Flatcoat club member resigns before SGM vote to expel her


A SPECIAL meeting called by the Flatcoated Retriever Society was cancelled at a day’s notice when the member the club wanted to expel resigned of her own accord.

  It had been alleged that Caroline Young (Brightstart) had brought the society into disrepute and members were to take a vote on Sunday on the proposal that she should be expelled. 

  But on the Saturday secretary Jennie Bird received a letter from Mrs Young resigning from the club ‘as of now’.

  “As the sole purpose of the meeting was to consider and vote upon the expulsion of Caroline Young as a member of the society due to allegations that she had brought the society and the breed into disrepute, under item 11 of the constitution… it therefore negated the need for the meeting,” Mrs Bird said. “A decision was therefore made to cancel the SGM.

DOG WORLD was unable to contact Mrs Young.