, clean well boned limbs; 2 Silsbury’s Jadoremy Thunderbolt Zuse, Shih Tzu; 3 Allansson Runesson & MacDonald’s Nattah Echo In The Mist over Macalldon, Whippet. O (6) 1 Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard, SCWT. Pleasing example of the breed with a nicely balanced head, pleasing eye & expression, good neck & topline, ample ribbing, strong loin, well coupled & very stylish on the move; 2 Lucas & Dargonne’s Hyndsight Reason To Believe, Deerhound. Brace (14) 1 Lucas & Dargonne’s Brace Deerhounds. Beautifully matched pair of very similar type & appearance, moved together in unison with breed typical gait; 2 Woodham’s Brace Welsh Springer; 3 Silsbury’s Brace Shih Tzu.


AUS CATTLE DOGS – My first appointment for this breed & really enjoyed judging them today. Y 1 Smyth’s Morrow Forever In Blue Jeans, 9 months male with a lovely strong head with broad muzzle & defined stop, correct oval eye & neat pricked ears, strong neck & well placed shoulders with well sprung ribs & good length of back. Well muscled hindquarters with good rear angulations allowed free supple effortless movement. Harsh coat. BP, BOB, PG2; 2 Birch’s Downriver Free Spirit, feminine bitch, slightly smaller than 1. Good head, nice eye shape, ears well padded, correct lay of shoulder, moderate length rib, with moderate rear angulation, not quite as free moving. O 1 Searle’s Morrow Indigo Blue, solidly built male 2½ years. Broad skull & strong muzzle, nice oval eye shape, ears moderately wide at base, moderate stop, strong muscular neck on well placed shoulders, good spring rib & length of back. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved well. RBOB; 2 Smyth’s Stockmaster Red Cedar at Morrow, dam to winner of this class & last class. Well made bitch who has excellent breed type & was well muscled. Strong but feminine head with good breadth to muzzle, dark oval eyes, good earset, strong neck with good lay of shoulder, well sprung rib & length of back. Good rear angulations with well bent stifle. Harsh coat. Today she had to let her sons have the honours. LANCASHIRE HEELERS – J 1 Houghton’s Trogwood Valegro, just 7 months & at his first show. Quiet raw & needs some time to fill out, but everything about him is balanced. Head had nice flat skull with good breadth between ears that where alert, nice dark almond eye, good neck length & well placed shoulders & good length of back, ample bone for his age, good rear angulation that with good bend of stifle. A little unsettled on move, but again confidence & time are on his side. BP, PG4. O 1 Felstead’s Millirenn Hugonis at Foveaux, 4 years male. Masculine head with nice flat skull that tapered to nose, ears alert, dark eyes almond shaped, correct bite with good underjaw. Neck of moderate length on well placed shoulders with good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, strong topline & well muscled hindquarters with good bend of stifle, giving the appearance of a sturdy little working dog & this all showed on the move, covered the ground with effortless movement. BOB, G4. EURASIERS – P 1 Woods’ Alphacanis Enrico Ennio, just 6 months, b/t male in very good coat, thick of medium length with good undercoat, with good pigmentation throughout. Most beautiful head & expression, broad head with gentle stop, dark oval eyes & medium triangular ears held erect. Correct bite with good underjaw, well muscled neck set on slightly sloping shoulders, well defined withers with good length of back, firm topline, croup broad with good muscling, nice tailset, parallel when viewed front & rear, tight feet, allowing free effortless strides. He really pushed hard for BOB, but sure he has a bright future. BP, RBOB, (shame he missed the group). PG 1 Mordan-Grimm’s Everendeavor Dynasty of Anitra, 3 years bitch. Feminine head with soft expression, good ear placement & dark oval eyes well pigmented rims, correct bite & strong underjaw. Well muscled neck on well laid shoulders, with good forechest, correct shape rib & broad across the croup, good rear angulation, & good tailset which had good furnishing. Movement was very easy & fluid; 2 Reynold’s Albionspitz Ursula, pretty bitch that on the stand was well balanced just wasn’t happy here today, moved out well though. O 1 Morgan-Grimm’s Pamina von der Kleinen Blaike, 7 years solid red bitch. Strong head, very feminine with good expression, barely defined stop, dark oval eyes & erect triangular ears, correct bite & good pigmented lips & rims to eyes. Well muscled neck with good lay of shoulder, with good forechest & depth of chest. Correct rib shape & firm topline with broad croup, parallel when viewed front & rear. Good tailset & plenty of furnishings, firm well cushioned feet, & good overall muscletone allowed for an effortless long stride with ground covering movement. Dam of puppy winner. BOB.


The Guildford Canine Society committee.

AFGHANS – I would like to first thank all the committee for inviting me to judge the Afghan classes at their Open show. Sadly there were only two dogs but thank you very much to the two that had entered under me. J (1) 1 Earnshaw’s Khamis Snow Leopard with Moonshadow, lovely well balanced head with nice stop. Good lay of shoulders, deep chest & strong loin, good fall of croup to nice tail carriage with ring tail. Good angulations of stifle. Very strong on the move. RBOB. PG (2,1a) 1 Hitch’s Zhivias Sunrisesurprise of Zendushkas, b/m gold. Very feminine bitch. Lovely sweet head with nice stop. Lovely long neck leading into a good lay of shoulders. Very nice topline & well balanced on stand. Good strong loin & good fallaway to good tail carriage with ring tail. Hind angulations good & strong movement, lovely & straight with good drive from behind. Loved this little bitch & deserved BOB. O (0).


MALAMUTES – Thank you to the committee for my invitation to judge Alaskan Malamutes at their 80th anniversary Open show. Thank you to my steward for smooth running of the ring, & the exhibitors for bringing their dogs for me to judge. J (1) 1 Hughes’ Qanukakira One Nebula, 11 months wolf gr/w attractive female, presented in excellent coat. Broad head with dark eye of correct shape obliquely set, good sized muzzle with correct stop, ears well set, & small & triangular, correct dentition, strong neck into slightly sloping shoulders, well boned legs set on correct large compact feet, super angles front & back which showed her well muscled rear to advantage when she moved powerfully around the ring, her well furred correctly set tail completed the picture. BP, RBOB, PG2. O (2) 1 Blackburn’s Cristakell April Shadows, 23 months wolf gr/w male, one I have judged before as a puppy, & he certainly did fulfil all the promise I saw in him then. A good sized male in excellent coat & well presented, broad head in proportion, large muzzle showing strength, correct amount of stop, lovely dark eye correctly set, small ears triangular & slightly rounded at the tips, scissor bite, nicely arched neck through to slightly sloping shoulders leading to correct font assembly, large feet, good body that is well muscled & conditioned, slightly sloping topline, powerful rear into moderate stifles & well let down hocks, beautiful tail, correct waving plume held correctly as he powered around ring. BOB; 2 Blackburn’s De Ch Celticwolf Long Night. LOUISA ALLEN

Engagement presentation to committee member Lizzie Greenslade and partner Kyle Cadmare. Also pictured is secretary Hilary Male.

BASSETS – Many thanks to the show society for their invitation to judge at their well run show. J (1) 1 Allchorne’s Nelgus Cinnamon Spice, 9 months tri bitch. Good head, large dark nose, correct bite. Ears set on well, correct length & with good fold. Prominent breastbone, well laid back shoulder, ribs extending well back into short loin. Rear angulation good. Tail well set on & carried well on the move. Topline level & held well on the move. Moved well with drive but less confident on the sandy ground than PG winner. RBOB. PG (1) 1 Allchorne’s Nelgus Thyme Bomb, 9 months tri dog, littermate to Junior winner. Excellent head, good eye shape & colour. Ears well set on, of good length & correct fold. Sternum prominent, shoulders well laid back. Ribs extending well back into strong loin. Topline held well on the move & set off by correct tailset & carriage. Excellent rear angulation. Well boned throughout. Nothing excessive about this dog. Moved well with drive. Pleased to be able to see him do so well later in the day. BP, BOB, G4, PG1, BPIS. O (0). CERI McEWAN

Cutting the anniversary cake is secretary Hilary Male, chairman Chris Carter, BIS judge Dr Ron James and vice chairman Sue Bird.

BEARDED COLLIES – PG 1 Subessen Blaze Of Fire, beautiful 2 year old of excellent type. Is taking her time maturing, but has all of the correct ingredients. She moved with drive & covered (a very difficult) ground with ease. She was a pleasure to go over with perfect balance & a beautiful expression. BOB; 2 Potterdale Magic Dust; 3 Debbacol True Grit. O 1 Nadene Huntsman, handsome dog with correct eye colour And expression. Moved steadily with good front drive. Lovely coat texture; 2 Bamburger Home & Away. JUN HANDLING – 6-11 years 1 Izabella King, Izabella is a lovely, quiet young handler with no over exaggerations & she showed her dog excellently. Her lines were straight & clear with clear instructions to her dog. They both worked very well as a team & you can see the bond. All handlers struggled with showing teeth, but Izabella coped well with a long coated breed; 2 Isobel Khawaja; 3 Phoebe Long. 12-16 1 Lauren Goddard, again, Lauren is a lovely quiet handler & is a pleasure to watch handle. She coped so well with a large dog in a small ring, & her lines were clear & straight. Lauren showed the teeth & bite correctly & was my BJH. ADULT HANDLING – 17+ male 1 Simon Sampson, Simon had no flounce or flair & handled his dog beautifully. He showed the teeth well & had very straight lines & worked well with his dog; 2 Dan Mann Class. 17+ female 1 Jolene Silsbury, Jolene stood out from the other ladies & had her own style & you could see the bond she had with her dog. She showed the teeth well, especially with a small coated breed & both she & the dog were presented spectacularly. Jolene was my BAH.


BEAGLES – P (4) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Laurina, very promising 7 month old tri bitch who is compactly built & well balanced throughout. Slightly domed skull with good width & eyes set well apart giving an alert expression. Good front with well laid back shoulders & forelegs set well underneath. Good depth of chest & nice level topline. Well muscled rear with good bend of stifles. She moved with a good free long stride over the ground. BP; 2 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Lyric; 3 Wenman’s Wenannou Scirocco. J (1) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Lucas, tri dog of 7 months & litter brother to winner of puppy. Again he is compactly built with a good head & eye. Well laid back shoulders, good depth of chest, short pasterns & nice tight feet. His rear compliments his front & is well muscled with well bent stifles. High set tail carried up on the move & level topline. He moved effortlessly over the ground with good length of stride. PG (2) 1 Wenman’s Dialynne Miss Brody Of Wenannou, I loved this compact & sturdy tri bitch of nearly 18 months. She is beautifully balanced throughout. Correct head with slight dome & moderate width, dark coloured eyes which are set correctly to give an alert expression carried on a long neck which would allow her to come down to scent with ease. Good front with well laid back shoulders, straight forelegs that are set well under body & nice tight feet. Deep chest to elbows, level topline & well muscled rear with good bend of stifles. On the move she covered the ground with good free long strides & she kept her topline level. BOB; 2 Long’s Kentredecim Look At Me. O (2) 1 Kimber’s Coachbarn Coda, another well made compactly built tri bitch of 3 years. Correct head with slight dome & dark eyes giving good expression. Good front with well laid back shoulders, good bone & tight feet. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Well muscled rear with good bend of stifle & good tailset which she carried out & up on the move. She moved well over the ground. RBOB; 2 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Liberty. RIDGEBACKS – PG (2,1) 1 Nix’s Kitoko Wherever You Go Eiko, handsome r/w dog of 22 months. Flat skull with good length & broad between ears. Dark round eyes which gave an intelligent expression. Good length of neck which he used to carry his head well on the move. Sloping shoulders & good bone to front, deep chest with moderately sprung ribs. Slight arch over strong well muscled loin. Good turn of stifles & well let down hocks to compact feet with well arched toes. Clearly defined ridge with symmetrical crowns. He moved well over the ground with a free & active stride. BOB. SALUKIS – P (3,2) 1 Sawer’s Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss, well balanced handsome w/cr dog of 7 months of age. Long narrow head with good with between ears & a dark oval eye. Well set back shoulders with good muscle & deep chest with good cut up. Good length of loin & moderate bend of stifles with well developed thighs. Good feet with well arched toes. Tail set on low & carried well on the move. He moved effortlessly over the ground with good reach & drive. BP, PG2. PG (1) 1 Sawer’s Fernlark Guiness On Tap for Bumpkiss, I loved this handsome s/gr dog of 2 years of age. Well balanced throughout he has a good head & dark oval eyes giving a good expression. Long & well muscled neck down to a good front with well set back shoulders, good depth of chest, straight legs & strong pasterns. Broad back & good length of loin with slight arch over. Good rear with moderately bent stifles well developed thighs & well let down hocks. Low set tail with sparse feathering & carried out on the move. He covered the ground effortlessly with good reach to front & drive from the rear. BOB. O (3,2) 1 Sawer’s Fernlark Paw Me Another with Bumpkiss, another handsome g/w parti dog. Well balanced throughout he has a good head with correct dark oval eyes. Correct front with good muscle & shoulders set well back. Deep long brisket, good length of loin & strong hip bones. Well developed thighs to rear with fair bend of stifles. He moved easily over the ground with a smooth flowing action showing both drive & reach. RBOB. 


Cutting the anniversary cake is secretary Hilary Male, chairman Chris Carter, BIS judge Dr Ron James and vice chairman Sue Bird.

First of all my thanks to the Guildford committee for asking me to judge at their 80th Anniversary show, it was a long day with the clocks going forward but a most enjoyable one & the hospitality was great. WORKING NSC – P (2) 1 Bourton’s Zefeather Crazy Diamond for Veano, Dane, a most beautiful youngster, scored in head & expression, dark eye, good earset & very feminine, lovely reach of neck into a great front with room for chest to develop, tight feet, good body proportions, good spring of rib, good driving movement, well handled & in the class she just sparkled, sadly for her & me by the time it was time for the Puppy Group all her sparkle had gone & she was very flat. BP; 2 Ras Houston’s Zimowa Aura, Bullmastiff. J (5) My first three dogs were both promising specimens of their respective breeds & I liked them both but today my winner just had the extra glamour to draw your eye particularly on the move. 1 Gregg’s Philoma Ms Kalifornia, Giant Schnauzer, lovely bitch of great breed type, well balanced head with a great expression, the darkest of soft eyes stared at me, correct earset which she used to her full advantage, lovely reach of neck running into a straight front, nice tight feet, well proportioned body, ribs still to spring, good rear driving movement, lovely coat & well presented. BNSC; 2 Cole’s Whiteseal Titus Pullo of Alwencourt, Bullmastiff; 3 Johnson’s Whiteseal Pomperia of Monascreebe. PG (1) 1 Pinkowska’s Turarks Nighthawk, Bullmastiff, very good bitch of 14 months, lovely breed type, strong head, a typical expression, good earset which she was another one who used them to her advantage, good front yet to come, tight feet, correct body proportions, moved so well. Had they given me a Res rosette she would have been my choice for it. O (1) 1 Cranfield’s Zefeathers Heartbreaker, Dane, very imposing dog on the stand, showing a noble expression, love his masculine head, great conformation but oh boy is he a mummy’s boy, his handler really tried to get the best out of him but he was not helping at all, when he put a few steps together he had strong powerful movement. BERNESE – J (1) 1 Page’s Halesburn Candy Crush, just 10 months but well grown on, pleasant head & a happy puppy expression, dentition good, good earset & carriage, for me she was short in neck caused by upright shoulders which caused her to paddle in front, good body proportions, correct rear end but still moved like the baby she is, well off for coat. PG (1) 1 Harvestbank Eye Candy, litter brother to the one above, very hard to assess on the move as he wanted to play all the time but congratulations to his new owner for her patience with him, liked his masculine head, lovely dark eye, correct earset which he used well, very well off for bone, good shoulder placement therefore straight in front, when he did put a couple of steps together he moved true. RBOB. O (1) 1 Goodyear’s Harvestbank Fernando, very nice boy, extremely well constructed, good head & expression, dark eyes, good earset, correct dentition, well laid back shoulders giving a good front, balanced throughout, carried his tail correctly, moved & presented very well. BOB. BOXERS – P (1) 1 Mckenzie’s Diceulon Bellini to Kimdon, 9 months, pretty feminine bitch, well balanced head, good muzzle, correct eyes giving a really kind expression, correct earset, lovely reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, good body proportions, strong rear movement & for one so young she moved really well, a most promising puppy. BP, & was delighted to give her PG1. PG (2) Have to just say that I saw my 2nd placing outside the ring looking magnificent, but sadly did not pull it together in the class but she did pull herself together in the RBOB class & won a well deserved 5th place, hope she carries on & pulls things together. 1 Marsden’s Rikidee Miss Bea Haven at Finity, 4 years bitch of good breed type, liked her feminine head & expression, lovely reach of neck into a good front, well constructed throughout & she moved well. Pleased to award her BOB. O (0). DOBERMANNS (1) 1 Gallagher’s Izralight Firedancer, stood alone but deserved her win. A very nice bitch, I liked her head & expression, correct mouth, good earset, lovely reach of neck, well constructed & she moved well with good rear drive. PYRENEANS (2) Again I noticed after judging my second placed bitch being handled by someone else & what a difference, hope her inexperienced handler continues with her. 1 Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Dramaror, such a baby of just 6 months but I just loved him, loved his balanced head & kind expression enhanced by his dark eyes, good mouth, correct earset, enough neck set onto good shoulders giving a great front, well constructed & for one so young he moved out well. Delighted to give him BP, RBOB; 2 Tadd’s Kricarno Kornish Kontessa. O (2) 1 Tadd’s Jacko Du Haras De Chante-Neige avec Kricarno, what a substantial male who is still immature in lots of ways, but he has a super head & expression with everything as you want to find it, lovely reach of neck into a straight front, correctly made throughout, good spring of rib & strong powerful movement, in lovely coat & well presented. Was delighted to make him BOB. WORKING GROUP Some nice dogs in this group. G1 Allen’s Jodipas Time, sure that this is not this bitch’s full name however it is in the catalogue as this. Mature bitch of good breed type, feminine head with lovely dark eyes, she owned the ring & never put a foot wrong when moving. Well deserved this place; 2 Giant Schnauzer; 3 Coldwell’s Ch Zentaur How Fickle My Heart; 4 Bernese. RBOB STAKES During the afternoon I have to confess I wondered why I had agreed to do this class, but oh boy was I glad I did accept it, so many really good dogs to go over, & on another day my places could have been changed, thank you all for waiting it was a great pleasure to judge your dogs. But I had to cut down to five & my decisions were 1 Medhurst’s Grizzledale Forget Me Not, Border T, this bitch just spoke Border T to me, loved her head & expression, correct conformation, but most of all her amazing coat, just loved her; 2 Draper-Andrews’ Lasang Five Star, Tibetan T; 3 Lucas & Dargonne’s Hyndsight Reason To Believe, Deerhound. MAGGI BRYANT

I would like to thank Guildford CS for offering me my first judging appointment & for their warm hospitality, as well as my steward who was extremely helpful guiding me through the classes which was invaluable. Thanks also to all the exhibitors that entered under me & for accepting my decisions in a sportive manner.

BULLDOGS – P (7,2a) 1 Winter’s Sealaville She’s Alanya Silobull, f/w, 10 months. A very feminine well balanced puppy with a flat broad skull, dark eyes, thin well placed ears with a nice turn up of jaw. Deep brisket & short coupled, correct topline & great spring of rib with neat tuck up. Good rear angulation & a healthy, straight mobile tail. Moved well & presented in immaculate condition. Pleased to have awarded her my BP & went on to get PG3. Well done; 2 Davies’ Kerkade Show Time with Kismond, f/br/w, 9 months, exceptional head properties on this boy, clear dark eyes with wide open nostrils, good layback with super turn of jaw & well cushioned foreface with neat well placed rose ears. Good amount of bone with tight feet, neat body, moved well. J (4,1) 1 Tanner’s Zizibull Rasputin at Bexbull, r/w, 16 months I was pleased to be able to go over this young man today, have admired him from afar since a puppy & has matured well & did not disappoint going over. Very broad square skull with wide open nostril, dark clear eyes, good width & turn up of jaw, not overdone in anyway. Great length of neck, short coupled & broad shouldered making the classic pear shape from above. Moved well & shown in good hard condition, pleasing to the eye displaying strength in all departments. Pleased to award him my RBOB; 2 Davies’ Kismond Polynesian Sunset, f/br/w, 14 months, Standard size bitch with a lovely turn of jaw & fine wrinkle. Neat well placed rose ears, strong front with good bone, moved well. PG (7,3) 1 Davies’ Gabalfabull Indiana Kismond, r/w, 17 months, Standard size bitch with very dark clear eyes & the widest of nostrils presented on the day. Very dark pigmentation. Pleasing front with forelegs well off for bone. Moderate length of neck, tacked on shoulders with a good spring of rib, hindquarters are strong & muscular. Great healthy mobile tail; 2 Burnby & Hopcraft’s Odinschild Warrior Queen at Burncraft, r/w, 2 years, feminine head with dark well set clear eyes & open nostrils. Square front with enough bone to neat feet. Good length of neck with a healthy tail, moved well. Her handler knew how to get the best out of her. O (7,1) 1 Davies’ Shiloh Disco Dancer Kismond, br/w who caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring, impressive Standard size bitch & full of substance, a large broad head complete with clear dark rounded eyes, open nostrils, well positioned thin rose ears, good width & turn of jaw with thick flews making for a great sour expression. Broad sloping shoulders leading to a strong front with great bone, & neat feet. Correct topline which was held on the move with a good spring of rib & tuck up. Moved & handled well & shown in great condition, in this respect I was pleased to award her my BOB & having the privilege to go over her on my first appointment; 2 Winter’s Silobull Chase The Dream, r/w, 2 years, a well balanced feminine girl with pleasing head qualities. Great body shape with a wide deep chest leading to a straight front of good bone & strong pasterns. Tacked on shoulders, lovely spring of rib, correct topline & strong muscular hindquarters. Moved well with typical roll.


CAVALIERS – P (1) 1 Andrew, Cathe & Rhodes’ Calonlan Cafe Noir, this was my RBOB & BP, 8 months old b/t puppy dog, very good head & lovely expression, level bite, good ears, good proportions in body, well angulated, good tail, moves well, good coat & colour. J (2) 1 Cornelius’ Corsham’s Giselle, 15 months old tri bitch, beautifully proportioned in head & in body. Lovely head & expression, good ears. Excellent body & angulations. Good tail. Moves with good reach & drive. Good temperament. PG (1) 1 Evans’ Evansly Earnest, my BOB, blen dog, with good proportions & outline, very good head & good ears, sweet expression, good body & balanced angulations, good tail, moves with good reach. L/C CHIHUAHUAS – P (1) 1 Smart-McMullan’s Doobyave Fidget Midget, BP, 9 months old, lovely head, good mouth, nice expression, good angulations, carries the tail well, moves well, good coat coming. PG (3) 1 Cater’s Pixels Moonlightgarland, RBOB, lovely bitch, beautiful head & expression, excellent proportions in body, good angulations, beautiful tail, moves well, good coat. O (3) 1 Cater’s Tinkersrevel Moonshine In Pixels, BOB, b/t dog, lovely size & proportions, excellent head with beautiful expression, good ears, good mouth, good balanced angulations, good mover, lovely open temperament. S/C – Y (2) 1 Brown-Percival’s Myojo Green Mile With Sandiman, BOB, dog that is a bit shy, but has lots of qualities. He has excellent head & lovely proportions, good expression & good mouth, nice ears, good bone & feet, good topline & tailset, good tail, he moves well, he will have a nice future, just needs his self-confidence back. GRIFFONS – J (4) 1 Swinge’s Harpersband Case In Point At Balthazar, BP, red rough dog, good proportion in head & in body, good head & expression, good mouth, good ears, good body & angulations, excellent coat quality & colour, moves well. PG (2) 1 Swinge’s Balthazar Johnny Angel, red rough good sized dog, he has good head & expression, good body proportions & angulations, good coat & colour, good mover. O (5) 1 Thompson’s Beauview Colour Squadron, BOB, G3, b/t smooth dog, lovely size & proportions, excellent head & expression, neat ears, good body & balanced angulations, good bone & feet, well carried tail, moves freely, good coat, very good deep tan. PUGS – P (2) 1 Ransom’s Redimorose Blossom, BOB, 9 months old fawn bitch, good head & ears, good mouth, good neck & for chest, good angulations in front, good topline, bit long in body, moves well. J (2) 1 Reid’s Tidemill See Emily Play, 1 year old bitch, good size & proportions, good head & expression, good for chest, good bone & angulations, good body, she has a good tail & she moved well. PG (1) 1 Reid’s Tidemill Beril The Peril At Bubbapug, 3 years old black bitch, good head but has over nose wrinkle, good ears, good mouth, good front & rear, she is well balanced, good tail, good deep black colour, moves with excellent reach & drive. O (3) 1 Swinge’s Samhaven Rocket Man At Balthazar, BOB, almost 2½ years old fawn dog, good size & proportions, good head & expression, good ears & mouth. good neck & topline, good for chest & body, good tail, moves with lots of reach & drive. SHIH TZUS – J (5) 1 Beer & Tilley’s Miracey All You Need Is Love For Tilbe, beautiful g/w dog, excellent head & expression, good chest & for chest, good body & topline, good tail, moves well, excellent coat; 2 Galliford’s Shirkeira Machiavelli, BP, PG4, 9 months old dog, lovely size & proportions, excellent head with lovely expression, good outline, balanced angulations, very good mover, lovely coat. PG (4) 1 Flack’s Mifcah’s Making Mischief, RBOB, 15 months old dog, excellent proportions in head & in body, lovely head & expression, good mouth, good front, good body & angulations, lovely coat, correct movement & teapot tail. O (4) 1 Billson’s Shanjora’s Calisto Boy, BOB, G1, BIS, beautiful 2½ years old dog, beautiful head & lovely expression, excellent front, good body & topline, good bone & feet, good angulations both ends, excellent coat, teapot tail, makes a lovely picture, super mover. JARMO HILPINEN

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the committee & officials for inviting me to judge at this show & thank you to the exhibitors for their entry.

COCKERS 1 Morris’ Symor Bronwen’s Legacy, 2 year old bl/r bitch, very pleasing head with dark eye, moderate neck into well laid back shoulders, level topline on to correct tailset, deep chest & good spring of rib with tight elbows, good angulation front & rear with good bone throughout, well balanced & presented in excellent coat. Moved well keeping the level topline. BOB. DAVID WORGAN

ROUGH COLLIES – PG (6,3a) 1 Pages’ Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back, 19 month s/w dog, who’s progress I have watched since he was a puppy, & he is maturing well, this boy is so full of personality & really enjoys himself, he is of good size & shape with an excellent length of neck, leading to well laid back shoulders, he has good depth of chest & well sprung ribs, well boned with an excellent turn of stifle, good wedged shaped head, with correct eye & earset which he used to his advantage, giving him a sweet yet masculine expression. Coat in good condition & well presented, moved freely with plenty of drive. It was my pleasure to award him BOB today; 2 Swains Lexcols Jewel In My Crown, feminine 3½ year s/w bitch, with a good head & eye, ears a little light but tipped, good length of neck, & well sprung ribs, nice length of back with a level topline, presented in good coat & condition, moved well, just preferred the expression of 1; 3 Stillwells Bellawave Cast A Spell. O (8,3) 1 Wells Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon, 3 year old s/w dog, another who is maturing well, with a good head & expression, correct eye & earset, which he also used to his advantage, showing non stop, well sprung ribs & good depth of chest, good length of neck & well laid back shoulders, nice bone & turn of stifle. Well presented coat in good condition. Moved well with good tail carriage, in the challenge I just preferred the rear action of the previous class winner, pleased to award him RBOB; 2 Pages Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go, 3 year old, s/w dog, slightly smaller than 1, but similar comments apply, nice head & eye, showed well, in good coat which was well presented, just a little unsettled on the move; 3 Carlyon & Adams’ Ladnar Kiss’N Temptation at Dycoshem. 


SMOOTH COLLIES (6,4a) 1 Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakstelle, 8 years b/m bitch, what a true professional she is, didn’t stop showing herself for a second. Head is clean, ears are a good size & set & are used to her advantage. Eye is dark & has an appealing kindliness. Presents a beautiful picture in profile with a nice outline & good rear angulation which gives her drive on the move & allows her to stride out well. Handled to perfection. Went on to G2; 2 Peacock’s Blamorder Back To The Start for Saraneth, 3 years tri bitch who was very happy & excitable today in her class & especially on the move. She was presented in gleaming form & there is lots I like about her however I feel her ears are large & wide & this does detract for me from her expression. I preferred the head planes & rear angulation of 1 but nonetheless a very lovely lady.


FINNISH LAPPHUNDS – P 1 Moores’ Morval Salainen Haave, lovely quality puppy in super coat, liked her head, proportions, well defined stop. Muzzle shorter than skull, giving her a fabulous feminine expression, well bodied & in super condition, moved well when settled, gave her handler a hard time today but one I will watch out for with interest. BP & RBOB. J (1) 1 Graystones’ Keskiyo Kohtalo, good proportions, moved well, her head needs to broaden & mature, very well handled. PG (1) Locks’ Bridus Heikki, this boy has a good masculine head, nice dark eye, would like a bit more neck & forechest, in good condition & nice profile moved well for the young handler but a bit close coming & going. OB (1) 1 Locks’ Ch Bridus Pikkumimmi, lovely feminine bitch, head of correct proportions, good neck & body, moved well from side & again coming & going in between coat but of good tecture. BOB.


GOLDEN RETRIEVERS – I would like to thank the committee of the show; I was made to feel very welcome & had an enjoyable day. Thanks also to the exhibitors who brought some lovely dogs for me to judge. PD (2) 1 Smith & Hill’s Serendipity Dog Principe James con Rosgar, a lovely puppy dog shown in a lovely coat & condition. Nice dark eye with good overall pigmentation. I liked his strong bone & nice tight feet. Moved well keeping a good topline. BPD, BP; 2 Taylor’s Amilone Jabberwocky by Tannadice. GD (3) 1 Moore’s Cuckmere Dixon of Dock Green, a really nice masculine boy with a beautiful head & soft expression. Good reach of neck & well laid shoulders. I liked his overall outline with good angulations & moved well; 2 West’s Xanthos Arran; 3 Handley & Dunn’s Cuckmere Mister Softee. PGD (5,1a,1w/d) 1 Rose’s Ruler Of The World over Azteca, a beautifully presented dog shown in a super coat. He has a lovely head & expression. I loved how he stands so accurately without being placed. A lovely topline, good bend of stifle & short in coupling; 2 Moore’s Cuckmere Dixon Of Dock Green; 3 West’s Xanthos Arran. OD (3,1) 1 Taylor’s Rosinante Loverboy by Tannadice, such a handsome dark dog, a soft but masculine expression which made it difficult not to smile at him. Super outline, good reach of neck, good front & rear angulation & short coupled. He also moves really well. BD, RBOB; 2 Moore’s Cuckmere Dixon of Dock Green.

PB (2,1) 1 Moore’s Hyacinthella Polyanna, such a happy young puppy bitch, she enjoys her time in the ring. Lovely dark eye & pigmentation. Good bone & nice catlike feet. Excellent reach of neck & well angulated stifle. JB (4) 1 Hodgson’s Laurenley Phoebe at Rikita, this was probably the most difficult class of the day. I liked the movement of this young bitch, she also kept a really straight top-line throughout. She has a very pretty head with a feminine expression. Nice straight front with tight feet & good bone. She has excellent shoulder & rear angulations too; 2 Carter’s Fiveshill Snowstorm; 3 Smith & Hill’s Rosgar Between The Sheets. GB (7,1,1w/d) 1 Hudson’s Aymsbury Ashisha, I could have taken this bitch home! She showed & was presented so well, it is nice to see a dog enjoying its time in the ring. She has a lovely outline, great reach of neck, good shoulder angulations & turn of stifle. She also was nicely coupled with a good spring of rib. Moved with drive. BB, BOB; 2 Jolly’s Letitia Angeiolina; 3 Hogdson’s Laurenley Phoebe at Rikita. PGB (6,2,1w/d) 1 Hodgson’s Laurenley Phoebe at Rikita; 2 Carter’s Fiveshill Snowstorm; 3 Greene’s Tonara Liberty Belle of Easwrith. OB (6,1,1w/d) 1 Linfield’s Tonara Lexington, a lovely golden coated bitch with a lovely shiny coat, obviously in great condition. She is nice & short in coupling with a good shoulder angulation & turn of stifle. She has a pretty head & dark pigment. She also moves really well; 2 Hodgson’s Laurenley Phoebe at Rikita; 3 Tubb’s Tasheen Island Dream for Alsutu.


GSP – P (4) 1 Marsh’s Kentixen Make A Memory for Kildare, quality bitch who headed a good quality class, good head, correct proportions, lovely topline, nice tight feet. BP; 2 Marsh’s Winterwell Sam Spade at Kildare. J (3,1a) 1 Putney’s Pitwit Winter Glow, pleasing workmanlike bitch of nice size, excellent condition & with excellent width to first & second thigh, lovely disposition, showed very well. RBOB; 2 Joy’s Pitwit The Best Surprise at Wannalicher. O (2,1) 1 Braine’s Lenine March To Victory, upstanding veteran male in wonderful condition, so showy & commanding, good bone, excellent spring of rib, nice tight feet, all male without being overdone. BOB. F/C RETRIEVERS – P (4,1) 1 Deacon’s Tongreen Woodland Nymph of Harlistream, scores on movement coming & going, well bent stifles, lovely soft expression, correct tailset & carriage. BP; 2 Tagg’s Olyou Flaming Star Brex. J (1) 1 Hutchinson’s Quills Mint Julep with Waverton, this bitch was full of the joys of spring showing her wonderful disposition, just right for size, excellent in depth & balanced throughout, very feminine. BOB. PG (4,1) 1 Quills Mint Julep with W; 2 Mastroianni Go With The Flow Chic And Graceful. O (4,1) 1 Smith’s Esined Boston, tall upstanding male in wonderful condition with excellent coat, lovely dark eye & good pigmentation, nice tight feet, moved well & excelled in profile movement; 2 Mastroianni Tygwyn Tawny Porthos. POINTERS – P (4,1) A lovely class with three exhibits all full of early promise headed by 1 Howe’s Medogold Whirly Bird, lovely classic head, right amount of bone & a nice size, lovely tight feet, moved well, the handler just needs to let her extend a little more to show her full potential. BP, BOB; 2 Welch & Hazeltine’s Hookwood Rocket Man. J (2) 1 Hazeltine & Welch’s Hoodwood Busty Babs, I felt this bitch covered more ground than 2 & she benefits from well bent stifles, in great condition & superbly handled, would just prefer a touch more upper arm; 2 Baker-Roller’s Desfira Flirtini. PG (5,1) 1 D Flirtini, placed second in Junior but she really upped her game in the class & moved with much more drive & determination which was undeniable, lovely outline, fabulous condition & nice amount of bone, just needs to relax a little & really use herself; 2 Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnie Me. O (3) 1 Welch’s Oxfordacres Trinity by Rookwood, so much to like about this bitch, oozes class & so survey, handler really extracts the best from her & it’s a pleasure to watch & judge, great size, workmanlike, nothing overdone & excels in movement. RBOB. WEIMARANERS (3,1) 1 Braine’s Sh Ch Kuantan Kordelia, veteran bitch in super order, although seemingly quite enjoying giving her handler a hard time, good colour, well angulated to the fore & rear correction & proportion & moved so well. Later G1 I understand. LABRADORS – P (3,2) 1 Goodman’s Lulukella’s Hometown Glory, really quality puppy, lovely head & expression & a nice size, very showy & moved very well. BP but was tempted with higher honours. G (1) 1 Godden’s Woodmist Wesley, good amount of bone, balanced fore & rear, excellent ribs & lovely eye & pigmentation, just wasn’t sufficiently enthusiastic on the move today. PG (3) 1 Davis & Pelling’s Shollamy Wild Flower of Beauport, a petite sporting bitch shown in excellent condition & handled to perfection, good ribs, shown very well; 2 Godden’s Springbuds Speckled Wood. O (4) 1 Goodman’s Lulukella’s Kiss And Tell, a pleasing exhibit, good bone, well ribbed & lovely kind expression, good tight feet, moved well & nothing overdone. BOB. MEMBERS STAKES (8,3) 1 Braine’s Kenine March To Victory; 2 Billson’s Shanjora’s Golden Sunset.


HOUNDS NSC – PG 1 Abrahams’ Jamarqui My Angel, Borzoi. Lovely bitch who impressed with her correct & graceful movement. Super head into a beautiful neck lovely back & correct fall away. RBNSC. O 1 Clarkes’ Tekalhaus Million To One, L/h Dachs. Stunning head with correct occiput to eye, eye to nose ratios. Real fidget stacked but wow on the move she really came into her own. She was pushed hard by the lovely borzoi but won out today BNSC. MIN S/H DACHSHUNDS – Y (4,1a) 1 Hughes’ Clentry Coppa Glow to Julidachs, super head & expression. Excellent chest, correct viewed from the front. Correct ratios & moved out well. BOB; 2 Wests’ Archidax Betty Boop. RBOB; 3 Pearmain & Sherwoods’ Delandmar Dream Believer. O (4) 1 Reeds’ Deercroft Deep Secret, all rear ends in this class could have been better but this b had a super head into good shoulders & topline. Looked a picture stacked & moved out really well both ways; 2 Pearmain & Sherwood’s Lokmadi Crystal Wings for Delandmar; 3 Hughes’ Sioxline Tiana to Julidachs. DEERHOUNDS – Y 1 Lucas & Dargonne’s Packway Little Loxley, a nice 15 month bitch who shows promise, especially liked her on the move which she did with a lovely free stride. Really nice head into a good neck & topline. BOB. O 1 Lucas & Dargonne’s Hyndsight Reason To Believe, mother to my Y winner but not the shape of her daughter but you can certainly see where daughter gets her super head & movement. RBOB. Portuguese Podengos 1 Sampsons’ Odisseia De Viamonte at Morialta, good head & correct coat with a super texture. Good topline carried well on the move. BOB. HOUND GROUP G1 Julians Whippet, Blondessa be Happy, lovely shape, with curves in all the right places & appears to cover the ground when stood. Perfect action coming towards me & excels in side profile; 2 Hitchs Afghan, Zhivias Sunrise of Zendushkas, a graceful bitch that caught my eye on entering the ring. Was listing a little when stood but her movement was outstanding. On another day she could have easily stolen the top spot; 3 Clarkes Tekalhaus Million To One; 4 Allchornes Basset Hound, Negus Thyme Bomb, this puppy is stunning. If I could have taken a hound home today then it would have been him. With more maturity, he’d of knocked the others in this group out of the park. Super shape. Not over done in any way. Correct in my eye from top to tail. A little loose on the move as to be expected in a heavy breed at this age but I have no doubt will tighten with age. Delighted to award him my PG1 & see him go on to BPIS. PG1 Basset Hound; 2 Sawer’s Saluki Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss, shapely male with text book movement. Masculine head & correct furnishings; 3 Shepherds Whippet, Citycroft Sundae with Oxana, I have seen this young lad on better form & wished he’d performed to his normal standard. Sadly although he stood firm demonstrating his curves he didn’t move to the standard he normally does. But I have no doubt it was just a one off; 4 Roberts & Spearing’s Beagle, Linkenlees Laurina, nice little bitch who moved well both ways. Well laid shoulders & level topline held well moving. Correct tailset & excellent angulation. 


It was a privilege to be asked to judge these classes at the 80th Anniversary show. TOYS NSC – P (2) 1 Oliver’s Cannon Islay Princes, Maltese bitch. Just 9 months, she moved around the ring with lots of drive from behind. She has beautiful dark eyes that gave her a melting look that captured my heart. Sadly she did not stay for the Puppy Group; 2 Smart-McMullan’s No Name Given, Aus Silky bitch, just 6 months. J (3,1a) 1 Haffenden’s Moretonia Wicked In Oz at Nasabe, ETT bitch. 13 months, she is so elegant with her pricked ears making her look really alert & enjoying the show. RBNSC; 2 C Islay Prince. PG (3,2) 1 C Islay Prince. O (6,3) 1 Schemel’s Tudorhurst Athos, King Charles dog, 2¼ years. He is really masculine with a broad head & an expressive face. He has good strong bone & moves around the ring as if he owns it. BNSC, G4; 2 Smart-McMullen’s Romwal Reddy Maid, Aus Silky bitch, 4 years; 3 Davis’ Minitopo Filippo per Jemalsheva, It Greyhound dog, 2 years. JAPANESE CHIN – J (1) 1 Schemel’s Sharlarna’ Mirage, dog, 6 months. Already he is so full of confidence going round the ring with his well feathered tail carried high above his back. He has large eyes, set well apart giving him a typical expression. He is a nice size & has really good bone structure. BP, PG1, RBPIS. PG (2) 1 Schemel’s Hin Satori Terrakot, dog, 18 months. This r/w boy was not as refined as I would have liked. However he carried his tail well as he moved soundly round the ring; 2 Evans’ Jonsville Secret Smile at Evensly, bitch, 2 years. O (1) 1 Schemel’s Chinart Yuunagi, dog. Already mature at 2 years, he has a wonderful coat. I particularly liked his superb face with large dark eyes looking straight ahead giving that astonished look mentioned in the Standard. BOB. PAPILLONS – P (1) 1 Petty’s Feorlig All You Need Is Love at Goldenmist, dog, 7 months. This young dog has a smart appearance with a nice coat & feathering for his age. He is very outgoing looking happy in the ring. He holds his tail well but needs to settle down on the move. J (2) 1 Bull’s Altaya Star Attraction, dog, 16 months. He has a super head with good muzzle & a black nose. He has large ears nicely fringed & held correctly. He has a good reach of neck, well sprung ribcage leading to good hindquarters; 2 Toot Sweet’s Johnny Depp at Finity, dog, 14 months. PG (2) 1 Buss’ Flutura’s Something Special, dog, 13 months. This boy was determined to show his character & temperament which I loved. His large well fringed ears are set just right giving him a lovely expression. On the move he showed positive action both front & rear; 2 Nelson’s Bedellus Mystique via Parracombe, 3 years. O (6) 1 Melvin’s Ringlands Sunshine Story at Shalander, dog, 2½ years. He caught my attention the moment he walked into the ring. He has positive free movement covering the ground well as I would expect from such a well constructed dog. His head is so appealing with his large well feathered ears set at just the perfect angle. When he stood & showed in front of me I saw my interpretation of the breed Standard. BOB, G1; 2 Davidson-Poston & Farrell’s Spinillons Classic Calee, bitch, 5 years; 3 Nelson’s Sarahmah Kleopatra’s Dreams in Parracombe, bitch, 4 years. BEGINNERS STAKES (26,11) 1 Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnee Me, Pointer bitch, 2 years. I loved watching this girl go round the ring showing the perfect Pointer outline. She moved true front & rear covering the ground perfectly. When standing she held her head neck body & tail in a wonderful Pointer outline; 2 Bass’ Blandings Treacle Tart, Whippet, 4 years; 3 Lucas & Dargonne’s Packway Little Loxley, bitch, 15 months. TOY GROUP G1 Papillon; 2 Chin; 3 Thompson’s Beauview Colour Squadron, dog, Griffon, I fell for this boy’s b/t coat but he was placed on overall construction & temperament; 4 King Charles. PG1 Chin; 2 Ransom’s Redimorose Blossom, Pug bitch, 9 months. I could not resist this beautifully feminine young lady. Her large, lustrous black eyes give her such an appealing face. She has a short & cobby body & is very sound; 3 Rhodes’ Calonlan Café Noir, Cavalier, 8 months. Super b/t puppy. Really nice head, good reach of neck, short coupled & with a good turn of stifle. No wonder he moved so well; 4 Papillon.

LEONBERGERS – Y (2) 1 Cole’s Quen Star Sagitta Isal Bonita Jamacia Sunrise, pleasing 15 months bitch of good proportions developing nicely. Feminine head in balance with her body with kind dark eye & correct dentition. Good neck & shoulder leading into level topline & firm body. Adequate hind angulation. Moved well in profile but a touch narrow behind. Good coat & colouring. Presented well & in good condition; 2 Warren’s Cleon Grunt Barkowitz, 6 months puppy dog enjoying his day. Strong masculine head for his age, developing along the right lines. Correct dentition. Good shoulder placement & adequate rear angulation. Good length of leg. Has time to mature & develop. BP. NEWFOUNDLANDS – J (3,2a) 1 Owles’ Zentaur Love Me N’Mend Noirbear, 16 months bitch of beautiful type & balance. Quality head & expression, strong yet feminine. Lovely dark, kind eye & correct earset. Good dentition. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders & correct return of upper arm. Good bone for size. Level topline & firm loin leading into well angulated rear. She excels herself on the move, sound from all angles & presented in excellent condition. PG (3,1) 1 Canning’s Mermaids Pride Jello Shot avec Zentaur, 2 years w/b male. Strong masculine head with correct ear set & pleasing dark eye. Correct Dentition. Well angulated both fore & aft. Would prefer him a touch cleaner both coming & going & had a tendency to drop his topline on the move. Would also prefer a bit more of him all round. Made a lovely shape in profile when stood & well handled; 2 Mills’ Larkharbour Silver Dawn, 3 years black bitch of good size & substance. Feminine head & expression with nice kind dark eye. Lovely strong bone. Straight front & adequate angles. Good body with a nice deep chest. A little bum high today & could be cleaner on the move. Presented in immaculate condition. O (7,2) 1 Coldwell’s Ch Zentaur How Fickle My Heart, 3 years outstanding black bitch. Beautiful head & expression just oozing quality. Lovely dark eye & tidy neat ears that are well set. Strong muzzle & tight clean lips. Strong muscular neck of good length, leading into well placed shoulders. Straight front & good bone for size. Good depth of chest, firm level topline leading into correctly angled well muscled rearquarters. So sound on the move, covering the ground with ease. Gleaming black coat & presented in immaculate condition. A real pleasure to be able to judge this lovely girl. BOB & pleased to watch her win G3, well done; 2 Coldwell’s Ch Zentaur I Will Wait, litter brother to 1. He shares many of the qualities in conformation to his litter sister. Lovely clean & masculine head, strong but not overdone. Broad skull & strong muzzle, clean lips. For me, he has the most perfect expression for a male Newfoundland. Powerful neck leading into well laid shoulders. Correct straight front with nice strong bone. Deep, strong chest & good breadth of body. Firm level topline leading into well rounded rump. Well angulated rearquarters. Not quite as active on the move as his sister but still covers the ground with ease & purpose. Again, presented in tip-top condition. An honour to judge another great example of the breed. RBOB; 3 Coldwell’s Ch Zentaur Tee Tee Effen. ROTTWEILERS – J (2,1) 1 Ezzard & Alllen’s Jodipas Paint It Black to Kassasan, 14 months beautiful bitch. So well made. Correct strong head, whilst still remaining feminine. Nice dark eye & correct alert earset. Strong muzzle. Correct dentition. Strong well muscled neck set on well laid shoulders. Straight front & nice tight well arched feet. Firm level topline leading into correctly rounded rump. Well angulated rear. This bitch stood out on the move, so true from all angles reaching out well infront & driving from the rear. Beautifully presented & excellently handled. RBOB. PG (2,1) 1 Williams’ Montelago Memphis Belle, 2½ years bitch. Lovely feminine head & kind expression. Correct dentition. Strong neck. A touch upright in shoulder for me but with a nice straight front & tight, well arched feet. Firm level topline leading into adequate hind angulation. Moves well in profile & clean coming towards, but needs to tighten in the rear. Well presented. O (1) 1 Allen’s Jodipas Time, 2 years bitch with the wow factor. Strong, powerful head whilst again still retaining her femininity. Broad skull, strong muzzle & correct dentition. Beautiful rich colouring & jet black coat. Powerful, muscular neck set on well laid shoulders. Straight front & nice tight feet. Firm level topline & well rounded rump. Well angulated rear angulation & so well muscled. All elements of this bitch were in complete balance & harmony. Moved with drive & purpose, covering the ground with complete ease. A true showgirl, handled expertly. One to watch. BOB & thrilled to watch her go on to win G1.


MANCHESTER T (1) 1 Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket, Balanced dog, with a lovely outline, nicely marked & in hard condition. Good wedge shaped head with ears carried high. Elegant neck leading into well laid shoulders & deep chest. Desired rise over the loin & decent tuck up. Well bent stifle but not overdone. Moved well round the ring. BOB, G2.


Thank you to the committee for the invitation, a very well run show & excellent hospitality. Thanks to my efficient steward for making my job easier & to all the exhibitors for their entries. PASTORAL NSC – P (4,1a) 1 Ogden’s Kelodie Molly, GSD, 9 months b/g bitch of medium size & strength, strong but feminine head, good topline held on the move, steady mover with firm hocks, in good coat & sensible temperament. BP; 2 Slaughter & Parsons’ Kintaro Valencia with Franzille, GSD, bigger stamp of bitch than 1, rich sable colouring, just coming up to a year, good temperament, just needs to tighten in hocks; 3 Fresson’s Deroaust’s Brough Superior, GSD, impressive looking long coat of just 7 months, didn’t do herself any favours by pacing on the move but time is on her side, to get her act together. PG (2) 1 Jones’ Kintaro Hot Off The Press, GSD, 3 years b/t bitch, my notes say ‘everything in moderation’. Feminine head with well used ears, good reach of neck into an excellent topline which she held on the move. Well angulated but without exaggeration, strong in hock & stands freely, presenting a good outline. Super temperament. Moved out well in the challenge to take BNSC; 2 Austen’s Deroaust’s Amitola, GSD, strong red gold bitch, nice type, very shapely & full of enthusiasm, disappointed she was throwing out her left hind leg. O (1) 1 Butler’s Arnscroft Aces High Di of Telstar, Buhund, 4 years wheaten male, good head & well used ears, short back & compact body, moved with enthusiasm & well handled even though his mind was not on the job. RBNSC. BORDER COLLIES – P (2) 1 Hartfield’s Moshanta Must Be Movin, 8 months b/w bitch puppy with a lovely head & keen expression with well used ears. Good reach of neck into excellent topline, well angulated front & rear, moved very well for her tender age. BP, PG3; 2 Bridges & Cooper’s Kirkbridgend Athena, 9 months pretty bl/w bitch, nice head, good for size, not in her best jacket & running up a tad bum high at present. J (4,1) 1 M Must Be Movin; 2 Hoskins’ Birmcross Gracie at Lefevre, b/w bitch of 16 months. Good type, tail rather high set & very proud of it on the move; 3 Bridges & Cooper’s Kirkbridgend Kairos. PG (1) 1 Bridges’ Kirkwind Poppet at Kirkbridgend, 7 years bitch, finer built all over, & rather long in back, in good fit condition, well muscled & moved with drive. O (4) 1 Angier & Stacey’s Tullacrest Signd Syld Delivered to Bilyara, stunning example of the breed, well balanced masculine head with a ‘look at me’ expression. Well arched neck, good front with sufficient bone & tight feet. Body well balanced throughout with enough substance & a well angulated rear, all covered in a coat that just shimmered with condition. Absolutely flowed round the ring with a very easy gait. BOB, G1, & pleased to see him go RBIS, congratulations; 2 Hartfield’s Moshanta Movin On, a very feminine 2 years b/w bitch. Pretty head & super expression with well used ears, well angulated front, balanced body & good topline, moved with purpose & pushed 1 hard but had to settle for RBOB but I was spoilt for choice; 3 Bridges’ Kirkbridgend Rock Star. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS – J (1) 1 Woodward’s Sanscott Admiral Blue, 14 months b/m boy with the sweetest expression, used his ears to advantage. Nice for size with a well balanced body & good angulation front & rear, holds a good topline & moved with ease. BOB. PG (3,1) 1 Allan’s Janetstown Jillions, 6 years s/w bitch with a pretty head. Well balanced with good angulation. Not making the most of herself today so had to settle for RBOB; 2 Graham’s Shadoway Game Of Chance, 5 years s/w male, his masculine head is rather strong & he is a bit full in eye. He has a well balanced body & he moved well. O (3) 1 S Game Of Chance, this boy won this class on movement over the two lovely older bitches who were both giving away several years to him; 2 Khawaja & Harrison’s Smiddyshaw Rumba Carumba; 3 Allan’s Janetstown Jo Jay. CARDIGAN CORGIS – Y (1) 1 Taylor’s Bymil Picture Perfect, 7 months brindle tri baby girl, not taking life very seriously! She has a good width of skull although muzzle is a tad long at present. She has a lovely outline & carries a level topline when moving sensibly, which was not very often today, her front is correct & she has good bone with just the right amount of turn. Her hind angulation is good. Just need to sort out the order her legs go in on the move as I did see brief glimpses of her excellent movement. O (4,1) 1 Lovell’s Liebehund Miss Muffett, br/w bitch of 2 years, very shapely with a good head, well used ears with a reasonable stop & good muzzle/skull ratio giving a lovely expression. Good for length & size, excellent front, well angulated with a level topline & leading to a well moulded croup & flowing into her luxurious tail. BOB, G3; 2 Taylor’s Bymil Back To Blue, b/m but with a lot of white on her head, similar in make & shape to her sister in the previous class, found her to be the more mature of the two at this stage, not as long in muzzle & although I preferred the markings of the other one, after some deliberation I felt she did just enough to warrant taking BP & RBOB over her sister; 3 Long’s Liebehund Summer Night. PASTORAL GROUP G1 Border Collie; 2 Benton’s Alopex Marionette of Oakestelle, Smooth Collie, an old favourite of mine & today she was on top form, using her ears well, standing over good ground & with a well balanced body. She moved out with ease & belied her eight years; 3 Cardigan; 4 Felstead’s Millirenn Hugonis at Foveaux, Lancashire Heeler, a late maturing lad who is only now coming into his own at 4 years, & developing in body. Well used ears giving an alert expression, topline held on the move & sufficient angulation. On the go round he put up a good performance as did his substitute handler who had got the measure of him. PG1 Reilly’s Lisjovia Boris Bear at Darmaror, Pyrenean, size & strength coupled with an easy moving action gave this boy the edge. At just 6 months he was so self assured & covered the ground with ease, surely a star in the making & going to have a fabulous future, will be watching with interest; 2 Smyth’s Morrow Forever In Blue Jeans, ACD, strongly made 9 months blue, with a good head. Well balanced in body with a level topline & a strong rear end which gave him the drive to power round the ring; 3 Border Collie; 4 Houghton’s Trogwood Valegro, Lancashire Heeler, a raw baby of 6 months at his first show he took it all in his stride, good width of skull & reach of neck into a level topline which he held on the move. Very immature in body but with good bone & the frame is there to fill. Well set & carried tail, & movement excellent for one so young & inexperienced.


STAFFORDS – PG 1 Tidestaff Dark Wizard, brindle dog, handsome head with positive stop, lovely round eyes & clean lips. Short coupled, compact. Good depth of bone, chest & well developed hindquarters. Showed plenty of presence & in fit condition showed well. BOB; 2 Callastaff Silver Charm, b/w bitch, a very pretty bitch with a lovely head & round eye, through to lovely length of neck & a well put together body. Moved well & held her topline. A little bit more fitness would only enhance her attributives. She is a lovely bitch. O 1 Jodanzac Joyful Event, red tiger brindle. What a colour, she tested her handler but eventually showed what she could do. A strong head clean lipped, round eyes powerful neck & shoulders into developing hindquarters. Moved very well in the end took time to settle a good level pace when not exploding off the floor, nice to see the energy; 2 Nerotoro Cosmic Girl, black bitch who was off a lighter build & bone to my first, but in complete proportion, everything was balanced. Lovely pretty head, clean lipped & correct bite. Well set neck through to good shoulders & a round ribcage through to developing hindquarters. Just preferred the depth of bone of my first.


SCWT – A nice entry of four good dogs, with no absences. PG (2) 1 Johnstone’s Loofahsa Fiamma Rouxboos, 2 year old, with nice head, correct scissor bite & good length of neck. Laid back in shoulder, deep brisket, good tailset on level topline, with well bent stifle, short coupled & moved well. A balanced dog overall, smartly presented & nicely handled. RBOB. O (2) 1 Bristow’s Denzilly Sweet Destiny for Avard, 3 year old, with correct head, correct scissor bite & good length of neck. Pigmentation good, laid back in shoulder, excellent topline, short coupled, well bent stifle, good tailset, quality coat. Moved soundly with balance & well handled. BOB.


WHIPPETS – I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge & my steward for being very officiant. I had a fantastic day with some lovely examples of the breed to go over. P (4) 1 Harris’ Zoraden Surprise Party, a lovely dog with an outline second to none, correct size for his age, lovely head & expression with a good neck leading into correct shoulders. Promising dog with a bright future; 2 Alma Abrahams’ Almawhip Subway To Venus From Jamarqui. J 1 Shepherd’s Citycroft Sundae With Oxana, a very handsome boy who I have admired throughout his career, lovely outline with enough length, good length of neck leading into well laid back shoulders, stands over enough ground. Moved soundly. Delighted to award him BP; 2 Meads’ Ringmore Gladius At Jasbri. PG 1 Julian’s Blondessa Be Happy, this is the first time I have seen this girl & I was blown away. Fawn bitch with a very feminine head & expression, this flows elegantly into her correct laid back shoulders. She has a lovely depth of chest with correct tuck-up & a nice rise over her loin. She moved with grace & power around the ring & was true coming & going, holding her topline well. Thrilled to award her BOB & delighted to see her go G1; 2 Allansson Runesson & Macdonald’s Nattah Echo In The Mist Over Macalldon.  O 1 Hall’s Blandings Fortune Cookie, a brindle boy who reminded me of my own dogs, correct size with a perfect outline with a lovely deep chest & nice rise over his loin. Lovely expression with a kind nature. Correct return of upper arm. Nice flowing topline, moved with ease around the ring. Awarded RBOB & could easily of had BOB on a different day; 2 Elly Bass’ Blandings Treacle Tart.