‘You need to die,’ trolls tell Jo Amsel over Jemima Harrison link


Jo Amsel is an active and successful exhibitor of Italian Greyhounds.

ITALIAN Greyhound exhibitor and breeder Jo Amsel has received death threats over her involvement with Facebook group CRUFFA.

She told DOG WORLD that she had been a member of the online group – Campaign for the Responsible Use of Flat-Faced Animals – so that she was able to post and debate health issues in pedigree dogs with those from all sides of the argument.

She was made a group administrator by CRUFFA founder Jemima Harrison and it was at this stage she began to face threats from those involved in the pedigree show world.

The following was posted by Ms Harrison: “I am very sad to report that Jo Amsel is no longer a group moderator. I have been impressed by Jo’s steadiness since she joined CRUFFA in December.

“I asked her to moderate because she has a large foot in the show world and I thought it might be helpful for CRUFFA to have her different perspective.”

Mrs Amsel has also been removed from the Facebook groups Exhibitors’ Choice and Voice, and has resigned as a director of the Canine Alliance. She made the decision herself to leave the group Dogs Ungagged.

The logo which is used by Jemima Harrison’s CRUFFA group.

She said she had been working ‘very hard’ for the Alliance and ‘putting my head on the block when no one else does’.

“And I’m not going to do it any more,” she said.

“At the moment there’s a lot of dissent in the dog world with a lot of people fighting,” she said. “I have strong views too, but because of what happened with CRUFFA I felt I had to resign as a director – I don’t need the hassle and pressure. I’ve always done what I thought was right but people say I’m consorting with the enemy.”

Threats sent to Mrs Amsel on Facebook messages have been from those using their real names as well as one person using a fake name. They have included: ‘People like you need to die’, ‘We would prefer you to die rather than pedigree dogs’ and ‘Our dogs will live and you will die’.

Mrs Amsel said that at this stage she was not going to the police but would keep records of any comments or messages sent to her in case things got worse.

Mrs Amsel, who is a keen dog show exhibitor and has enjoyed much success with her Italian Greyhounds, has always felt the Kennel Club made a mistake in alienating Ms Harrison after her original Pedigree Dogs Exposed programme.

“I was always dead against the knee-jerk reaction made straight after that programme and the KC’s introduction of the high profile breeds,” she said. “If you read a lot of what Jemima says then you’ll see that a lot of it makes sense.

“What she wrote contains a lot of facts although it is often sensationalised. And that’s because the KC didn’t get her on board and allow her a voice.

“However, it was quick to rubbish her programme and then take on some of the points she made.”

Although not worried about the threats so far Mrs Amsel has said she will avoid online discussion surrounding health issues for the time being.

She said: “I’m fed up of the vindictive social media keyboard warrior stuff that goes on.

“I used the CRUFFA group to argue against those who were blindly attacking pedigree dogs as well as agreeing there are areas that need to change in our world.

“People told me I was the voice of moderation but now I’ve also been kicked off two other dog showing groups!

“And for all those who think Jemima knows nothing – you need to actually read what she writes.”