Bail for students who threw dog off rooftop


TWO medical students have been arrested and released on bail for throwing a dog off a rooftop in the Indian city of Chennai.

  There was massive social media outrage after a video they made of the incident went viral in the country. 

  The dog was found alive, injured and unable to walk but still wagging her tail, animal rights activist Shravan Krishnan said.

  The fact that the students were released from custody so quickly has also caused widespread anger. 

  The men were identified as students of the Madha medical college after social media users shared the video across networks in an attempt to find the culprits.

  The Humane Society of India offered more than £1,000 reward for information leading to their identification. Animal activists then filed a complaint with the police who went to the college to look for the students. They had left the city and returned to their home town, 600km away, as outrage intensified, but their parents agreed to hand them over to the police.

  Animal welfare activisit Shravan Krishnan said he was disappointed that the students had been released, and that it had been ‘a black day for animal welfare in India’. Although the laws state that they could be jailed for a maximum of five years for maiming or injuring an animal, they could face as little as a £1.14 fine.

  The dog has been named Bhadra, which is Hindi for blessed.

  “She was terrified, cowering under a stairwell, and urinated when I picked her up,” Mr Krishnan said. “But what broke my heart was that she was still wagging her tail.” 

Activists are petitioning for stricter penalties.