Southampton, 15/02/17


At the Southampton Canine Association mid week open show judge Barry Bull awarded BIS to Hargreaves and Howlett’s Greyhound, Am Ch Grandcru Resonance with Mistweave. Also pictured is secretary Sue Wilkinson.

A privilege to be asked to judge BIS for this well run society, & many thanks to the committee for their kind & generous hospitality during the day. Thanks too to my two stewards, who kept me in order & made for a very enjoyable day.

My choice for BIS was Hargreaves & Howlett’s delightful 3 year old Greyhound bitch, Am Ch Grandcru Resonance with Mistweave; with Rutley’s Tibetan T, Javey’s Here Comes Summer as RBIS.

A fine group of puppies, from which I selected Gaylor’s eyecatching Golden Retriever bitch, Carolake Remember Me, with a lovely Irish Terrier, Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Warrior, as RBPIS.

KEESHONDS – G (1) 1 Bowden-Roche & Bowden’s Bargeway Sweet Revenge, a sweet 2 year old bitch in profuse coat & excellent condition. Bright eyes, ears well placed, with good pigment & well balanced head. Tail well set, straight front & moved well. Close call for BOB. O (2) 1 Austin & Johnston’s Chotahkees Don’t Stop Me Now, a well proportioned, squarely built 2 year old bitch, in good well textured coat. Impressive head, with dark eyes & pigment, correct erect ears, & nice ruff behind. Sound & alert on the move. Much to like. BOB; 2 Bowden-Roche & Bowden’s Bargeway Point Blank, nice 3 year old boy with a masculine head & deportment, & a lovely temperament. Many of the attributes of 1, also in profuse coat & showing well. Not much to choose between all three on parade. BOXERS – G (3) 1 Burnett & Kelly’s Lahaina Sushestime with Casemates, eyecatching fawn boy, showing great confidence for his 9 months. Showed impressive outline, with correct slope to back, & a classic head, & with good angulation to rear. Already strong in chest, with good bone, straight front & tight feet. Well set tail & sound on the move. A little more maturing to do, but must have a bright future. BOB, BP; 2 Marszalek’s Elvistar Mary Dee’s, nicely built 2 year old girl, with a feminine expression to head, bright dark eyes, nice ears, & straight front & rear. Deep chest, excellent coat & moved with drive; 3 Jenkins’ Tygarth Wolf Blass. O (3) 1 E Mary Dee’s; 2 Burnett’s Sushe Too Hot To Handle, nice fawn bitch with attractive markings, & close call behind 1, but just lost out on movement today. Much to like, shows a good outline, & sound in all departments; 3 T Wolf Blass. DOBERMANNS – G (3) 1 Gallagher’s Izralight Fire Dancer, impressive young bitch, maturing nicely at 18 months. Solid & well shaped body, with correct topline & a balanced head with good shape to muzzle. Good reach of neck, neat ears, & dark almond shaped eyes. Good dentition & in excellent coat. Straight front & rear, & moved out well. BOB; 2 Ingram’s Jojavik Forget Me Not, very nice 7 month old puppy bitch, with much to like. Already of good size & shape, attractive head with dark eyes & well set ears, & sound all round. Very promising all round, & just lost out on maturity today for BOB, but a worthy BP; 3 Robinson’s Aritaur Nevada to Dorthonion. O (6,3) 1 Thorn’s Taevas Black Velvet at Grafmax, another impressively built bitch, in her prime at nearly 4 years. Sound all round with deep chest, correct topline & angulation, with good muscle & tone. Head in correct proportion to body, good shape to muzzle, & neat ears. Straight front & rear & moved well, if a little lively today; 2 Ingram’s Jojavik Domino Derval, close to 1 & much the same to like. Slightly lighter than 1, but a close call. Liked her overall shape & angulation, & balanced & confident on the move; 3 Massey’s Jojavik Kissy Suzuki. DANES – G (2) 1 Collett’s Foaldown Secret Whisper, very sound & solid 2 year old bitch, carrying a nice shape, with a deep chest & good muscle. Well proportioned head, with correct shape to muzzle, neat dewlaps, & wide, dark eyes. Straight front, stands well, & moved with drive & purpose; 2 Bourton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano, 10 month old bitch, already showing a good shape & balance. Everything in proportion, & showing confidence & maturity for her young age, & must have a promising future. Just missed out on maturity today, but a worthy BP. O (2,1) 1 Collett’s Foaldown Secret Mission, brother to the Grad winner, with many of the same attributes. Handsome & masculine, heavily built, & sound all round. Lovely head, straight front, good angulation to rear, & impressive shape, & with a temperament to match. BOB. VARIETIES – V (22,9) 1 McShane’s Milesend Drama Queen, Shetland Sheepdog, lovely example at 10 years old, beating off some stiff competition in this excellent class. But no doubting her qualities & belied her years as she zipped round the ring. Expressive feminine head, clear bright eyes & full dentition. Profuse coat, balanced & alert. Couldn’t resist her; 2 Malcolm’s Petitchiens Moonbeam, Papillon; 3 Rorke’s Cataluna Pole Position, Irish Setter. Y (35,21) 1 Stockwell’s Hilsgoldens Royal Mint, Golden Retriever, well built at 14 months & in excellent coat & condition. Lovely head, with dark eyes, well set ears & good dentition. Solid in body, developing good muscle, & moved with purpose; 2 Williams & Toublic’s Cobhay Dazzling Azalea, English Springer; 3 Rorke’s Cataluna May Queen, Irish Setter. Brace (14,9) 1 Silsbury’s Shih Tzus, attentive, in contrasting colours, but disciplined on the move. Well handled & moved impressively; 2 Williams & Toublic’s English Springers; 3 West’s Min S/h Dachshunds. P stakes (36,19) 1 Louch & Forsey’s Muzoku Let’s Go Crazy, Alaskan, no doubting the quality of this impressive 10 month old dog, of good size & maturity & clearly enjoying the ring. Excellent coat, balanced head with a well shaped muzzle, clear bright eyes, & neat ears. Sound body, deep chest & muscling up nicely. Moved with speed & drive. Must have a promising future; 2 Bourton’s Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano, Dane; 3 Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Miss Chief, Irish T. Animal Health Trust stakes (29,18) 1 Rankine’s Gempoint Catch A Dream for Fyldefair, Pointer, likeable, well balanced bitch with a temperament to match her qualities. Matured well at the end of her first year, & shows an impressive shape standing & on the move. Nice shape to neck & topline, tailset well, tight feet, & in great condition. Much to like about this young bitch, & should do well in future; 2 Bridges’ Kirkbridgend Rock Star, Border Collie; 3 Williams & Toublic’s Cobhay Dazzling Azalea, English Springer. Cinnamon Trust stakes (22,12) 1 G Catch A Dream for F; 2 Busby’s Calvenace Minnie Ha-Ha at Zakby, SCWT; 3 Bevis’ Ch Souska Empty Room at Starlance, Tibetan Spaniel. New Forest Dog Owners stakes (29,19) 1 Veal’s Philoma Man After Midnight, Giant Schnauzer, another excellent example of the breed, & mature & confident at 2 years old. Balanced head, all in proportion, nice ears, clear eyes & good dentition. Strong in back & muscled hindquarters, with good angulation. Moved out well, & stole the show in this class; 2 Crowther’s Kobuk Snow Fall, Siberian Husky; 3 Hydon’s Mompesson Sweet Revenge, English Springer.


RBIS was Rutley’s Tibetan Terrier, Javeys Here Comes Summer. Also pictured is judge Phyl Andrews.

Firstly may I thank the officers & committee for their kind invitation to judge at this show. I was pleased with the number of hounds entered at this midweek show. The overall quality showed strength in depth & I was very pleased to learn the group winner Hargreaves & Howlett’s Am Ch Grandcru Resonanace with Mistweave went on to win the top spot BIS. Finally may I thank my ring stewards & also their apprentice steward for their support throughout the day. AFGHANS – J (2) 1 Earnshaw’s Khamis Snow Leopard with Moonshadow, 16 month old dog, balanced all through. Good head, dark eye, well set ears. Well placed shoulders. Good bone. Correct topline. Super turn of stifle. Moved well. BOB; 2 Arnold, Milligan-Bott & Millward’s Thendara Perfect Like This, lovely black bitch, 14 months of age. Pleasing outline but not quite the angulation of the winner. Well carried head on a long neck. Correct bite. Moved soundly. RBOB. O (0). FAUVES – PG (2) 1 Banks’ Mochras Marguerite, 3 year old bitch of correct breed type. Good bite. Dark eye. Ears of correct size & placement. Straight forelegs, deep chest. Level topline. Moved well around the ring. BOB; 2 Chiver’s Mochras Marais, 18 month old dog. Balanced angulation front & rear, harsh dense coat. Did not move as well as the winner. RBOB. O (0). BEAGLES – J (2,1) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Lyric, 6 month old bitch. Super breed type & well grown for her age. Lovely head, correct bite. Straight forelegs. Balanced angulation front & rear. Well carried tail. Good sound mover. BP. PG (1) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Lucas, 6 month old dog, litter brother to puppy winner. Another super puppy with good head, dark eye & correct bite. Long neck. Deep chest. Level topline. Moved with drive from the rear. BOB. O (2,1) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Liberty, 6 year old bitch again of good breed type. Feminine head. Well placed ears. Long neck. Well laid shoulders. Short coupled. Stifles nicely bent. Excellent on the move. DACHSHUNDS – MIN S/H – J (4,2) 1 West’s Archidax Betty Boop, 13 month old bitch. Typical of the breed. Attractive head, dark eye & correct bite. Long neck, well laid shoulder. Level topline. Broad strong rump. Well muscled. Moved well; 2 Reed’s Deercroft’s April Love, 10 month old bitch. Well constructed head with correct bite. Dark eye, well set ears. Well placed shoulder blades, level back & prominent breastbone. Strong rear. Movement not quite as good as the winner. BP. PG (5,3) 1 Hughes’ Siouxline Tiana to Julidachs, 2 year old bitch. Feminine head, dark eye, correct bite & well set ears. Prominent breastbone. Well laid scapula. Long neck. Level topline. Strong & muscular rear. Moved with drive from the rear. RBOB; 2 West’s Archidax Betty Boop. O (5,2) 1 Reed’s Deercroft Deep Secret, 2 year old bitch. Lovely head, long neck into well laid scapula. Well ribbed up. Good topline. Full rump. Long croup. Good muscle to hindquarters. Moved with reach & drive. BOB; 2 West’s Archidax Bonneville, 6 year old bitch. Typical head. Correct bite. Good front assembly. Long loin. Strong rear. Well muscled. Preferred the length of loin of winner. Good mover; 3 Hughes’ Juliedachs Jocasta. GREYHOUNDS – J (3) 1 Howlett’s Skyswift Moonlite Serenade, 8 month old bitch. Super youngster. Typical head, correct bite, dark eye & well placed rose ears. Long neck into well laid shoulders. Good topline. Excellent width through the thigh. Lovely free mover. BP; 2 Harris’ Skyswift Moonbeam, 8 month old dog. Another good example of the breed. Strong head, ears could be better placed. Long neck. Correct length of body. Sufficient angulation in rear. Moved soundly; 3 Howlett’s Skyswift New Moon. PG (1) 1 Burton’s Boughton Bombshell, 2 year old brindle bitch. Feminine head, dark eye, correct bite. A little short in upper arm. Deep chest. Balanced angulation front & rear. Well muscled. Moved with drive. RBOB. O (5,3) 1 Am Ch Grandcru Resonance with Mistweave, 3 year old bitch who caught my attention as soon as she entered the ring as she typifies the breed standard so well. Correctly proportioned head enhanced by a lovely dark eye, correct bite & rose ears. Well angulated in front. Straight bone & good spring of pasterns. Correct feet. Deep chest, well sprung ribcage. Strong loin. Well bent stifles. Good width through the thigh. Super on the move. Pleased to award her BOB & G1; 2 Howlett’s Mistweave Miss Giggles, 4 year old quality bitch. Nice head but eyes a little light. Good length to her neck. A little upright in pastern. Not the substance of the winner. Sound on the move. WHIPPETS – J (4,1) 1 Shepherd’s Citycroft Sundae with Oxana, 10 month old dog of super quality. Lovely head, scissor bite, dark eye, rose ears. Long neck leading into well made front assembly. Deep chest. Balanced angulation in rear. Low free movement. BP; 2 Franklin’s Haccasbrook Madam Gigi, another 10 month old bitch. Feminine head. Long neck. Good shoulder placement. Correct topline & arch over loin. Well bent stifles. Good mover; 3 Baulch’s Whisterfield Je Ne Sais Quoi. PG (6,1) 1 Davis’ Jemalsheva Dolce, 16 month old bitch of good type. Balanced all through. Correct head, scissor bite. Good width all through. Correct topline. Moved well. RBOB; 2 Arnold & Coulter’s Colloney Adorabubble Babe, 4 year old brindle bitch. Pleasing head. Correct shoulder placement. Good topline. Adequate angulation in rear. Moved well; 3 Severn’s Nattah Siver Lining. O (6,1) 1 Shepherd’s Nattah In Sync with Oxana, 5 year old dog. Correct head. Long neck into well laid scapula & front assembly. Excellent bone & width all through. Arch over loin. Well turned stifles. Super movement. BOB; 2 Strong & Clinton’s Sheol Midnight Caller at Mackjama, 6 year old dog. Another typical dog. Good head with dark eye, scissor bite, rose ear. Correct shoulder placement & good length to upper arm. Correct placement of arch over loin. Well angulated rear. Moved well; 3 Sanford’s Erinnis Shades Of Silver. HOUNDS NSC – J (3) 1 Baseley’s Woodella Time To Shine for Marzuku, 8 month old Basenji. Typical head with dark eye, scissor bite, well set small ears. Strong neck of good length, well set into shoulders. Straight forelegs. Balanced angulation front & rear. Moved well with a long stride. BP; 2 Foglia’s Kentixen Abies Grandis, W/h Dachs, left ring so no notes; 3 Catley & McGimpsey’s Diamondridge Distant Dancr, Ridgeback. PG (3) 1 Lewis’ Ottarix Phaedrra, Otterhound, 18 month old bitch. Appealed as she was a strong hound who looked capable of a hard days work. Super head, scissor bite, long well set ears. Long neck. Deep chest. Well sprung ribcage. Strong well muscled rear. Large feet. Moved well. BNSC; 2 Hall’s Dinkidax Midnite Charmer, Min L/h Dachs, 21 month old dog. Nice example of the breed. Typical head. Correct pronounced keel. Good width all through. Very powerful in rear movement; 3 Weeks’ Ridanflight Raindrop, Min W/h Dachs. O (4) 1 Denny’s Debucher Zara at Janimist, GBGV, 2 year old bitch of correct breed type. Balanced all through. Well carried head, scissor bite, correct ears. Strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. Topline could be better. Free movement with drive; 2 Lewis’ Ottaryx Mumford, Otterhound, 3 year old dog. Well made in front. Deep chest. Correct length to body. Good bone. Sound on the move; 3 Sparks’ Switherland In Yer Face, PBGV. HOUNDS – P (5) 1 Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Laurina, 6 month old Beagle bitch of good quality. Lovely head, correct length to neck. Adequate angulation in front assembly. Good topline. Moved well; 2 Foglia’s Kentixen Abies Grandis; 3 Peddle’s Lulu’s Schnitzelsbelle. HOUND GROUP G1 Greyhound; 2 Heather’s Wolfhound, Whiteorchard Venusta; 3 Otterhound; 4 Beagle. PG1 Whippet; 2 Greyhound; 3 Heather’s Wolfhound Whiteorchard Nebula; 4 Beagle.


BP was Gayler’s Golden Retriever, Carolake Remember Me. Also pictured are judge Barry Bull and secretary Sue Wilkinson.

I must first thank all the officials, committee & exhibitors for a most wonderful day, the atmosphere was excellent & my steward a real gem. And of course the dogs all were superb, it was a real pleasure for me to have the opportunity to judge some most beautiful & well prepared dogs. My thanks to all for a most enjoyable day. BEARDED COLLIES – PG (4,1a) 1 BOB, Swales, Glasscoe & Carter’s Emmanelz Little Lover, 3 year old male of good balance, lovely head with good earset & nice dentition, good reach of neck to good well set shoulders, nice bone to forelegs, good topline & good firm hindquarters, moved well on rather uneven ground; 2 Cooper’s Snowmead Savannah Belle. O (2,1) 1 Rann’s Skyebucks Wishin And Hoping for Dramatrix, 7 year old bitch in lovely condition, good body & coat, lovely feminine head, moved very well. GSD – J (2) 1 RBOB, Shaw’s Astradine Keepsake, 16 months bitch in lovely coat & body condition, nice straight back & good strong hindquarters. Very feminine head with lovely ear carriage, nice clear eyes & very good dentition, moved very well, nice promising youngster; 2 Shaw’s Astradine Knight Prince, litter brother to 1. PG (3) 1 A Keepsake; 2 Jones’ Kintaro Hot Off The Press. O (3,2) 1 BOB, G2, Nolcini’s Broadmaynes Eclipse to Nolmacdon, 3 year old male of excellent size, balance & proportion, clearly a male with strong head & lovely sound body & excellent bone throughout. Moved correctly & very soundly with good strong driving action, excellent coat, very pleased to award him BOB & G2, only beaten in the group by an exceptional Australian Cattle Dog. ROUGH COLLIES – J (3,2) 1 BOB, G2, Page’s Lynmead Amalie Bring Me Back, at almost 18 months this lovely young male has still to mature but what a lovely, stunning young boy he is. Strong but elegant masculine head, correct ear carriage & superb eyes, excellent length of muzzle & perfect dentition, nicely shaped back into excellent shoulder placement & nice strong forelegs with good pasterns & nice tight feet, lovely topline & ribcage, excellent hindquarters with just enough angulation, very nice tailset, moved cleanly & very purposefully. A very nice quality young male who I would hope will do well as he matures. PG (3,1) 1 Munday’s Amalie Lynmead Hello Holly, 2 year old bitch, nice head & well balanced body, in lovely coat. Good earset & nice clear eyes, good bone throughout, moved OK; 2 Lyle’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas. O (4,1) 1 Page’s Lynmead Amalie Let Me Go, 3 year old male of good size & substance, super coat & body condition, nice bone throughout, moved OK; 2 A Lynmead Hello Holly. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS – J (2) 1 BP, PG2, Haensel’s Sherkarl Look At Me Now, 11 month old bitch of very nice quality, beautifully balanced, excellent head & lovely well shaped body & very good strong correctly angulated youngster, not in full coat but the makings of an exceptionally well coated young female, really enjoyed watching this youngster move as she was mindful of her handler & always alert. Lovely young dog who I hope will do well in the future; 2 Laversuch’s Pacarane Polar Stormtime. PG (10,1) 1 BOB, Reynolds’ Kelgrove Kinda Krazy, 2 year bitch in excellent coat & beautiful muscular condition, very nice feminine head, nice yes, correct ear carriage & very good dentition. Nice neck line to good shoulders & nice straight front legs & good feet, nice topline & good strong correctly angulated hindquarters, moved very well & presented herself extremely well; 2 Arnold’s Shadoway Rosa Esmeralda. O (9,2) 1 RBOB, Cooper’s Wyckwood Ice Blue, male of just 2 years but showing great maturity, excellent shape & in first class coat. Excellent strong masculine head with lovely clear eyes & nice dentition. Good shape to neck, good forelegs & very nice topline, very nice hindquarters, moved well; 2 Reynolds’ Kelgrove Kinda Blue Magic. PASTORAL NSC – J (3) 1 RBOB, Wyer’s Pem Corgi, Cottivy Skyfall, 13 month old male, lovely head with very expressive eyes & ears, excellent dentition, good neckline into nice full chest but not overdone, good strong forelegs & very good feet, super topline, beautifully held on the  move & excellent hindquarters, strong but elegant when on the move; 2 BP, Tadd’s Pyrenean, Kricano Kornish Kontessa, 9 month old bitch of good size & in good coat, still very much a puppy & still has to improve on her movement but nevertheless a lovely youngster. PG (7,6) 1 Wyer’s Pem Corgi, Cottivy The Lone Ranger, 2 year old male, nice young dog, well balanced & moved OK. O (9,3) 1 BOB, G1, Birch’s Aus Cattle Dog, Downriver Free Spirit, a super example of this very hardy breed, very pleased to give this young 20 month old bitch both BOB & the pastoral group. One of those dogs one could not take your eyes off. Presented in excellent coat & condition, she performed exactly as required, fully attentive to her handler & setting herself up to show all aspects to perfection. Beautiful feminine head & body, bone to both fore & hind legs sound with just enough angulation, excellent tail carriage, superb spring of rib & a topline to die for. Then came the croup de grass her movement was perfection even on the uneven ground of the riding school & she most certainly did not let anyone down in the BIS ring. Already had calls from people in Australia wanting to know her breeding, she is a superb example & gorgeous dog; 2 Harris’ Tervueren, Deflator Spring Is Here at Tolnedra. PASTORAL – P (9,3) 1 S Look At Me Now; 2 Jones’ OES, Quemerford Bewitched. MALAMUTES – J (1) 1 BP, BOB, PG3, Louch & Forsey’s Muzoku Lets Go Crazy, 10 month old male of exceptional quality, super head & body, beautifully balanced, strong neck onto excellent shoulders & superb well boned forelegs, nice tight feet, excellent topline held very well on the move, good shape to ribs & nice well angulated hindquarters which gave him immense power to drive forward on the move. Very sound & extremely well constructed young man who I really hope I will see more of in the future. Up against strong opposition in the puppy group but did not let himself down, also very well handled. PG (1) 1 RBOB, Louch & Forsey’s Muzoku Glitter And Gold, 16 month old bitch, presented in excellent coat & body condition. Good head & body, very good bone throughout & very nice mover, just not the same first impression as the BOB, nevertheless a lovely sound young dog with time still to mature. O (1) 1 Louch & Forsey’s Christakell April Moon over Muzoku, 22 month old male, lovely masculine head, nice earset, correct dentition & nice clear eyes. Good reach of neck to nice shoulders & well boned forelegs, good depth of chest & spring of rib. Nice topline, good hindquarters & nice tailset, just moved too close behind for me. Nice solid male though. ROTTWEILERS – G (3,1) 1 RBOB, Vick’s Mia Von Der Alten Festung at Vickangels, at just turned 12 months this young bitch has quality in abundance & once mature will be or should be one to keep an eye on. Lovely feminine body with beautiful head & neck into very sound shoulders, good bone to forelegs & very nice tight feet. Good length of body with very nice ribcage & excellent topline, good rearquarters with nicely angulated hind legs. Moved well, certainly once mature should be a lovely dog; 2 Ezzard & Allen’s Jodipas Paint It Black to Kassasan. O (6,2) 1 BOB, G1, Franklin’s Nageem Haribo at Haccasbrook, this male of just 21 months & is what I always perceived to be a Rottweiler. He has strength & balance & he looks like a Rottweiler. Superb strong masculine head with clear dark eyes that were so alert, ears constantly twitching listening, a strong underjaw that gave a perfect regular scissor bite & lovely jet black nose with nicely flared nostrils. Strong neck into powerful but not overloaded shoulders, strong straight bone to forelegs into lovely pasterns & nice tight feet. Broad & deep chest, super level topline & nicely rounded but strong ribcage & well muscled under belly. Good strong hindquarters with excellent hind leg angulation & well muscled & nicely toned thighs. His movement excels & his act flows with his excellent handler. A real winner for me & hope that he will mature even more, super young dog; 2 Wyer’s Jodipas Time Tunnel at Cottivy. SIBERIAN HUSKIES – J (3,2) 1 BP, BOB, G3, PG1, Simms’ Arcticskies Mirror Image, this young dog is without doubt going to excel or should excel in his breed, at almost 12 months he epitomises for me the breed standard, his head & body shape, size & weight are for me right on the money. He has the most perfect dentition, clearest of eyes & a head shape with earset I have only seen better once before in the breed. He has the bone & muscletone to be able to do the job he was intended for & he has the coat to keep his body alive in the harshest of temperature, he has also the correct shape of chest & solidity of ribs for heart & lung to be expanded if required & hindquarters with correct bend of stifle to aid propulsion with ease. Strong & powerful but not at all cloddy or too light & frail to work at low low temperatures & yet still he has the elegance of a show dog & he is pleasing on the eye. Well deserved his puppy placing & was not out of place in the adult line up. PG (4,3) 1 Crowther’s Kobuk Snow Fall, 2 year bitch of good size, nice head & body, in good coat, moved very well. O (5,2) 1 RBOB, Simms’ Red Hot Lover Legend Of The Spirit, 23 month old male in exceptional coat & body condition. Superb head & body & lots of sound hard muscle on exceptional bone. Strong in body & alert in brain. Lovely correct earset & superb alert eyes, very good dentition, lovely reach of neck. Correct shaped chest & nice shaped ribcage, strong level topline & super hindquarters, moved very well but couldn’t beat the youngster today; 2 Russell’s Skimaque Nyx Of The Night, 6 year old male in excellent condition, very nice head & body, moved very well. WORKING NSC – J (6,1) 1 BP, Cole’s Bullmastiff, Whiteseal Titus Pullo of Alwencourt, 11 month old male of good size & proportion, nice square head with excellent earset, clear correct eyes, good stop & nice square muzzle, good dentition, good strong reach of neck to strong very well boned forelegs, good pasterns & nice tight feet. Good depth & width on chest. Very nice topline with good spring of rib. Nice hindquarters with good angulation & nice tailset, moved well. Will improve with maturity as he is still a little loose. I believe swimming would improve him substantially; 2 Woodcock’s Portuguese WD, Belleville Olhos De Anio. PG (4,1) 1 RBOB, Araujo’s Portuguese WD, Don’t Worry Be Harry Vandens Stichija, 2 year old bitch in lovely coat. Nice feminine head, good reach of neck, well shaped body, good bone to forelegs & nice tailset, good strong hindquarters, moved well & carried tail in correct manner; 2 Ellis’ German Pinscher, Nettle’s Londonderry for Falkor. O (6,1) 1 BOB, G2, Bird & Bridges’ Bernese, Kernnow Something, this BMD was my BD at a recent club show & I still rate him very highly, he has a magnificent head & body once you can bury into his super luxuriant coat. He has a wonderful temperament & is a real credit to both his breed & his owner. He has big powerful strong well boned legs that he can propel himself around the ring effortlessly & when he leans you know all about it. Love this boy, thank you for bringing him under me again; 2 Hatcher’s Bullmastiff, Winston The Warrior, lovely solid 2 year old male of very good substance & shape. Excellent head with good ear & eye set, good mouth & very nice strong underjaw, strong neck to good shoulders, nice strong well boned forelegs. Nice depth of chest with good spring of rib, good topline & nice strong hindquarters, good tailset, moved very well, unfortunately up against today, a super BMD. WORKING – P (5,1) 1 Plummer’s Dobermann, Grafmax Alfie Boe, 8 months old, very nice head & body. Good bone, moved very well; 2 Comben’s Bullmastiff, Whiteseal I Got You Babe at Cheval. PASTORAL GROUP I was very privileged to judge this group as every exhibit could easily have been placed amongst the final 4 listed below. I thank all the exhibitors for accepting my decision on what I personally liked amongst the breeds. Each place had I had time may have changed but in the end I was very happy with the wonderful dogs here today & I thank you for exhibiting them. G1 Aus Cattle Dog, a very worthy winner of this group, this young bitch excels in outline, balance & movement. An exceedingly good example of the breed; 2 GSD, this young male reminds me of a GSD of years gone by, strong & straight in back, strong masculine head & strong hindquarter movement; 3 Border Collie, Sh Ch Moshant A Move It Move It, not a lot one can say about this lovely bitch that has not already been said; 4 Rough Collie, beautiful free moving elegant dog of extreme quality. PG1 Border Collie, Alpana Smokin Style, a very nice free moving young male who appears to be heading for the high honours, certainly a very well put together young dog with movement to die for; 2 Shetland Sheepdog, an exceptionally well put together young bitch, also with excellent movement. WORKING GROUP A wonderful selection of quality dogs & with so many good ones I had to be very critical & so these dogs are the best of the best & in the placings that I believe they each deserve on the day. G1 Rottweiler, superb young dog, very pleased to award him top honours he is a Rottweiler; 2 Bernese, Kernow Something, a firm favourite of mine, size, quality, substance, temperament all in a super strong dog; 3 Siberian, this young male is also my PG1 winner, this youngster is pure quality & a real show dog, everything about him is as near faultless, just not got the maturity to take this group yet; 4 Dobermann, Izralight Firedancer, nicely built young bitch who covered the ground easily, very nice clean lines & well up on her toes. WORKING PUPPY GROUP What a fabulous selection of young dogs all of which deserved the top spots & I have no doubt will achieve that on another day. PG1 Siberian, almost perfection; 2 Dobermann, Jojavik Forget Me Not, an absolutely stunning youngster of extreme quality in shape, condition & elegance. The placing today should have been equal first as this young bitch is equal to my group 1 winner & I could only split them on maturity, this girl is going to be a top winner very soon; 3 Malamute, this young male while still a little immature has all the sign of being a top winner, he is built correctly, he has an outstanding head & he is muscling up superbly & he has an amazing coat. One to watch; 4 Dane, Zefather Crazy Diamond for Verano, a very elegant young bitch who is maturing beautifully, still very young but has many excellent features plus she moves so very elegantly & easily. Maturity will bring the best out of this lovely female.


RBP was Bamsey’s Irish Terrier, Holbam Celtic Warrior. Also pictured is judge Barry Bull.

I would like to thank the Southampton committee for a very enjoyable day & to my two stewards for all their help on making my judging run so smoothly. BORDER T – G (3,2a) 1 Winsley & Holmes’ Davmar Move Over, good sound bitch, very feminine, good length of neck with good body, strong loins, good set on tail, nice harsh dense coat, handled very well. O (1) 1 Winsley’s Davmar Levi, litter brother to 1, good otter head, dark eye with a keen expression, nice racy hindquarters, small feet with thick pads, had style & presence, moved & showed well. BOB, G3. CAIRNS (1) 1 Day’s Trekhilli Pepperazzi, dark brindle 10 months old dog, good head with lovely shaggy eyebrows, level back, well sprung ribs with strong supple loin, double coated with correct texture, very free flowing movement, am sure he will have a bright future. BOB, BP, PG2. IRISH T – J (3,1) 1 Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Warrior, as soon has the puppy dog came into the ring he caught my eye, a real daredevil, long head, lovely dark eyes with small v shaped ears, harsh wiry coat, strong & muscular hindquarters, moved well. BOB, BP, PG1, RBPIS; 2 Stahle & Nichols’ Chantalle’s Sweet Mairaed. PG (2,1) 1 Bamsey’s Holbam Celtic Miss Chief, 9 months old bitch, a little unsettled, moved well. O (2) 1 Nolcini’s Holbam Celtic Kate, well made 4 year old bitch, sweet head, good body, moved & showed well; 2 Ruffles’ Holbam Celtic Whisper at Ruffmar. MANCHESTER T (2,1) 1 Ferguson’s Ch Felfree Rocket, 4 year old well known dog with long flat skull, small dark eyes, good v shaped ears, nice length of neck, clean sloped shoulders, well sprung ribs, small feet, glossy coat with firm texture, moved & showed well. BOB, G2. SCWT – G (1) 1 Lawrence’s Kinaelan Finlandia Gaia, 15 month old bitch, gave her handler a hard time, needs to settle. O (4,2) 1 Busby’s Calvenace Minnie Ha-Ha at Zakby, pretty 4 year old bitch, full of character, soft & silky coat, moved with purpose, very well handled. BOB; 2 Calvenacee Killer Queen at Zakby. TERRIERS NSC – J (5,1) 1 Gardener’s Northwool Jennie And Romance at Danalas, 1 year old Norfolk bitch with broad skull, keen intelligent expression, medium length of neck, short back, round thick padded feet, in good coat, moved out well; 2 Kettle’s Darlaur Dragon Slayer; 3 Traver’s Pendevour Phraya. PG (4) 1 Kettle’s Yoxella Warm Spell, b/w SFT bitch, good head with good length of neck, a little long in the back, tail well on top, moved & handled well; 2 Moore’s She’s A Rockstar; 3 Gardener’s Perrisblu Ceris at Danalas. O (7,2) 1 Brown’s Jokyl Noble Princess for Oceanaire, 2 year old bitch, the king of the terriers this Airedale caught my eye, she never put a foot wrong, on the tiptoe of expectations, well balanced head, dark small eyes, clean muscular neck, strong straight level back, in top show coat, moved very well. BNSC; 2 Kettle’s Equifox Perfect Pickle; 3 Mitchell & Ashton’s Our Little Cracker. TERRIERS – P (2,1) 1 Traver’s Pendevour Phraya, 9 month old Welsh Terrier bitch, lovely head & ears, good body with hard wiry coat, moved well, just needs time. TERRIER GROUP G1 Airedale; 2 Manchester T; 3 Border T; 4 Irish T. PG1 Irish T; 2 Cairn; 3 SFT.


Winner of the terrier group was Brown’s Airedale Terrier, Jokyl Noble Princess for Oceanaire. Also pictured is judge Ms M Saunders.

DALMATIANS – Thank you to the committee for asking me to judge Dalmatians at this very friendly show & for their hospitality while there. A good entry for a mid-week show & the highest for the utilities, although there were five absentees on the day. J (7,2a) A variety of type in this class. 1 Davies’ Maddidalli Embers Glow, this almost 8 month old b/s bitch stood out in this class. Friendly disposition. Maturing nicely in body. Feminine throughout with enough bone. Nice head carried on long neck into good lay of shoulder, length & angle of upper arm giving moderate angles which were matched at the rear. Good feet. Chest reaching to elbow & ribs well sprung. Deepest black pigment on clear white coat & good spotting. Reach & drive developing nicely, can be a little exuberant on the move which exacerbates a bit of looseness but when she has been round the ring a couple of times she settles into good promising movement keeping her topline. Couldn’t deny her BOB in the challenge & obviously took the BP award. Despite giving away a lot in age in the adult group she held her own & then took PG3 among the group puppies; 2 Thorne’s Maddidalli Girl On Fire at Castletop, litter mate to 1, but from a different mould. Feminine head with nicely spotted ears framing face & good amber eye. Balanced moderate angles front & rear & again enough bone. Good straight legs & arched feet. Movement OK, not the reach & drive of her sister at the moment, but also not quite as outgoing so as this develops so might her enthusiasm on the move. O (5,3) 1 Pace’s Big Addo, male of 4 years with masculine head & nice amber eye. Long neck down to wither. Square in outline with angles balanced front & rear. Good feet. Tailset & carriage not his forte unfortunately as set low & carried high. Good clear coat & nice liver spotting. Moved OK. RBOB; 2 Finch’s Arita’s Arrival at Caprilli, b/s 11 year old lady who was showing her age today, not helped by the cold equestrian centre. Still has an alert expression, coming from a dark experienced eye & a face framed by well carried ears. Built on smaller frame, with good angles front & rear. Still giving her all for her handler & moving well for a senior veteran.


Winner of the gundog group was Gates’ English Springer, Gunring Ensuendo. Also pictured is judge Mr M Masters.

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS – A lovely entry with some pleasing dogs, all biddable & confident. P (4) Lovely class of puppies. 1 Gayler’s Carolake Remember Me, super puppy bitch, mid gold in colour. Pretty head with good dark eyes, rims & nose. Well held ears. Adequate bone & tight catlike feet. Lovely angulation & well balanced, correct tail length & carriage. Most together on the move with good footfall. Pleased to award BP & thrilled that my fellow judges liked her enough to award PG1 & BPIS; 2 Taylor’s Pandreft Latika; 3 Stables’ Kalindra French Connexion avec Roshinru. J (8,2) 1 C Remember Me; 2 Todd’s Toddrossa Sprinter Sacre; 3 Taylor’s Pandreft Krystal Magic. N (4,1a) 1 P Krystal Magic, good type of bitch, pale blonde in colour. Pretty head with good dome. Correct ears, dark eyes & pigment. Good bone. Strong level topline & correct tailset. In good coat. Moved around the ring with ease; 2 Gallin’s Tonara Annie Oakley of Wightwind; 3 Withey’s Tenfield Rambling Red River. PG (9,1) 1 & 2 different types, but both admirable dogs. 1 Godfray’s Tonara George Washington, mid gold boy with a masculine head of correct proportions. Straight front with excellent bone & neat catlike feet. Good length of neck leading in to level topline which he held on the move. Well muscled & moved with reach & drive. BOB; 2 Rose’s Ruler Of The World over Azteca, very eyecatching paler dog, good to go over, I liked him a lot. RBOB; 3 Russell’s Rosinante Take A Chance On Me. O (10,2) 1 Linfield’s Tonara Rio Grande, eyecatching darker golden boy with a wavy but tidy coat. Masculine head with dark eye & correct pigment. Liked his spring of rib & angulation overall. Moved well with reach & drive. Discovered afterwards his brother was my PG winner, could see the similarities; 2 R Take A Chance On Me; 3 Roberts’ Gwyngala Glitz ‘n Glamour at Ancastle. LABRADORS – All lovely dogs who were very biddable & lively. P (3,2) 1 Fountain’s Blueberydale Stargazer, very bouncy 10 month old black boy. Up to size. Strong head, tidy feet & correct coat. Very well bodied. Has a very vivacious nature, but does need to tame it down rather & would benefit from further ring training & handling. BP. J (1) 1 B Stargazer. PG (5,3) 1 King’s Linthwaite Louisiana, well proportioned yellow bitch carrying correct amount of weight. Feminine head with alert expression. Strong neck, well set on to good straight topline. Reasonable bone & well angulated rear. Moved out well with tail constantly wagging. RBOB; 2 Mahon’s Winnellands Johnny Be Good. O (4,2) 1 Longhurst’s Calamity Jane, lovely choc bitch. Liked her head proportions, dark eyes & friendly expression. Strong neck in to well laid back shoulders. Correct forechest & upper arm. Nicely barrelled chest & short, strong loin. Well turned stifle & lovely wagging tail. Good condition coat. Moved with vroom! BOB; 2 King’s Linthwaite Cosette. POINTERS – Unfortunately quite a few absentees in this breed, & although not a lot of dogs I felt they were all quality. All were very well schooled & a credit to their handlers. J (3,1) 1 Norbury’s Medogold Milk Shake, eyecatching b/w bitch. Appealing, slightly dish faced head, proportions & style correct. Thin ear leathers & nicely carried. Good angulation front & rear & deep chest. Neat, arched feet & moved with style. Challenged well & pushed hard, one for the future, RBOB; 2 Rankine’s Gempoint Catch A Dream for Fyldefair. PG (3,1) 1 M Milk Shake; 2 Barham’s Kenwardgold Minnie Me. O (5,4) 1 Brooksmith & Adams’ Nightgold Blackavar, b/w girl who stood proudly. Correct, slight dish head with neat blaze. Prominent occiput. Strong, straight front legs. Well developed, deep rib cage. Well angulated rear & moved out with strength & flow. BOB.


Winner of the toy group was Alexander’s Pug, Tangetoppen’s Easy Toi Say Treveth. Also pictured is judge Mrs S Morrell.

WOLFHOUNDS – J (2) 1 Whiteorchard Nebula, 9 month old bitch, lovely head & expression. Well boned, good depth of chest, correct topline & good tuck up. Well angulated hindquarters, moved well. BP, PG3; 2 Madalinca Spring Breeze, 9 month old attractive bitch, not as settled in the ring as 1. Feminine head, neat ears. Good length of body & well angulated hind quarters. Correct coat. This puppy will take time to mature but I look forward to watching her progress. PG (3,2a) 1 M Spring Breeze. O (4,2) 1 Whiteorchard Venusta, beautiful 3½ year old bitch. Lovely head & gentle expression. Long strong neck going into good shoulders. Excellent breadth & depth of chest. Well balanced with good hind angulation. Moved well with drive. BOB, G2; 2 Yelxba Victoria, 2½ year old bitch. Feminine head, good depth of chest & correct topline. Excellent hindquarters, moved correctly coming & going but just lacked drive going round the ring.


Winner of the pastoral group was Birch’s Australian Cattle Dog, Downriver Free Spirit. Also pictured is judge Mr C Quantrill.

I would like to thank the committee of Southampton for inviting me to judge at this show & the exhibitors for entering so many lovely dogs. MIN SCHNAUZERS – G (4,1a) 1 Atterbury’s Lady Yana’s Unity, 9 months bitch puppy, compact shape, feminine head with dark eyes, prominent eyebrows & neat ears. Correct scissor bite. Well laid shoulders, straight front legs with neat feet. Moved & showed well. BP; 2 Bisiker’s Juliet Bravo among Calevie; 3 Matthews’ Pixies Top Lady. O (2,1) 1 Myers’ Ersmy Lad Himself, well bodied dog with good reach of neck, well sprung ribs, well muscled hindquarters, good bone, harsh coat of good colour. BOB. TIBETAN T – J (2) 1 Chessell’s Araki Thrilling Willy at Stylaxian, nice square shape, good body, masculine head with correctly placed ears, dark eyes & well defined stop. Level topline, tail set high. Well coated. Moved well; 2 Rutley’s Sumanshu Pretty Woman at Javey. BP. PG (4,2) 1 Chessell’s Araki Lotta Yaya at Stylaxian, compact, well coated b/w bitch, good head with feminine expression, dark eyes, well sprung ribs, short loin & well set tail. Moved well; 2 Hedger & Bourne’s Evemylyn Hot To Trot. O (3) 1 Rutley’s Javeys Here Comes Summer, this bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She has a beautiful profuse black coat with long feathering. Square shape with good bone, well ribbed. Very feminine head, good reach of neck & correct tailset. Moved & showed well. BOB, G1, RBIS; 2 Hedger & Bourne’s Araki Playing With Fire; 3 Chessell’s Araki Areu Ready For This at Stylaxian. TIBETAN SPANIELS – J (3) 1 Bevis’ Starlance Lady Cora, very pretty bitch with a lovely head, dark eyes, well feathered ears & definite stop. Well coated with good colouring. Good spring of rib, well set shoulders, well feathered tail carried well over back. Moved well. BOB; 2 Smith’s Balgay Ma Beau at Saxina. BP; 3 Bevis’ Balgay Ma Linette of Starlance. PG (2) 1 S Lady Cora; 3 Smith’s Quailmoor Put A Spell On You. O (2,1) 1 Bevis’ Starlance Kiss Me Quick, another nice bitch with a good body shape, good bone & feminine head with dark eyes & well set ears. Lost out to her kennelmate on movement. UTILITY NSC – J (4,2) 1 Cann’s Min Poodle, Sunmarca Moonlight Shadow, beautiful black puppy with such a lovely head with dark intelligent eyes. Good coat, well bodied, short back, neat feet, correct tailset. Moved & showed to perfection. BP, PG1; 2 Pill’s Boston, Imasu Aurra Sing. PG (3,1) 1 Silsbury’s Shih Tzu, Jadoremy Thunder Bolt Zuse, sturdy dog with a broad chest & level back, good broad head with large dark eyes. Well coated ears & wide mouth. Muscular legs with good bone. Tail set high to give a good outline. BOB; 2 Ridha’s Gyokuryu Exclusive Edition. O (3) 1 I Aurra Sing, compact b/w bitch. Typical head with definite stop, erect ears & dark eyes, good body with deep ribs, low set tail & small round feet, moved well; 2 Ridha’s Shiba, Doriken Royal Sorceress; 3 Silsbury’s Shih Tzu, Jadoremy Dashing Hero. UTILITY – P 1 S Moonlight Shadow; 2 Blissett’s Dalmatian, Princess Eve Per Makuli of Kystuno; 3 Lady Yana’s Unity. UTILITY GROUP G1 Tibetan T; 2 Austin & Johnston’s Keeshond, Chotahkee Don’t Stop Me Now, lovely bitch with a profuse well marked coat, feminine head with good spectacles, well feathered high set tail curled over back, neat catlike feet; 3 Tibetan Spaniel; 3 Shih Tzu. PG1 Min Poodles; 2 Tibetan Spaniel, 6½ months dog, attractive colouring, good bone, tail carried well over back, moved well; 3 Davies’ Dalmatian, Maddidalli Embers Glow, 7½ months bitch puppy, very feminine, nicely arched  neck with straight topline, well sprung ribs carried well back, good movement; 4 Tibetan T.


Winner of the working group was Franklin’s Rottweiler, Nageem Haribo at Haccasbrook. Also pictured is judge Mr C Quantrill.

PAPILLONS – J (3) 1 Bull’s Altaya Star Attraction, 14 months tri dog, lovely size & type, super expression, good mouth, liked his overall construction, well presented, moved well on the difficult surface – it was a shame he just wouldn’t use his ears & lost his sparkle in the challenge; 2 Petty’s Feorlig All You Need Is Love at Goldenmist. BP; 3 Malcom’s Feorlig It Must’ve Been Love. PG (2,1a) 1 Woodcock’s Resolutebay Anastasia, 18 months bitch, in super coat, excellent pigment, kind expression, struggled on the difficult surface. O (5,3) 1 Petty’s Jansaneis He’s A Belter at Goldenmist, 2 years tri dog, a dainty dog in reasonable coat, good mouth, pleasing expression, well set ears which he used to his advantage, overall a neat and tidy dog who coped well on the difficult surface, showed well. BOB; 2 Malcom’s Petitchiens Moonbeam.