WATCH NOW: Around the Dog World - National Terrier 2017 and more


A new episode of Around the Dog World is set to hit screens tomorrow night – Thursday May 4 at 8pm on Horse & Country TV (2ky 253). Although filmed at National Terrier, the focus of this programme goes well beyond the Terrier group alone.

At Crufts Jeff Horswell had the honour of picking this year’s Best in Show winner, and taking his lead, the ATDW team find out more about the two breeds he pointed to – the American Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle. A good day for Lancashire as both kennels - Afterglow and Minarets are based in the north. So it was only fitting the cameras stopped off in Blackpool to speak to Jason Lynn, Mike Gadsby and Melanie Harwood to discover more about these breeds.

On top of a greater understanding of the breeds, Mike and Jason also reveal the making of Maimi, the lastest Crufts Best in Show winner, from exploding on to the scene at his first show to his retirement from the UK rings with very few shows in-between. 

Tune in to catch up with the recent Best in Show winners alongside coverage of UK Toydog judged by Irene McManus.

 And of course, the show filmed at National Terrier has bucket loads of Terriers to keep you interested. Watch Best in Show from the group’s premier show in the UK which was topped by a dog on top form. If you have stayed out of the news, we won’t break it to you hear, you’ll have to watch to find out.

Guiding viewers through the packed programme is Simon Baillie who is joined by debut ATDW expert, Derek Smith, last year’s Crufts Best in Show judge.

If you miss the programme on Horse & Country TV (Sky 253) you can watch it here from Friday morning (May 5).

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