King Charles Spaniel A, 12/02/17


The King Charles Spaniel Association held an open show where judge Ellen Loynd awarded BIS to Jackson’s Ch Amantra Regalia, and RBIS to Ryan and Miller’s Amantra Regis of Feorlig. Also pictured is secretary John Blewett.

The King Charles Spaniel Association held an open show where judge Ellen Loynd awarded BIS to Jackson’s Ch Amantra Regalia, and RBIS to Ryan and Miller’s Amantra Regis of Feorlig. Also pictured is  secretary John Blewett.

photos Alan V Walker

JOHN BLEWETT, secretary, writes: “I am the fifth secretary since the King Charles Spaniel Association was registered in 1972. Unfortunately a previous secretary has not released the archives and I can only give a potted version of our history.

Some of the founder members were: Madeline Harper (Huntglen) (who instigated the idea of another club) a former chairman & president; Di Fry (Amantra); Mabel Gristwood (St Lucia) and Michael Quinney (Adoram) who also judged the millenium championship show.

The first secretary was Ann Wynyard (Braeduke), the second was Ena Simpson, (whose daughter Margaret Hunter is the current chairman, a post previously held by the late Ron Stone (Maynorth) who held office for over 20 years), the third was Joan Winters (Kentonville).

In 1978 I attended the Association’s first championship show, at the Brunswick Hall, Vauxhall, London. The judge was Mabel Gristwood (St Lucia).

BV was Coupland’s Ch Tucherish Clemency. Also pictured is judge Ellen Loynd.

This year we moved to The Grange, Southam, Warks, our increased entry, 86 dogs making 100 entries, over previous years was partly due to its accessibility to the motorway network.

The current committee: chairman Margaret Hunter (Hooebarton); vice chairman Chris Dix (Beewye); secretary John Blewett (Othmese), treasurer Raoul Smith (Othmese); Alex Hunter (Hooebarton); Cherie and Trevor Hardiman (Tovarich); Jo Williams (Kasamanda) and Ros Baker (Cofton). The Association also produces an annual year book edited by Raoul Smith.

BIS was Jackson’s Ch Amantra Regalia; RBIS, Ryan and Miller’s Amantra Regis of Feorlig; BP, Mochrie’s Downsbank Liturgy; RBP, Mochrie’s Downsbank Vesper; and BV, Coupland’s Ch Tucherish Clemency.

I would like to thank the officers & committee for their hospitality & an enjoyable day, to the exhibitors for their entries & my two ring stewards who kept the ring flowing.

Ruth Mochrie had a brilliant day as both her puppies Downsbank Liturgy and Downsbank Vesper were BP and RBP respectively. Also pictured are judge Ellen Loynd and secretary John Blewett.

BIS was Jackson’s Ch Amantra Regalia; RBIS, Amantra Regis of Feorlig; & BP, Mochrie’s Downsbank Liturgy.

VD 1 Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Trikki Dikki at Merida, 8 years tri boy, nicely balanced dog with good body & depth, straight front, lovely head & expression, dark eye, low set ears, moved steady, in good coat & condition; 2 Austin’s Oh Dandy Boy Hero, blen boy with pleasing head, in good coat; 3 Austin’s Baldragon Hooray Henley. MPD 1 Mochrie’s Downsbank Liturgy, 6 months tri baby who ended the day BP, a most promising dog puppy, with straight front, lovely bone, neat feet, has good angulation, well bodied, short coupled topped with a lovely domed head with dark eye, low ears & good turn up, sound on the move. BPD, BP; 2 Jackson’s Amantra Regal Salute, another promising tri dog puppy who pushed 1 hard, I am sure they will swap places many times as they mature; 3 Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich The Patriot. PD 1 Baker’s Cofton Jack Daniels, b/t dog with rich tan, well boned & bodied, looks to like his dinners until you get your hands on him when he has a thick coat, well ribbed, short loin, nice domed head, low ears & gentle eye, moved steady & enjoyed his day out; 2 Pearce’s Downsbank Troubadour over Ozzymoon, another promising puppy, who just was not as settled as 1 but was coming together especially on the move, just needs time which he has. JD 1 Portingale’s Jacrianna Kings Ransome, a most handsome b/t boy with deep tan, glorious head with dome, low ears & kind eye, straight front, neat feet, good shoulder angulation, arched neck, strong level topline, strong angulated quarters, short hocks, moved soundly & with style round the ring, pleased to award him RBD; 2 Rushton’s Justacharma He Is So Magic at Tiflin, blen, another promising young dog who is well made with straight front & good bone, moved soundly round the ring today, was not being co-operative with his handler; 3 Mallows’ X-Jewel Od Dvou Orechu Binglui. YD 1 Goodwin’s Diggle Dandlion, blen who came in & asked to win this class, lovely make & shape, nice domed head with width & cushioning & dark eye. Moved very soundly round the ring, handled & presented to perfection; 2 Cox’s Petitpaws Black Knight, b/t who was giving away in age but has time to mature, soundly made & constructed topped with a well domed head, low ears & dark eye, with good rich tan; 3 Austin’s Dragonheart Winter Morning. ND 1 Cox’s Petitpaws Black Jack, b/t, well bodied with short loin, good angulation, moved soundly round the ring; 2 Baker Cofton Jack Daniels; 3 Mallows’ Mitapip Luther Binglui. GD 1 Gillhespy & McNally’s Lorphil Treasure Island, quality tri, with beautiful domed head & dark eyes, short compact body arched neck leading to angulated shoulders strong quarters moved true & sound round the ring, in good coat & condition, well presented pushed hard for top honours; 2 Coupland’s Tucherish Guilty Verdict, another quality dog who pushed 1 very hard, on the day I just preferred the head of Treasure Island, again well presented & handled; 3 Salguero’s Rivermoor Minstrel. PGD 1 Smith’s Justacharma Magic Is Here; 2 Mochrie’s Downsbank Razzle Dazzle ‘Em, two tri boys who were difficult to separate, both have very nice heads & gentle expression, good bone, straight fronts, short bodies. 1 was just more settled on the move; 3 R Minstrel. LD 1 Jackson’s Amantra Treasury, blen dog who screams breed type, glorious head with dome & cushioning & turn up, in full coat which is well presented, good ribs, well bodied, short coupled, moved steady & sound on the move; 2 Bowles-Robinson’s Baldragon Brecon, tri with nice head & eye, good dome, nice body, moved OK, in good coat & condition; 3 Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Trikki Dikki at Merida. OD (0). B/t or ruby D 1 Smith’s Alambra Here Is Magic for Justacharma, ruby dog of good size & type large head with dome & turn up, dark gentle eye, good body & angulation, moved steady, in full coat; 2 Gillhespy’s Lorphill Red River, gorgeous headed rich ruby dog in full coat, just not as balanced as first. Blen or tri D 1 Amantra Regis of Feorlig, loved this boy quality blen, for me he is nothing but a true Charlie, full of type, domed head with width & turn up, short cobby body, good angulation, straight front, neat feet, good bone, short hocks which he used to advantage on the move with his strong quarters held a level topline at all times, handled & presented to full advantage, many today could learn from his presentation. BD, I would expect on this form he will soon gain his crown; 2 Austin’s Baldragon Big It Up.

VB 1 Coupland’s Ch Tucherish Clemency, beautiful old lady, honoured her owner brought her today, easy to see why she gained her title, lovely balance & shape, glorious head with high dome, gentle eye & low set ears, strode round the ring like she owned it. BV; 2 Mallows’ Lorphil Red Ribbons of Binglui, a quality ruby, short & compact, pretty head & expression, sound moving, thoroughly enjoying her day out; 3 Smith’s Justacharma Our Magic. MPB 1 Mochrie’s Downsbank Vesper, litter sister to the minor puppy dog winner & similar remarks, straight front with quality bone & neat feet, compact well made body with good angulation topped off with a every so pretty, domed gentle head, moved OK for her age. BPB; 2 Blewett & Smith’s Othmese Saphire, another promising puppy who just needs to gain her confidence which she will, similar remarks as 1 topped with well domed head, moved steady; 3 Melville & Jackson’s Amantra Regal Star. PB 1 Mochrie’s Downsbank Raspberry Ripple, very pretty blen girl, straight front & good bone, correct shoulder, level topline, short coupled, good quarters, moved happy; 2 Blewett & Smith’s Cofton Tallisker with Othmese, b/t, good body, pleasing head & eye, in good coat & condition, moved steady. JB 1 Askins & Kendall’s Cofton Winter Time Tale at Headra, what a lovely blen girl to go over, everything in the right place, so soundly constructed, straight front, good bone, well bodied, short compact body, good angulation front & rear, moved sound & free round the ring, topped off with a pretty head with dark eye & dome, well presented & handled. RBB, shall watch her progress with interest; 2 Chapman & Ireland’s Ellemich Day Dream, tri bitch who pushed 1 all the way, another soundly made bitch with pretty head, good dome & low ears, good bone & body, neat feet, strong quarters she used to move round the ring, in good coat & condition, well presented; 3 Baker’s Cofton Snow White. YB 1 Mochrie’s Downsbank Tiger Lilly, another quality exhibit from this kennel, the bone & fronts topped with neat feet are quality. Short strong level topline, well angulated, moved steady & soundly, look forward to seeing her in full coat. NB 1 C Snow White, third in a strong junior class, sound blen, just not in her best coat today, just needs to mature but has age on her side; 2 Coupland’s Winie Od Dvou Orechu And Tucherish, b/t with domed head, dark eye, good bone & body, moved soundly; 3 Jackson’s Amantra Truffle. GB A. PGB A. LB 1 Gillhespy’s Lorphil’s Design, a quality tri girl with domed head, low set ears, dark gentle eye, straight front, well angulated, short compact body, sound & steady on the move, in good coat & condition, well presented; 2 Mochrie’s Downsbank Betsy Trotwood, another from the same mould as the rest from this kennel who pushed 1 all the way; 3 Dix’s Beewye Penelope Pitstop. OB 1 Jackson’s Ch Amantra Regalia, what an honour to have the pleasure to judge this beautiful girl, true breed type from her well domed head, well bodied, short strong topline, sound & steady on the move, good angulation front & rear, top quality, in full coat & good condition & well presented, delighted to make her my BB & BIS, after judging I found out she was sister to my BD; 2 Coupland’s Tucherish Julie Christie, tri girl with lovely head & eye, good body & condition, well presented, moved steady. B/t or ruby B A. Blen & tri B 1 Boyer’s Headras Miss Moneypenny, blen girl, enjoying her day out, nice body & head, in good coat & condition, moved sound & happy; 2 Baldragon Becuz I’m Worth It Merida, tri girl in good coat & condition, moved steady round the ring. Mabel Gristwood Memorial 1 Ch Amantra Regalia. Brace 1 Cox’s b/t litter mates who matched each other & moved nicely together round the ring.