Worcester & Malvern, 14/01/17


At Worcester and Malvern CS open show judge Mark Cocozza awarded BIS to Aston, Bradley and Bowen’s Japanese Spitz, Ch Charney Precious Gift for Kumiko, and RBIS was Murray and Wildig’s Australian Silky Terrier, Brookemur Chasin Pavements.

photos Alan V Walker

BEARDED COLLIES – P (3) 1 Snook & James’ Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe, smart 9 month old bitch puppy with a lovely outline, well balanced head with a good stop, eyes dark in colour & a nice oval shape, good reach of neck & well angulated both front & rear, stood on good feet, moved well. BP; 2 Gregory’s Tonkory Putting On The Style, very similar in type to 1 & another quality puppy. This puppy had a good topline, however I felt 1 held a slightly better topline both static & on the move & this is the only area where I can split them in; 3 Kernahan & Kerr’s Cebelrai Kimah with Borderclan. J (3) 1 T Quickstep with P; 2 T Putting On The Style; 3 Unitt’s Carol Singer. PG (3) 1 Kernahan’s Cebelrai Alludra, 2 year old bitch of nice type, carrying a tad too much weight which cost her in the challenge, pleasing head, correct dentition, well set ears & eyes of good shape & colour, presented in good coat, tail of good length & well furnished, moved round the ring displaying good reach & drive; 2 Gowing’s Miraje It’s Too Darn Hot at Pikara, 3 year old bitch who presents a nice shape on profile, head of good proportions with dark eye of correct shape, well angulated both front & rear, I found her slightly longer from hock to ground than 1 & slightly longer in loin than 1; 3 Snook & James’ Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe. O (5,2) 1 Gowing’s Wildblue It’s The Business, super male who stood out with his super movement, presented in good coat & hard condition, pleasing head of good proportions, neck of good length flowing into well placed shoulders, well angulated upper arm of even length, his good angles throughout showed in his balanced smooth movement where he displayed good reach in front & drive from the rear, a well deserved BOB & G4, well done; 2 Garland’s Tonkory Doyle, another nice male who displays a good shape both static & on the move, did not have quite the movement to match 1 today, scores well in head & is well angulated throughout, presented in good coat & condition; 3 Davis’ Kinaway I Am Sire Matt for Jacamalis. MALAMUTES – J (6,1) 1 Dolan’s Muzoku Take Me With U to Siskara, 9 months old male puppy who presents a nice shape on profile & is well off for bone throughout & stands on good feet, head well developed for his age, dentition OK, well matched angles both front & rear, moved well & held his topline well for his age, good tailset, presented in good coat & handled well. BP, PG4, well done; 2 Jelf’s Lapema Tavola Quija, bitch of 12 months old, not as much bone as 1 but ample bone for a bitch, pushed 1 hard today & only lost out due to 1’s slightly better rear angulation & better feet; 3 Pitcher’s Marahootay Linx under Tatkresiwok. PG (3) 1 Jelf’s Lapema Garoto Rude, nice 17 month old male, broad head with dark almond shaped eyes, well set on ears & correct dentition, strong neck slightly arched, chest deep, topline held well when static & slopes away slightly to the croup, well set on tail & good angulated rear, moved well in the class but a little unsettled in the challenge. RBOB; 2 M Linx under T, a quality 8 month old puppy, still very raw but lots to like about him, lovely head with good eye, presents a nice shape on profile, balanced when moving but tends to stand a little close at the front but feel with a bit more ringcraft this will all come together, certainly one well worth the effort. O (4,1) 1 Ellis’ Chayo Inspiration, this super bitch of almost 2 years old was not in her best jacket today but was by far the best mover so I forgave her lack of coat in favour for her tireless ground covering movement, she eats up the ground underneath her with her super reach from the front & a powerful driving action at the rear, her head caught my eye on my first walk around the ring, her almond shaped eyes are dark & her dentition is correct, she displays a very true look for the breed even without her full jacket, her forelimbs are so very straight when viewed from the front & she has good bone throughout & stands on good feet, she has a strong topline, well muscled loin & well set on tail & retains the strength on the move. BOB, G3, well done; 2 Jelf’s Lapema Nino Vudo, this 3 year old bitch is of good type, nice head but not as good dentition as 1, displays good strength in neck & is well off for bone, topline is a little soft but moved out well; 3 M Linx under T. DOGUES (1) 1 McEnaney & Oldman’s Donnajay Sassy Lady of Bravadogue, I have judged this young lady before & liked her then, today she stood alone but still a worthy winner, & a nice example of the breed, she has a nice head displaying good width of skull & muzzle, well angulated front with deep chest, well off for bone throughout & was presented in good muscletone & with a gleaming jacket, well angulated rear & well let down rear, she moved well, a very deserving BOB. ROUGH COLLIES – J (2) 1 Ware’s Bella Bimbe Della Buca Della Fate at Wassail, 9 month old bitch puppy with a pretty head, sweet expression & lovely eyes, masses of coat to get through & when you do you find a nicely put together puppy, she has good straight front & is well angulated front & rear, moved & showed well. BP & later went on to PG1, well done; 2 White’s Mejola Dangerous Liason, at 6½ months a much younger puppy than 1 so not yet quite the coat, a larger puppy with a tad more length in leg, nicely balanced with good angles & a firm topline already, moved well, one to watch for the future. PG (4,1) 1 Ross’ Rahlissa Fairytale at Samshernik, nice bitch approaching 3 years of age, presented in super coat & well furnished throughout, nicely proportioned head with dark eyes of good shape & set well, dark mouth pigment & correct dentition, neck well muscled with nice arch & flows into well placed shoulders which are matched well with a nicely angulated upper arm, her back is firm & she has good width behind the shoulders & across the rump, moved well although a little close behind when going away, stood on straight limbs on OK feet. BOB; 2 Wright’s Aqualita Rosetta, lacking in coat but a lovely well balanced shape, pretty head with sweet expression, eyes of good colour & shape, moved well; 3 Skinner’s Samhaven Time Is Money with Nikal. O (7,2) 1 White’s Corydon Femme Fatale for Mejola, striking bitch approaching 3 years old, lovely head with sweet expression, medium sized almond eyes dark in colour, correct dentition & super earset, straight limbs with the desired amount of bone, neck of good length & well arched, super topline & broad rump, well angulated both front & rear, a little out of coat on body but plenty of furnishings throughout. RBOB; 2 Davis’ Old Golden Gates Francheska; 3 Farthing’s Ladner One More Time for Didek. OES – J (1) 1 Rathband & Fealy’s Keynell Midnight Moon, this was my first time judging this breed & I feel I was started off well as this is a super super puppy, he just looked so well balanced & a really nice example of the breed, he does need to settle on the move a bit but that’s expected in a puppy of this age. Square skull with well defined stop, large black nose, correct dentition, eyes dark & well pigmented lids, straight limbs when viewed for front & rear, strong hocks, compact body, presented in good clean jacket. BP, PG3, well done. O (1) 1 Powell’s Jeddep Sweet Jasmine at Pouchyno, another presented in lovely clean condition, this 5 year old bitch presents a lovely square shape on profile & is well proportioned, well balanced in head with a strong muzzle, well pigmented in both nose & eyes, well angulated both front & rear, well developed thighs & hocks well let down, good bone throughout, moved with purpose & covered the ground with ease. BOB, G3, well done. NEWFOUNDLANDS – J (3,1) 1 Cameron’s Nandobears Im What Im Camnoire, at just 12 months old this beautiful bitch is a real showgirl, she presents a lovely shape on profile & is a joy to watch on the move, lovely head with broad deep muzzle which is complemented by width of skull, her eyes which are dark with close fitting rims just melt you, she has such a lovely expression, her good strength of neck flows into well laid shoulders & goes on to a super topline from withers to croup, she stands on strong straight limbs & good feet, her well matched angled both front & rear give her the ability to power round the ring yet retain a certain elegance as she goes, presented in a gleaming black jacket & in tiptop condition, with all these qualities so apparent at this young age she has to be a star in the making, a well deserved BOB & thrilled to see her top a strong working group later in the day, well done; 2 Woodhall’s Wyrleybears Peter Pan for Bearhugs, at just 8 months old this young boy shows great promise, he looks that he is going to be a good sized boy so will need time, he is well off for bone & has plenty of width of chest, head is well proportioned with a strong square muzzle & good width of skull coming, eyes dark & of good shape, neck flows into well placed shoulders & he has a good topline for his tender age, a well angulated rear gives him good drive on the move & he also displays good reach in front, he showed very well & wanted to please, in his puppy jacket & nicely presented. BP, RBOB. PG (3,1) 1 N Im What Im Camnoire; 2 Pugh’s Briodgestone Hummingbird, a lovely w/b bitch who is well marked with only a small amount of ticking, she has the sweetest of expression with her lovely dark eyes of good shape, her front is strong with straight well boned limbs, well placed shoulders & good length of upper arm, I felt she was carrying a tad too much weight which spoilt her topline a little when static, she did however hold a firmer topline on the move, she could have had a bit more oomph on the move but again a few pounds off may fix this, all in all another lovely bitch. O (1) A.


BP was Murray & Wildig’s Australian Silky Terrier, Brookemur Chasin Pavements. Also pictured is judge Mark Cocozza.

BORDER T – J (5,1a) 1 Channer’s Benattivo Gun Fire at Rubyfin, lovely head & eye, well placed ears, correct front construction with good feet. Shown in good hard condition with well muscled quarters. Not the happiest of showman but nevertheless a well made youngster. BOB; 2 Guvercin’s Baillieswells Glengyle at Glebeheath, absolutely beautiful puppy. His first show at just over 6 months old. Excelled in coat & body condition for one so young, lovely construction to his front quarters but just a little puppy loose. All the essentials just needs time. RBOB, BP, PG3. PG (5,1) 1 Roderick’s Benattivo Good News for Barterhound, smart outline with correct coat & good head, lovely feet & carried herself well, very feminine throughout; 2 Windsor-Hichens & Lee’s Marizon May Flower, a typy Border that would benefit from a good tidy up but won her place on general soundness throughout. O (5,2) 1 Stevens’ Cobstoneway Bayou Sunrise, 7 year old bitch, not as strong in head as some but she was well balanced & this combined with her correct sound movement both fore & aft won her the class; 2 Read’s Roxabor Magical Timepiece Out, of a larger mould but masculine throughout, carried a good jacket but just preferred the more typical size of 1 today. SCWT – J (3) 1 Satherley’s Cameron Fighting Spirit for Silkcroft, very showy youngster & not at all exaggerated. Paraded around the ring like a veteran. Good head set on a strong neck that flowed into well placed shoulders. Balanced throughout. Very well presented & handled. A real stunner! BOB, BP, G4, PG2; 2 Tilley’s Janeyjimjams Jubilee Star at Starzak, more mature than 1 & another good quality dog, presents a lovely picture standing but just dropped off at the croup & had to give way to the youngster today. PG (1) 1 Satherley’s Silkcroft Auroras Encore, lovely head & eye, soundly made throughout & moved well. Not happy in the hall on the day nor so in the challenge for BOB so had to forgo top honours today. RBOB. TERRIERS NSC – P (9,2) 1 Ellis’ Eddy Eldorado Dos Makuas, a very smart & showy youngster, lovely masculine head with excellent bone & construction. Super prospect; 2 Brookes’ Zetamaz Storm Warning, lovely typy Smooth, very showy, lovely head & balanced throughout, moved well. J (5) 1 Brookes’ Turith The Lawyer at Zetamaz, presented a very smart outline & moved well, shown in good coat & condition with well muscled quarters. BP, PG1; 2 Tinsley’s Cloverwood Ice & Fire, lovely Dandie but not the showiness of 1. Well made throughout & a lovely head & expression. O (3,1) 1 Tinsley’s Glahms La Boheme, super construction & great ring presence, moved out well around the ring covering the ground with ease, lovely head & eye, presented a full picture when standing & on the move she just stood out. A lovely Dandie, very well presented. BNSC, G1; 2 Brookes Zetamaz Gerard Depardieu, an old favourite of mine! Unlucky to meet 1 who was on such fine form. A good honest dog with lots to like, he moved out well around the ring. TERRIERS – P (4) 1 Keeves’ Seveek With Svendalens Dreaming Again, a very feminine youngster with everything where you would want it at this age, a good prospect for the future; 2 Gullick & Tate’s Jaeva Tiger Lilly, youngster with a lovely head & expression but unfortunately not at all interested on the day. J (3,2) 1 Tinsley’s Cloverwood Ice & Fire. PG (1) 1 Roderick’s Benattivo Good News for Barterhound. O (1) 1 Tinsley’s Glahms La Boheme. V (3,1) 1 Hewitt-Taylor’s Mollora Eastern Dawn for Tobanie, presented a lovely outline, good head & eye, moved well & in good condition for her age; 2 Cox’s Spitewinter Causing Chaos at Pettipaws, 13½ year old Aussie, nicely put together & moved well for her age. TERRIER GROUP G1 Tinsley’s well presented & showy Dandi Glahms La Boheme; 2 Ferguson’s Manchester Ch Felfree Rocket, who presented a lovely picture going around the ring; 3 Worrall’s well made Bedlington Bluesmurf Utrinque Paratus; 4 Satherley’s outstanding young SCWT puppy Cameron Fighting Spirit for Silkcroft. PG1 Brookes’ outstanding Irish, Turith The Lawyer At Zetamaz; 2 SCWT; 3 Border T; 4 Heron’s smart young Staffie Dilirystaff Wicker Fury.


RBP was Roffey’s Irish Setter, Gwendariff Lucy’s Legacy. Also pictured is judge Mark Cocozza.

DALMATIANS – J (4) 1 Dalstorm Eternal Promise, 11 months puppy bitch with a good head & neck, strong topline & balanced quarters. Was well ribbed & has a good depth of chest & hocks well let down. A nice free mover; 2 Millbelle My Precious at Ribot; 3 Lacrima Christi Contagious Chemistry amongst Haiths. PG (3,1a) 1 Lacrima Christi Coffee Break amongst Haiths, a very nice dog with good conformation. Good head & expression, sufficient depth of brisket. Moved well in profile, just a bit loose in front; 2 Philcarthom Xcaliber at Finnidal. O (3,1) 1 Offerdale Anastasia avec Millbelle, an attractive bitch well spotted. Has a good head, neck & shoulders. Has good bone, legs & feet, a good width of thigh & nicely muscled quarters. Proportionately, I found her a tad long which affected her topline on the move. However, she moved with great freedom & drive. BOB; 2 Winflash Olympic Star. GERMAN SPITZ KLEIN – PG (1) 1 Lusam Cheeky Boy, cream dog with pleasing head, good bone & nice feet. Has a good topline & tailset. A brisk free mover. O (3) 1 Lusam Toodle Pip, sable bitch, neat & compact in build. Head OK but eye a bit round. Good topline & tail. In good coat & a smart mover. BOB; 2 Nosregor Lies’N’ Deceet; 3 Ch Lusam Parti Popper. SHIBAS (1) 1 Miamilady Warrior Zivva, nice size with good ears well set. Good ribbing, topline & tailset. Good bone & tight feet. Went well in profile. Rear action could be better. JAPANESE SPITZ – Thank you exhibitors for a wonderful entry which I enjoyed judging. J (12,1) 1 Chezzay’s Pole Position at Fleurlilly, a lovely young dog of good breed type. Has a good head & ears, dark eyes & pigmentation. Has good bone, nice straight forelegs, a good depth of chest & firm topline. In good coat & a true mover front & rear; 2 Glamglow’s Such A Charmer. BP; 3 Glamglows The Devil In Me for Aethyia. PG (10,2) 1 C Pole Position at F; 2 Kessaku Penelope Pitstop; 3 Charney Amenonna. O (10,2) 1 Ch Charney Precious Gift for Kumiko, a beautiful dog in good coat & condition who impressed for his overall type & good conformation. Nice & compact in build with a good masculine head, good neck, shoulders, & straight topline. Excellent tailset & nicely plumed. Very true on the move. BOB, G1. Pleased to see him go BIS at the end of the day; 2 Kessaku Jitterbug; 3 K Penelope Pitstop. LHASAS – J (5,2) 1 Zentarr Gabriella, fawn bitch with a pretty head, good topline & tail. Very good mover & presented in good coat. Just a bit apprehensive at the moment; 2 Vonstry Cherished. BP; 3 Alamiks Simply Solo. PG (4,2) 1 Alamiks Dare To Dream, cream with a profuse coat. Has good bone & straight legs, good rear & high set tail. A bit soft in topline & moved the better of the two in this class; 2 Sonsi Miss Precious. O (4,2) 1 Vonstry Blitzen, dog of good size & proportions with nice head, good firm topline & well set tail. Excellent coat well presented & moved steadily & true. BOB; 2 Vonstry Darker Shades. UTILITY NSC – P (7,2) 1 Ricox Somebody To Love, Tibetan Spaniel, a very sweet baby with a pleasing head, good dentition, typical front & good rear angulation. Carried her tail well & such a steady showgirl making the most of her attributes. A very sound mover, just needs to settle a bit in topline. BP, PG1; 2 Valetta Little Sunshine; 3 Raphy X Y And Red. J (3,1) 1 Silmoralbions Eugene, Eurasier, masculine with a strong head & good front. Has a fair depth of body but would like more length & better rear angulation to balance. Moved truly; 2 Carennydd Sweet Dreams for Peipals. PG (3,1) 1 Hachibi Willing To Dream, Akita, handsome male of good size & substance. Pleasing head with well set ears. Good straight forelegs & good topline & tail. A sound & true mover in good coat & condition; 2 Valetta The Choice Is Yours. O (7,3) 1 Carennydd Withn Temptation avec Peipals, Shar-Pei, a very nice bitch with a good head with well padded muzzle & clear eyes. Has a good neck, front & quarters. Was well muscled & has a typical coat. A very sound mover; 2 Leazehond Lightening Bolt; 3 Bruno Bear of Ricox. UTILITY – P 1 Talkaccatur Inola, Boston T, pleasing in head & front. Good topline but underline could be better. Rear OK & quite sound on the move; 2 Anlemar Bold As Brass of Mayumi. PG 1 Melinas Viva La Vida at Lilryecontye, Japanese Spitz, has a pleasing head with excellent pigmentation. Nicely balanced & in good coat & moving quite well to take this class; 2 Kessaku Patricia Pending at Mayumi; 3 Anlemar Noble Tadashi of Mayumi. O 1 Vonstry Darker Shades, Lhasa, parti dog 6 years. Has a fair head & good topline & tail. Moved quite well; 2 Kessaku Tabitha Twitchit at Mayumi, Japanese Spitz. V Two 11 year olds in great condition for their age. 1 Sagrael Minime of Ricox, Tibetan Spaniel, a red boy with good head, front, topline & ribbing. Moved well; 2 Ch Lusam Parti Popper. IMPORTED REGISTER 1 Angelcrest Shadow Master, Xoloitzcuintle, nice size & with good outline. Pleasing head with fine well carried ears. A bit wide in front & feet poor but good depth of chest & nicely rounded rear. Moved OK; 2 Morningcalm Firethorn, Korean Jindo. RARE BREEDS – J 1 S Eugene. Best Imp Reg; 2 Qimugta Carmine. O 1 Pusztamagus Panka Sara. PUPPY STAKES – MPD 1 Brabrook Whispered; 2 Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo; 3 Trekhilli Pepperazzi. MPB 1 Pelenrise Chat A Lot; 2 Tenfield Sea Venture; 3 Seveek with Svendalens Dreaming Again. PD 1 Toccata Of Harlaston with Wetnoses; 2 Zaltana Midnight Express at Lolotea; 3 Aptrick Alexander. PB 1 Lateagain Gold Dust; 2 Sharemead Sunkissed; 3 Tonkory Quickstep with Pitcombe. UTILITY GROUP G1 Japanese Spitz; 2 Shar-Pei; 3 Araki Areu Ready For This at Stylaxian, Tibetan T; 4 Lhasa. PG1 Tibetan Spaniel; 2 Dalmatian; 3 Japanese Spitz; 4 Matsonic Super Icon for Bishbow, Shih Tzu.


Thank you to Worcester & Malvern canine society for inviting me to judge at this well attended, organised show. I would also like to extend my thanks to the exhibitors for the entry & presenting their quality dogs in good condition. F/C RETRIEVERS – P (7,1a) 1 Stephenson’s Llantrussa Oliver at Falahall, a typical F/c puppy he has good feet, adequate bone, up to size, a straight topline & tailset, correct front angulations with length of upper arm, he won this class on his free flowing movement covering the ground with ease; 2 Gale’s Willowswind Nette Lark, correct size, very balanced with a feminine head, she was steady for a puppy & moved well. J (5,2) 1 Salt’s Toccata of Harlaston With Wetnoses, third in the puppy, mature at this stage. He won this class on his type, presence & movement. A refined head, correct length of neck & good bone. Topline & tailset could be better; 2 Hamilton’s Misty Alpine Bhudda, his construction is correct & he moved with ease, however he is heavy throughout & strong in head, lacking the typical raciness of a F/c. PG (5,1) 1 Pingree’s Castlerock Burning Love to Heatheridge, close decision between my first two, this lad being a lot younger. He is just my type, super round padded feet, quality bone, accurate size all through. Excelled in rearquarters, strength here with width of thigh & good bend of stifle, solid topline & tail well set on. He has potential just needs to tighten at the front; 2 Davis Pajanbeck Rumour Has It, a lovely one piece head & almond eye with a mischievous expression , he is lighter all through, correct leg length to body ratio, satisfactory angles front & back, striding out with animation. O (3,2) 1 Colson’s Eskwinds Driving Miss Daisy To Windyhollows, this 6 year old bitch was my BOB today, completely balanced, correct size, pretty head, dark eye a good length of upper arm & sufficient lay of shoulder, short in loin & strong hindquarters, holding her topline on the move with the tail straight off the back. She had no exaggerations either standing or moving & presented me with the picture of a steady dog who could work all day.


TIBETAN T – P (3) 1 Green’s Verony Veni Vidi Vici, 9 months b/w dog, excellent type & overall conformation, good head proportions, resolute expression, good neck & level topline, absolutely square, quality coat, moved true with a confident style, sure to have a great show season ahead of him. BP, RBOB. J (3,2a) 1 Chessell’s Araki Thrilling Willy at Stylaxian, 14 months g/w dog, an awkward age & still needs to fill out & to drop into his frame, outstanding headpiece with lovely eye, his angles are balanced, coat is developing well, has a proud carriage & truly sound moving. PG (3) 1 Chessell’s Araki Lotta Yaya at Stylaxian, 2 year b/w bitch, so good to go over & built to produce since she has so many breed specifics to pass on in addition to her sound conformation, excellent head & eye, correct bone & feet, well ribbed, level, excellent tailset & carriage, well coated, sound rear, just that bit long, albeit that will stand her in good stead too on that production line! O (7,2) 1 Chessell’s Araki Areu Ready For This at Stylaxian, 3 years g /w bitch, squarely compact & well muscled, albeit needs no more body condition, correct balance through skull & muzzle, prefer larger eye, medium neck, good bone & correct feet, well ribbed, quality coat, gave me some reach & drive off a firm rear to out perform her nearest opponent. BOB, G3. BOXERS – Frustratingly, just 1 of the 7 entered made it. P (2,1) 1 Cole’s Myntie Deep Secret, 7 months bitch, loved her head that was correct in its detail with its width all through, its proportions & its rise of skull, good neck & forehand, well ribbed, albeit long through loin as yet, tailset a bit low, does need to strengthen both in hock & elbow on the move. BOB, BP. O (0). DOBERMANNS – 12 present with the 7 in open providing keen competition. P (3,1) 1 Evan, Butler & Thompson’s Khaneve Love Me Like You Do at Amazon, 8 months bitch, classically elegant yet absolutely square, head is an elongated, clean cheeked, wedge, excellent eye, has forechest & depth, needs to firm behind, eye catching profile. BP. J (2,1) 1 Groves’ Lateagain Gold Dust, 11 months bitch, half-sister of above, excellent breed type, good balance & clean lines all through, attractive head & eye, good neck & angles, firm backline, fairly square, good turn of stifle & used well on move where she was true with reach & drive. PG (3) 1 L Gold Dust. O (9,2) 1 Quigley, Day & Piper’s Swnydwr Double Take, just turned 3 years dog, handled to get the very best out of him, masculine but medium sized, combines strength with some elegance, compact if a touch off square, beautifully conditioned & muscled up, clean fronted, firm backline, excellent tailset, hard coat, unmatched on the move where he kept an impressive profile as well as being accurate out & back. BOB; 2 Lainchbury’s Ashlain Trypiti, 20 months bitch, absolute quality & the epitome of elegance, refined & clean in head, well angulated, excellent neck & backline, moved out so well, truly classy & sure to make her presence felt against the very best of her sex once she matures on. RBOB. ROTTWEILERS – 10 present. J (5,2) 1 Lewis-Shermer’s Botlierskop Smoki Quartz avec Riversrock, 14 months dog, compact & typical, excellent head proportions, good in skull, stop & eye, small ear, good neck & angles, good backline, well ribbed, rather wound up’ so giving handler a tough time, gave a positive profile but needs to firm in movement. PG (4,2) 1 Jones’ Westfallen Hot Fuzz, 11 months dog, excellent head with breadth & a well defined stop, neat ear, developing well, has depth, excellent backline, firm, muscled rear that told on the move. BP, PG3. O (5) 1 Horton’s Juffther Happy Bunny, 18 months bitch, the sort to bring the Standard to life for the likes of me on my learning curve, all fits so well, fabulous head of ideal proportions, great to get your hands on to feel that strongly arched neck & excellent forehand, she is as powerful as she is feminine, good bone & feet, deep, strong loin, good topcoat, moves true & with purpose, turns out she is already a CC winner & the others (and more) will surely follow before next new year. BOB, G2; 2 Lewis-Shermer’s Quoja’s Maximus to Riversrock, 3½ years dog, good overall type & structure, masculine, muscled & compact w/o being overdone, correct proportions in both head & body, positive mover. RBOB. AUS SHEPHERDS – J (1) 1 Allan & Harlow’s Allmark La La Land, 9 months bitch, super type & very feminine, correct in both her head & body proportions, touch round in eye, medium neck, correct bone & feet, correct croup, moved true with exceptional balance that was so easy on the eye. BP, RBOB, PG2. PG (2) 1 Allan & Harlow’s Allmark Shenanigans, 14 months, full bother to above, still to develop in head & body but the type & structure is all there, correct for bone, oval feet, ribs carried well back, liked the fact he was masculine w/o being overdone, well turned out, moved true with a typically moderate, smooth stride. BOB, G1. O (3,1) 1 A Shenanigans.