Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales championship show


Mac makes his mark in WalesWITH A cold, crispy morning collecting over the beautiful hills and mountains around Builth Wells it was time for the year’s first working and pastoral group championship show to take place in Wales.

For a number of years the officers have kept with the same layout which results in 21 spacious rings being set up over four halls. This leaves exhibitors plenty of space to get between the rings and places to set up cages, tables and crates alongside friends around the ring. A white picket fence surrounds the best in show ring which has lovely flower arrangements around it as well an area for the judges to sit and watch their choices represent the breed.

Although this show unfortunately never attracts many trade stands, it’s quality and not quantity which counts and there were a few quality stands offering a variety of dog show essentials.

Unfortunately, due to Illness Sue Hewart-Chambers had to withdraw from her judging appointments so Tom Johnston judged Bouviers des Flandres and Kevin Young Tervuerens and Portuguese Water Dogs. Secretary Jan Rual was very pleased with how the exhibitors responded to the changes of judge. 

With all the category three breeds passing their health checks, the groups were judged and then it was time for the finale of the show. 

First to make his way into the ring was the Bullmastiff who completed a lap round the ring and he was quickly followed by the Pembroke Corgi. After both dogs had shown off a little more of their movement the boards were called for and Peter Myers’ Bullmastiff Ch Old Manila’s Whisky Mac for Optimus was declared BIS by Richard Kinsey with Kevin Dover and Lars Saether’s Ch Pemcader Thunderball reserve.

Next into the ring were the two puppy group winners with the Portuguese Water Dog leading the way and the Australian Shepherd following closely behind. After Richard individually assessed the puppies it was time for the winner to be announced and taking BPIS was Angie Allen and Herdis Hallmarsdottir’s Australian Shepherd Allmark La La Land with RBPIS going to Byron Williams and Rachael Reddin’s Rarjo Quicksilver.

The last competition of the day was best veteran in show and competing for this award were the Samoyed and Siberian Husky. After both dogs had been assessed in time for the boards to be brought out and Richard made his way over to Sue Smith and Val Freer’s Samoyed Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer while reserve was Helen Taylor-Morris and Pat Taylor’s Ch Siberiaskye Brite Borealis of Pelenrise. 

With another group show successfully completed it’s nearly time for the outdoor general championship show season to start. Let’s hope we’re all in for a nice dry show season rather than a wet and windy one! 


Stuart Milner was the commentator and having the privilege of judging both groups and his first BIS at this level was pastoral and working breed specialist Richard Kinsey who awards CCs across the two groups in 15 breeds.

The first group to be judged was the working and Stuart announced the 20 best of breed winners into the collecting ring.

After judging each dog individually Richard made a short list of nine dogs for further consideration. Making the short list, in addition to the four paced dogs who are featured in the photographs, were was Isabella Nawrocka and John Phillips’ Alaskan Malamute Ch Monikoona Most Wanted who has eight CCs, two CACIBs, a group and G3. On the Continent he has had BIS wins as well as taking BJIS and BPIS awards. Gaining his third CC at 14 months, he was the breed’s youngest champion; Fiona Lambert’s Bouvier des Flandres Ch Kanix Orson who has eight CCs; Laurence Morgan-Evans and Lionel and Evelyn  Webb’s Great Dane Ch Vanmore Stop And Stare at Castleon who has 29 CCs and several group placings which has made him top Dane for the past three years as well as taking Dane of the Year twice; Liz Dunhill and Michaella Dunhill-Hall’s US-bred Rottweiler Cammcastle’s Quarterback Fantasa who has attended only three shows and took his first CC – the team also won the BCC and both reserves; and Roxanne Simms’ Siberian Husky Arcticskies Glory Awaits who took his second CC after five reserves.. 

First CC winners included Jean Quigley, Sue Day and June Piper’s Dobermann Swnydwr Double Take, Louise Baldwin’s Leonberger Brynarian Mauna Loa and Robert Staley, Danny Nagrecha, Sharon Brennan and Alison Grainger’s St Bernard Chandlimore In The Stars

After the working puppy and veteran groups had been judged Stuart then announced the pastoral BOB winners into the ring, also to be judged by Richard.

He made a short list of 11 dogs including Helena Hutchings with Davina Jones and Mark Sargeant’s Dutch-bred Tervueren Ch French Kiss v Moned with Domburg who took his 23rd CC. He also has a G3 and was top Tervueren ’16; Sandra Beaumont and Robert Harlow’s German-bred Border Collie Sh Ch Simaro James Bond who was handled by Steve Beaumont to take his seventh CC. He also has a G2, G3 and G4; Trevor and Birgit Hayward’s Finnish-bred Smooth Collie Ch/Fin/Rus/Blr/Hung Ch Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth who has attended 19 ch shows and has gained 19 CCs and a group and was also BIS at Scottish Breeds and at a breed show. She won the vulnerable breeds final at Crufts and has been top Smooth for the past two years; Phillip Jackson’s Finnish Lapphund Ch/Int/Fin/Dutch/Bel/Lux Ch Elbereth Matkamies, handled by Toni Jackson, who he has 20 CCs and two G4 and has been top dog since 2011. He took BOB at Crufts ’15 while his UK-bred daughter took BOB’16 and his Dutch-bred daughter took BOB’17; David Tester’s Lancashire Heeler Ch Mrs Bell Higgins Ar Ogof who has seven CCs; Andrew and Jean Haresign’s Polish Lowland Ch Caselbarn Santa’s Surprise who has five CCs; and Sue Smith and Val Freer’s Samoyed Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer with 19 CCs, two BIS and two RBIS plus several group placings. He was a Eukanuba champion stakes finalist and took a World Junior Winner title.

Tracy and Kath Irving’s Cardigan Corgi puppy Twinan Silver Lining who took her first CC.

In the Briard ring a first CC was won by Adam Gardner, Sonja Hiller and Lorraine Peters’ Polish-bred One By One Zlota Elita at Charson

The puppy group winners are pictured; pastoral PG2 under Paul Lawless was Steve Phillips’ French-bred Pyrenean Sheepdog Mizu dite Maggie du Pic d’Espade Kelltara; PG3 Clare Stafford’s Shetland Sheepdog Rannerdale Queen O’the North and PG4 Jimmy Adamson and Andrew Fews’ German Shepherd Morolwg Viviana.

Andrew Brace gave working PG2 was Fiona Dunn, Alison Bradley and Jackie and Victoria Ingram’s Dobermann Jojavik Super Chief; PG3 Pat Taylor and Helen Taylor-Morris’ Siberian Husky Pelenrise Chat A Lot and PG4 the Smarts' Rottweiler Bergmann Smart Alliance with Halvmart.

Pastoral VG2 under Paul was Philip Jackson’s Finnish Lapphund Ch/Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies who was also BOB; VG3 John and Mary Whitton’s Puli Ch/Int/Lux Ch Zaydah Don’t Stop Me Now at Vaucluse; and VG4 Judith Gregory’s Border Collie Sh Ch Tonkory Qu’est Que C’est.

Andrew gave working VG2 to Daniel Bown and Lesley Wilfort’s Bullmastiff Ch Sundabish Suzi Wong; VG3 Janice, Lynn and Suzanne Mair's Boxer Ch Casmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld and VG4, Michaella Dunhill-Hall’s Rottweiler Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Ice.


Best in Show

My thanks to the committee for the honour of judging both groups & my first Best in Show at this level. As always, the hospitality you receive in Wales is spot on & as they say there is always a ‘welcome in the hillsides’ the Welsh shows are always extra special to me as my father was Welsh & as such there is a certain affinity there. Thank you to the breed judges for sending through some excellent examples for me to choose from & in the end it came down to splitting hairs on the final placings with some dogs stepping up a gear on the day.

BIS was the outstanding Bullmastiff Ch Old Manila’s Whisky Mac for Optimus, hotly contested by the equally stunning Pembroke Corgi Ch Pemcader Thunderball, I’m sure on another day these places could be reversed such was the quality but for me on the day the Bullmastiff edged it on the final go around just stepping up that gear on the Pembroke. No losers just 1 & 2.



Working group

With 20 breeds present, I shortlisted these down to 9. The Malamute, Bernese, Bouvier, Bullmastiff, Dogue, Dane, Newfoundland, Rottweiler & Husky, all worthy contenders in their own right & I’m sure they will go on & get placed in future groups. After moving each of them again individually I ended up with 4 & with G4 going to the Dogue, Emberez Kingpin, now at 4½ years old in his prime & having watched him develop from a puppy & given him DCC last year he never put a foot wrong today. Strong & well developed in head with correct carriage on the move. Clean in outline, well muscled & sound at all times. Ample bone & substance without being too heavy or overdone.

G3 Newfoundland, Ch Merrybear D’Artagnan, on form male putting in a good performance at all times. Good head to handle well balanced & proportionate. Powerful neck into well placed shoulders, straight front & large compact feet. Ample spring in ribbing & depth to chest. Presented in gleaming black jacket & excellent body toning. Steady & clean on the move.

G2 & pushing hard was the Bernese Ch Meadowpark High Class, aptly named male as he is a class act in all departments. Scores well in head with strength & defined stop. Powerfully built in forehand & matched in quarters for angulation & toning. Put down to the minute in excellent jacket of correct texture. Moved out & back cleanly in unison with his handler.

G1 went to the stunning Bullmastiff, Ch Old Manila’s Whisky Mac for Optimus, hard to believe this male is rising 6 years given his outstanding condition & movement. He was my BOB at this show last year & like fine wine he gets better with age. He has the best of heads being strong yet not coarse or overdone in any way. Forehand is a close as it gets to ideal with strong bone & the best of feet. Well let down in chest & sprung in ribbing. Super definition & angulation in quarters giving him the ideal framework to power around the ring with such an effortless stride in tune with his very good handler at all times. Pleased to award him BIS at the end of the day.



Pastoral group

Again a quality selection of 28 breeds represented with quite a few puppies & veterans present & all putting in a good account on the day. I shortlisted these down to 11 these were Bearded Collie, Tervueren, Border Collie, Smooth Collie, Finnish Lapphund, German Shepherd, Lancashire Heeler, Polish Lowland, Pyrenean, Samoyed & Pem Corgi, so after their individual run offs I arrived at my final four which were in, G4 Pyrenean Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna, another I had given BOB to last year & again he was on song today. Very good breed type with strength in head & body alike. Powerfully built in forehand, strong straight limbs supported by compact feet. Well let down in chest & correct in ribbing. On the move he shows a clean stride with good reach & drive. Stands foursquare when he comes to rest with minimal fuss. As ever presented in top class jacket.

G3 the ever popular German Shepherd, Ch Veneze Gucci, rising 7 years & still as accurate & clean on the move as ever. Everything about her is in moderation & when she moves round the ring at a controlled pace steered by her clever handler she presents a picture of a GSD that would be happy working all day. Well built in forehand with matching quarters coming to rest in a natural stand as required.

G2 Bearded Collie, Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus, this imposing 4 years old male pushed all the way & was only beaten for top spot by a ‘gnats’, excels in front assembly with clean well laid shoulders & ample bone. Well proportioned in head with a sparkle in his eye that draws you to him. Well muscled throughout coupled to his framework allowing him the freedom & purpose in his stride that he looked comfortable with & capable of keeping up all day in the field. Put down to the minute all round & one that will certainly be up there with the best for sure.

G1 Pem Corgi, Ch Pemcader Thunderball, awarded him G3 last year but today he pulled out all the stops & could not be denied top spot. He is as close to the standard as you could get in terms of construction & body toning. Scores well in head with well set expressive eyes. He has strength all through without being overdone in any department. He made full use of the ring to show off his build & quality to the maximum never faltering or missing a beat in his purposeful stride. Handled with minimal fuss so as not to detract from his quality. Presented in first class order all through. I’m sure this boy has a lot more ahead of him from today’s showing.



Best Puppy in Show

BP was the Australian Shepherd; RBP, Portuguese Water Dog, again spoilt for choice from the two sent through by Andrew Brace, working & Paul Lawless, pastoral they were the Australian Shepherd & PWD both equally good examples of their breeds. BP, Australian Shepherd, Allmark La La Land, tri bitch rising a year old & so well schooled at all times. Clean head with appealing eyes & well set ears, muscular in forehand ample bone & the best of feet. Enough in ribbing, firm in topline & strong in back. Well defined quarters allowing her the drive & fluency she displayed today on the move. As ever from this kennel presentation was of the highest order.

RBP, PWD Rarjo Quicksilver, well built 10 month old dog with an assured future if today is anything to go by. All male in head without any excesses anywhere. Strong neck easing cleanly into very good forehand, straight limbs & good feet. Well let down in chest, good spring & length of ribbing enabling a firm topline that he holds at all times. Another that excels on the move & was steered round easily by his very good handler. Again presented to the minute in coat & conditioning. Very little to choose between the two but top spot went to the ASD on the day that just edged it on the final go round with her controlled fluency on the move. Both destined for top honours in time for sure.



Best Veteran in Show

BV, Samoyed; RBV, Husky two worthy champions sent through as before by Andrew & Paul & easy to see the reasons why they stand away. BV, Samoyed Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer, I had shortlisted this boy in the group earlier on & he could easily have been placed there given his outstanding construction & presentation. Scores well in head with typical Sammy expression, darkest of pigmentation throughout. Forehand is from the top drawer & is mirrored precisely in his quarters giving him complete balance & the ability to flow around the ring with consummate ease & precision in footfall. He looked as fresh as a daisy even at the end of a long day. His taut body is well covered with gleaming harsh jacket to complete the picture.

RBV, Husky, Ch Siberiaskye Brite Borealis of Pelenrise, super bitch to go over with everything just where it should be & knitted together well to produce a strong workmanlike Siberian. Strong in head yet retains her obvious feminine look & appeal. Another that has the best of fronts & corresponding quarters giving her symmetry & the ability to move cleanly at all times. Put down to the minute in hard condition & excellent jacket. On the final go round the Sammy stepped up the pace & edged it in profile nothing between them. Both a credit to their owners for keeping them in such outstanding condition Well done.



Pastoral puppy group

A lovely group of youngsters.

PG1 Australian Shepherd, Allmark La La Land, a lovely tri colour bitch, she is a very promising youngster, excellent type with a lovely balanced head & super body shape & with lovely bone & so well put together. She was excellent coming & going & had a beautifully balanced side gait. Delighted to see her go on & win BPIS.

PG2 The beautiful Pyrenean Sheepdog, Mizu Dite Maggie Du Pic D’Espade Kelltara, a lovely young bitch, so feminine, with a lovely eye & expression & so sound on the move. She was slightly put off my some noise in the hall right at the end of the Group, but she had shown enough to gain her placement.

PG3 Shetland Sheepdog, Rannerdale Queen O’the North , another lovely bitch from this kennel. Really good size & shape, please head with lovely eye & expression & excellent coming & going. Fourth was the German Shepherd, Morolwg Viviana. a really shapely bitch, with excellent bone & good body shape with no exaggerations. Excellent coming & going & had a lovely balanced side gait.



Pastoral veteran group

Was thrilled to have the opportunity to judge some super veterans, many of whom have been top dogs in their breeds over the years & many of them showed today that they are still more than capable of holding their own.

VG1 Samoyed, Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer, what a beautiful dog, of good size, great shape, presented in tip top condition & his movement was top class & delighted to see him go on & win BVIS.

VG2 Finnish Lapphund, Multi Champion Elbereth Matkamies, a lovely dog, with as beautifully balanced head & excellent body shape & nicely balanced on the move.

VG3 Hungarian Puli, Ch/Lux Ch/Int Ch Zaydah Don’t Stop Me Now at Vaucluse, 11 years old & still in wonderful condition & presented to the highest standard.

VG4 The ultra feminine Border Collie, Sh Ch Tonkory Qu’est Que C’est, 9 years old & she has the most beautifully balanced head & lovely eye. Pleasing body shape & excellent on the move.



BEARDED COLLIES (A H Brace) – D: Lewis’ *Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus. B: Bartlett’s Ch Carbonnie Callieco Star for Kelligrews.

BSD, TERVUEREN (K Young) – D: Sargeant & Jones’ *Ch French Kiss v Moned with Domburg. B: Sowtus’ Belishka Ruby Sunset Kiss.

BORDER COLLIES (Mrs C Vines) – D: Beaumont & Harlow’s *Sh Ch Simaro James Bond. B: Angier & Stacey’s Bilyara Do Ucee Wot Icee.

BRIARDS (G Lewis) – D: Hillier, Gardner & Peters’ *One By One Zlota Elita at Charson. B: Fletcher’s Ch Gilcoru Trueste Debrie at Arrowflec.

COLLIES, ROUGH (M Morgan) – D: Coulson’s Coarhabeg Rider In The Sky over Bluchip. B: Tame’s *Rahlissa Love Song.

GSD (Mrs B Bodle) – D: Stanley’s Lokean of Blanik. B: Cullen’s *Ch Veneze Gucci.

SAMOYEDS (B Croft) – D: Freer & Smith’s *Ch Nikara Diamond Dancer. B: Kirkwood’s Vandreem Imperial Saleesi.

SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS (Mrs I J Roberts) – D: Haensel’s *Sherkarl Uptown Funk. B: Bray’s Lianbray Locked In Love.

WELSH CORGIS, CARDIGAN (Ms C Smith) – D: Williams & James’ Bwthyn Headliner. B: Irving’s *Twinan Silver Lining.

WELSH CORGIS, PEMBROKE (A Barlow) – D: Dover & Saether’s *Ch Pemcader Thunderball. B: Coulson’s Woodhenge Star Xtravaganza.

BERNESE (Mrs A King) – D: Hartley-Mair & Dybdall’s *Ch Meadowpark High Class. B: Bird’s Kernow Let It Be at Cullumbern.

BOUVIERS (T Johnston) – D: Lambert’s *Ch Kanix Orson. B: Lambert, Eastham & Craig’s Kanix Phoebe.

BOXERS (P Lawless) – D: Brough & Murray’s Galicar Mac Steamy at Limubox. B: Pye’s *Ch Willow Reach For The Stars at Burnden.

BULLMASTIFFS (T Johnston) – D: Myers’ *Ch Old Manila’s Whisky Mac for Optimus. B: Lindley’s Hyerdunscar The Big Tease.

DOBERMANNS (J Richardson) – D: Quigley, Day & Piper’s *Swnydwr Double Take. B: Mycroft’s Ch Supeta’s Spells Trouble.

GT DANES (C Richardson) – D: Webb & Morgan Evans’ *Ch Vanmore Stop And Stare at Castleon. B: Dyson’s Samdice Best Of You.

LEONBERGERS (Mrs J Davie) – D: Walker’s Ch Wildering’s Play Boy for Condalf. B: Baldwin’s *Brynarian Mauna Loa.

NEWFOUNDLANDS (Mrs J Lawless) – D: Chapman’s *Ch Merrybear D’Artagnan. B: Morrell’s King Of Helluland Edge Of Glory for Morrelham.

ROTTWEILERS (R Newhouse) – D: Dunhill & Dunhill-Hall’s *Cammcastle’s Quarterback Fantasa. B: Dunhill-Hall & Davies’ Ch Fantasa Smirnoff Blu Violet.

ST BERNARDS (Mrs S Wardle) – D: Staley, Nagrecha, Brennan & Grainger’s *Chandlimore In The Stars. B: MacDonald’s Ch Chedham Hello Dolly.

SIBERIAN HUSKIES (K Young) – D: Simms’ *Arcticskies Glory Awaits. B: Anderson’s Amical Liliac at Sabakazure.


No CCs

AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS (B Croft) – D: Jebson & Plummer’s *Austmans Doppler Effect. B: Jebson’s Austmans Good Call.

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS (Mrs T A Cousins-Brown) – D: Jones & Gibbons’ Ch/Ir Ch Austrian Dream Be Well Suited of Wispafete. B: Allan & Hallmarsdottir’s *Allmark La La Land.

BSD, GROENENDAEL (Mrs C Friend-Rees) – D: Morris’ *Cairbar Dream Weaver. B: Morris’ Ch Lebeau Charmed with Cairbar.

BSD, LAEKENOIS (Mrs C Friend-Rees) – D: King’s *Bonvivant Voltaire of Grizwold.

CATALANS (Mrs K Kennedy) – D: Marr & Fieldsend’s Int/Ir Ch La Petit Rana’s Aikos Xenia at Kawanna. B: Marr’s *Alvegi Borzas Ella at Kawanna.

COLLIES, SMOOTH (D Clarke) – D: Moores’ Manordeifi Bow Regard. B: Hayward’s *Ch Clingstone’s Hot Shot at Foxearth.

ESTRELAS (T Johnston) – D: Roberts’ Asterel Mowgley. B: Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s *Rainha da Casa de Loas em Bamcwt.

FINNISH LAPPHUNDS (Mrs T A Cousins-Brown) – D: Jackson’s *Multi Ch Elbereth Matkamies. B: Moore’s Morval Salainen Haave.

HUNGARIAN PULIS (Mrs T A Cousins-Brown) – D: Whitton’s *Ch/Int/Lux Ch Zaydah Don’t Stop Me Now at Vaucluse. B: Knight’s Ch Weetoneon Polly Flinders.

KOMONDORS (Mrs T A Cousins-Brown) – D: Branch’s Jabenezer Karoly Charles. B: Manners’ *Pusztamagus Panka Sara.

LANCASHIRE HEELERS (T Johnston) – D: Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Popgun. B: Tester’s *Ch Mrs Bell Higgins Ar Ogof.

MAREMMAS (Mrs R Biscoe) – D: Cummings’ Milwyr Hedylogos. B: Downes’ *Milwyr Heimarmene.

NORWEGIAN BUHUNDS (Mrs T A Cousins-Brown) – B: Lambert’s *Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva.

O E SHEEPDOGS (Mrs R Biscoe) – B: Naismith’s *Zottels Honey Moon at Shaggybo.

POLISH LOWLANDS (Mrs R Biscoe) – D: Haresign’s *Ch Caselbarn Santa’s Surprise. B: Schwarz’s Dobrany Dorianblue Malenka del Spontan.

PYRENEANS (D Clarke) – D: Kenyon & Ward’s *Ch Charibere Simply Special at Chezanna. B: Thorne’s Belshanmish Pretty In Pink at Pyrajay.

PYRENEAN SHEEPDOGS (D Clarke) – D: Such’s Norlyght Biassono. B: Phillips’ *Friponne du Pic d’Espade Kelltara.

SWEDISH VALLHUNDS (D Clarke) – D: Howe’s *Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici. B: Howe’s Pepperthyme On A Rainbow.

TURKISH KANGALS (Mrs K Kennedy) – D: Reed’s *L’ender The Legend Of Kangal at Kamish. B: Reed & Hiscox’s Betus Smyrna Giants via Kamish.

IMPORTED REGISTER, PASTORAL (Mrs C Friend-Rees) – D: Harvey’s Pumi Pumiden Chocolate Brownie. B: Harvey’s Pumi, *Pumiden More Than A Rainbow.

RARE BREEDS, PASTORAL (Mrs C Friend-Rees) – D: King’s Laekenois, Bonvivant Voltaire of Grizwold. B: Bermingham, Kendrick & Almeida’s Estrela, *Rainha da Casa de Loas em Bamcwt.

ALASKAN MALAMUTES (Mrs C Friend-Rees) – D: Nawrocka & Phillips’ *Ch Monikoona Most Wanted. B: Mort’s Ch Arcticbreeze Midnite Echo.

DOGUES (M Vines) – D: Grice’s *Emberez Kingpin. B: Grice’s Banzai Betty Boop.

GERMAN PINSCHERS (L Cox) – D: Ranson & Pearce’s Calvaxar Canoochee. B: Horgan’s *Aritaur Nymphadora Tonks.

GIANT SCHNAUZERS (L Cox) – B: George’s *Dasval Valeria Messauna.

GSMD (K Young) – D: Barry’s *Springhaze Ice Cool at Pendower. B: Swinburn’s Lexy Dite Bliss de la Maison de Tell of Bynton.

HOVAWARTS (Mrs K Kennedy) – D: Harrison’s *Pines Wiggins. B: Betts & Sharpe’s Pines Acorn.

NEAPOLITANS (L Cox) – D: Slater & Mafi’s *Easy To Love Ariki. B: Pervenis’ Giovannetta del Vallini.

PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS (K Young) – D: Reddin & Williams’ Rarjo Quicksilver. B: Reddin & Williams’ *Rarjo I Dreamed A Dream by Bregantia.

RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIERS (L Cox) – D: Smith’s *Kontaktas Phoenix at Fernwood. B: Slade’s Viansto Vanya of Potterspride.

TIBETAN MASTIFFS (L Cox) – D: Davies’ *Heronsview Balor. B: Paradise’s Richearon Jinpa with Shardlow.

WORKING NSC (M Vines) - Res: Lunn’s Eskimo, *Arcticice Qimmiq Xena of Kootenay.

IMPORTED REGISTER, WORKING (Mrs C Friend-Rees) – D: Baynton & Bebb’s Entlebucher, *Alfie Bangwood.

RARE BREEDS, WORKING (Mrs C Friend-Rees) – D: Ellis’ German Pin, Nettle’s Londonderry for Falkor. B: Stockton’s Hovawart, *Annvad Lady Hazel.