Jack Russell Terrier C, 02/04/17


At the first Jack Russell Terrier club’s limit show, judge Jeff Luscott awarded BIS to Heather Turner and Audrey MacDonald’s dog, Back Pack Di Sutri at Locheil.

photos Alan V Walker

The Jack Russell Terrier have their roots firmly planted in the UK and takes its name from the famous hunting Parson, the Reverend John Russell, but it was in Australia where the breed was developed and first recognised. These terriers were originally exported from the UK from several well known kennels; these included the Duke of Beaufort Hunt Kennels, Cowdry Hunt Kennels and Heythrop Hunt Kennels.

In the UK there were many types and sizes of Jack Russell, but in Australia Jack Russell breeders got together and decided on criteria for type and size, which they then strived to breed dogs that fitted this criteria. The Jack Russell clubs kept meticulous records of dogs on their register and this helped in the process of registration. After much debating and conversations with the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) in 1990 at the ANKC conference the vote was overwhelming that the Jack Russell Terrier should be recognised as a pure breed.

In the same year a very influential litter was born, which were to become known as the ‘Famous Four’. These dogs were bred by the Malung kennel and consisted of 3 dogs and a bitch, Ch Malung Jim Beam, Ch Malung Laird of Joyreve, Ch Malung Orinocco and Ch Malung Ninianc Swynford. Two of these dogs, Jim Beam and Orinocco became very influential sires passing on strong type to the breed.

The Jack Russell first made an appearance in the show ring in Australia in 1991 and the rest of the world quickly recognised this popular breed. It is apt that the ‘UK Interim Breed Standard’ is a carefully blended version of UK, FCI and Australian standards.

The majority of Jack Russell’s registered in the UK originate from FCI lines from all over the world with the majority going back to these Australian lines.

The breed made its show ring debut at National Terrier 2016, attracting exhibits from all over Europe. Liz Cartlidge made history by judging the entry of 43. There was a fantastic atmosphere and the crowd was four deep round the ring for judging.

The Jack Russell Terrier drew an entry of 97 making 105 at its first appearance at Crufts. Exhibitors from 19 different countries travelled to the UK, the atmosphere was electric, and there was a very international feeling. The quality of the dogs was fantastic and the breed drew a lot of interest, the eventual BOB was shortlisted in the group, this was a great start for the breed. Most championship shows have classified the breed and entries have been very encouraging.

While the Jack Russell Terrier is a very showy, flashy little dog, it must be remembered what they were originally bred to do, which is to be a working terrier who is capable of going to ground after his quarry. They are a sturdy workmanlike dog with a lively outgoing character; a terrier through and through.

There are several factors which contribute to making this dog fit for function. The ribs should be capable of being spanned by average sized mans’ hands, this is one of the most important factors of a dog who is bred to go to ground, if the ribs are too large or the incorrect shape he will be restricted or could become stuck when working underground.

A good weatherproof double coat is a must to protect from the weather when outdoors. No matter if smooth, broken or rough coated a harsh thick jacket is essential. The skin should be thick and loose as this inhibits ripping. When presenting the dog for the ring they should not be over trimmed but tidy and smart.

The head should be strong with powerful jaws, with a good strength of muzzle; he should be equipped with large strong teeth with a perfect scissor bite. Eyes should be dark with a keen expression. He should have a good reach of neck to protect his feet when working underground.

Front legs should be straight, well boned with neat tight feet. The body should be flexible, being slightly longer than tall and his proportions should be 50/50 leg to depth of body. The dog must have the correct character, they should be very outgoing, bold, friendly and not quarrelsome.

Movement should be lively, true and effortless.

Although he has the many of the same attributes to the other working terrier breeds which are spanned, there are some characteristics which distinguish them. He is a smaller (10”-12”) stockier specimen than the more racy Parson Russell and Border. The head differs to that of the Parson as they have a more pronounced stop and shorter muzzle. The tailset is higher than that of the Parson and they should have a more level topline.

The Jack Russell Terrier Club was officially recognised by the KC in September 2016. We held our inaugural meeting in October appointing our office bearers and committee. Our aims are to promote The Jack Russell Terrier in many disciplines, including showing, agility, obedience and in the field. We hope to encourage and educate our members to breed responsibly by producing healthy, happy dogs with good temperaments.

The club will schedule shows, educational and other fun events. We held a very successful breed seminar and grooming workshop on the 11th March at Marston Green with Kao Miichi, from the Monamour Kennel from Japan, presenting the Standard and her partner Hiroshi Tsuyuki running the grooming workshop. We had 75 candidates present these consisted of future judges, exhibitors and Jack Russell enthusiasts. We have had very positive feedback from this event it was very educational, informative and interesting, we hope to hold similar events in the future.

The club’s first show was held on the 2nd of April at Ashley Near Market Drayton. As well as normal classification which was judged by Mr Jeff Luscott, we had special award classes scheduled in which  Dog World breed note writer Kate Smith, officiated and to encourage and socialise our younger generation a puppy walk was also included and was very entertaining to watch. We held this event the same weekend as National Terrier, so to attract exhibitors and visitors from far and wide. This was a very special celebration and fun day.

Details of these and future events can be found on our Facebook Page, the Jack Russell Terrier Club and our website. LELSEY ROBERTS (secretary)

Thanks to the club for the invitation to judge their first club show. It was an honour to be invited & a pleasure to judge these super dogs in such a lovely atmosphere.

The committee had worked hard to set up a friendly show in a good venue with lots of renowned visitors & terrier men. Having been involved with Jack Russells since my first one in 1973 & becoming addicted, then being able to work on committees, running J.R shows, judged by the likes of Joe Braddon, Joe Cartledge & Bill Browne-Cole, to the start of the Parsons & now the first club show of the Jack Russell club since their recognition by the KC, I felt truly at home & totally enjoyed the experience.

Although the entry was a little restricted being a limited show, there was enough quality & character on show for me to find & enjoy with the 37 dogs making 51 entries & I thank the exhibitors for the entry.

RBIS was Roberts & Murray’s bitch, Jarot Home And Dry at Mindlen. Also pictured is judge Jeff Luscott.

PD (4,1a) 1 Eddy Eldorado Dos Makuas for Chayo, smart, active lad with the attitude & alert confidence outlook carries the body & size, good angles, happy boy standing & on the move. Attracts in head, balance & eye set, going well with the action on the move. Close but had to settle for RBPIS to the bitch in the end; 2 Jackandfish Super Eight, sound, balanced & lively lad with a good typical head, nice quarters & coat. Just played up on the move, but can go & just a bit more work with the handler. Lots of promise here though; 3 Jonu’s Jr Game of Thrones at Drailam, nice young lad with balance of ratios in head. Carries himself well in side action but not quite the body or front action of 1 & 2 yet to fulfil his promise. JD (5) 1 Monamour Over The Rainbow; 2 Shiroblam Simpli Sprout Silvanus, smart & active lad with the attraction in head type. Good neck & topline, building well in body, spannable & muscled, has the balance & easy action on the move to take this spot in a good class; 3 J Game of Thrones at D. PG (4,1) 1 Russtyles Big Boy at Locheil, lively boy with the balance & alert expession, not quite settled but good type, touch long in loin, has the rib & angles won class on the move; 2 Calderbeck Peel’s Lad, lovely head with the eye & earset, good through neck & topline, long & bigger in body, just spans, but moving better in this class; 3 Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka, this lad is still developing with more to come in balance & coat, appeals in head, moved OK in side action. LD (2) 1 Sund System di Sultri at Locheil, although slightly shorter in overall balance, he has a great attitude, a lively appearance with the alertness required, good angles & length of let, he spans is of good muscle tone, not quite the front, wider on the move but covers the ground on side action, shown with style; 2 Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka, went well with a different handler this time. OD (2) Only two but very competitive. 1 Back Pack Di Sutri at Locheil, really like this lad’s strong active appearance. He is keen & alert alive & on his toes, he has the quality, an excellent type head with the proportions skull to muzzle, dark eye of good shape, well set ear & strong jaw. He carries the coat & is built well in body with the rib & topline. Is spannable in great condition of muscle & strong rearquarters giving him the propulsion on the move. Could certainly do the job. A lovely example, my BD & BIS; 2 Olaf The Showman at Frangipaw, impressive with the strength & lithe body, good action front & rear, appeals in head, eye & ear set, good neck, well toned, balanced body & strong rearquarters, he was handled well with style to present him on top of his game. In the end, I just preferred the alertness & attitude of the winner, close but taking RBD today.

MPB (1) 1 Penople Zieman Finer, racy type with the head, neck & body, good overall in shape but more development to come. Liked her enthusiasm & attitude. PB (6) Good class with the end decision between two sisters of excellent quality. 1 Hunter Hawk Hondour, typical through the head with the alert, active outlook. She has the front, body build, spannable & width to the rib & chest. She is a tad longer in loin but gives her flexibility. She is smart from all angles over the ground, quality girl on form today to take a very close decision her & BPIS; 2 Hunter Hawk Hope for Twinnan, excellent type with an attractive, balanced & proportioned head. She has the build is easily spannable although coat does make her look deeper, good topline & tailset enhances the well set shape. Good mover just not quite the drive at the rear today, so just losing in the end decision; 3 Downlad Di Sutri, lovely head & expression typical in ear & eyes, good jaw & mouth. She has the shape but not quite the proportions in body yet. Muscletone to come, good mover on sound action & feet. JB (8,1) 1 Best Jacks Zalli at Locheil, impressive for type, balance & shape. She has style & build in body with the attractive head, flat skull & good muzzle. Is spannable with good front. Goes well on the move with her attitude & spirit. RBB; 2 Ducklings Jr Just Cuitie, close up with the typical head, neck & balance. She is active & has the shape in overall profile. Good for type in carriage & on the move. Should have a good future; 3 Shiroblam Simpli Sage, smart youngster with the headpiece & set well in neck. Spans in body wit nice work in chest, rib & loin. I liked her on the move with the tailset & agile animation. PGB (5,1) 1 Jarot Home & Dry at Minden, beautiful outline & shape on this exciting girl. She is strong with the muscletone & the bone. She has a lovely typical head with the ratios. Strong jaw, dark eye & well set ears. She is built well through body with the slight rise over the topline. Good angles front & rear, has enough coat going with the purpose & drive on the move. Covers the ground easily on top form today, well handled to take Best Bitch & push hard in the final challenge RBIS & BOS; 2 Jackandfish Gossip Girl at Locheil, smart girl with good balance & nice head type. Slopes off in topline & croup to a wider set rear end, but has the side action & spans in chest with muscled body tone. More to develop; 3 Stamford Bridge Di Sutri at Moonspinner, smooth of finer type, but lovely head, needs to mature on in body & tone, but good attitude & showing well for her handler. LB (4) 1 Whistlewoods Ruby Tuesday, good head & neck on this girl with the eye & ear carriage. She is muscular, carries a good coat type, has the build in body, spans & working well with her handler on the move; 2 All Jack’s Unusual at Locheil, smart type with typical head, muzzle strong but slightly longer, good through body but not quite the rear action on the move has the coat & tailset; 3 Hunter Hawk I Love, loved the head, skull, muzzle & strength of jaw. She has the balance of overall shape is longer in loin she has a good attitude & can move, more maturity to come to finish. OB (1) 1 Jarrot Known Fact of Minden, good overall for type. She has the head & earset, well built & spans though chest body & balanced in outline. Slightly rounder in eye shape, good neck, has good front & rear muscletone & moves with purpose. B 1 Calderbeck’s Peels Lad; 2 Demeter Catori Muraco; 3 Genial Bru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka.


BPIS was Robertson’s 11 month old dog, Hunter Hawk Honour. Also pictured is judge Jeff Luscott and secretary Lesley Roberts.

SPECIAL CLASSES – Many thanks to the committee of the JRTC for inviting me to judge the special classes at this, the first breed club show in the UK. It was a pleasure to go over some lovely, very sound examples of the breed. Coats on the whole were of very good texture & generally not over-groomed but some were a little lost under their coats, giving the impression they were deep in the chest. I thoroughly look forward to watching both the progress of the individual dogs & also the breed over the coming months & years & thank the exhibitors for their entry.

J A well filled class where some lovely examples had to go away cardless. 1 Turton’s Shiroblam Simpli Sage, a feminine 15 month old with the correct head & expression. Lovely dark eye & neat ears. Straight when viewed from front, well balanced, spannable with lovely bone & good angulation fore & aft. Super coat & pelt. Moved out well & very soundly with drive; 2 Irving’s Hunter Hawk Hope for Twinan, a showy, feminine bitch of good proportions. Coat of good texture. She is a spannable, sound bitch with attractive head & expression & she moved well with purpose; 3 Roberts & Murray’s Ducklings JR Just Qutie. PG 1 Roberts & Murray’s Jarot Home And Dry at Mindlen, delightful t/w bitch of super proportions & lovely breed type. A very pleasing head with correct eye leading to well angulated forequarters. Spannable with body of correct ratios & strong rearquarters which she used well on the move. Coat of correct texture & good pelt. Handled to bring out the very best in her; 2 McKenzie-Grieg’s Caldbeckjack Peel’s Lad, loved the head on this young chap, terrier all through. Punishing jaw without being coarse. Larger type all through but still sound & well balanced. Coat excellent & well turned out. Moved & handled well; 3 McKenzie-Grieg’s Genial Gru Bohemia White Hunter at Sonateeka. O 1 Roberts & Murray’s Jarot Known Fact of Mindlen, pretty t/w bitch with good head & expression. Well balanced, easily spannable & of lovely type. Super coat & pelt. Moved soundly & handled very well; 2 C Peel’s Lad.


During the interval there was a parade of winners who were not eligible for this limit show.

Dog World breed note writer Kate Smith judged the special award Classes.

Pictured are chairman Geoff Corish, vice chairman Heather Turner, secretary Lesley Roberts and treasurer Nicola Spencer.

The committee at the Jack Russell Club’s first show.

The prizes on offer for the show.

At the end of the show chairman Geoff Corish made presentations to the two judges; Jeff Luscott and Kate Smith and to the hard working steward Elaine Barlow.

The specially designed celebratory cakes.