Scottish Terrier Breeders & Exhibitors A, 04/03/17


The Scottish Terrier Breeders and Exhbitors Association held a championship show where judge David Guy awarded BIS to Mrs A Kenny-Marriott and Mr J Marriott’s Ch Millingford Kings Choice.

photos Alan V Walker

Many thanks for the super entry at this well organised show, I appreciate it very much. A vote of thanks must go to the organising committee & special thanks to Anne Dauncey the hard working forward thinking secretary who left nothing to chance.

Sp Triers D (2,1a) 1 Greenwood’s Petmon Royal Magician, a black dog of nice size, enough bone & body, beautifully presented but did not make the most of himself on the move. MPD (1) 1 Rutherford’s Carisco Follow Your Dreams, 7½ months black of good breed type, balanced head, front OK ample rib could be a touch shorter coupled for me, decent hindquarters. PD (2) 1 BPD, Boyce’s Trakside Mr Goodbar, 11 months brindle dog of undoubted quality, full of breed type, very strong willed & not the easiest to handle but once settled he moved out well for & aft retaining a lovely outline in profile. Big body & rib, decent front, good bone, good coat texture. All in all a promising boy who will do well in the future; 2 McCracken’s Our Black Jack, this good coated black dog is slightly longer cast than the winner & does not have the angles front or back. Ample body, enough rib, topline OK, tailset OK on the move needs a touch more drive but was true out & back. JD (5,1) 1 Corney’s Of Stonegarth Shaken Not Stirred at Rilynson, 1 year Wheaten dog, not the biggest but well balanced, true breed type, enough body, good rib, legs & feet, he could have a touch more quality in head as it tends to be on the broad side. He moved with purpose & style & was well handled; 2 Petriccione’s Glengracie Victor, this brindle dog has a good topline but would prefer a better tailset, OK for bone, decent rib, for me he could be deeper & lower to ground. His coat was of good texture & he made the best of himself on the move; 3 Mahmoudi’s Glengracie Jetson. MD (1) 1 Khenkina’s Varendzhi Born To Be Gorgeous, this black dog has a good outline standing & was very well presented, balanced head, good dentition, decent neck & shoulder, he was low to ground, tailset could be better, on the move he was assertive & agile OK coming towards but close going away. Coat of super texture. ND (2) 1 Our Black Jack; 2 McGlennon’s Divadell Harvest Moon, this 18 month dog needs a lot more body & substance. At present he looks a touch fine & lacking in width, front construction could be better as elbows protrude. Needs more muscle & condition. He was happy & on the move he was OK coming & going but could have had more length of stride in profile. GD (2) 1 Eteo’s Glenmiar Sorcerer at Jancliff, 21 months brindle who is well off for body, good bone & substance, with a balanced head, strong muzzle. Clean over the neck & shoulder, could have a touch more rear angulation & at times was uncooperative on the move but did enough to win this class. Presented in good coat & condition; 2 Harrison-Brown’s Drefaldwyn King David, black boy who was not as slung as the winner & could be shorter in back, good coat texture, decent head, good dentition. He was a touch wide going away OK coming towards. PGD (6,2) 1 Tyler’s Divadell Room At The Top, a balanced dog who is too strong in head for me, could have more angulation in front, ample bone for size, good body & rib, topline OK. He made the best of himself on the move retaining his outline & moving with great purpose; 2 Coley’s Kingsview Just Samuel, this boy is a heartbreak, lovely to go over, quality head & eye, true front, good bone & rib, correct tailset. Coat of good texture but today he was unhappy with his surroundings & just did not cooperate on the move which pegged him back to second place. I hope he eventually settles as he would trouble the best; 3 Eteo’s Glenmiar Sorcerer at Jancliff. LD (5) 1 Chick’s Brueik All The Aces, this well presented dog of good type presents a good outline, I would prefer a touch more refinement in skull, good over the neck & shoulder, adequate bone. Coat of good texture, he moved true & retained a good outline at all times; 2 Meek’s Benartybrae Macarena at Benbetham, wheaten dog who is strong enough in head for me, well boned legs & feet, well off for body, decent front, could have more rear angulation, tailset OK. Could move with more drive from the rear; 3 Hills’ Rolanka Pass The Buck at Benartybrae. OD (9,1) 1 Luig’s Stalwart’s Game Of Thrones, this black dog was presented in first class order & moved out well with good length of stride in profile good out & back although could have a touch more width in front. Nice head & eye, good topline, strong well ribbed body, correct tailset & carriage. All in all this dog gave a good account of himself to win this class; 2 Blain & Tuttle’s Am Ch Kingsview Just Before Dark, this brindle dog is very well constructed & good to go over. For me he needed to carry much more coat to finish the picture, however his good construction was evident when he moved which gave him this 2 placement in a strong class; 3 Bichel-Schnock’s Multi Dk Ch Sir Darnley’s Windsor Wizard. BBE D (4) 1 Marriott & Kenny Marriott’s Rus Ch Millingford Kings Choice, this black boy proved to be my CC & BIS. Quality head which is masculine but clean & well balanced. Good over the neck & shoulder, true front, good bone, well ribbed strong body, coat of good texture, well set & carried tail. On the move he was very true coming & going & gave a good account of himself in profile retaining a super outline at all times; 2 Khenkina’s Only Perfect Varendgy, a wheaten who is quite well constructed he has a head of good length. Dark eye, not quite the front assembly of the winner maintained his topline & made the most of himself on the move, well bodied with a good deep rib & presented in super coat of good texture. Won the RCC; 3 Bichel-Schnock’s Ch Sir Darnleys Windsor Wizard. VD (4,3) 1 Greenwood’s Petmon Light Of My Life, almost 10 years old & a credit to his owners for keeping him in such first class condition. Of good size & retains a clean head. JUN HANDLING – 6-11 years (3,2) 1 Connor Chapman, this young man concentrated on his charge at all times, ensuring the correct picture was available for me whenever I glanced over, he move the dog at a good steady pace without being too fast. He was the BJH and showed great promise for the future. 12-16 (1) 1 Stuart Hoare, he tried very hard to get the best from his charge, very kind & patient towards the dog, just needs to practice more at presenting a good picture when standing.

RBIS was Miss C L Chapman’s Berrybreeze Born To Boogie.

Sp Triers B (3,1) 1 Greenwood’s Petmon Miss Tiggywinkle, another 10 year old in super condition & of the correct type, well bodied & great coat texture age is telling when asked to move today; 2 Weall’s Wringtonbell Ready To Rock, a black who is a touch longer cast than the winner & not quite her head quality, she however scored when asked to move as she kept her outline, presented in good coat. MPB (4) 1 Rutherford’s Carisco Cendal Crème, a young wheaten just over 8 months, she has good ribs & substance for her age , balanced head dark eye used her ears well, needs time as at the moment she runs up to her tail, great temperament; 2 Khenkina’s Gemma Stonehenge Vive La Vie, a promising black baby who needs time to develop all through, presented a good outline. Pleasing neck & shoulder & a well set tail; 3 Kirk Gellatly’s Whitwitch Fly By Night. PB (5) 1 Chapman’s Sianview Dizzee Delight, a 10 months old bitch of good breed type. She has a lovely front & carrying enough body for her age, deep rib & level topline muscular quarters, not the easiest to handle but her handler made a good job. BPB; 2 Beckton’s The Show Must Go On at Glengracie, a wheaten bitch of decent size & substance. She has a good front with enough bone deep rib & muscular quarters. Perhaps she could have made more of herself on the move; 3 Marriott & Kenny Marriott’s Pandora’s Box at Millingford. JB (7) 1 Becquet & Darby’s Minorlines Princess Royal Becscott, an attractive brindle with a lovely body & true front, balanced head, dark eye, ears could be neater, good over the neck & shoulder level topline & a well set tail. She moved true both ways; 2 Emmins’ Miss Catastrophe Du Moulin De Mac Gregor, a black bitch who is well balanced throughout, fair length of head dark eye, not quite the front construction of the winner or her topline. I feel she needs time & should mature well; 3 Carpenter’s Blackthorpe Bramble at Westerleigh. MB (2) 1 Schwarz’s Tredaly St Agnes, this young black bitch appeals for breed type, quality & substance. She is very well ribbed & maintains her topline on the move. Balanced head which is clean dark eye giving a good expression. I thought she would benefit with more bone for her size; 2 Hills’ Skircoat Semibreve at Tahgmor, a heavier brindle all through with much to like her for. She excels in body & substance but is not as short backed as the winner. Very happy temperament & gave of her best in this class. NB (4) 1 Lorentini’s Quinarius Fortis Arbor, a quality headed black which shows balance & cleanness. Well constructed front lovely rib & carrying a good body muscular hindquarters, well set tail, scored here on her showmanship; 2 Beckton’s The Show Must Go On at Glengracie; 3 Hill’s Skircoat Semibreve at Tahgmor. GB (3,2) 1 Lawrence’s Sweetgarret Highland Lass, a black bitch of good type, with a very good body, her front construction is pleasing & she has a good deep ribcage, on the move she did not fully co-operate with her handler & spoilt her topline & tailset as a consequence. PGB (4) 1 Chapman, Bradley & Herd’s Brueik Tickled Pink by Berrybreeze, this black has a balanced head dark eye & correct mouth, could be a touch neater in ear, well developed rib & carrying a good body used her tail well & maintained her outline on the move, presented in good order; 2 Mills’ Blackthorpe Lost In You, this black is shorter & more compact than the winner, balanced head, neat ear, correct width in front with well developed ribs. Tended to rise up in her topline & not quite as free on the move as the winner. LB (6,1) 1 Kenny Marriott, Marriott & Kirk Gellatly’s Millingford Fire Queen, this young black bitch headed a very good class, excellent type & quality, lovely bone & substance good size & balance, clean head neat ear pleasing neck & shoulder. She showed to advantage & moved soundly, unfortunately in the challenge she tended to lose her topline; 2 Rutherford’s Carisco My Leading Lady, another true to type black of quality, balanced head clean skull neat ear good over the neck & shoulder decent front lovely coat texture Showed steadily & provided good competition to the winner; 3 Carpenter’s Blackthorn Blowzabella at Westerleigh. OB (3,1) 1 Mrs Coley’s Ch Kingsview Just Freya, a 3 year old bitch of enviable type & quality. Nice to go over compact with substance & yet retaining quality, so very well presented & moved with purpose but in the challenge she was just pipped by the CC winner who had a touch more length of stride in profile. All in all a quality girl pleased to award her RCC; 2 Cialdella’s Ch Love Song for Quinarius Della Riva D’arno, another good quality black with a long clean head presented a good outline & showed herself to advantage. Good rib & depth. Pleasing topline. BBE B (3,1) 1 Chapman’s Berrybreeze Born To Boogie, 3 year old black bitch with a quality head beautiful rib & substance she is well off for body has lovely bone & a true front. Well set & carried tail. She came into her own on the move, lengthy stride & so sound, the longer she moved the better she was, using herself & displaying carriage & style. A pleasure to award her the CC & RBIS; 2 Schwarz’s Tredaly St Agnes. VB (3,1) 1 Mahmoudi’s Ch/Swe Ch Brio Inquizitive, how this bitch has lasted at 11 years old every credit to her owner for keeping her in such fantastic condition well constructed throughout & in good coat. Shows steadily; 2 Bichel- Schnock’s Multi Ch Sir Darnley’s Talker Taste. 


BP was Mrs E A Boyce’s dog puppy, Trackside Mr Goodbar. Also pictured is judge David Guy

BV was Ms B Mahmoudi’s 11 year old bitch, Ch/Swe Ch Brio Inquisitive. Also pictured is judge David Guy.

BPB and RBP was Miss C L Chapman’s Sianview Dizzee Delight, handled by Connor Chapman. Also pictured is judge David Guy.

RBD was Mrs M L Khenkina’ s Only Perfect Varendgy. Also pictured is judge David Guy.

BJH 6-11 years was 10 year old, Connor Chapman, and runner-up in 12-16 years was 13 year old Stuart Hoare. Also pictured is judge David Guy.

David Guy giving the unbeaten dogs the onceover for his Dog CC.

The parade of champions during the lunch break.

Secretary and main organiser for the conference Anne Dauncey making a presentation to the judge David Guy.